CodyCross Hinduism Pack answers

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Here are the answers to CodyCross Hinduism Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Dill-marinated Scandinavian salmon.

Glass tube for measuring liquid.

Symbolic map of gods in Hinduism, Buddhism.

Patient, enduring hardship without complaint.

Atmospheric vampiric movie with Bela Lugosi.

Full of humor or mirth.

Name for British soldiers in WWI, after Mr Atkins.

Much __ means to be overhyped.

Off the point.

Public-speaking or TV camera platform.

The longest river in Afghanistan.

Gustavo __, French Open winner known as Guga.

Vocalist Andy Bell and Vince Clarke's group.

One who undertakes a journey for religious reasons.

Small seabirds visible in the N Pacific margins.

Puzzle 2

Bactrian wife of Alexander the Great.

USS __, ship that retrieved Apollo 11's astronauts.

Type of animals considered sacred by Hindus.

__ de Gouges, French 18th century feminist writer.

Mercutio's killer in Romeo and Juliet.

Apple-like fruit.

Malign, belittle, disparage.

Hindu demigods who fight with the devas.

George, film star and ukulele player of the 1940s.

Dress-like tunic worn by Vikings.

First name of Estes, NYT crossword setter.

Projet d'hôtel is an exemplar of this 20th C style.

Puzzle 3

Unhesitating, in quick succession.

Leonardo's Codex Forster is on __ engineering.

Hindu goddess of learning and wisdom.

Impresario Serge __; founded the Ballets Russes.

Hindu second life stage, maintaining home, family.

States of not remembering, of blackouts.

Evergreen shrubland of California and Mexico.

Decorative item, trinket.

Angus, kind badger in The Wind in the Willows.

Singer of I'm Gonna Show You Crazy and I'm a Mess.

Excessively praising.

Puzzle 4

Silver Machine is this band's biggest hit.

First Lady in 1947; don't cry for her, Argentina.

Hindu epic, part of Hindu Itihasa.

Where Ira Levin's wives came from.

Brazilian passion fruit.

Distorted representation of a person or event.

Set about, attacked, laid into.

Objects made from relief printing technique.

Light radiation, opposite to UV.

The female "personification" of Switzerland.

Parrot with rainbow-hued plumage.

Waterproof garments developed by a New Zealander.

Basil, quintessential Sherlock of the 1940s.

Adi __, Indian philosopher from the 8th century.

__ Mönchengladbach, German football team.

Puzzle 5

French name for a Spanish gold coin.

Crazed surface created on papier-mâché.

A ceremonial clay oven used in Indian cooking.

De Sade's book subtitled The Misfortunes of Virtue.

Chinese language widely spoken in Taiwan.

The praising of deities; Puja.

Name of the current Japanese Emperor Emeritus.

__ City Limits, Ike and Tina Turner number.

Will-o'-the-wisp was known as friar's __.

Hindu god with elephant head, obstacle remover.

Grinding of teeth at night.

__ Depression, Egypt, Africa's second lowest point.

Puzzle 6

Roach-like aquatic insect.

Blend of elements.

Sit quietly and empty the mind, be mindful.

Don Quixote's ideal woman.

Finland's largest and oldest university.

Top sections of rowing boats, where riggers attach.

__ Virus, mosquito-borne illness of Africa.

Freeing a squopped wink in Tiddlywinks.

Global criminal investigations force.

Small hole in a wheel from which air escapes.

Swiss peak in Bernese Alps, near Aletsch Glacier.

Hindu final stage of the ashramas, of renunciation.

Platform shoes, elevated wearers above dirty roads.

Exhilarating experience on Toronto's CN Tower.

French publisher of dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Puzzle 7

Another word for the Indic languages family.

Influenced by envy or jealousy.

Practice of sticking to certain religious creeds.

Edible part of a tropical tree; sold canned in water.

Login aliases used to access online accounts.

Study of bodies of fresh water.

Design of building with revolving blades.

Irish rockers with Phil Lynott as lead singer.

The 1586 conspiracy Plot related to Elizabeth I.

Puzzle 8

Octopus from Bali to marvel at.

Criticize, rage, rant.

City where opera singer Nellie Melba was born.

Hindu word for nine astrological planets.

In Scandinavian mythology, the guardian tree.

Red-robed jester in Russian puppetry.

Uncomfortable fact.

Suffolk music festival devised by Benjamin Britten.

Triangular diamond cut with numerous facets.

US intercontinental ballistic missile of the 1960s.

Demon in Hindu astrology that causes eclipses.

Puzzle 9

Israeli space lander, crashed on the Moon in 2019.

Poet of Kubla Khan and Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

A shaking or quivering, as when heavy trucks pass.

Shiva is also known as this.

Ancient confectionery that predated marzipan.

Baggy women's shirt named after a revolutionary.

Portable snare, used in parades.

World No 1 tennis player and Andy Murray coach.

Graceful classical ballet pose on one leg.

Sly, sneaky.

Self-__, control of desires, a Hindu dharma.

Puzzle 10

Life-saving injection device for allergy sufferers.

Native of island country with Savai'i and Upolu.

This syrup is made from orange flower and almonds.

Joaquín, Spanish flamenco dancer and actor.

The king lemur in the movie Madagascar.

Disreputable or admirably sordid.

Nook in the wall of a room or a garden.

Susanna, who wrote the memoir Girl, Interrupted.

The planet Venus in Hindu astrology.

Stocky game bird with red and black varieties.

Plea to a deity.

Paul, French chef known as the "pope".

Puzzle 11

Surname of Elliot, Dark at the Crossing author.

Standards for judging things by.

The Irish name for the Irish deputy prime minister.

