CodyCross Halloween Movies Pack answers

Halloween Movies PackHalloween Movies

Here are the answers to CodyCross Halloween Movies Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Costello's comedy partner.

Judd __; Cabin by the Lake serial killer.

High protein pulse, can be yellow, red, green.

Small river.

White __, worn by the Queen (and Mickey Mouse).

Urban __; serial killer movie on a college campus.

Chess variant invented by Jean Anesto in 1975.

To capsize, to turn __.

Season when an ermine's fur turns white.

A dragon in Chronicles of Narnia: Eustace __.

The Sunday __, Mirror Group newspaper.

Puzzle 2

Trial sessions before making one's mind up.

Country in South America; anagram of "do a cure".

Sweet aromatic plant with seeds used in baking.

__ Myers; serial killer in Halloween movies.

Celebrated "scream queen", starred in King Kong.

Organ for containing liquid in the body.


Chamber on a spaceship where pressure is equalised.

US state, home to the US Masters.

__ and I, Frida Kahlo breastfeeding painting.

Ozzy and Sharon's hard rock festival tour.


"Elders and __" are to be respected.

Roughly outlined; lacking in detail.

US mythical man-bird hybrid with glowing red eyes.

Hooop! is a game of __ frogs to lily pads.

Spanish royal palace near Madrid.

Religion mainly followed in Israel.

Puzzle 3

Where US gold reserves are kept.

The scar where the umbilical cord was attached.

Nick __, actor husband of actress Megan Mullally.

Liable to change, like a currency exchange rate.

Month when Bonfire Night is celebrated in the UK.

New __ is the old name for Vanuatu.

Just __, Monopoly corner space but not behind bars.

1992 urban legend horror with mirrors.

Roman leader who won the Battle of Actium.

Described the plan generally.

__ Horseman; ghostly figure in Sleepy Hollow.

Poisonous tea is made with this.

COPUOS: Committee on the __ Uses of Outer Space.

False killer whale and bottlenose dolphin cross.

Grimm's fairy tale about a wild man and a prince.

Railway tunnel under the Bosphorus Strait.

Heal __; MJ song about saving the planet.

The forward end of a ship's keel.

Small, easily peelable orange eaten at Christmas.

Puzzle 4

"A __ in time saves nine".

Main ingredient in saganaki.

John __, Beatle assassinated in New York in 1980.

Place to leave kids under supervision.

Country once led by Venustiano Carranza.

Tobe __; directed supernatural horror Poltergeist.

The four classes in Hindu society.

Lucy Locket is Cockney rhyming slang for __.

Steep rock faces along the coast.

Chilling Stephen King film about imprisoned author.


Puzzle 5

Led Zeppelin hit and an Asian valley.

Film series with boy marked with demonic number.

Slasher film series set in New Orleans swamp.

Small mythical winged serpent or javelin snake.


Tottenham __ FC.

What the V stands for in VE Day.

Johnny __, Big Bang Theory actor.

Saves from danger.

Alan __, wrote Steptoe and Son.

Puzzle 6

A young swan.

Alter ego of Dr Jekyll in 1941 horror movie.

Our Father __ in heaven; Lord's Prayer opening.

Largest European country by area.

__ agency, business of matching partners.

1918's jellied Peace __ evolved into Jelly __.

Armistead __, writer who created Tales of the City.

Rural, countryside style of decor.

Opinion or belief.

Jeff Goldblum film about a mutant insect.

__ of proof is the legal need to prove something.

Is that your final __?.

Puzzle 7

Terrifying killer doll in Child's Play movies.

Marc __, American fashion designer.

Novel by Julian Barnes: Flaubert's __.

Feared in Blue Oyster Cult's ode to thanatophobia.

Like crunchy bread.

Bother, pester, annoy.

"__ dragons"; dangerous territory ahead.

Capital of Lesotho.

Flower associated with virility in ancient Greece.

The day before Good Friday: Holy or __ Thursday.

