CodyCross Halloween Decorations Pack answers

Halloween Decorations PackHalloween Decorations

Here are the answers to CodyCross Halloween Decorations Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Dress as the __ Witch of the West for Halloween.

Friction electricity that creates small shocks.

Orange vegetable with a lot of vitamin K.

Create a new device.

Number associated with good vision, when repeated.

What people on horseback or motorcycles are doing.

Cars that kids can drive at an amusement park.

Hoover-type cleaner.

Blue __, headgear of UN peacekeeping missions.

A clogged or infected pore also called a zit.

Tissue for party food, printed with skulls or bats.

Pearl Milling Company took over from Aunt __.

Surname of the Beatle who married Yoko Ono.

Cash performed his song about this prison at it.

Puzzle 2

Vigilant, keeping an eye on.

Everest or Fuji.

Jeep car make with North American Indian name.

When this rings, the trick-or-treaters are here.

Shiny company boss.

First Star Wars film released.

Scientist who discovered the theory of relativity.

They support reading material on both sides of a shelf.

Emerald-hued hot drink made from leaves.

Animal that feeds exclusively on leaves.

Song lineup for Halloween party with spooky tracks.

Puzzle 3

__ fatales; mysterious women in noir films.

Flowing capes, like warlocks and vampires wear.

Economizing, putting money to one side.

Largest city on the island of Taiwan.

Rotating metal brackets that allow a door to open.

Kids hockey movie, The __ Ducks.

Breathed in shock.

Continent with the world's two smallest countries.

__ beloved, we are gathered here today....

Fastening for a shirt.

Tusked, seal-like mammal of the Arctic.

Bash this Mexican decoration to reveal treats.

"All the single __, now put your hands up".

Jane who wrote Emma, Pride and Prejudice.

Puzzle 4

Describes a person who doesn't tell the truth.

Aromatic dried foliage used in cooking stews.

Russia's Great longest-ruling female leader.

1993 hit movie about a boy saving a whale.

Orange and black hairy spider decoration.

From or related to Budapest's country.

Acting scene of a character talking to themself.

Hidden message in a video game.

Several hours after early evening.

Seven Nation Army singer and music producer.

Causes something to turn to acid or vinegar.

The __ Before Christmas, spooky Tim Burton movie.

Puzzle 5

Button used to reload a webpage.

It's got nine identical sides.

Rocker father is Lenny, acting daughter is Zoe.

Measurement of wear on a car.

Visited by ghosts, like a house on Halloween.

Rubbing out.

Feathery covering of a bird.

Odd, weird, like a witch or warlock.

Disney movie remade as live action in 2019.

Band that had a hit with Bed of Roses in 1993.

__ and Cookie's TV saga Empire.

Sphere struck in snooker to commence scoring.

The day when a baby is expected to be born.

Things come out of this when they're unexpected.

V. C. Andrews, author of __ in the Attic.

Jelly sweets like Haribo.

The one who preens the most.

Puzzle 6

__ cutout, spooky figure made of thick paper.

Patterned handkerchiefs worn on the face.

Apple device that outlived the nano and shuffle.

Healthy diet and exercise can do this to your life.

Makeup to transform into a terrifying creature.

Botanist antihero in Batman.

Yellow "trumpet" spring flowers grown from bulbs.

Final speech from one's death bed.

Term for when astronauts go outside the ship.

Painful inflammation of the joints.

US founding father and third president.

Puzzle 7

Swollen, puffed up.

Sometimes doesn't know what right hand is doing.

Conversation in a film script.

Utterly amaze or mystify.

Witch's feline friend and good or bad luck charm.

Metal rings for feet hanging from a horse's saddle.

Chemical __, molecular change to substances.

Beauty competitions.

Seismic sea waves that can follow earthquakes.

Belgian town, Napoleon's decisive 1815 battle site.

Spine-__, horrifying, like a Halloween ghost story.

Puzzle 8

Famous hotel chain based in Bethesda, Maryland.

__ heads, grisly tiny skulls for Halloween decor.

Australia's capital city.

__ Dice, Rolling Stones hit with iconic cover art.

Dress for Halloween as this moon-howling creature.

Element, along with oxygen, needed to make water.

Next to the hearth.

Stones in the Marvel Universe Thanos hunted down.

Something that can easily be carried.

__ Bad, TV show about drugs processing.

Italian liqueur tasting of almonds.

Puzzle 9

Played or struck the strings of a guitar.

Union Pacific __, US train network founded 1862.

Mixing metals to create a composite.

Pan-shaped state bordering Texas on the north.

Back limbs of an animal.

Lively, like decorations that move, make you jump.

A switch system that gets a vehicle started.

Blue woman in The X-Men.

Sleep __; snooze soundly and solidly.

Ghastly word for horrid, like Halloween decor.

Chilled dish of raw cabbage, carrot and mayo.

Coiled wire inside a light bulb.

Puzzle 10

Potentially causing death.

Biologically protected from harmful microorganisms.

Christmas drink sometimes called milk punch.

Something with sharp teeth, like a vampire.

Dentists make their money off of these whites.

Alter ego of Dr. Jekyll.

Common division found in poetry.

__ dolls, ritual toys for evil curses.

First name of Renner, Irons and Clarkson.

