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Hand Sports PackHand Sports

Here are the answers to CodyCross Hand Sports Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Distance between front and rear axles on a vehicle.

Single lounge seats with upper body support.

Artistic snooker/pool play that appears impossible.

Making a high-pitched screeching sound.

Charred; tarnished one's reputation.

Unpaid helper at a museum.

A cold-blooded, water-loving animal like a frog.

Tennis foul caused by overstepping the baseline.

Having no money, not even copper coins.

Post-death possibility.

Puzzle 2

"This little piggy (middle toe) had __".

Commercial aquaculture breeding locations.

Spur of the moment.

Public tracks and routes designed for walkers.

Squash variety.

__ Rock, Elvis's penitentiary movie.

Japanese game, like badminton (hand+net+suzuki?).

Cabbage __; dolls created by Xavier Roberts.

Presidents have them; parades of escort vehicles.

Study of soft parts of the body, not osteology.

Place where a machinist might keep their tools.

Initial stop on a baseball diamond.

Puzzle 3

Law __; not breaking any rules.

A sweet bun to accompany herbal drinks in the UK.

Those who protect game and biomes in natural parks.

John Jacob Jingleheimer __.

US city with the oldest still standing mosque.

Olympic event in which a long spear is thrown.

Retro toy bug with a built-in nightlight.

US chain of supermarkets founded by Sam Walton.

Author of The Hunger Games trilogy: Suzanne __.

Asian country w/ the mouth of the Mekong River.

Signature basketball shot of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

One who makes and repairs shoes.

TV genre that is supposedly unscripted.

German police.

Last Kaiser of the German Empire: __ II.

Puzzle 4

Guy __, English director of Snatch.

Accu__, website to find out the forecast.

The Hungarian dish toltott kaposzta: stuffed __.

A song sung to babies and small children.

Country where author Jonathan Swift was born.

Olympic field event involving a heavy ball.

Reliance on faith for knowledge.

Place where animals skins are treated for use.

An affectionate moniker.

Bowling three of these in a row is called a turkey.

__ assistant, he/she looks after kids or plants.

Puzzle 5

Santa's reindeer who likes to boogie.

FOMO; __ missing out.

Basque __; Spanish bat, ball and wall game.

Creamy shellfish soup, like lobster or crab.

Month when the National Eisteddfod of Wales occurs.

House __, domestic imprisonment by curfew.

Buster __, B&W movie star, the Great Stone Face.

Old Testament book of sacred songs.

Grappling jiu-jitsu hold extending from the elbow.

Lapis __, deep-blue semi-precious stones.

Dana __; Gillian Anderson's X-Files role.

Washed the suds from.

Bar or pie __; visual ways to display data.

Puzzle 6

Country that merged with Tanganyika in 1962.

Star of the film Any Which Way You Can: Clint __.

Warm cloth method of shaving.

Difficult branch of mathematics, Latin for pebbles.

Wild, uncontrollable burning of scrubland.

Certification that 1 million albums have been sold.

Shaped frame for setting up snooker/pool balls.

Round white molluscs who live in shells.

Rustic wooden building in a forrest.

Swinging reverse tennis shot.

More nude than anyone else.

Puzzle 7

Bulgur wheat and mint salad from Lebanon.

Card game, scores are kept by moving small pegs.

Returned a tennis shot before it bounced.

Swine animal that roams free.

__ cut, a square inverted diamond cut.

Fishing from vessels with huge nets.

__ care, helping patients with heart issues.

North __; bidirectional 1855 novel by E. Gaskell.

To buy at a reduced rate is to get one of these.

Splinter, snippet, a small piece.

Hand of God Argentina footballer.

Plot of land where ducks, pigs, geese etc. wander.

Tom __; Saving Private Ryan and Passenger 57 actor.

Puzzle 8

Mary Queen __, Josie Rourke movie.

Art of imitation, a skill of certain birds.

Penalty for a deliberate handball in soccer.

Nuts generally used in praline.

Imbecilic, moronic, just plain dumb.

Singer of Take a Bow, Umbrella, Work.

Bodysuit worn by a ballerina.

Author of the one-act play Endgame: Samuel __.

Greek "island of the winds" in the Cyclades.

Standard style tennis serve.

The hours between dawn and sunset.

Puzzle 9

Classical music's "three Bs": Bach, Beethoven, __.

Take over a place w/ one's presence, Wall Street?.

Large __ Collider.

French sport rolling heavy balls towards a target.

People's __ Awards where fans select the winners.

Scotch __, bell-shaped super-hot pepper.

Photos, pictures.

Take a casual look around a store.

Japanese martial art with 2020 Olympic debut.

A Scottish girl isn't a lad but one of these.

Country where the city of Coatzacoalcos is located.

Egg-beating utensils.

Puzzle 10

Fine and fragile, like a flower.

Bottom cheeks; Forrest Gump was shot directly here.

Intense studying before an exam.

A Night at __, Marx Bros film and Queen LP.

Name given to an almanac of predictions since 1697.

Fermented black or green tea drink.

Vaslav __; supreme male dancer of the 20th century.

Collecting a hit ball in cricket/baseball.

__ tech; e.g. fitness trackers, Google glass.

5 times the amount.

Challenge of strength while pulling a rope.

Puzzle 11

Wheelchair sport, similar to pétanque and bocce.

Partial wig or hairpiece that covers a bald spot.

Made in a furnace, like steel.

__ Screen, an epithet for the movie industry.

Big Lebowski's motto, The Dude __.

Inter-mix, especially at a cocktail party.

Lion, tiger or leopard; any large feline.

Cooks meat with flames, oven or coals.

__ nurse, health pro who helps a tooth doctor.

Martial artist who practices the "gentle way".

Pebbles, rocks; they're sometimes rolling.

