CodyCross Happy New Year Pack answers

Happy New Year PackHappy New Year

Here are the answers to CodyCross Happy New Year Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Underground railway or passage, it might vary.

Haute-__, French department next to Swiss and Italy.

Former President of Portugal, Mario __.

Fanny __ attempted to assassinate Lenin in 1918.

A banished explosive bullet.

Harry Potter's owl.

Uninteresting, fatiguing.

Gotham's police commissioner, Jim __.

Felt cap worn by freed slaves in ancient Rome.

Large glass container with narrow neck for wine.

Hormone that tells the brain you have eaten enough.

Large sheep-herding dog from Brie region of France.

Manipulated outcome of an action.

Bruno Mars funky part of the city.

Should old acquaintance be __.

Noise __, e.g. horns, for a party.

The W in the international phonetic alphabet.

Beat by some margin, trounce someone.

Puzzle 2

Java computer language inventor, James __.

Customs observed at special times of year.

Pull through, surmount peril.

20 Feet from __, film about background singers.

Citric juice, carbonated water and juniper spirit.

Carry on.


Urban __, supernatural fiction in the city.

Nerve cells that transmit information.

Rout, fiasco.

Shiver and judder in fear.

__ carbide, used to produce bulletproof vests.

Solar system minor planet with unstable orbits.

Resident, or a foreigner with rights of residence.

Perennial grass; goes by a Christian name.

Dutch "Ethics" philosopher.

Son of Zeus, slayer of Medusa.

Puzzle 3

Anita Roddick's fragrant business enterprise.

A common name for the tibia.

Abstract number, like a sideways 8.

Extension for a hair dryer.

Wise old men in Game of Thrones.

Sea covers Spanish, Italian islands alike.

Abroad, in a different country.

Bottled __, WWII army talk for beer.

Municipal seat of power.

Nickname for Plato's Atlantis.

Country where Haile Selassie was Emperor 1930-1974.

Rennovated in 2013, Athletic Bilbao arena.

Greek Titan, son of Uranus and Gaia.

Underground Soviet publishing of banned material.

Party blimps.

Scientific term for classification of organisms.

2012 movie about a young artist who doesn't give up.

Sorcerer in Mozart's opera The Magic Flute.

Puzzle 4

Brass __, rum, orange juice highball on rocks.

A ticket only valid for an outbound trip.

The sound a crow makes.

English word for Spanish word "abogado".

Cat breed with "natural" curly fur despite name.

Procession with floats.

Limestone plateau in south-western Ireland.

Madame __, a tale of adultery by Flaubert.

Alicia Markova's specialty.

Take away, strip, e.g. of a religious robe.

Organized killing of minorities, Russian Jews, say.


Hawaiian burnoose.

Riches to wish for at New Year.

Ancient Greek famous for his geometry.

Diane __, actress appeared in The Godfather.

Ray who starred in Everybody Loves Raymond.

Projected stage, audience on three sides.

Puzzle 5

Traditional Italian pork cold cut.

Bulgakov's Master and __; the Devil visits Moscow.


Add decoration, make ornate.

Term describing easy to use software.

Captain William Kidd's ship: __ Galley.

Bush __, primitive method of spreading gossip.

Actor starred in Gilda and Blackboard Jungle.

Calendar refined from the Julian calendar.

Eurasian warriors who drank their victims' blood.

Dog variety prefixed by Golden and Labrador.

Former leader of North Korea, 1994-2011.

Fragrance promoted by British actress Joan Collins.

Act presented in a nightclub.

Puzzle 6

Make something dirty, filthy, soiled.

The __ of Allah, a monk and heiress fall in love.

Swiss grated potato dish in patty form.

Squeaky toy penguin in Toy Story 2.

Flowing as a thick substance.

Feline breed with spotty coat resembling a wildcat.

Frederick __, won two Nobel prizes in Chemistry.

London clock tower with bongs.

American Indian dwelling, round, lodge.

Small racing vehicle.

Leading airline of Australia.

A Roman statesman known for his speeches.

Book size between octavo and folio (four leaved).

Another word for liquids.

Chemist who invented the color mauve.

"Hall of Fame" singers: the Irish rock band The __.

Puzzle 7

Maldivian currency of 100 laari.

Civilizations must have this.

Brazil's smallest state; capital is Aracaju.

