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Here are the answers to CodyCross Highs & Lows Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Country with a city called Augsburg.

Bent down to talk to someone.

"Double, double toil and __".

Carry a lucky one of these brown coins.

The Fab Four from Liverpool.

__ on 34th Street, Christmas enchantment.

Roman armies.

__ Tower of Pisa, a listing building.

Sanskrit word for "I bow to the divine in you".

Held while playing tennis.

For wiping muddy shoes on when entering a home.

Least possible amount.

Rumbling made by a contented cat.

Rosie the __, the epitome of WWII women workers.

Puzzle 2

__ Lights, or aurora borealis.

Second largest country in the UK.

Table of elements in science.

Walking like the military.

Something that is not solid and may fall over.

Ice cream dessert from McDonald's.

High-pitched singing voice above normal range.

A favour; one deserves another.

Top-up vaccinations.

Debt taken on to pay for a house.

Puzzle 3

Large, grand church like Notre Dame or Westminster.

Often frozen cocktail; Spanish word for "daisy".

From evening until the following morning.

__ on something; be watchful of a situation.

Went ahead.

Moving staircase.

Once __; fairy-tale opener.

Sending goods abroad for sale.

Writing a piece of music.

A lean and wiry racing dog.

Puzzle 4

A toy that fires blue and orange foam darts.

Where to start a book.

No noise at all, peace and quiet.

__ pin, wooden or marble item for pastry-making.

September 16th: __ Independence Day.

Arc of coloured light in the sky.

Festive Spanish wine with chunks of fruit.

Married folk.

Mountain that spews lava.

Bob the __; handyman on children's TV.

Puzzle 5

"Jack of all trades, __ of none".

A classic play that is not comic.

Pulled a cow's udders.

Mariana __, deepest part of the ocean.

The __ Movie, Kermit sings The Rainbow Connection.

Lucky talismans, breakfast cereal.

Using a needle and thread to bind cloth together.

Investments along with shares, that rise and fall.

S European country that joined the EU in 1981.

Deadly toxic substance.

Puzzle 6

Stopping for a while.

Baseball pitch hitters.

Brush __ are the movement of hairs across a canvas.

Flightless bird with a long neck.

Princess in the Disney movie Aladdin.

Short, noisy hairstyle done with electric clippers.

Expelled air from the lungs.

Wieners, boiled to eat in buns.

A period of 100 years.

Male monarch's domain.

Low-lying Jordan salt lake that's not living.

Puzzle 7

Set free, let go.

Found in a chest buried by a pirate.

A country's unit of money, for example dollars.

Fried batter breakfast discs.

By __; visible without a telescope or microscope.

Red playing card suit; not hearts.

Long-living animal with a shell.

Mexican band of musicians complete with sombreros.

Zambia and Zimbabwe large Falls.

Prays to or praises a god.

Puzzle 8

Everest is the highest peak in this mountain range.

Most frightening or terrifying.

American ring-tailed animals, with "bandit" masks.

Public displays in museums.

Wooden "curtains" can be closed across windows.

University or college sites.

Male singing voice below tenor.

Container for carrying a midday meal.

Escaping from a plane upwards.

Joined __; inseparable, always together.

Periods of dry weather, especially in Africa.

Puzzle 9

Metal pinchers used to pluck out hair.

Space underneath a house.

Engaged in, part of.

Describes the noise of food frying.


Hard, outer layer of an ovum.

__ bottle, rubber pouch that warms the bed.

Three-sided metal percussion instrument.

A large and showy luxury car from General Motors.

__ charges; making an official criminal accusation.

Puzzle 10

Inability to speak; side effect of laryngitis.

Pin __ the donkey, a popular party game.

Underwater sea vehicle.

High feeling after consuming too many sweets.

Jewellery items worn on the wrists.

Blood is thicker __.

The most northerly point of the globe.

Genie __; mystical hit for Christina Aguilera.

Animals that come out at night, not the day.

In great, urgent need of something.

Describes something harmful living off an organism.

Increase in prices and value of money.

Running at full speed.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Puzzle 11

Waste __; slang for a pointless, useless person.

__ bat, blood-thirsty mammal.

__ down, decreasing your speed.

To have put hands together and made noise.

Sandy shores revealed at low tide.

Basketball team clothes, e.g. tank top and shorts.

Dearest love, sweetie.

Drew distractedly.