__ Cup, former tennis tournament for women.

Bavarian monarch who had Neuschwanstein built.

Hindu or Vedic astrology.

Impetus, thrust, motion.

Not tuneful or harmonious.

François, director of The 400 Blows.

Muscular parts of a bird's throat.

Saying used in case of an unlikely event happening.

Woman's name; the largest lake in Africa.

Mix of methane and other gases found in coal mines.

Holding an advantage, most powerful position.

Japanese sliced beef one-pot dish cooked at table.

Four life phases in Hinduism including Vanaprastha.

Puzzle 12

Keyboard instrument used in progressive rock.

Romanian equivalent of Valentine's Day.

Yajna, Hindu ritual fire and offerings made to it.

A word or words that are spoken.

Artist gave his name to thinly sliced meat.

H. P., who wrote the horror The Call of Cthulhu.

Mongol Empire capital and Silk Road settlement.

Pathfinder Mars rover that landed in 1997.

Son of Meg Ryan; played Marvel in The Hunger Games.

Someone who assumes the debts of another.

Sudden great awareness of a new concept.

Study of the universe's origins in Hinduism.

Infection, contagion.

Puzzle 13

Expressions, like raining cats and dogs.

Pixie-haired long eye-lashed sixties model.

Hindu devoted bird-like vahana of Vishnu.

__ a plate, in racing, a horse that loses a shoe.

Element discovered in 1898 by the Curies.

Son of Pandu in the Mahabharata.

The white Luck Dragon from The Neverending Story.

Angled metallic tool for leveraging something open.

Four __, Dublin seat of judicial power in Ireland.

Japanese lunar orbiter, also called SELENE.

Deep-fried onion starters to an Indian meal.

Puzzle 14

British conductor dubbed "Flash Harry": Malcolm __.

One who ardently follows a religion or cause.

Sugar paste to coat a cake.

Indigenous surveyors of the Trigonometrical Survey.

Evil __ jewelry, Turkish souvenir brings good luck.


Danish naturalist, he studied nematodes.

Alton Towers ride, Europe's first inverted coaster.

Ancestry, descent.

Hopes, pursues a dream.

Large hawk with Latin name buteo.

Palace that was focus of the Minoan peoples.

Paweł Pawlikowski historical film set in Poland.

On the __; furiously looking for answers.

Goddess second wife of Lord Brahma.

The lower and back portion of the hip bone.

Puzzle 15

Pink Floyd's unintelligible album title of 1969.

Relating to religion or the soul.

Plainish biscuit with caraway.

Underskirt, once decorated with ribboning.

Actor who plays DCI John Luther.

School __; philosophy, doctrine.

Describes twins that are non-identical.

Nickname for the Indianapolis 500 circuit.

Denial of responsibility for.

Rose-like garnet gemstone.

Autonomous region of Iraq; Erbil is the capital.

Puzzle 16

French card game for two players using 32 cards.


Little __, Edward G Robinson's advances in crime.

Spill __, give the gossip.

Day that features in La Grande Jatte.

Mary, palaeoanthropologist of the Olduvai Gorge.

Religious custom, like puja or meditation.

Cut of beef from the tenderloin, filet __.

André, surreal poet of Five Ways to Kill a Man.

From Asian country with New Delhi as capital.

Puzzle 17

__ Vedanta, Hindu school of thought.

African volcanic national park famed for gorillas.

Desirous, lecherous.

Early continent, that became part of Eurasia.

Steamed bread, egg and fruit make a __ pudding.

Herbert, expedition photographer of the Antarctic.

Planet represented by Brihaspati in Hinduism.

Shrew-like creatures; anagram of centers.

__ to business; start work.

Anton, author of the short story The Lottery Ticket.

Raw metal, essential for the Industrial Revolution.

Leader imprisoned on Robben Island for 18 years.

Renata, famous post-war Italian opera singer.

First name of Ronan, who played Queen Mary in movie.

Puzzle 18

Form of ancient Greek currency and weight.

1970s Australian pub rock band: Cold __.

Jane, who wrote Conversations on Chemistry.

Sanskrit and Tamil Hindu scriptures collection.

Last name of Kareem Abdul, retired LA Lakers player.

Planned Soviet moonbase.

Nissan-owned car brand.

__ of the King, Tennyson's Arthurian long poems.

John, 80s film director of teen comedies.

Pujari, one who leads worship at a Hindu temple.

Common alternative name for the coypu.

Tooth covering.

Puzzle 19

Shiva's daughter, a river goddess.

1938 movie with Bette Davis and Henry Fonda.

Large iron or steel beams.

Wadi __; Egyptian valley of the whales.

__ down; gradually eliminate options.

Long medieval dresses with over-wide sleeves.

Chilled; anagram of fluster.

The Tale of __, one of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

Intaglio printing.

People affecting manners other than true ones.

Bang & __, Danish maker of sound systems.

Goddess of the harvest in Ancient Greek mythology.

Word for reincarnation in Hinduism.

Implied without words.

All-round cyclist, good on flat and rolling roads.

Puzzle 20

Aristocracy; lords and ladies.

__ charts, early mapping of the Mediterranean.

Hindu sect founded by Adi Shankara, five deities.

Mexican carnival-style music festival.

Small, ceramic cooking dishes.

Russian word for "openness", proposed by Gorbachev.

Fruit popular in India and used in chutneys.

Financier, art collector, America's Cup sponsor.

Animals in the raw, and photos taken of them.

__ bush, Americas desert bush with tar-like resin.

Farmer and merchant class of Hindu society.

Most dominant or controlling.

Roman leader who won the Battle of Actium.

Actor, lead of Skins and Slumdog Millionaire.

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