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Here are the answers to CodyCross Handmade Gifts Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Mechanically turning, like starting a vintage car.

Sliver of wood, accidentally caught in the fingers.

Fabrics, materials.

Noise when someone hangs up the phone.

Performance to try out for a part.

Chain worn around the wrist.

They construct houses and offices and bridges.

Vacationers, visitors to landmarks.

Child's language for a pet feline.

Intense snowstorm.

Studious investigation into a topic or problem.

Strong, mighty, tough.

Puzzle 2

Cute cheek divot.

__ Chili Peppers sang Scar Tissue and Can't Stop.

Kick a person out of the country.

What's coming in Game of Thrones.

Protective garments worn while cooking.

Escapades, high jinks.

Paper container of dried leaf, to drink.

Cold weather is this; nippy.

A spider's silk construction.

__ of appreciation; small gifts to show gratitude.

Maker of swimwear, slang for men's bathing suit.

Japanese auto manufacturer of Altima and Qashqai.

__ Ghosts, Anthony Bourdain's posthumous book.

Sleepy, weary.

Puzzle 3

Often the highest rank in a navy.

Compilation of music on a cassette.

One part of a TV series.

Unwrapping presents; the opposite of closing.

Smooth round stones eroded by rivers.

Look up to someone in feverish hero-worship.

Pails for holding water.

Tiny blade used by a surgeon.

Elderly citizens.

Ceremony that creates a marriage.

Click and __, method of buying online.

Thrill-__; looking for excitement.

Final stitches in knitting.

Puzzle 4

Kitchen appliance used to heat food very quickly.

Paintings of people, focusing on faces.

Celebrity signature, often collected in a book.

Indelible, cannot be removed.

Evening event to celebrate the end of high school.

Knitted jackets with buttons on the front.

Political system based on majority decision-making.

Time of low economic activity.

Large personal drying fabric.

Huge raptor, the national bird of the US.

Wooden piece used to clean the mouth of food.

Puzzle 5

__-one, total number of spots on a die.

Strong or urgent request or command.

Irish capital.

Wizard who initiated the Round Table.

Haitian religion.

Photos or artwork for mounting on walls.

Propel a canoe.

__ up, to show a particular interest in something.

Archetypal flat caps worn by Frenchmen.

Ring of entwined flowers and evergreen sprays.

The mouse order, including squirrels.

Amazon tablet device for reading e-books.

First name of suspense movie director Hitchcock.

Crunchy, corrugated vegetable stick.

More permanent than a jail.

Japanese art of cultivating tiny ornamental trees.

Puzzle 6

Ate in small bites.

Punishment procedure to calm naughty children.

Houses for kings and queens.

Jump out of a plane with a parachute.

Power to act without restraint.

Pointed embroidery or knitting tools.

Body __; security screening machine at an airport.

Cats drink milk out of them.

Charlie Hunnam was one of the Sons of __.

End a romantic relationship.

Made tiny waves, like a stone plopped in water.

Textile made from knotted strings.

__ chairs, children's party game.

Motor vehicles for transporting oil.

Puzzle 7

Friendly swimming mammals.

H2O found in the ocean.

Political extremists, opposite of way to the left.

Star key on a keyboard.

Gems that glint in the light.

Global football tournament, held every four years.

Examines closely.

Decorative object displayed in a home.

Drives a vehicle backwards.

Filtration process for those with sickly kidneys.

ID document that allows international travel.

Is in need of.

Go __; decline or deteriorate.

__ sprouts, look like mini cabbages.

Branch of science linked to criminal investigation.

Puzzle 8

Results, outcomes of sports games.

Surrounds for displaying photographs.

Frozen fruit dessert, originally meaning sherbet.

Long, frozen spear that forms in winter weather.

Eye __, bright hue to apply to the lids.

Shapes that represent love and romance.

Got her groove back in a movie with Taye Diggs.

Allowed liquid or news to escape.

Pre-Christmas period with candles and crowns.

__ enemy no. 1, how the FBI classed John Dillinger.

Stilt-__, circus performer, taller than most.

Easily annoyed, impatient like a sea creature.

Shrek's equine pal.


Elbow __, used with cleaners to make things shine.

Biting, chewing and swallowing food.

Puzzle 9

Typical business meeting greeting action.

Dependence on alcohol or gambling.

Extra-strong adhesive.

Semi-sweet table wine associated with California.

Pirates traditionally get their enemies to walk it.

Barricade in place to halt traffic.

First __; emergency worker at an accident scene.

Crew member on Russian Space Agency mission.

Hit a __; meet an impassable obstacle.

Hair __; clip or band that adds style up top.

Puzzle 10

A small, sweet bun with lots of icing.

Keep harm or danger at bay.

Placing money on a horse.

Draw someone to oneself, like a magnet.

"Make a __ for", means going directly towards.

Personal print featuring special names.

Cross between a coyote and a wolf.

Firm, business.

__ glass; art seen in church windows.

Carlton, Williams or Hudgens.

Feed fruit into them to get drinks.

__ marks, skin blemishes associated with pregnancy.

Tear-shaped pattern.