When religious statues are reported to shed tears.

Literary device: an author's choice of words.

Rudolf __, Prussian founder of pathology.

US African American festival, ends on January 1.

Ancient Roman historian who wrote "The Annals".

Central Asian dairy from long haired bovid.

Filmic slang for a songwriter.

When a team quits a game, admits defeat.

With the mostest, she'll throw a party.

Puzzle 8

Slavic language also known as Sorbian and Wendish.

Where to spend your money on an iPhone.

Novelist of Wide Sargasso Sea, sequel to Jane Eyre.

Ken __, Nigerian activist executed by the military.

North African treat filled with dates or almonds.

Medieval weapons affixed to end of a wooden shaft.

Liquid that dripped out slowly.

Gods and __, depicts the last days of James Whale.

Scottish New Year's Eve.

Fish laying eggs.

The Bonfire of the __, Tom Wolfe novel/film.

Narrowing of a body passage, i.e., valve or canal.

Second Emperor of Ancient Rome.

Puzzle 9

Military or political plans.

Scottish city with New Year pipers and drummers.

Rhodesian __, African lion dog used as a hunter.

Cocktail with sake and tomato juice.

Red swelling on fingers or toes from the cold.

The inverse of an exponent; shortform: tree trunk.

Short-lived, fleeting.

Name given to the "master gland" of the human body.

French composer of avant-garde music.

With good judgment.

Queen Esther's husband: King __.

Last great king of the Zulus.

Hardy published anonymously Under the __ Tree.

Small annoying person who can't keep quiet.

Puzzle 10

To your good health.

Eastern tea, not short.

__ spoon race; a children's balancing party game.

Regal waistline that starts under the bust.

__ Time, old man humanized time representation.

1954 British animated cartoon: "__ Farm".


Xinjiang __, autonomous region in north-west China.

Understood by experts only.

A syringe's best friend.

Dennis Hopper played Frank Booth in Blue __.

Macau casino resort: CoD or City of __.

Famous Flemish Baroque painter: Peter Paul __.

Songwriter who composed 118 pop hits, __ King.

Cat's __, children's game, string around fingers.

A snake and a programming language.

Kitchen appliance for keeping food chilled.

Chris __, cyclist, winner of the Tour de France.

Property enclosures.

To be brought in by the tide.

Puzzle 11

Last part of many website addresses.

Jonathan __, The Fortress of Solitude writer.

Giant nocturnal flightless New Zealand parrot.

Megalithic tomb with a flat stone on two verticals.

Capital of the Northern Mariana Islands.

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra actor Marlon __.

Antonio, who was Huggy Bear in Starsky and Hutch.

Vital bolt for keeping car wheel in place.

__ or Shimon, birth name of the apostle Peter.

The numbers 0-9.

__ neckline, an off-the-shoulder look.

Hurrah cheer.

Spray that makes furniture shine.

11th century King of England, Denmark, and Norway.

Soft thin flatbread, Armenian in origin.

Puzzle 12

Former French car brand now owned by Volks.

Foreshadow or reflect future events.

He or she tidies and wipes up office mess.

Gold __ of 1935, musical about rich people.

Excited, stimulated.

The clock __ midnight, and we all cheer.

The capital of Bhutan.

Indian dance form from the Punjab.

Company that designates color ratios in printing.

Hg on the periodic table.

French artist who painted "The Card Players".

Wild plum tree with small black fruits.

The holiday of Jnegi in Bali: National Day of __.

English pop-ska band.

Humor intended to be critical.

Some sports' gifted scoring try.

__ Princip, the Serbian who killed Franz Ferdinand.

Puzzle 13

Santa __, command found on lawns in December.

Writer of Parallel Lives about famous Romans.

Spirit of the Dead __, Gauguin paints a naked girl.

__ motion, particle movement described by Einstein.

Pacific island nation, first to see in New Year.

Italian manufacturer of electronic keyboards.

Topor, shiftlessness.

Ivo __, evil adversary of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Penny __, early bicycle with enlarged front wheel.

__ York, biopic of American WWI hero.

French term for tiny diced vegetables.

Bright firecracker for writing your name in lights.

A flat-bodied fish or a verb meaning to struggle.

Puzzle 14

__ in the New Year, with bells on.

Suspicion, hint.

