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Here are the answers to CodyCross Hawaii Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Sworn enemies or opponents.

Karl Marx's working masses.

Pale, unhealthy complexion.

Non-Hawaiians who emigrated to Hawaii.

Deceptions, swindles, confidence tricks.

Early combustion engine made by a German engineer.

Can kill you softly and silently.

Keep it to yourself, don't tell anyone.

Medieval bringer of news or a newspaper title.

Closest living relatives to extinct quaggas.

Flowering plant that produces saffron.

Hagia __, the great basilica of Constantinople.

Electricity cables in a home.

Cruella De Vil's henchman, paired with Horace.

They wear halos.

You couldn't wink without it.

Hook-shaped bone in the wrist.

__ Heinen, Dutch supermodel, starred in Payphone.

Voyaging boats used by early Hawaiian settlers.

Puzzle 2

To be well thought of.

Stealing goods, in times of war or social unrest.

Passion fruit's other name.

Male pop group.

Strings of flag decorations in a garden.

Vast treeless plains in Russia.

Methods of operating.

Relating to earthquakes.

Harvesting what one has sown.

We the people, perhaps all male?.

You don't use worry in "to whom".

Ballroom dance from the Caribbean.

Mary __, Frankenstein's mother.

Hand-tapping kakaus are commonly known as these.

Crow-like birds with red and yellow-billed species.

Sailing ship like the Santa María or the Mary Rose.

It rose from the ashes.

Puzzle 3

In a praying position.

Variability or changeability of a situation.

Military that led Beatles' Lonely Hearts Band.

Tremendously, greatly relieved.

Business end of the White House.

The Descendants author Kaui Hart __.

Substantially stamened Hawaiian state flower.

Essential energy.

It helps you see in the dark.

"Doneness" of French steak we'd called "bloody".

First explorer to land on both poles: Roald __.

Notoriously dirty place.

Puzzle 4

Index finger.

Boxer Brian __, nicknamed Hawaiian Punch.

Australian media dynasty, also in the UK and US.

Zebras are full of them.

__ Burana, Carl Orff's cantata.

An addition to a will.

Yusaku __; billionaire wannabe first space tourist.

Secondary storyline.

Riga is known as the Paris of the __.

Marc __, Russian-born artist of Cow with Parasol.

Tuxedo flightless beauty.

Motherly owl in The Fox and the Hound.

Big Island's triathlon __ World Championship.

Spanish bread served with olive oil and garlic.

Movies with sound.

Puzzle 5


Number puzzle.

Triangular flag; wider at hoist than at fly.

Lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, blush.

Sumo wrestling rings.

Kauai's Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

Study of birds' eggs.

Penal __; settlement for exiled prisoners.

Fate or accident.

Ailment, affliction, illness.

Bunny's busy day.

Surprise attack.

Limestone sinkhole used by Mayans for sacrifices.

Big island's official name.

Turning a ship or aircraft unsteadily.

Muslim long open coat.

Movie in which Humbert Humbert is a seducer.

Mischievous elf.

Richard __, Western explorer of Mecca incognito.

Add on; anagram of napped.

Puzzle 6

Endangered Sea turtle breed common to Hawaii.

Attend a zippy matchmaking event.

Maui's inactive volcano.

Night owl.

Force to walk somewhere, like an amphibian?.

He played Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody.

Swiss watch brand designed for aviators.

Ancient Austrian salt-mining settlement.

Heavenly pasta or soup noodles.

What one turns when ignoring unwanted information.

Puzzle 7


Showed off something.

Construction result.

Honolulu's yearly endurance race.

Creative style displaying random objects.

Boiled pseudo-grain that is also used as a red dye.

Expecting different results from repetitive acts.

Give up a throne.

Not crooked.

Honolulu and Molokai'a author Alan __.

Roman emperor who made his horse a senator.

Puzzle 8

A trespass or imposition on someone.

Laysan is a breed of this large winged seabird.

Pirate explorer who arrived on Kealakekua Bay.

Not having a smell or aroma.

Quickly drawing, or preparatory drawing.

One who rides shotgun.

Its bubbles can get to your head.

Cartridge belt slung over the shoulder.

Medical branch dealing with male diseases.

Foul muddiness of waters.

Expert swimmer, beach watcher.

Aromatic baubles that perfume a wardrobe.

I think, therefore I am.

Sound created by two vowels in one syllable.

Puzzle 9

Artists go acoustic.

Traditional male outfit, malo in Hawaiian.

A non-standard feature or characteristic.

Moscow art gallery.

Hearing this confirms you're alive.

Peppers that come in yellow, red, orange and green.

Half-human, half-robot, e.g. from Blade Runner.

Now-feral kangaroo cousins who escaped Oahu zoo.

Touching tongues.

Overindulgent, with no morals.

Puzzle 10

Physical strength.

This US singer just wants to have fun.

__ copy, duplicate a letter using this inky paper.

Non-stick coating for pans.

Seventh most populated Hawaiian island.

The Pope.

Baby swan, often mistaken for an ugly duckling.