Puzzle 11

Austrian producer of sparkly crystals.

Abductor; ransom-demander.

Bigged up, made something seem more important.

Sunk in war with an underwater missile.

Musical instruction for increasing in loudness.

Leaving on a flight or train journey.

Very thin strings of pasta.

List of signatures collected in protest.

Gluing paper cutouts onto furniture.

Ad lib, make it up as you go along.

Puzzle 12

__ milk, dairy that comes in a non-liquid form.

Hard-backed or spiral-bound writing pad.

Trespassers who illegally hunt game.

Groups of bats, beavers, badgers or ants.

Cling on for __; hold on very tightly to survive.

Internet usage part of a mobile phone contract.

Body of saline water.

Buzz Lightyear goes to here and beyond.

Actor John, who starred as Danny Zuccho in Grease.

Glue, substance for sticking.

Final or greatest; anagram of mutilate.

Home of the Derby and the Colonel's secret recipe.

Belief system and worship of a god or gods.

Dirty, in need of a clean.

Puzzle 13

Pushing over a sleeping cow.

Jennifer __, frequent rom-com lead.

To be __ pink is to be pleased about something.

Reusable canvas carrier with two handles.

Inhabited by ghosts.

Functioning at a job.

Bruno Mars song or a hand-thrown bomb.

Misrepresented a hand in poker.

Well-known brand of marker pens.

Flat, rectangular pasta sheets.

Rules and syntax of a language.

Vocations or professions.

Momentarily stopping a DVD, streaming device, etc.

Puzzle 14

Chaotic and messy cafeteria activity.

Newsy announcements at the top of a newspaper.

Pot for keeping markers and ballpoints in.

Energy sources that do not run out.

Energy-providers for electronic games and toys.

Talk without waiting for someone else to finish.

Blocks in the mechanism for slowing vehicle speed.

Warm spot where empty stockings are hung.

Another name for a Bigfoot in N. American folklore.

Joseph was this, a crafter of wood.

Allowed by law.

Stuffing and mounting skins of dead animals.

Smell-killer for underarms.

Puzzle 15

Yoga backbend posture, reminiscent of Egypt.

Worldwide in reach.

Ring-tailed __, showy Madagascan primates.

Jack in __, pop-up, classic toy.

Tidied hair with a toothed instrument.

Placed out of the direct sun.


Create unique patterns on twisted fabrics.

Building blocks for houses.

Flowers; grows beautifully.

Duck whose nephews are Huey, Dewey and Louie.

Gas burner used in science labs.

Naturally ocurring acid found in milk.

Special ability or skill displayed on stage.

Objects that are carried for good luck.

Gordon __, Master Chef.

Puzzle 16

Used to type words; electronic piano.

Stage productions featuring scores of songs.

Contract between two people in love.

Breaks into many pieces.

Square pads for added comfort on armchairs.

Drift off, become distracted, lose concentration.

Astrological sign for March-April.

Tax-exempt shopping area in a port or airport.

Embroidered loops made by needles.

Intense, throbbing headache.

Not today or yesterday.

Plunging airplane in a headfirst drop.

Place that lends cash on possessions.

Puzzle 17

Large seas.

To hand in one's notice.

Photo __; books with collections of personal snaps.

Identity: can be female, male, trans....

Something that can be seen and touched, an item.

Describes curly hair affected by the rain.

"Make like a __ and split".

Ink patterns made with a rubber tool.

Replenish a vehicle's gas tank.

They indicate a pause in a phrase.

Don't take no for an answer.

__ breakfast, between breakfast and lunch.

Who __ Roger Rabbit, movie with a cartoon lead.

Metal rods for stirring the embers of a fire.

Types of dog or cat.

Puzzle 18

Lack of hair on the head.

Decorative items that hang from lobes.

Main ingredient in pomodoro sauce.

Connected systems of people.

Stiff __, seen as a stoic British character trait.

Swirling snow showers.

Member of the mafia.

Wobbly, not balanced.

Gets down on haunches.

Calming, easing fears.

Banged a nail into a wall.

Flight, aeronautics.

Hand-operated cutting tools.

Puzzle 19

Fire and __, the threat of hell using sulfur.

Scented dried flower petals.

Going up.

Someone who views the heavens, maybe by telescope.

Wonka's __ Factory.

__ for position, or to try to gain an advantage.

Painted picture made by an infant's toes and sole.

Comes between seventieth and ninetieth.

Display cabinet with see-through windows.

Be carried over the audience at a rock concert.

Puzzle 20

Original decade of Elvis and Little Richard.

One part of a hundred.

Stretchy one-piece garment.

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs or Fri.

Ace __: Pet Detective.

Operating system used by non-Apple phones.

Chapel with Michelangelo's famous ceiling.

Sad, not cheerful.

"Which came first? The __ or the egg?".

Competent, efficient, adept.

Nationality of tennis player Djokovic.

Lewis __ wrote Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Four-sided pieces for patchwork quilts.

Black paint for the lashes.

Those who steal or rob.

Sloping style of calligraphy.

Add sugar, saccharin or honey, for example.

Checking to see if something works.

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