CodyCross Hellos and Goodbyes Pack answers

Hellos and Goodbyes PackHellos and Goodbyes

Here are the answers to CodyCross Hellos and Goodbyes Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Exercise pace between walking and running.

Live long and __; Vulcan blessing.

Possessing information, being informed.

Child who has reached walking age, just.

Rules for language and punctuation.

Paint __ or stripper is used in restoration.

Makes a hole for an earring.

Spice Girls 1996 hit, If you __ my lover....

Hasta __; Arnie's Spanish goodbye catchphrase.

Oily legume seeds; salted or dry-roasted.

Suitcase at the airport or emotional damage.

Puzzle 2

Thin metal or wooden stick used in grilling foods.

__ Richie had a mega hit with Hello in 1983.

Small ceramic men that adorn gardens.

Sums, totals numbers together.

Formal bowing greeting by a female.

Another word for beautiful, usually a female.

What you did before you zagged.

Pages of a book, sounds like they come from a tree.

What you get if mix blue and red paint.

Golds, silvers or bronzes awarded at the Olympics.

Jack of all trades, __ of none.

Puzzle 3

Stopped something from happening.

Key ingredient of Mexican salsa verde.

Back __; tool for hard-to-reach itches.

Healthy and happy state.

I'm dreaming, of a white __.

The person who designs buildings for a living.

Yours __; formal way to sign off a letter.

In Christianity, H2O blessed by a priest.

There's no such thing as bad __.

Markings on cows and cattle.

Said to someone when they go to bed.

Celebrations held when people get older.

Weed with yellow flower, leaves can be eaten.

Someone who travels to space.

Puzzle 4

Turning, e.g. putting a lid on a jar.

The least smooth.

Insulting word for a fool or an idiot.

Wartime singer of We'll Meet Again, initials VL.

Round green vegetables (often go with kings).

Male leader of a corporate board.

Making a sound like a witch.

Look after yourself.

Feeling sick to your stomach.

Against, contending.

Converting data so it can be sent secretly.

Individual pieces of sugar, coffee, etc..

Puzzle 5

Collides with another vehicle.

Portable device for starting fires.


You are the __ link, goodbye!; TV show catchphrase.

Have faith in a god.

Passed out.

Negotiates the cost.

Short word for house-infesting bugs/pests.

Place where books are kept and borrowed.

Root vegetable, like a white carrot.

Star-__; featuring many famous people.

__ to meet you; polite introduction.

Puzzle 6

Number with 3 zeros, replaced with K in salaries.

Outdoor blaze where people roast marshmallows.

Accept too many reservations for a flight.

Saving from peril.

Put the __; gentlemanly bathroom etiquette.

__ friend; someone you haven't seen for ages.

__ pistol, firearm that is used to commence a race.

Patellas, i.e. the bones in the middle of legs.

Language in which Aloha means hello and goodbye.

Knotted salty baked breads or snacks.

Common Christmas time name for a caribou.

Does not cast a ballot.

Maddening, irritating, tiresome.

Puzzle 7

Where you hang drying cloths in a bathroom.

Different tuneful melodies sung together.

Asian staple with husk, bran and nutrients.

Lie detector device.

Good evening, Mr Bond, I've been __ you.

Tough shelled mammals.

Looking on the bleak side.

Fixes walls and ceilings with white paste.

Divided into segments.

Let's talk again in the near future.

How to dive into a pool or ride a skeleton sled.

More skinny and undernourished than.

To kill a plant with excessive H2O.

Puzzle 8

__ cables; electricity wires from pylon to pylon.

False teeth.

YouTuber with a range of branded hair bows.

Slang for sleeping.

__ you can do, I can do better; boastful idiom.

Where soldiers are stationed.

Service held to remember someone's life.

Sailed the ocean in 1492; Ohio's capital.

Protrude, extend above.

Chilled goodbye, with two-fingered gesture.

Space between breasts.

Mischievously, in a way that is morally wrong.

Began a paragraph with a space next to the margin.

Revealed, uncovered a work of art.

Searing meat until the color changes.

Getting involved in, e.g. __ in conversation.

Puzzle 9

Covered the body with soap.

Japanese parting phrase.

The same amount of time as a fortnight.

Made noise like a mouse.

US sports drink created by university scientists.

__ of life; revitalized.

Someone who works in tree management.

Religious talker.

Too Good At Goodbyes singer.

Taken to help calculate navigation; get your __.

Put at risk; a species for example.

Not impressed, not finding something funny.

Puzzle 10

Using a thin cord to remove plaque between teeth.

Type of bush we go round early in the morning.

Bubbled/boiled in a calm way.

Farewells, parting words.

A regular at the movies.

Sessions at the gym.

Shines back, like a mirror does.

