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Here are the answers to CodyCross Herbs Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Person who hits the links.

British author of the novel Chocolat, Joanne __.


Pungent plant used in remedies and Chartreuse.

Hairs around the eye.

Star of And God Created Woman, Brigitte __.

Toothy term for mosquitoes, mites and fleas.

__ mint, also known as spearmint.

Playground rides that move to and fro.

City, county and bay in western Ireland.


Country music legend, Dolly __.

Puzzle 2


Ornamented with blooms; overblown language.

Commanded or instructed.

Order of mammals includes dugongs and manatees.

Plant with edible leaves that are used in salads.

Amiable; someone you can fall head over heels for.

Ancient Egyptian ruler.

__ Avenue, home of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

Climbing scented plant used in a Chinese tea.

Transport pulled by Huskies.

Puzzle 3

One who plays an instrument.

Herb that comes in sweet, pot and wild varieties.

Making something out of focus.

To keep going with something.

Headache with sickness.

Term for French Impressionists painting outdoors.

Hill on a beach.

Herbes de __, southern French mix of aromatics.

Flying machine.

Beatles love song to a girl, sung partly in French.

Protective eye shields worn by horses.

Colleague in employment.

Find out, explore.


__ of Rhodes, one of the seven ancient wonders.

Puzzle 4

__ sage has red flowers and a tropical fruit scent.

Pelagic zone of the sea.

False monarch of Narnia in Prince Caspian.

Cookie pusher.

Laws introduced to France by Napoleon in 1804.

Ruthless and devious wife of the Emperor Claudius.

Slapping raised hands in a cordial salute.

Not offering any kind of aid or assistance.

Science of plant remedies.

Residents of a country in the Andes.

Riding an equine.

__ in the Night, a hit for Frank Sinatra.

Physical disability of English poet John Milton.

European capital; anagram of "mad master".

Newspaper writers.

Puzzle 5


River in which John the Baptist baptised Christ.

Queen Elizabeth II's father, King __ VI.

Twice as many.

Digging for precious gems.

Doctors, physicians.

Did a noise like an owl.

Line from Keats, "A thing of __ is a joy forever".

Leafy herb with garden and French types.

__ savory, leaves also known as bean herb.

__ of truth, time when reality must be faced.

Island nation with its map on its flag.

Words to a song.

This killer doll does not play.

Puzzle 6

George Simenon's fictional detective, Jules __.

General __, "Spaniard" in the Gladiator movie.

Establish communication with someone.

Laurel tree part used widely in cooking.

Milk __, historically used to treat liver diseases.

The hottest times of the summer, for canines?.

Top-of-arm muscles, underside of the arms.

Horses in chess.

French for "hello".

Notation of where a person lives.

Puzzle 7

Breathed in through the nose noisily.

Distorts, disfigures.

Regularly repeating line(s) in a song or poem.

Paco __, maker of 1 Million and Invictus.

Finger joint.

Military toilet.

City in India previously known as Madras.

Dried leaves of nightshade-family plant are smoked.

Oriental roots used in traditional medicines.

No longer living, like dinosaurs.

Gorgonzola and brie are these.

Temperature below freezing point.

Puzzle 8

German word for wonderful, and a Cole Porter song.

Aquatic animal featuring a saber.

Herb used to make pesto in Italy.

Tommy and Tuppence __, married fictional sleuths.

Pacifist animated bull.

First ancient people known to use hieroglyphics.

Aromatic oil, redolent of the hippie movement.

Something irritating.

Going all the way, like a Sheffield stripper film.

Salutation in a business letter, "Yours __".

Puzzle 9

Charles Dickens' first novel, The __ Papers.

Drag someone over __, to punish severely.

Village People hit about a masculine male.

Container to store loaves in the kitchen.

Sylvester __, star of the Rocky series.

Having a fragrant pleasant smell.

Your royal __, how to address a monarch.

More overcast, gloomier.

Hermits, people who like to spend time alone.

Excessively heat.

Not noon.

A succulent's essence, used in cosmetics, aftersun.

Puzzle 10

The band A-Ha were formed in this country.

Miss World 2000, Indian actress Priyanka __.

A play by Shakespeare or a tiny village.

"Two __ of a lamb's tail".

Cloth for painting.

Stop it.

Other composer involved with Schumman's wife.

Japanese horseradish used in sushi preparations.

Metal walking aid.

The Emperor's New __, 2000 Disney film.

He collects annual revenues from workers.

He or she sits in a high chair at the tennis.

Stems of plants and herbs.

Pick something.

Puzzle 11

Wooden box integral to funerals and burials.

Gas, atomic no. 2, used to fill balloons.

Fleshy leaves used in soups, an anagram of Horace.

In which army personnel carry their effects.

Porcine baby.

Length in minutes of a full-time football match.

Desert south and west of Morocco.

Stabs, uses a blade on.

Mother of Minos, the legendary King of Crete.

Neil __, The Sandman and American Gods author.