High-pitched, small flute.

__ Mockingbird; Harper Lee's classic novel.

Food closely associated with the city of Dijon.

Puzzle 12

Space __, sharp Seattle observation tower.

Changes gear with a stick.

Little Miss Muffet sat on one of these.

The last box you'll ever rest in.

Dirty __; unwashed bed linen.

We all live in a __ submarine.

Prickly plant found in the desert.

Pause the alarm clock for a few more minutes.

Party __, noisy trumpet with unfurling paper strip.

Movie theatre.

A rabbit's underground home.

Puzzle 13

Relaxed, chilled out.

Someone who steals a car just to drive it fast.

3D triangle shapes at Giza in Egypt.

Stopping work in order to protest.

A drink, often follows "thirst".

Entrance to a house, but not at the front.

"Like a __ chicken", or running around dementedly.

Book with a solid, strong cover.

The length (in metres, miles, etc.) of a journey.

Not sinking.

__ party; social gathering with mixed drinks.

Winter sport sliding headfirst down frozen hill.

For grooming felines.

Male hired to fix things around the home.

Puzzle 14

Saying: __ as a cucumber.

A twisted ankle or wrist.

Cows or oxen.

Shriek or shout.

Home country of Speedy Gonzales.

He accompanied Mary to Bethlehem for Jesus' birth.

Participant in a game.

Inkwork on someone's body.

Gadget for deskinning vegetables.

__-proof vest, helps avoid gunshot penetration.

Wine storage room, below ground.

Tremble in the cold.

Not the past or present.

Grassy areas where holes are positioned in golf.

Puzzle 15

Venus, tall tennis player.

Saturdays and Sundays.

Predicted, hoped something would occur.

Mary, Mary, quite __.

__ eel, slim fish swims with a powerful current.

Spicy red sauce with a rooster on the bottle.

Long-running TV series about beach lifeguards.

Scaling a rock face.


Woman carrying a baby.

Puzzle 16

Horoscope belief system.

Yellow kernels with high sugar content.

Siren that goes off when a blaze is suspected.

Without clothes on.

Paris __; 2015 international climate change accord.

Cable strung up high for acrobat to walk across.

Someone who is single and not had a wedding.

Invader; someone who attacks unprovoked.

Spreading, leaved canopy that provides shelter.

Not including.

Safety device for jumping out of a plane.

Excerpt repeating words someone spoke or wrote.

Sleep through the winter.

Russell Crowe arena fighter movie.

Annual period of prolonged rainfall.

People who play instruments.

Puzzle 17

Small blue fruit popular in muffins.

Looking around a place.

Contemplates nothing, empties the mind in yoga.

Shaping a stick by shaving it.

Reducing grocery bill with vouchers.

No points taken off on a test.

Place on a computer where text can be copied to.

Area harvesting the sun's rays.

Kept __; deliberately uninformed.

"Sweet" college football final in New Orleans.

Food this little piggy ate, in the nursery rhyme.

Compass point at Antarctica.

Entry in wall where rodents are said to live.

Puzzle 18

Not formal.

A baby cat.

Play plank that goes up and down.

Cooks with hot water vapour.

__ State Building, New York skyscraper.

Presses a computer mouse.

Reusable, resealable freezer bag brand.

End, complete.

Rather have one thing over another.

Pretends in poker.

Tiny Japanese trees, cultivated to be small.

Puzzle 19

Value meal from KFC, served in cardboard container.

Weighs the pros and cons of two or more items.

Making a hole with a tool.

A line or edge without a bend or curve.

Star that crosses the sky in the blink of an eye.

After firstly and before thirdly.

Big rig drivers.

Creased, e.g. scrunched clothing.

Having worth.

Insects that rub their legs together creating noise.

Arguing with or hitting someone.

Trojan War hero with a fragile heel.

People from Riga.

Large percussion instrument struck via a pedal.

Puzzle 20

Yolks and whites used to make these little cakes.

Low moaning from an angry bear.

Extending the loan of library books.

Californian Sequoia trees, tallest in the world.

Breathing tubes for swimming underwater.

Male who works on a freshwater boat.

The job of soldiers; keeping someone safe.

A set of spiritual beliefs, e.g. Islam, Hinduism.

While the cat's away, the mice __.

At any place.

Multiple Oscar-winner Daniel __, My Left Foot star.

Identity document for overseas travel.

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