Person who continues to live after a disaster.

Hand gesture of respect, similar to a high five.

Cutlery for stirring or sugaring your drinks.

Floor acrobats.

Soft and fluffy coat of a bird.

"Before you can say Jack __".

Where the water isn't very deep in a lake or river.

Puzzle 11

At the very top.

Send affection through the air.

Bicycle type driven from a laid-back position.

Producing milk for young.

Using spies to gain intelligence.

Pieces of fabric for kettles, cups and saucers.

Downgrade, e.g. women, into mere things not people.

One who makes or repairs footwear; a cobbler.

Often speculated cause of Mozart's death.

Physical greeting to say hello or to seal a deal.

Vile, distasteful.

Newcomer; new target for humiliation.

Puzzle 12

Shelters built of snow.

Best __; informal email ending.

Online cartoon representing you; Pandora movie.

Hook, line and __.

Over __; way to end a radio communication.

Creamy, milky Christmas beverage.

World's largest subtropical desert.

Noises heard from those with lung conditions.

Mick __, frontman of the Rolling Stones.

Scorsese's Las Vegas film w/ Sharon Stone, De Niro.

Puzzle 13

I'll __; Terminator's intention to return.

Tired, drowsy, heavy-eyed.

__ vote; taking part in a ballot by mail.

Paved areas adjacent to a house for relaxing on.

Golden headwear worn by monarchs.

Cooking bread.

Stay __; Anchorman tongue-in-cheek parting shot.

Hoped, desired.


Rubbed out pencil marks.

Puzzle 14

Flick through a book.

Peter __, Tyrion from Game of Thrones.

Young attendants to knights.

Getting free; avoiding capture.

Knits with hooks.

Another word for claws in shellfish.

No matter; anything, uh like __.

Financial transactions without paper money.

How to say goodbye in French.

Library storage.

Rise __; phrase to wake a sleepyhead with.

Not hanging out, e.g. fancy way to wear a shirt.

Give out medication.

Controversial practice in mining.

Puzzle 15

Joey __ from Friends' greeting was How you doin'?.

Part of a piece of machinery.

__ jeans, narrow denims like a rainwater tube.

A pirate's underwear.

After a while, __; rhyming goodbye phrase.

Another name for the huge hairy man called Bigfoot.

Payment demand for H2O used by a home.

Broadcasting live online.

Strength of character, determination, discipline.

A noise that is so loud you can't hear after.

Happened (two words).

__ land was once underwater but then taken back.

Tequila, orange liqueur, lime cocktail, salt rim.

Puzzle 16

__ Rain; autumnal hit for Guns N' Roses.

Name __ means you mention famous acquaintances.

Goodbye, particularly a fond one.

Shared, e.g. __ kitchen.

Medically known as allergic rhinitis.

Something decorative placed on a xmas tree.

Nips in the bud, keeps from happening.

Halloween vegetables.

Tore sensitive paperwork into tiny pieces.

Final tour from a singer, named after a white bird.

Puzzle 17

Killing of an animal for meat.

Shining wood or metal.

Fill something too full and it does this.

Makes someone feel inferior, or small.

Displayed lack of activity on a heart rate monitor.

Expression for something that complies with rules.

Define or make sense of, e.g. a dream.

Billiard hall hustler.

Famous Munch painting, a person giving a big yell.

Where Adele said Hello from; the __.

Receiving, e.g. an award.

Document permitting travel to a country.

Said to someone about to embark on a trip.

Hired, offered employment to.

Puzzle 18

Never __; focus on the future, not the past.

Went with, accompanied.

Baubles, inexpensive knickknacks from markets.

Lion rescue film and conservation foundation.

Leaving employment, ceasing work due to age.

Cooking a cracked egg in water.

Apertures in doors for locking or unlocking.

The way a person approaches life, can be good/bad.

The hour and minute a performance is set to start.

Using an aerosol can to squirt liquid.

Puzzle 19

Breakfast holder for yolks and whites.

Sounded like a wasp or bee.

Filled with condensation from very hot water.

Reunite, get together again.

Not receiving a salary or income.

Bah __!, Scrooge's retort to the joys of Christmas.

Beach Boys tune, I Get __.

Use a cotton swab/bud to remove this.

Embraced on arrival or departure.

Windy, blowy; easy __.

Put the phone down at the end of a call.

Puzzle 20

Riding a horse without a saddle.

Regular, happening often.

Lines on a map that indicate height.

Language in which Konnichiwa means goodbye.

Moving backwards and forwards on a roped bench.

Someone that eats its own species.

Benefit of __; belief that someone is being honest.

Meet __; opportunity to say hello to a celebrity.

System of taking away waste water.

Dried, smoky chili; or a popular burrito chain.

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