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Here are the answers to CodyCross Halloween Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

There were three and funny, Larry, Curly and Moe.

Bram Stoker's creation.

Capital of Lithuania.

Machine that reads docs, converts to digital files.

"Roller Bootin" in the 70's.

Agents who buy and sell bonds and stocks.

First name of tennis player Navratilova.

Birds of prey.

The wee folks.

Modified, revised, revamped, changed.

Another genius from the Dalí era, Pablo.

Wear colored __ lenses to be a zombie in Halloween.


Gloria __, famous silent film star of 1930s.

Fake object of value.

Puzzle 2

Not here.

Water that reached 100 °C or 212 °F, at sea level.

Medusa's hair was made from these reptiles.

This continent has the second largest population.


__ Andress, famous Swiss actress from 1950s-60s.

Mode, spirit, mood.

Mythical tale passed down in history.

Crystal mineral, often used in jewelry.

It can be cursive, italic or bold.

Hurting, feeling sore and tired.

Financial method to pay in installments.

Vampires fear this stinky ingredient.


Fitness exercise similar to squats.

Speedy British ride with feline name.

Puzzle 3

Moving a canoe.

Once in a _, a rare occurrence.

Edgar, whose poem "The Raven" instills fear.

Noun cousin of coherence.


Vegetables cut into short and thin strips.

South American chili pepper, dried into chipotle.

Lunar mission.

Car hauler.

For holding drying crockery.

To consciously permit, indulge.

US city well known for casinos and entertainment.


Puzzle 4

Australian film hero __ Dundee.

Pizza topping.

Something that is brought to your door.

Long luxurious car with a chauffeur.

The middle of the week, hump day.

__ is as good as mine.

Not sufficiently compensated.

Gritty sheet used to rub down and smooth wood.

Waterway flowing through Frankfurt in Germany.

Crop protector.

Spiritual liquid to throw at vampires.


Monk's residence.

Passionate protesters.

Puzzle 5

The Titanic hit one.

A down payment.

Liv __, starred in Ingmar Bergman's movies.

Cooking method of boiling slowly or simmering.

To become ill while flying.

Manuscripts, papyruses, parchments.

Magical cloaked women.

Speaking in a loud and usually angry tone.

Creatures dwell in mountains in Germanic folklore.

In music, chords that bring a phrase to its end.

Basketball term for moving the ball on the court.

Not modern.

Getting up from sitting, lying down.

Caused by the wind.

North of Germany.

Puzzle 6

__ Park, sci-fi film about a dinosaur park.

Turtle's protection.

Bright daytime that kills vampires.

Small pasta tubes.

Fearless fighters.

Scary creatures.


Marriage or commitment to one single person.

Berry plants that can be red, black or white.

Medieval religious wars.

To make something holy or sacred.

India's top tourist destination.

He created the theory of relativity.

They can keep many balls in the air.

National flight.

Person or team moved up from a lower position.

Shelving for reading materials.

Puzzle 7

Cemetery building, custom-made for rich people.

Carbonated water.

Producing an appropriate effect, efficacious.

Twenty-one, a comparing card game.

Month for Oktoberfest in Munich.

To sign up to receive a newsletter.

Breakfast at Tiffany's song.

Some people never cut this cord with their moms.

Sherwood Forest dweller.

Extreme weather when rain drops fall as ice.

A common weed with bright yellow flowers.

A bad dream.

Puzzle 8

Knowledge of the hidden.

Neither a zebra nor a horse.

Place where the lion is king.

Time when flowers bloom and sun gets warmer.

Being propelled by wings.

Many people are allergic to this legume.

To break out of prison.

Fierce, vicious; evil.

A mass departure; emigration.

To quit a job.

As mad as a __.

80's US singer pop star Cyndi __.

Dead person brought back to life by witchcraft.


Caught red handed.

Puzzle 9

__ seat, emergency escape device for fighter pilot.

Unicorns and fairies live in this world.

The eighth sign of the zodiac in astrology.

Like rollerblading but on ice.

Small cake-like sweet snacks.

Causing wonder or astonishment.

People who live in your house for a monthly fee.

Royal husband of the actress Grace Kelly.

The __ of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde's masterpiece.

A scented stick.

Facilitates the entrance of a hotel or building.

Heating appliance.

Puzzle 10

To multiply something by itself four times.

A glass ball providing illumination.

The geographical boundary of a town.

Where famous dignitaries and celebrities walk down.

National winter sport of Canada.

What follows death, according to some.


Novel by Victor Hugo: "The __ of Notre Dame".

Of the lower stomach area.

You'll find tombstones here.

Britain's ships.

Vitrified pottery; material of fine china.

French celebratory bubbly drink.

Small pieces being cut off.

