CodyCross Healthy Lifestyle Pack answers

Healthy Lifestyle PackHealthy Lifestyle

Here are the answers to CodyCross Healthy Lifestyle Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Creature from the Black __, a monster horror icon.

Lack of concern.

Perfectly round object.

Proviso in a contract.

__ Mussolini, leader of fascist Italy.

Tiny pieces of land surrounded by water.

Country once led by Charles de Gaulle.

Novel with the character Rawdon Crawley: __ Fair.

Walk like a duck.

Rainforest roof of leaves.

Another name for a fireplace.

Office or authority of the Pope.

Boxing matches are made up of 3-minute __.

Root spice that can help calm upset stomachs.

Famous Mexican mural painter: Diego __.

Hermione in the Harry Potter films: Emma __.

Puzzle 2

Diabolical, dreadful.

Poem by John Keats: Ode on a __ Urn.

French surrealist painter: Marcel __.

To seclude, detach.

Largest casino in Europe located in Portugal.

Round, fuzzy-skinned fruits with large seeds.

Night train, with compartments for staying in.

Put aside for another time.

Charting, planning a trip or route.

John Wesley __, Bob Dylan album of 1967.

Green fruit with a large seed, high in fat.

Title given to heir apparent of the French throne.

An amount of electrical power.

Lost, misplaced.

Puzzle 3

Business or bank account based in a foreign country.

Benign tumors that develop on the uterus.

Caribbean instrument made from metal drums.

Without added sodium chloride.

Inessential, unnecessary.

Words that don't contain any repeated letters.

Hormone that promote female characteristics.

Swallowed, absorbed.

Dark green vegetable, looks like tiny tree.

Buddhists do this, repeating phrases over and over.

Father of the Shakespearean character Ophelia.

One who starts fires deliberately.

Puzzle 4

Intimidates, terrorizes.

An animal also known as a nematode.

Country with the largest Muslim population.

Smooth-skinned peach.

North Korean capital and largest city.

To promote your business by making a commercial.

Filter through something, brew coffee.

Blinking like a star.

A good one helps those in need.

Arrow makers.

Precious metal micro-thin coating.

In tennis, foul at the baseline when serving.

Nationality of Harry Houdini and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Puzzle 5

To hear a confession like a priest.

Receiver and distributor of "dirty" money.

Dried plums, good for a healthy digestive system.

__ beans; dark red beans that are high in iron.

To inhabit or to fill.

Ran slowly for leisure and fitness.

With no movement or change.

Rows and columns diagram.

German statesman who wrote "Faust, Part I and II".

African nation called the Land of a Thousand Hills.

Term for a male goose.

Puzzle 6

Jimi __, legendary American guitar player.

Asa Griggs __, Coca-Cola founder.

A business that has just launched.

A diet that limits carbohydrates.

Mythical Greek king who overpowered Minotaur.

Isabel __, Chilean magic realist writer.

Old Testament mistress who cut Samson's hair.

To dig up a tree and put it back into the earth.

Boring, mundane.

Saving __ Ryan, film about WWII's Normandy assault.

Sport of throwing an 8ft spear.

Roofed garden structures, like tents.

Type of pollen associated with hay fever.

Made ineffective or void; neutralized.

Permission that is not refused is __.

Oil produced from dried flax seeds.

Largest German state, called Bayern in German.

Puzzle 7

One who absconds and flees imprisonment.

The medical term for the breastbone.

Cooked above a heat source from below.

Not real.

Nationality of the pop group ABBA.

Sterile, without life.

A Man for All __, won the Academy Awards in 1967.

Naval ship, sounds more like a leisure ship.

Beat, defeat in a contest.

Active volcano in Hawaii.

The most cratered planet in the Solar System.

Name of Abraham and Sarah's first son.

Puzzle 8

In business, describes assets convertible to cash.

Beast of blame.

Someone who uses violence against civilians.

Blocks, hinders.

A fifth of 85.

Controlling a situation by taking action, being __.

The three Buddhist poisons: anger, greed, and __.

Body of water on the coast of Lithuania.

To be head __ in love with someone.

Turning soap into foam.

Real name of the original Batwoman from 1956.

Small indigo fruit, high in anti-oxidants.

Terra __, means unexplored land in Latin.

Waiting area to relax before a TV performance.

Puzzle 9

Against; the conflicting side.

Birth surname of tightrope walker Charles Blondin.

Thin, round flatbread made from corn, makes tacos.

Non-paying passenger who hides on a train.

__ Republic, central rule of Switzerland 1798-1803.

Came by it.

The act of using a spoon to mix a liquid.

Most prevalent gas in the Earth's atmosphere.

Protective framework on a rally or drag car.

Text that is not directly next to the margin.

La __, Verdi opera from a play by Alexandre Dumas.

Adjective describing book with the corners worn.

Motorized tool useful for Texas Massacre costume.

Luggage dragged behind you on wheels.

Subsidize, fund, pay for.

Temporarily bans or excludes.

Ruler with absolute power.

Ribbed, soft cotton material, used for trousers.

Insane Roman emperor made his horse a consul.

Year's shortest day and longest night: winter __.

Predict, prophesize.

Nationality of film director James Cameron.

Putting faith/confidence in others.

Second personality or a nom de plume.

Debris bin.

Puzzle 10

Digital works of literature.

Packs of sheep.

Oscar-winning film about peaceful Indian activist.

Inadequate, meager amount or quantity.

Shoes used to glide or dance on ice.