Mexican ancient indigenous peoples.

First name of South Africa's first black president.

Puzzle 12

__ Ralph 2 – handyman Ralph breaks the internet.

More clever or sharp than another.

Inside layers of jackets.

Combat sport that uses foils and épées.

Sony's old-school personal stereo.

The best a man can get shaving brand.

Bag carriers at stations.

Little __, he sang The Power with Elton John.

__ Judd, Ashley's singing sister.

Indian team sport where raiders are tagged.

A block of frozen water, maybe for drinks.

Nationality of the cartoonist Herge.

A female who's set to inherit.

Fire-lighting phosphorus sticks that come in packs.

Seeds __; initial inklings of suspicion.

Jewish candelabra with seven branches.

Rolled-up paper documents.

A more respectful label than "old" person.

Puzzle 13

Put your __; step on it; drive faster!.

A non-royal.

Deliberately left something out.

Accidentally hitting one's toe.

Small twigs used to start a fire.

__-Benz; A-Class car manufacturer.

Central circle on a dartboard.

Guarantor, anagram of primrose.

Small shop selling fashionable clothing.

System of a Down song; Chinese dish.

Tennis shot where a player's palm faces frontwards.

Toy railway with tracks, train, cars, etc..

Do something with other people, not alone.

Puzzle 14

Another word for a youthful whippersnapper.

Ace golf shot hit from a tee.

Actor Robert, once a sparkly vampire, then Batman.

They defuse incendiaries on the streets.

Device that uses water mist to smooth clothes.

Gad about, or play around amorously.

Male ungulate, often bearded; william?.

Golf club for clearing balls from bunkers.

Day of __; final judgment by God.

Keep people amused, like a magician or singer.

Send In __; song from A Little Night Music musical.

Considered the most expensive nut in the world.

Back __, extended fork apparatus to handle itches.

Prudently, trying not to break anything.

Island city state south of Malaysia.

Puzzle 15

The most pale black; similar hue to fire remains.

Language spoken in Rome and Milan, for example.

Play to throw a ball back onto a rugby pitch.

Central note on a piano keyboard.

Ate in tiny bites.

Faith __; people who use prayer to cure people.

Cold __, making unsolicited telephone contact.

Indulgent photos taken at arm's length.

Nutritional deficiency associated with kwashiorkor.

Pencils used for drawing different hues.

Parallel bones to tibias.

Like a cat on a hot __; anxious and worried.

Boarding __; holiday accommodation for dogs.

__ By The Dozen; Steve Martin plays a father of 12.

Country home to the Brandenburg Gate.

H. G. Wells: "The Shakespeare of __ fiction".

__ Space Center; NASA's primary launch hub.

Troughs on each side of a bowling lane.

Puzzle 16

South __, weight loss plan from Florida.

Fielding position between second and third base.

With no mistakes.

Something acted upon in a chemical reaction.

Where to hang coats and caps.

The Caped Crusader superhero's ride.

Crime committed with help from someone in the know.

Orangish ape native to Indonesia and Malaysia.

Calm-inducing meaning of the word Judo.

Off-key singing (3 words).

Weekly financial publication, The __.

Puzzle 17

Educated at an institution or at home.

__ court, unofficial justice-seeking sitting.

Not following Jewish food preparation laws.

Plant expert.

In a pub it dispenses real ales.

Burst suddenly, e.g. __ spleen or appendix.

Biggest city in Brazil.

Related to the armed forces.

"Space, the final __": Star Trek's intro.

Plucking a ball from the air and holding onto it.

Cult and experimental films.

Water bearer zodiac sign.

Crowd-pleasing basketball jump shot.

Stick at it, don't stop (3 words).

Wax __, early sound recording and playing device.

__ beetles, pests that feed on potatoes.

Pepper mills can also be called this.

Agricultural workers in the Middle Ages.

Powdered marine life used to enrich fields.

Last of the __, story by James Fenimore Cooper.

Player of a Scottish bellow wind instrument.

Puzzle 18

__ order; regular bank payment instruction.

A native or inhabitant of England's capital.

Something doomed to failure (a deceased canard).

__ My Love; Elvis cover of Johnny Ace song.

Dense polar blizzard w/ zero visibility.

Mopping up a wound with cotton wool.

Harry Alonzo Longabaugh better known as The __ Kid.

__ bars; side-by-side apparatus used by gymnasts.

Word used for stealing calves, for example.

Egg-based Italian dish similar to Spanish tortilla.

Group of languages to which English belongs.

Canine protector.

Huge, fish-eating bird of prey.

High quality hotel, but not quite five out of five.

She wipes Christ's face at a Station of the Cross.

Withstands a tricky situation.

Ribbed, warm fabric that's comfy in cool weather.

Bart Simpson's best friend.

Cricket delivery that does not bounce; not half?.

Short cannon for firing at high trajectories.

Puzzle 19

They stick together with mortar or cement.

Where an archer keeps their arrows.

Secret spies.

An old-school beaded calculator.

Connector of compound words, a little dash.

Blueberry breakfast cake.

Repeats words said by another.

Jungle __, disco tune from Kool & the Gang.

__ Office, where invention ideas are lodged.

Volleyball position; only plays on the back court.

Lifts with great effort.

Pack animals and dog ancestors.

"A day late and a __ short".

Puzzle 20

Strips of stickiness to catch insects.

House purchaser.

Moving plants to bigger vessels as they grow.

Forefathers and mothers who came long before us.

Softball game with 10 players on each side.

Ending a telephone call.

The slowest mouse in all of Mexico, Slowpoke __.

__ Square, downtown London with Landseer's lions.

Two-hulled boat.

The Who guitarist, Pete __.

Not divided into social strata.

The target ball or jack in a game of pétanque.

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