Puzzle 11

Piece of land surrounded by water.


Richard Branson's airline.

Macabre but funny family, Gomez and Morticia __.

Relative of congress.

A dog is a man's best __.

Square root of 144.

Patrimony, birthright, inheritance.

An angle greater than 90 degrees.

A particular status or phase; angle, side.

Puzzle 12

Another term for adult.

Ltd stands for __.

Creamy egg, milk sauce common in French cuisine.

The peahen is the female counterpart.

__ Quinn, actor of Zorba the Greek.

Paper template with cut-out pattern to paint.

Informal name for The Netherlands.


Got two times bigger.

Tuneful or pleasant to listen to.

Not specific or detailed.

Exercise session, training.

The __ of the Lambs, Hopkins stars.

Puzzle 13

Annual celebration marking another year older.

Artist who creates drawings for a cartoon.

Leafy salad vegetables.

Fast runner for short distances.

Visiting or inhabiting as a ghost.

People who watch a play or show.

Announcement for passengers to enter a plane.

Outfits of a particular period, person, place.

Employment agreement.

Based on reason.

Prince Andrew's ex-wife, Duchess of York Sarah __.

Mock combat between mounted knights.

Distant cousin of a vampire.

A string of words, with a subject and verb.

Mrs. __, The Graduate song.

Puzzle 14

A wide street or lane, like a boulevard.

A stringed bat used by tennis players.


A legal request to a higher power; an earnest plea.

Big ending, grand __.

Witch __, hearings for witches.

Laid back, relaxed; soft.


The antonym of big.

Shaggy is his best friend.

Sleeping Beauty's first name.

Retractable window shades.

Thin device used in injections or sewing.

Seeds sprinkled on hamburger buns; a kind of oil.

Puzzle 15


You can play this sport on a field or on ice.

Citrus fruit like a large grapefruit, shaddock.

The currency used in the United States.

Devices that connect you to the Internet.

Not at the top.

They go everywhere with the bows.

Mick Jagger's rock band, The Rolling __.

On the inner part.

Something easily given to someone.

A complete failure.


Magical man with a pointy hat.

A waterproof coat.

They pump blood.

Macabre and deathly.

Leader with absolute power, often tyrannical.

If you finish in __ place, you get a silver medal.

Puzzle 16

Someone who conducts a machine or other equipments.

Cleaning between your teeth.

Antonym of light.

Mathematical shapes found in Egypt.

Out-of-control forest burner.

__ Jolie, won an Oscar for Girl, Interrupted.

Singer Julio __ or the Spanish word for "churches".

You put them on a pizza.

House payment.

A whiz; an ace.

A member of a violent criminal gang.

Dukes of Hazzard brother with rhyming name.

You should never share this or choose an easy one.

Puzzle 17

Hotel rooms sharing a door.

The way to a destination.

Prepared for roasting.

Italian term for plucking, in music.

Mesmerized by magic or incantation, charmed.

Storage building on a large scale.

Vessel powered by boiling water.

The shape of Harry Potter's scar.

Having a large bulky body; very robust.

Betting money.

To use a bright color to make something stand out.

Small candles in metal holders.

Electronic devices that changed the world.

How high something is above sea level.

Buildings where the sick and injured are admitted.

Puzzle 18

To astound and amaze.

Gone With the Wind star, __ O'Hara.

Susan __, half of Thelma and Louise.

Repulsive, horror-filling, grisly.

How people see things when they agree.

To make a list, to itemize.

Neither British nor Irish.

To float above the ground.


Bony framework within a body.

Time of the day when traffic is really bad.

Puzzle 19

Fancy vehicle driven by Bruce Wayne.


Promoting products and services.

Marching complainer or petitioner.

Silent German horror film, with Count Orlok.

A sale to get rid of merchandise.

To wave a white flag.

Not at all precious or valuable.

Long-distance communication through wires.

A collection of artwork or photographs.

Pastors; farm workers.

Libra falls within part of this month.

A building where monks work and live.

Professional specialized in mental health.

Puzzle 20

Female aviator.

Patty and Selma are twin sisters in The __.


Male horse, uncastrated, used for breeding.

1995 film took Pixar to "infinity and beyond".

Creases or furrows on the skin.

Inflated ring for water safety.

Reduce the ticket price.

Act of educating oneself on new things.

Eddie's Pasadena "Jump" rock band.

The second-largest city in Japan, after Tokyo.

Fortune favors __.

Also phlebology, the scientific study of veins.

What people wear on Halloween.

Battle that marked the end of Napoleon's supremacy.

Like a skeleton.

__ and the Pea, tale of an ultra-sensitive royal.

Eggs __, served on a muffin with ham/hollandaise.

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