Period of long-term cooling, expanding polar ice.

Simple garments worn by Greeks and Romans.

__ horn, coiled brass instrument.

Fruits grown in a vineyard.

Classical dance with point shoes.

To place something into another thing.

Command for soldiers to rest.

Puzzle 11

Provided, supplied.

Six plus six.

Astrological sign represented by twins.

Base between first and third.

Birds that deliver babies in fairy tales.

Use up or spend up.

Capital city of Russia's Chechen Republic.

__ fruits, such as oranges, are high in Vitamin C.

Planet with 27 known moons.

Toy that makes noise, made for babies to hold.

The process of increasing in physical size.

Puzzle 12

Person who's been forced to leave place for safety.

Puts a hole in, e.g. your earlobe.

Putting on a performance of a play.

Main city on the French side of Saint Martin.

Bring into the country illegally.

Short golf shots to the green.

Inactivity, lack of motion or movement.

Peter __, famous portrayal of Hercule Poirot.

Get on this to voice your political opinion.

Italian term for narrative song with accompaniment.

Sleigh guide.

The mother of Heracles.

Environment where an animal lives.

Condemning, conclusive evidence.

Welcomer in a store.

List of a company's paid employees.

Widow with a title derived from her late husband.

Domesticated birds kept for their eggs or meat.

Novel by E.M. Forster: A __ to India.

Puzzle 13

Feast day of the Three Kings.

Don't cut off your nose to spite __.

Thick drink made from blended fruits or vegetables.

To bully, make fun of, to put down.

Julio __, famous Spanish singer from 1970s.

Petroleum before it is refined.

Lingua franca of educated persons in ancient India.

Eating food in between meals.

Brazilian tropical wetland area.

Roger __, colleague of Don Draper in Mad Men.

Mother of Hamlet and wife of Claudius.

Puzzle 14

Latin for "by that very fact".

To obtain contract work from a foreign company.

Condition of painful joint swelling.

They connect your calls.

Clothing items worn at night.

Ancient keyboard combo of reed organ/accordion.

Available rooms.

Unblemished, without marks.

Twelve by twelve by twelve inches.

Descended below the surface of the water.

Lifelike; authentic.

The world's eighth-largest country.

Sugar substitute.

Puzzle 15

George Orwell novel made into a cartoon: __ Farm.

Spoken or written tribute, usually after a death.

Where gestation begins.

Edible sweet foods that grow on plants.

Describes a ship prepared to sail.

Taken without permission, robbed.

Italian town square.

Cutting grass by machine.

Dog that's a cross between a beagle and a pug.

Name of Jewish prophet; name of book in the Bible.

"Signed, __, Delivered" 1970 hit for Stevie Wonder.

__ Rogers, Fred Astaire's dancing partner.

This person says they can speak to spirits.

On __ knee, traditional stance for a proposal.

Biblical character who had a coat of many colors.

To ready for use, especially military forces.

A reason for doing something.

A classical column type named after Italian region.

Beginner, someone who is just learning.

Disney princess whose name means "dawn" in Latin.

A safe place.

Forename of President Mandela of South Africa.

Puzzle 16

East Asian red bean rich in nutrients.

Olympic medal awarded for third place.

Rubber or metal ring for waterproofing.

A in CIA.

__ mentis, sane, of sound mind.

__ Gandhi, India's first female prime minister.

Make purer.

Sea robbery.

__-free food excludes wheat and other grains.

Rang like a bell.

Vessel that carries blood from the heart.

Puzzle 17

The action of deliberately avoiding something.

Hamlet was a fictional prince of this country.

Self-absorbed narcissist.

Device used to start a fuel mixture in an engine.

Not nearby, far away.

Spock is played by __ Nimoy in Star Trek.

Professor without permanent status.

Brass instrument used in jazz songs.

Dark green leafy vegetable, rich in iron.

Numbers that multiply together to make a number.

Paper printers.

Puzzle 18

Scaling a mountain.

Villain and Godfather main character, Michael __.

Fainting, being overcome with love for someone.

__ the wheel, waste time creating something anew.

Instrument named for the Greek god of nature.

Portable electric appliance for slow cooking.

Health-boosting compounds.

__ oil, fishy food supplement with Omega-3 fats.

Pulled a plant up from the ground.

Name derived from a female ancestor's name.

Official document signed by the bride and groom.

Antonym of interior.

Capital of Brazil.

Puzzle 19

Legally binds or compels.

Large yellow blossom with edible seeds.

Mantel socks hung for Christmas.

Central access shaft in a building.

Study of sign process and meaningful communication.

Scowling, pulling a face.

__ territory, a place not yet visited.

Removed from work, pending an investigation.

Remuneration paid by unions.

Returning something to its former glory.

Patterns that follow a logical order.

In a song they are over the White cliffs of Dover.

Clothing for the seaside.

Dress worn by Christian clergy.

Fibers that form between tissue and organs.

Puzzle 20

Breakfast food eaten with milk and a spoon.

Second most abundant gas in Earth's atmosphere.

Bombarded as with snowballs in winter.

Creator of the character Tom Barnaby: Caroline __.

Major split in a religious denomination.

French word for "circus" (as in __ du Soleil).

Place in custody or trust.

World's largest bay, from India to SE Asia.

Bulb used to scare away vampires.

Edges of lakes or oceans.

__-cross, act of betrayal between two criminals.

Metric units of length.

Lifts something up mechanically.

Large vulture of the Andes.

Peace agreement.

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