Quaffed, drank.

Aloha means "the presence of" this.

London Eye, Melbourne Star and High Roller wheels.

Still alive.

Borrower's source.

A pithy phrase or axiom.

Egyptian statesman, its president 1956-70.

Basic elements of digital photos, picture elements.

Puzzle 11

MRI and x-rays are two types of this in medicine.

Medusa, Euryale and Stheno.

Process of cutting a felled tree into logs.

Moved furtively.

French word for an artist's workshop.

The least willing to work.

Sharp mandibles on an insect.

Belgian city, venue of the 1920 Olympic Games.

They speak louder than words.

Jason Momoa's water superhero character.

Buzz, e.g. phone setting with the ringer silenced.

Time free from work or responsibilities.

"The plane!" was shouted on Hawaii's __ Island.

Cool fashionable type of food.

Puzzle 12

Deliberate destruction by resistance fighters.

Sexual yoga and meditation.

Sacred volcanic Big Island mountain.

Another name for the pomelo fruit.

One who brings home the bacon.

Harry __, protagonist of Updike's Rabbit novels.

Only emirate with no coastline on Persian Gulf.

She has a Secret for Women.

Forties-based Best Picture winner From Here to __.

Square of standard deviation.

Unusual or weird.

Hazards, perils.

It delivers gas to the engine.

Pottery type with liquid clay decoration.

Five cards in suit with a bullet.

Puzzle 13

It starts a fire, literally and online.

Copies actions and phrases.

Hedy __; film-star radio communications inventor.

Adjective meaning an ex or used to be that.

Pakistani city, capital of Punjab province.

The youngest of the 12 Titans.

Kauai's plant collection-based nickname, __ Island.

Get off a bus or a train.

They make one jumpy.

Anything relating to the skin.

Nene, the Hawaiian goose, evolved from this goose.

Puzzle 14

French heir to the throne.

__ Rock, Hawaiian islet home to a bird sanctuary.

Get-together with old schoolmates.

Pre-Raphaelite painter of Bubbles.

Asia-Pacific region, with Hawaii and Micronesia.

Young hotel porter.

Largest of the three branches of Shia Islam.

Middle Eastern language also known as Farsi.

Green veg eaten at Christmas, hated by many.

Money made.

Demarcated edges of lined notepaper, for comments.

Root vegetable also known as yucca root.

Puzzle 15

Japanese national holiday in April.

Figures of speech.

Fast athlete.

It's happening again.

Preliminary model for sculptures.

Made from tin, copper, silver, iron or gold, etc.

In good faith, genuine.

French term for with breadcrumb crust.

Description of the eastern Alps in Austria.

Hawaii's well-populated capital.

Sea dog breed endemic to Hawaii.

Puzzle 16

Italian term for drawing/design; an arts journal.

This genre rarely presents real facts.

In class.

Call a formal meeting, often in religious settings.

__ Wedding, musical, PR man in Hawaii.

In short supply, missing.

Nervous, edgy, skittish.

Hawaiian island that once contained a leper colony.

Maui's main airport town.

Euphemistic term for a car theft and abandonment.

Medicinal root used in teas and supplements.

Puzzle 17

Small South American camelid, smaller than a llama.

Traditional Hawaiian flowy floral or patterned dress.

Dig up something that has been buried.

The more you have, the stronger you are.

1984 and Big Brother creator.

Chinese fruit with white flesh.

Semi-autobiographical movie about Bukowski.

Every seven days.

Popular port for cruise ships in the Bahamas.

A singing group.

Dress that wraps around the body.

The mother of all things.

Types of hallucinations that are seen.

Puzzle 18

A good one helps those in need.

Can be military or surgical.

Pacific island region of early Hawaiian settlers.

Bitter attitude, full of venom.

Head of a school, such as Skinner in The Simpsons.

Second-highest Alpine peak, on Swiss-Italy border.

French game of guiding balls through wooden pegs.

By-product of equine pregnancy, an aphrodisiac.

Tiny island with Lua Makika crater in the middle.

Pain in the mouth.

Puzzle 19

Motto, mantra.

Newcomers at university.

Last season of this Hasselhoff show was in Hawaii.

Hawaii wave's sweet spot.

Italian almond liqueur, brands include Disaronno.

Nick __, the author-voice of The Great Gatsby.

A cat can get it stuck in its throat.

Singing to hit higher notes than usual range.

You can't train these stones.

Doug's best dog friend.

Many people don't like this type of party.

Clappers and booers.

Uncivilized, unenlightened times.

Puzzle 20

Orwell's home to Boxer, Snowball, Clover et al.

Long-pointed shoes of the past, aka poulaines.

Rearing someone with care, nourishing a life.

Hawaiian endemic flower with pompom blooms.

This metal footwear will never be a stiletto.

December fete.

Brain region that deals with sensory perception.

Of forebears, anagram of Lancaster.

Indoctrinate, propagandize.

In Hawaii, "mauka" means head toward these.

Attorney in other words.

Queen Elizabeth's racehorse trainer: Nicky __.

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