The opposite of the past.

Month when World Fashion Day is observed.

__ of the road, gentle easy-listening music.

Spicy leaves, also called arugula.

Anatomical term for tailbone.

Puzzle 12

Unceasing, with no sign of stopping.

Edible flowering plant eaten in cartoons by Popeye.

Sending an invoice.

Dependent upon.

Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Prehistoric people.

Units of electrical current.

Enjoying a book.

Place to clean a vehicle.

Active during daylight hours.

Colombian singer Shakira album, __ Service.

Italian stadium, home to AC and Inter Milan.

Shakespearean comedy, The Merry Wives of __.

Official language of Panama.

Stinging plants used in soups.

Military school.

By the ocean.

Word repeated by actors to mimic conversation.

Alan Alda's character on MASH.

Puzzle 13

Security devices with keys.

The O in sportsman OJ Simpson's name.

Going from 1 to 10.


Making an acquaintance, especially on social media.

Nautical allusion: out of control, overwhelmed.

Author of Madame Bovary.

US publisher of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern.

A monk's life is this.

Spicy salad leaves, an anagram of paler sun.

__ Ivory, perfect harmony hit in 1982.

Medical facility with emergency department.

Barney and Betty Rubble's pride and joy.

Botanical herb used in absinthe.


Puzzle 14

Eagerly, enthusiastically.

Citrus-scented plant, its leaves are used in tisanes.

People who live in there.

Les __, Paris museum complex with Napoleon's tomb.

Head __, totally and utterly consumed.

"Why don't you use it?" hit for Duran Duran.

Inflatable worn on the arms for non-swimmers.

Eldest offspring.

Thin-tipped pen.

Animated series with Kyle and Cartman.

Mad Max and Lethal Weapon actor.

Yellow-flowered plant with leaves used in tisanes.

Roll of tobacco with white paper casing.

Puzzle 15

Eric Arthur Blair, better known as George __.

To decapitate someone.

Slender onion plants with pink pom-pom blooms.

1970 Best Picture Oscar winning war film.

Musical shows, e.g. La Traviata, Madama Butterfly.

Herbs with numerous types: lemon, wild, corsican.

Spring and __, period in Chinese history, 770-476 BC.

Liam who has a very particular set of skills.

Max __, cosmetics brand owned by Procter & Gamble.

Vicar's assistant.

It's material.

Obstruction for track runner.

Puzzle 16

Shirley __ won a Special Oscar as a 6-year-old.

In Norse mythology, the birds on Odin's shoulders.

The law of __ and demand, major economic principle.

Orange metal used in plumbing pipes.

Wild __, aka smallage and used in herbal remedies.

Language in which mazel tov means congratulations.

Katie __, Joey Potter on Dawson's Creek.

The L in SWALK, as applied to an envelope.

Aniseedy plant with feathery leaves and seeds.

"A __ in time saves nine".

Puzzle 17

Between-the-legs shot in tennis.

Sedative but toxic plant; it killed Socrates.

Lad in an Arabian Nights tale with a magic lamp.


Aniseedy plant used in soups and sauces.

Austrian hosiery maker.

Bubbling like hot water.

Extracted a tooth.

A term or concept of great significance.

__ & Nature, Trivial Pursuit category.

Peter __, original lead singer of Genesis.

Puzzle 18

Composer of the song Something, George __.

Large font newspaper text.

Wrong in judgement or opinion.

Claps hands in appreciation.

Trans-__, railway with Vladivostok at end.

Makes a reservation in advance.

Grains and nuts fed to avians on a feeder.

Plant used to flavour vinegar and mustard.

Habitual, commonplace.

Announced; made an official announcement.

Candied green stems used to decorate cakes.

Solemn prayer, also an anagram of "iron goat".

__ table, architect's tilting worktop.

Puzzle 19

Resembling a grown-up.

British band created by Simon Cowell, One __.

Without any culpability.

Moving up and down through text on a computer.

Bright illumination developed by Georges Claude.

French leather goods company and horseracing venue.

Can be divided.

Plant whose essence is used in toothpaste.

Small Tibetan dog breed.

Protagonist of Catch-22, US air force member.

Four sides but not equal.

Country in South America; anagram of "rent again".

Business of looking after kids for a living.

Tap-dancing penguin movie.

Brand of coffee machines with disposable pods.

Herb aka cilantro, with culinary leaves and seeds.

Passenger buildings in an airport.

TV series centred around the life of Betty Suarez.

Aries, Gemini, Libra are __ signs, not feminine.

Puzzle 20

Describes having the limbs for flying.

Oldest of the Beatles' biological children.

Usual hue of a plane's black box.

__ punch is thrown after a lapse by the opponent.

Cat got your __?.

Citrusy in character.

Mountainous region of Nepal, including Everest.

One of the three musketeers, the lover of women.

Sweet anise herb, also a woman's name.

Sagacity, understanding.

Swahili welcome greeting.

Greasy yellowy bodily substance, called cerumen.

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