Hannibal __; cannibal in The Silence of the Lambs.

Puzzle 8

Celebration in Italy on March 19: Feast of St. __.

Michael __; plays obnoxious ghost in Beetlejuice.

Sales of mixed-up bits and pieces.

Japan's massive WWII battleships: __ and Musashi.

Menthol slang for very rich.

Highest peak in Northern Ireland: Slieve __.

Describes a city that's misty with pollution.

Fire-breathing beast fought by Fionn mac Cumhaill.

__ Darko; surreal Halloween film with giant rabbit.

Not graceful; accident-prone.

__Romance, Swiss/Italian language subfamily.

Puzzle 9


Doomed, blighted.

Area south of Arles, France, known for wild horses.

The Dry __, Eliot's poem with sea imagery.

Little __, colourful alien from Mars maybe.

First official sovereign of Buckingham Palace.

Distracting fantasy while awake.

Old-fashioned custard flavoured with lemon.

Promise menace.

Becoming shallower.

What Ever Happened to __? 1962 thriller film.

Former spelling of warrior Iceni queen.

Art of using marionettes.

__ a Pearl Earring, by Vermeer.

Rotates, orbits.

Kurt Russell film about a shape-shifting alien.

Screen behind the home plate in baseball.

1984 lead single from Bryan Adams' Reckless album.

Puzzle 10

__ Vampire Killers; James Corden horror spoof.

Chilean President ousted in 1973: Salvador __.

Made a noise like a lamb.

Small jug for serving single, double and clotted.


Buying something back that you sold.

Mordecai __, journalist, commentator and author.

Spanish married women.

Boris __; played Frankenstein's monster in 1931.

One of the initial Viking settlements in N America.

Natives of Pago Pago or Apia, for example.

Aleister __, occultist, writer and mountaineer.

Puzzle 11

To flick (pages) quickly with the fingers.

Stephen King telekinetic teen horror film.

Patrick __; played Sam Wheat in Ghost.

A step of a spiral case.

Jewish holiday five days after Yom Kippur.

Relating to the largest Greek island.

Poet who wrote Dover Beach: Matthew __.

Dark rock of volcanic origin.

Before synthetics, used to string tennis rackets.

Rural roots music of Louisiana.


Greedy white seabird.

Puzzle 12

Three of these in baseball means a player is out.

Children of __; horror based on Stephen King story.

Anna Akhmatova's set of poems condemning Stalin.

The __, movie with sinister teachers.

The existing Stradivarius originals cost millions.

Steve's passion was back-up __ in American Dad.

Persuades, talks into.

Funeral attendee.

Conifer with upright cones and needles.

Moving a finger across a smartphone screen.

Trading in goods.

Small cubes of fried chicken.

Puzzle 13

Egg __, McDonald's breakfast bun fill.

Hitchcock thriller about winged attackers.

__ point; deal breaker in an agreement.

Nickname of soaring English skier Eddie Edwards.

What's Love Got to __; Tina Turner anthem.

Dante Gabriel __, English Pre-Raphaelite artist.

1933 movie with giant gorilla-like monster.

Scented flower shrub, also called butterfly bush.

Markups of content or theme on social networks.

John __; played Blake Carrington in Dynasty.

National Park in California.

Puzzle 14

__ cart, homemade vehicle, with suds maybe.

The second month of the year, in French.

Goes away.

Provençal green salad.

Push the __; spend money on celebrations.

__ the Lake; waterside horror starring Judd Nelson.

__ maker, for puffing corn kernels to make snacks.

Users add status __ on Facebook.

Capital of the Canadian territory Nunavut.

Death __ Her; supernatural movie with Meryl Streep.

Half fish/half woman.

Transition phase of hair growth cycle.

__ with Dinosaurs, BBC natural history series.

An appendix to a will.

Puzzle 15

Vegetation that encircles oases in deserts.

1922 iconic German horror film.

Architecture of classical decorative style.