Turn over one of these at New Year.

Famous walls.

Finish that lets the grain show through.

Surname and dynasty of last shah of Iran.

Spanish "cut" coffee: espresso with steamed milk.

Estadio da __, stadium outside Mozambique capital.

World renowned mathematician, H.S.M __.

__ of Hope, Turkish family entering Switzerland.

A soft answer __ away wrath.

Gang dispute over a particular location.

Puzzle 15

Collect these in your passport.

Initial target of A-bomb before switch to Nagasaki.

Country where one can find Los Arboles Cuadrados.

Wobble to and fro, e.g. on high heels.

Indexes or exponents showing multiplication.

Full figured, slightly fat.

Evan Almighty actor, Steve __.

Hildegard of __, German mystic abbess.

West Sumatra fermented milk, bamboo, banana leaf.

__ Babies, collectible soft animals made by Ty.

Country with the most time zones.

Sound mind, thinking rationally and normally.

Birthstone for January.

Symbol in text footnotes, comes singly or doubly.

Novel by Frederick Forsyth: "The __ File".

Puzzle 16

Hare cutter.

The coming of a New Year.

Ancient Greek poet presumed to be the first actor.

The main pack of cyclists in a race.

Large historic region in modern-day Baltic area.

Adolescent period.

Mediterranean salad herb.

Peer or colleague, communist appellation.

Alex __, A Clockwork Orange's nasty ringleader.

Something tailored personally, not off the peg.

One of the many deities of Hinduism.

The flow or __ of time.

Puzzle 17

Ancient city in Mali.

Britannicus' father who adopted Nero.

Degree of a slope.

Samurai I: Musashi __, first of famous trilogy.

English musician Robert Plant's rock band, Led __.

Twirly decoration made from crepe paper.

Crockery __, New Year good luck action in Denmark.

The Witches of __, Pfeiffer, Cher and Sarandon.

Nationality of Burns, Auld Lang Syne writer.

Lamp producing light from jumping current.

Old Testament book that follows the Book of Isaiah.

Columbus voyage funders; monarchs Ferdinand and __.

A tadpole.

Knee-length trousers, worn for hunting.

Designation to denote top quality German wines.

Medicinal lotion or cream, such as antiseptic.

Deliberately sank a ship.

Puzzle 18

Mark on a section of a book, helps its compilation.

Describes a conqueror of the Minoan civilization.

Instant wintery Christmas from a can.

Model married both Mick Jagger and Rupert Murdoch.

Disrobed, naked.

German version of meatloaf.

Term for Hiroshima and Nagasaski bombing survivors.

Like an inside-out ellipse, a conic section.

Last ruler of the Incas.

Measuring body parts to nab criminals: __ system.

US actor starred in Top Gun, The Doors, Tombstone.

Tennis champ of the 19th century.

Straw man burned at New Year in Ecuador.

__ Dogs Act, UK legislation barring certain breeds.

There'll be __; big trouble due to what was done.

Puzzle 19

It takes two.

Swiss watchmaker with Happy Diamonds range.

To loudly lament; usually done by women in grief.

Another term for heartburn, indicating fire.

Transport heat up and cold down in liquid or gas.

Imperial distance covered by a vehicle.

Painting and sculpture.

World's oldest still-existing planetarium.

Escamillo's profession in opera Carmen.

To strengthen against an attack, provide defense.

Shellfishes swallowed in France around New Year.

Rabbi or rebbetzin, "person of influence".

Irish female spirit warning of death; X-Man.

The wings of a bird, in poetry.

Stadium of Indian state of Goa.

__ New Year, or Spring Festival, February in Asia.

Vacuum cleaner used in a vertical position.

Lost continent in Indian and Pacific oceans.

1964 heist film, palace in Turkey.

Puzzle 20

US pioneer with a knife named after him.

International __, contour from North to South Pole.

Light custard with alcohol from Italy.


Group of hired assassins.

The female symbol of the French Republic.

Ancient settlement and Indian spiritual capital.

To signal for another car to stop and help.

Actress, often in partnership with William Powell.

A masseur on a cycling team.

Native American word for grassy plain.

Darkened edge around an image.

Fight Club and Mr and Mrs Smith actor.

Tuned bells in a tower played by a keyboard.

Author of the short story "Rain", __ Maugham.

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