CodyCross Halloween Treats Pack answers

Halloween Treats PackHalloween Treats

Here are the answers to CodyCross Halloween Treats Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Novel set in Argentina: "Kiss of the __ Woman".

Mythological princess on euro notes since 2013.

__ Robinson, Motown's miraculous falsetto.

Pointed throwing weapons.

Thin, brief and short, describes saucy clothing.

__Alley, Faye, Grable 1940 musical.

Consecutively, one after the other.

Mechanical calculator pioneer Blaise __.

Machine for duplicating documents.


Venue filled to full capacity.

__ blanc, white wine grape.

The pigeon hawk.

Wicked prophet in the Bible.

Golden __, official floral emblem of Australia.

Off GB coast, between English Channel, Atlantic.

Salwar __, traditional two-piece Indian outfit.

Puzzle 2

Troy __, washed up actor on The Simpsons.

"Pine cone" wine made of dense grapes.

Randomness, lack of pattern.


Tractor with bucket with moveable jaws.

To extinguish a fire by covering it.

Greek myth sisters with snakes for hair.

To scare someone, to set them on edge.

Heron-like water bird that booms.

Diego Rivera's burdened man, The Flower __.

Don __, Iron Man actor.

Web __, number of visitors and visits to a website.

Mesh placed over fruit to keep the birds off.

To untie ropes so a ship can leave dock.

Puzzle 3

Most abrupt; anagram of streets.

Aleister __, one of the world's wickedest men.

Expert marksman.

Seven __. As the largest oil companies were known.

Cuckoo Nest's medical monster, Nurse __.

Jerry Bock composed musical, Fiddler on __.

__ in Arles, where Van Gogh laid down his head.

Of or relating to wasps.

Volcanic archipelago in South Pacific.

Sound of a sorrowful dog.

Middle Ages Christian military order, Knights __.

Popular zombie TV series __ Dead.

One of the planets of the Solar System.

Giving the impression of worrying, impending doom.

Air __, household appliance to purify air.

Look before __.

To solidify or coagulate, especially by cooling.

Michael __ discovered electromagnetic induction.

God of wisdom and remover of obstacles in Hinduism.

Puzzle 4

The same in all directions.

Girlfriend of Franz in the ballet, Coppelia __.

Gulf named after northern South American nation.

Innocent victim of Othello's jealous rage.

Term for the right side of a ship.

Author of "Oedipus Rex".

Essential study that looks at agriculture.

Cult 80s French film starring Béatrice Dalle.

Part of space from which nothing can escape.

Nixon's scandal.

First half of a round of golf.

Elements/compounds, such as sulfur.

Stuff fried cakes from Spain.

Puzzle 5


Mindy __, US actress, The Mindy Project.

German rye sheet cake.

Lackey or servant, can behave obsequiously.

Bubbling instrument to smoke scented tobacco.

Anchor's off the bottom.

Tabloid, anagram of deport.

French motor racing city.

Anagram of ursine.

Cake __ look like a large round cake.

Mythical Scandinavian sea monster.

Wise man, great Torah scholar.

Nod of agreement to captain's orders.

Puzzle 6

A restraint that covers a dog's mouth.

Smeared in the red stuff.

French city known as "capital of Alsatian wine".

Chemical element found in all organic compounds.

Playful pranks, tricks, clowning around.

Central __, WWI alliance of countries.

Dutch striker with his own "total football" style.

Eastern European round bread, bagel like.

Zodiac symbol denoted by twins.

A sudden heavy downpour.

__ with Wolves, 1990 winner of Best Picture Oscar.

Election targets.

To reduce in value, e.g. currency.

Puzzle 7

__ jenny, textile machinery invented by Hargreaves.

Clandestine moniker used in reports, espionage.

Hand-held tools used for cooking or eating food.

Tell scary stories around this burning pyre.

South Africa's two bordering oceans, Indian and __.

In the Harry Potter novels, Dobby is a __.

Fear of poison.

Unleavened, rye flatbread from Iceland.

Threatening and evil motives behind something.

Oldest Romance language derived from vulgar Latin.

Undisturbed; calm.

Song in Japanese that was No. 1 in the U.S..

Process of settling a row with swords or pistols.

Dinner for a piscine pet.

Puzzle 8

Brake pipe valve.

Cheerful orphan changes small town.

Dutch "giant ball" pastry.

__ City, imperial palace complex in Beijing.

Poet killed when a bird dropped a tortoise on him.

The genuine article.


Won the 1903 Physics Nobel prize with the Curies.

Squid-headed sailors' devil from bottom of the sea.

Release from repressed emotions.

Puzzle 9

Latin word meaning the first inhabitants.

Enough space to bend an arm.

The hot room at a Roman bathhouse.

Writing scruffily.

Birth nationality of actress Mila Kunis.

Writer of regular newspaper features.

Italian for lightly sparkling wine.

A hundred stories by Giovanni Boccaccio.

Original Disney Princess.

Hardwood trees with catkins.

Fire and __, God's sulphuric wrath.

Support for the collar region.

Ahmir-Khalib Thompson.

Puzzle 10

Illness that did in George Harrison of the Beatles.

A large winged insect that makes a chirping sound.

Whipped cream and __ on top.

Cataracts on the border of Argentina and Brazil.

Margaery Tyrell on Game of Thrones, Natalie __.

Car parkers, for a fee.

__ arches, another name for flat feet.

My __, biopic composer Paul Dresser.

Plain and unfashionable clothes.

They will hold your lumber.

Barrier racers jump over.

Uncle __, Addams Family bald guy.

Believer in a god or gods.

Puzzle 11

Lavish, luxurious enough for royalty.