SI measurement of solid angle, symbol sr.

British defeat by Boers in 1898 leading to a siege.

__ paella, rice dish from its home city.

Hotel New __, Irving novel of an eccentric family.

Country that is native to the second largest bird.

Melissa __; guitar-playing folk-rock singer.

To rule out.

Microsoft __; Office DTP program.

Abbreviation for the county containing Kettering.

Scary clown from 2017 horror film It.

Exercises also known as jacks.

Lever that keeps a car stationary.

"A fault __ is half redressed".

House of __, first legislative body in N America.

High priest of Tibetan Buddhism.

Hong Kong born designer inspired by natural fibres.

Walked erratically.

Cuddly name of Starsky & Hutch's informant.

Puzzle 16

Hot room in Roman baths complex.

Shopping by post.

With it; aware of what's going on.

Gives reason to try.

Ancient term for cinematic film.

US horror series based on Japanese Ju-on films.

Breakfast table storage for warmed bread.

German steel headgear from WW2.

Lawyers, supporters.

Trail of patterns left by animals' feet.

Electromagnetic oven.

Norse hero formed part of Der Ring des Nibelungen.

TV programmes where prizes can be won.

First Nobel Prize in Literature winner: Sully __.

Earl of __; Scottish title of the Duke of Sussex.

Japanese Shinto sun goddess.

National park on Zimbabwe's floodplains.

The __; sinister horror set on Scottish island.

Baby's nightwear.

Puzzle 17

Sleepy Hollow director.

Belonging to previous generations, an __ home, say.

Most famous mode of transport in New Orleans.

NSW white beaches resort and whale-watching centre.

Former, one-time.

Ready for use, like a vacant room.

Music hall tune: "It's a long way to __".

Armed industrial workers of the Russian Revolution.

Shaped like a blade.

Princess Unikitty's snappy bodyguard.

Apple's video media viewer.

Wizard Cedric and vampire Edward, Robert __.

Genus that includes parasitic wasps.

Gauzy camera shot, fuzzy around the edges.

New __; 1994 franchise instalment from Wes Craven.

Descending a building by rope.

Palindrome that describes a soil-turning tool.

Hilde __, Norwegian designer of expensive bags.

Simple cash.

To vanish suddenly.

Goat sign of the horoscope.

Scottish artist of The Singing Butler.

The tough central part of a Cox's Orange Pippin.

Puzzle 18

Marshmallow Man's company in Ghostbusters.

1996 horror about teenage wannabe witches.

Come back into view.

Sport played by Sam Malone from Cheers.

Wine bottle, six times bigger than a standard one.

Avoidable, avertable.

Example: The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.

Largest inland port in the world: __, Germany.

__ court, mock or unofficial legal proceedings.

Hoofed animal, like a horse, deer or camel.

Puzzle 19

If you're Ex-__, your name is not in the book.

Fail to live up to expectations.

Tool for accessing canned food.

Queen Elizabeth's racehorse trainer: Nicky __.

Salt or pepper added to a meal to enhance flavour.

Actor who played David Banner, the Incredible Hulk.

John __; writer and director of Halloween in 1978.

Lead singer of Depeche Mode.


Brideshead __, Waugh's portrayal of the Flytes.

Child spirited away in 1982 chiller Poltergeist.

The direction of the hands of a timepiece.

Boggy wetland areas.

Puzzle 20

To go to hell in a __; well on the road to ruin.

Roman __; director of Rosemary's Baby.

__ bottle; helps to soothe menstrual cramps.

People from Tehran are __.

She was only 18 when she became Queen of England.

Comedian Jerry __, of the sitcom with same name.

Made nationally.

Place where battered fish and potatoes are sold.

__ to the Flesh; 1995 Candyman sequel.

Supersonic jet that was retired in 2003.

The Mill on the Floss siblings: Tom and Maggie __.

Pre-burnt wood.

Queen hit, Bohemian __.

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