Major river flowing across central Europe.

Lassie's breed.

__ neck, wrinkled skin resembles that of a bird.

Puzzle 11

DJs, singers may take these for special songs.

Tiny paper shapes scattered on Halloween tables.

She was only 18 when she became Queen of England.

Board game where you collect money for passing go.

Plane's recording device.

Those who shirk work.

Usually square ceramic that lines a shower stall.

Irritating dangling leftover skin on a finger.

Pink, long-legged wading bird.

Capital of India.

Three children resulting from the same pregnancy.

The __, horror film about possessed little girl.

Puzzle 12

Don this scary disguise at Halloween.

Hit this to get the big prize at a fair.

Legal term for rumor.

Movie franchise, The Fast and the __.

The Floridian island where Fantasy Fest is held.

Smallest planet since Pluto's demotion.

Woman without supporting underwear up top.

Capital of Ontario.

Marine plant sometimes served with Japanese food.

Kind of ghost, like the __ of the Opera.

Puzzle 13

Like pepperoni or sausage on a pizza.

All-out search for a criminal.

Money paid in advance to secure a purchase.

String of triangle flags for Halloween decor.

Jump into a new relationship after a break-up.

In a way one can hear.

Dark areas, like at a low-lit Halloween party.

Nutrition for felines sold in cans or pouches.

Padded like a bedcover.

Time-keeping devices, e.g. Rolex or Accurist.

Words written on a tombstone.

This Audrey had Breakfast at Tiffany's in 1961.

Cover musicians do this different take on a song.

Type of image files used by Windows.

Unreal mental image or unreal depiction in art.

Puzzle 14

Literary Doctor who talks to animals.

The art of blending drinks.

Font: Times __.

People-eating person.

Additional costs for a work trip, e.g. travel.

Scare, spook someone at Halloween party.

Ireland's national emblem.

Schedule for daily TV shows.

Decapitated ghost horseman figure for Halloween.

Murderer with high profile victim.

Puzzle 15

Creative mind behind a fashion label.

Popular dental sedation: nitrous oxide or __ gas.

Pierce them to put in studs or rings.

Financial records of a business.

Goblin creatures, don't feed them after midnight.

Store that trades cash for goods or chess pieces.

Extended period of above-average temperatures.

This clue is one..

Save for a __; put aside money for a future need.

Circles for holding door-unlockers.

A genre of Mexican music, a __ band.

Big bowl witches brew their concoctions in.

Type of chicken wings that are all meat.

Dementophobia is a fear of __.

Land-dwelling turtle.

Puzzle 16

Donkeys; fools.

Thicker version of a font; really audacious lies.

Find this relaxing seat on a cruise ship.

Draw this Wiccan star-circle symbol for Halloween.

Town where Freddy Krueger causes nightmares.

Giant Roman water-carrying structures.

Social media app with square photos and stories.

Handy furniture for resting weary legs.

The best, from the highest compartment.

Robert Louis who wrote Treasure Island.

Puzzle 17

Fiery bird that rises from the ashes.

Anorexia __, eating disorder.

Warning phrase, advance notice.

Star Wars song __ Band was heard in the tavern.

White wriggly marzipan worms on Halloween food.

__ Dream, song by Katy Perry.

To progress toward a goal.

Big fabric signs hung for Halloween, saying Beware.

Bank of sediment in lakes or oceans.

__ Brite, cartoon girl with Starlite the horse.

Fast running antelope common in Africa.

Radio silence.

__ Bacon, statesman and author.

Like snowmobiles, but on water.

Puzzle 18

Pablo, painter known for Cubism movement.

Top prize of an arcade machine or lottery draw.

Helium decoration for Halloween house.

Shows like Friends and Seinfeld.

A __ drink, vodka drink, lager drink, cider drink.

2009 romcom, He's Just Not That __.

Measures of temperature in Celsius, Fahrenheit.

Capuchins, gibbons, and marmosets.

Dave Grohl's relationship to "Foo".

Spiders' netting to hang in the window.

The "V" in VR.

May's green birthstone.

How cheaper duty-free products are usually sourced.

Athlete who flips, tumbles and balances.

Puzzle 19

Device worn to count the number of steps one takes.

__ spared; money no object, cost is not an issue.

Bloody outline of palm and digits, Halloween decor.

Waste gases released by vehicles.

Levi's first created these clothes in the 1890s.

A superhero played by Tobey Maguire or Tom Holland.

Pooch nicknamed wiener dog.

US state whose teams are the Titans and Grizzlies.

Small fluorescent tube to create spooky lighting.

Emblem at the middle of the Japanese flag.

Puzzle 20


Fantasy film about blue people; The Last Airbender.

Animal dung spread on crops.

Collect someone from a terminal.

__ paper, houses end up covered in it on Halloween.

Horseshoe throw that lands around the stake.

Blue __, watery natural spa in Iceland.

Usual narrator in Sherlock Holmes stories: Dr. __.

Investor, funder.

Sound you make when scared by Halloween fright.

Primary shade that rhymes with mellow.

Popular Indian cheese.

Insanity saying, "Mad as a __".

Another word for noughts.

Coco's highly sought after French fashion house.

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