Short golf hole.

To give up control or surrender something.

Evil and threatening.

Simpsons' character with outdated music taste.

Young unweaned mammal.

US military's nerve center.

Contagious skin disease causing blisters.

Iran's ayatollah, leader of the 1979 revolution.

Long mix of Jack Daniels and cola.

Decompression sickness experienced by divers.

An individual engaged in piracy.

Dangerous winter road condition.

__ Pie, raunchy coming-of-age comedy.

Napoleon __ the Alps is a general on a horse.

Heavy bass voice with very low range.

Name derived from a male ancestor's name.

Puzzle 12

Scooby's pal Velma's rarely used last name.

Deep blue copper carbonate mineral.

WAN: Wide Area __.

Hallucinations, or seeing the dead.

Official language of Maharashtra.

Small hand bomb.

Stirring worker converting pig iron to wrought.

Shirley __, wrote The Great Fire.

Vessel-blocking clot.

Greek deity of the hunt and wild animals.

The small white grains of the cassava plant.

Indian city, once called Madras.

English breed of short, muscular dog.

Long-necked, three-stringed Japanese lute.

Puzzle 13

City where the Blue Mosque is located.

I'll Cry __, 1955 Lillian Roth biopic.

Deep wide pits from which stone is extracted.

This feline is unlucky for some.

Leg from delivery to point of origin.

First female British Prime Minister: Margaret __.

Old Mesopotamian language with cuneiform script.

Trieste puff pastry eaten at Easter time.

He lent his name to the Americas.

Puzzle 14

Klee painted Insula __.

French shallow cake of black cherries and batter.

Remarkable, often unexplained occurrences.

Viral dog disease and type of paint.

Measure of a computer's hard drive capacity.

Greenland icefiord, its name means icebergs.

The center of British government.

Christ's blessings in the Sermon on the Mount.

Chronic lung disease caused by inhaling dust.

Gershwin musical, includes the song "I Got Rhythm".

1974 Bond film, The Man with the __.

Mediterranean plant; herb or seeds for curries.

A tennis set won without dropping a single point.

Puzzle 15

Rudolf __, founder of sportswear brand Puma.

Monotonous talking.

Instrument Chet Baker played magnificently.

Homer Simpson's brother, __ Powell.

The people of Genghis and Kublai.

__ the Dead, Dawn of the Dead parody flick.

Dead bodies wrapped.

Distance of approximately 6076 feet.

The Card __, Cézanne painting.

Cycle track.

South African term for strips of air-dried meat.

Judo is derived from combat style of __ warriors.

Ingmar __, Swedish director of Seventh Seal.

Capital of Cyprus.

Puzzle 16

Without honor.

President of Ireland since 2011: Michael D. __.

Robert __, the man behind Freddy Krueger's mask.

Disease that causes loss of taste function.

A repeated part of a song or tune.

This fungus is hunted by pigs in Italy.

Mother of Jacob and Esau, wife of Isaac.

In an unfamiliar or foreign manner.

When ghosts inhabit someone, they __ them.

Dot or comma used to show tenths in numbers.

Famous Soviet orbiting satellite.

Chinese capital held Olympics on lucky day of 8s.

Bronze Age capital of the Hittite Empire.

Natasha __, central character of War and Peace.

Puzzle 17

Book covering with only the spine exposed.

Relating to organisms producing hybrid offspring.

Big-hitting baseball star Joe, married to Marilyn.

Brokeback __, movie with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Ghostly or deathly.

Scotland's only natural "lake".

Sheryl __, "Lean in" with this Facebook COO.

Mozart opera Cosi __.

Vascular problem.

Furniture for hanging articles of clothing.

America's relative who recruited soldiers.

Persona __, unwelcome guest.

Bay of __, heavy oil part of Gulf of Mexico.

British actor wrote about murder on TV.

Marshmallow-filled snack cake from Korea.

Flap inside a car's windscreen to prevent glare.

Puzzle 18


Who said: "No man is an island"?.

Knockabout film comedy associated with silent era.

An abnormally low amount of oxygen in the blood.

Corporate bond with sporting ticket rights.

Title of any leading Shia scholar in Iran.

Hard candy, "__ danced in their heads"; Christmas.

Johannes __, pioneer of movable type printing.

Tree of __, found in the Garden of Eden.

Win easily, like a jockey with the reins loose.

Santander is the capital of this Spanish region.

Describes an airliner as opposed to a helicopter.

Show about witch Samantha and mortal Darrin.

Puzzle 19

Something that balances for something else.

2013 tale of sisters Anna and Elsa.

The capital of Malaysia, Kuala __.

Men in Black Star released Big __ Style in 1997.

State of something illegally taken from another.

Name of Gengis Khan's grandson.

Unexplained megaliths on Spanish isle of Menorca.

Two barred __fish usually travels in pairs.

Potatoes and yams are this structure.

Categorizing and organizing office papers.

Maintain an unobtrusive profile.

Clean Monday flatbread popular in Greece.

Dark Lord of Mordor in The Lord of the Rings.

This horse is an artistic gymnastics apparatus.

Puzzle 20

In over your head, unable to cope.

Novel by Francoise Sagan: "Bonjour __".

Former province of South Africa between two rivers.

Backward tennis shot made famous by Vilas.

Moving about, fidgeting constantly, like a worm.

Classic Peruvian cocktail with citrus juice.

The metallic-suited frontman of ABC.

Family members living in one dwelling.

In Australia, a pool linked to a river.

In typography, the bit of a letter below the line.

To no longer be in contact with.

Nationality of the painter Edvard Munch.

Austrian crystals company with swan logo.

Large yacht sail at the front of the boat.

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