CodyCross Happy Hour Pack answers

Happy Hour PackHappy Hour

Here are the answers to CodyCross Happy Hour Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Child legally brought into a family.

__ Tell, archer who shot apples off his son's head.

Hopes; anagram of praises.

A glaze painting technique.

Harry Potter shape-shifter.

Like a warm season.

In science, the property that keeps a body at rest.

Thin stick for mixing cocktails by turning.

Italian gin, red vermouth, Campari cocktail.

Looks up to.

Infertile soils such as in a coniferous forest.

Makes less bright.

__ Spears, Me Against the Music, ft. Madonna.

Aquatic, flightless bird, found in Southern Africa.

Jewellery items worn at the bottom of the leg.

Person whom police believe committed a crime.

Puzzle 2

A very hot and humid type of country.

East, Horn of Africa country; capital of same name.

Added concrete between bricks in a wall.

Electronic connection achieved without plugging in.

Disrupts or interrupts.

Mediterranean herb also called sweet or knotted.

Intimate relations outside the marriage.

Circular fossil showing a spiral shell.

Buzzy insect, makes sweet stuff from nectar.

Making a big bell noise.

Shaky, could easily fall down.

Fortified Spanish wines from Jerez.

Another name for alcoholic shots.

Puzzle 3

A woman engaged to be married.

Rat-__, operative who rids places of rodents.

Under, below.

With a nice smell, e.g. candles or soap.

The smallest character in A Christmas Carol.

"In the kingdom of the blind, the __ man is king".

Mexican peoples AD 900-1100 with capital at Tula.

American whiskey associated with Kentucky.

Blackberry cocktail with gin, lemon juice.

Donkey Kong is this kind of primate.

Went for a walk on the edge of the sea.

Getting to the airport on a plane.

Long dressing used to wrap up an injury.

To clean a horse's stable.

Knocked over a liquid.

Someone who does cartwheels and somersaults.

Puzzle 4

Tropical island drink with rum, Curaçao, orgeat.

A drink with crushed ice throughout.

Zeppelins for advertising.

The __ of You; marvel hit for Elvis in 1970.

Places where judges and juries sit, trials occur.

Disaster, emergency.

The medal awarded to third place.

Blew gently from side to side.

Internal sores, especially in the mouth or stomach.

A __ of trees; more trunks than a wood or copse.

Puzzle 5

Where you hang your coat and keep your shoes.

E.g. cliffs, islets; seen on geography field trip.

Skilled at using your hands, manual __.

Whiskey cocktail with vermouth; NYC borough.

Decade in which ABBA had their first hit.

Destruction of the liver from too much alcohol.

Marriage vows, for richer __.

Tiny dog from Mexico known for its feisty nature.

__point, drawn lines to create perspective.

Opposite of failures.

Puzzle 6

One-wheeled transports.

Cost that's cut in two.

Small male child in education.

__ Us; 2017 song for Pink.


Artificial grass surface for sports.

2018 animation about a yeti, Migo, meeting humans.

Bourbon and herb cocktail, toothpaste flavoured.

Inland sea of Canada named after English explorer.

Kick __; idiom for dying.

A famous person.

Poems with five lines.

Too exhausted that maybe you can't sleep.

Puzzle 7

Black or White __, coffee liqueur and vodka mix.

A Scandal in __, Sherlock tale with Irene Adler.

I Am __, American TV series.

Piece of clothing.

Rum, whisky, brandy, vodka are all these.

Giving something to someone else for a short time.

Like a heavenly figure.

This is used to measure how acidic a substance is.

Pooper __, brand of doggie-doo cleaner.


Fireworks that shoot up into the sky.

A boat that sounds like a card game.

Collections of maps.

Footballer in the forward position, goal scorer.

Mischievous, small creatures.

Stationery items for rubbing out pencil marks.

Puzzle 8

French brandy named after Charente town.

Space objects with fiery tails.

Cavern or cave, or an imitation at a stately home.

Going towards a destination, not a return trip.

Children who are under age, not adults yet.

Charlie Bucket's grandpa's first name.

Sport played by the Montreal Canadiens.

Arriving, attending.

Room for relaxing.

Simple form of language, used by traders.

Puzzle 9

Shiny ceramics used in kitchens and bathrooms.

__ sling, gin and cherry cocktail from Raffles.

The most dangerous or poisonous.

Loose, wet mud that sucks you in if stepped on.


Strangeness, unusualness.

Grand church, particularly in the Catholic faith.

Glass tanks typically used for keeping fish.

Legal drugs for treating illnesses.

US athlete, winner of nine Olympic gold medals.

Something that covers the whole globe.

Shawls made from Himalayan goats' wool.

Ink container for a printer.

Puzzle 10

Whiskered marine animals with long tusks.

__ cops, incompetent police from silent film.

On __, drink served over ice cubes.

Black, blue, purple and yellow skin marking.

Services to remember loved ones who died.

Enemies of the Ninja Turtles, led by Shredder.

Hoop __: they're jewellery worn in your lobes.

Champagne with crème de cassis liqueur.

Completely different meaning; on is the __ of off.

Elastic; something that returns to original shape.

Spiky desert plants.

Phishing emailers.

Received too much money as a salary.

Not guilty.

Simon __, poet of Kid and Homecoming.

Puzzle 11

Glass or plastic container for drinks.

William __, who made motorbikes with Davidson.

Lime or lemon cut into thin tranches.

Another word for the "pictures" or the "cinema".

Measure of how heavy something or someone is.

Posh man's neckerchief from the French word.

__ Mary, non-alcoholic tomato juice mocktail.

Singing voices on a record.

__ Howle, Elm Tree House resident, likes pink.

3D creations, often made from household junk.

Beaches, where land meets the sea.

Puzzle 12

Capital city of the Australian state of Queensland.

In a house, the home of a shower and toilet.

Fitness class, with music and step exercises.


What Americans call animals, a word like creatures.

All alone rather than in a group.

__ game, e.g. take a sip if you lose a round.

Liz Pichon book series with scribbles and doodles.

David Bowie's alter ego, Ziggy __.

__ glass, cooled magma in a lustrous state.

A quick snooze to energize your body.

Paper for soaking up wet ink.

Fizzy water from the bar tap, used as a mixer.

Puzzle 13

Popular brand of colourful permanent markers.

Spoke incessantly, like a stream.

A music group with male singers.

Late, not on schedule.

James Bond gin and vermouth cocktail.

1995 adventure film about a board game.


They're constructed by spiders.

All-in-one item worn to stay warmer in the waves.

Female flower parts (containing stigma and style).

Free from variation.

Palace complex in Russia's capital, Moscow.

Cognac cocktail found attached to a motorbike.


Become rusty.

Most widely spoken Romance language.

Puzzle 14

An opponent, enemy or foe.

Prime number, two before 61.

Ubisoft's videogame franchise: __ Creed.

Events or celebrations, special __.

Oxidised cocktail with Drambuie and Scotch whisky.

Figure out, verify; anagram of sectarian.

A person hired in a supporting role.

Wafer of semiconductor material.

The things that you need to do something.

Triangular shape on a shark's back.

The __, outdoor gear company, ideal for mountains.

Plants that aren't looked after and out of control.

Bills of cash.

Rotten __; someone who is bad through and through.

Reactions to foods, animal hair, etc..

__ blanc, Bordeaux wine and grape.

Not useful or kind or constructive.

A suite of __; household items, e.g. beds, tables.

Religion developed in Jamaica.

Gorgeous Ladies of __, aka GLOW.

Puzzle 15

Tunnelling American rodents, like ground squirrels.

Tom __, lemon and gin cocktail.

Melting, ice getting warmer.

Severe storm in the S Pacific and Indian oceans.

Top notch, better than others.

Depart quickly, from the Spanish for "let us go".

Weepy, emotional.

Summer footwear with straps.

Short fictional book.

__ Temple, cocktail named after child star.

Christian symbols.

Puzzle 16

__ Yourself, welcoming tune from Oliver!.

Second month of the year, with 28 or 29 days.

Fruity rum cocktail, often strawberry.

A collection of fabric or materials.

Expressing gratitude in two words.

__ gracious me! An exclamation of surprise.

Fast, deer-like animal with pointed horns.

Changed something for another item.

Matters to do with governing a country.

A close-up picture or painting of a person.

Put this on to protect your skin in hot weather.

Units of loudness.

The black stuff, stout from Ireland.

Puzzle 17


A type of bowling game with more than 9 skittles.

__ Mary, tomato juice and vodka cocktail.

__ Spritz, orange liqueur mixed with Prosecco.

Wally or Walt are short forms of this boys' name.

Iran area; anagram of aspire.

Bing __; sang Little Drummer Boy with David Bowie.


"Left, right, and __" (in Canada).

Snake-haired woman.

Puzzle 18

Looked for, tried to find.

__ cheerful, inexpensive and simple.

__ birth; more than one baby born, e.g. twins.

Collectible vinyl toy figures with bobbleheads.

Eddie __, Fantastic Beasts' Newt Scamander.

Precise drawings for use in designs.

It swings backwards and forwards beneath clocks.

Small, strong cup of coffee.

Almond-flavoured, sweet Italian liqueur.

Ejecting of fiery substances from a volcano.

Storage/starting place on a climbing expedition.

__ a new leaf, have a fresh start.

Birds have these, and they can tickle.

Squashy part of a bed.

Puzzle 19

2018 Superman series named after his home planet.

The eldest daughter of Madonna.

Fizzy circles of air in a drink.

Do you want to build one?.

Dumb, senseless.

Preparing meals.

Current __; what is happening in the world now.

Ghetto-__, large portable audio unit of the 1980s.

Wooded area, home to fruit trees.

Solvent that is drunk, e.g. ethanol.

A horse __, which is quicker than it trots.

Glands at the back of the throat.

Puzzle 20

The near-future seven days.

Spoke so someone else can write down.

Drink without alcohol that mimics a mixed drink.

Cloud cover makes a day __.

Observing something.

Drink taken before a meal to stimulate appetite.

Decorative pins worn on clothing.

Climbers, vines and ivies.

Pink waterbird with long neck stands on one leg.

Flying __, an opera by Richard Wagner.

Surname of US tennis aces Venus and Serena.

Dips or ditches in a road's surface.

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