CodyCross Hip-Hop History Pack answers

Hip-Hop History PackHip-Hop History

Here are the answers to CodyCross Hip-Hop History Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Outer __; isles off Scotland's west coast.

Type of scratch moving the record back and forth.

Spinal vertebrae attached to the ribs.

A lighter shadow surrounding a central dark area.

Skilled with one's hands.

Photo manipulation tool.

Brandishing, holding a weapon.

Giving jobs to your family.

Small cake, snack food in Indonesia.

King John, aka John __, left no land by his father.

Fought, wrangled.

Unused film clips.

Arch support.

Sewing to produce multi-layered, padded bedding.

Nationality of early hip-hop star DJ Kool Herc.

Dog that ancient Greeks thought guarded Hades.

Artist of 1907's The Repast of the Lion.

Puzzle 2

Up to this moment in time.

Mountain range between the Black and Caspian Seas.

Man Parrish's influential hit, Hip Hop, Be Bop __.

Moist concoction put on a wound to help heal.

British-Dutch company making toiletries and foods.

Field sport played with a unique netted stick.

Akira, director of Seven Samurai and Rashomon.

New York hip-hop act of rappers Havoc and Prodigy.

Russian government policy of openness.

To renounce a throne, as Edward VIII did in 1936.

Puzzle 3

Kathy Lette novel about an arrest for shoplifting.

Nickname for a run-down area or suburb.

Ancient facial duty imposed by Vikings on Irishmen.

Name for Basque Country in Basque language.

1981 Blondie hit that helped make rap mainstream.

Wines from Bordeaux.

2004 Viggo Mortensen film about a horse race.

Birds that congregate in groups called charms.

Sportswear fabric used in layered clothing.

These hip-hop Boys were Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock.

Puzzle 4

Make someone feel uneasy or embarrassed.

Power stations with giant turbines.

Nickname of hip-hop dancing pioneer Richard Colón.

Like geometry from the ancient book Elements.

Rotating tray to help serve food.

Breakfast at Tiffany's main character's last name.

Naval ship that sets explosives underwater.

Rap legend released his self-titled album in 1985.

Economic theory advocating government spending.

Scarlet literary figure from French Revolution era.

Excruciating pain isolated to one nerve.

Puzzle 5

Heaviest and densest of the chemical elements.

Make something more modern.

Europe's largest distiller, based in London.

Reflexive pronoun for the very thing in question.

Beat __, 1984 movie about early New York hip-hop.

Cell-surface that causes currents.

United Nations body for science and culture.

Doctor __ is Sonic the Hedgehog's archenemy.

Name of Gengis Khan's grandson.

Flat straw hat with a brim.

__ Bambaataa, stage name of rapper Lance Taylor.

Supple and graceful.

Puzzle 6

Country whose outline appears on its flag.

Samuel Richardson novel, __; or, Virtue Rewarded.

Surgical instrument and medical journal.

1, 2, 3 ... Rhymes __, classic 1999 hip-hop track.

Expanding computer instructions in a spreadsheet.

Mass departure from a country or city.

Overthrow, topple.

Fresh __, influential first Asian-American rapper.

Technical name for a seed from maple or elm.

Minaret of an incomplete Moroccan mosque: __ Tower.

Term for wine estate in Portugal.

Actor Fox from Independence Day, Empire.

Global company with three tuning forks as its logo.

Measurement of ale equal to 9 gallons.

Blue __, prize for the fastest Atlantic crossing.

To claim someone has committed a crime.

Puzzle 7

Hobnailed Ancient Roman military boots.

Method of restricting free access to web content.

In an unfamiliar or foreign manner.

Less powerful deity.

Lovebug __, legendary early Bronx hip-hop DJ.

The opposite of potential energy.

Trench that's the deepest in the ocean.

Double O seed.

She's the Queen in 1989's All Hail the Queen.

Early Indus Valley city re-discovered by Masson.

Puzzle 8

Legendary hip-hop label founded in 1979.

English explorer of Canada, Martin.

Protestant faith also known as Reformed Tradition.

Medical field that deals with x-rays.

Advice given from example or personal experience.

Flat featureless land caused by erosion.

Section of a track where elements are isolated.

The Wizarding World's purple triple-decker vehicle.

Large shortbread cookie from the Netherlands.

Puzzle 9

A drinker, usually of alcohol.

Something intensely feared.

French comics character, a Gaulish hero.

Sister ship of Bismarck, sunk in 1944 off Norway.

Spencer who starred in Hidden Figures and Ma.

Bass Rock __, 1987 hit for Miami rapper MC ADE.

Edinburgh Festival comedy award sponsor 1981-2005.

Moving livestock to market on foot.

Washington city in which Microsoft HQ is located.

Sister who has 360 Degrees of Power in 1992.

Metric area unit of 10,000 square meters.

Actor who wrote Goodness Had Nothing to Do with It.

Lead spokesman of a jury in a courtroom.

Irritable, hurtful, cruel manners.

Puzzle 10

Germany's highest mountain.

Durable, reinforced to withstand hard wear.

Surreal series of novels by Terry Pratchett.

Texas spaceport operated by Blue Origin.

To isolate or hide a person or thing.

Hip-hop subgenre that emerged in 1980s Florida.

Ballroom dance based on Spanish bullfighting.

Kingdom in which the Frozen movies are set.

Israel's first female prime minister.

__ Zulu Nation, early hip-hop awareness group.

Puzzle 11

Groundbreaking 1994 debut album from Nas.

A measuring device detected it for the first time.

Sets aside funding for.

Sword sheath.

Bad-tempered, grumpy.

US vs Europe men's golf team competition.

Where an extremely angry train might go off?.

For EPMD it was Strictly __ in 1988.

Italian tomato sauce.

The tragic flaw in Greek tragedies.

__ Chainsaw Awards, recognition for horror movies.

Plastic compost containers for cultivating plants.

Badge worn on a jacket collar flap.

Puzzle 12

Having flagella and antennae of equal length.

Fee paid to drink your own wine in a restaurant.

Antarctic research station on Ross Island.

Big Fun in the __, influential 1986 hip-hop show.

Aussie cricket player Max Walker's nickname.

Double-layered fabric where zips and button lie.

The middle part of the small intestines.

Texan home city of hip-hop legends the Geto Boys.


Chemical element used in small, round batteries.

Anti-malarial drug.

__ Machiavelli, known for brutal political ideas.

Grotesque monster in the poem Beowulf.

Puzzle 13

Turtle's protection.

Fight __, classic 1990 hit for Public Enemy.

Nickname of Laura Ingalls' character in 70s show.

Repetitive name for West African fried dough balls.

Second-largest of the Mediterranean islands.

Exhume, dig up from the ground.

Machines to squeeze out water.

It's A __, influential 1983 album by Warp 9.

Paradise and Rock of Ages actress, __ Hough.

Terrifying 18th-century French wolflike beast.

To misappropriate funds.

Comic caveman.

Avian nickname for an outgoing dud politician.

Practitioner of Japanese sport of blows and kicks.

A set of four lines that may or may not rhyme.

Bitter crystalline substance, in soluble salt form.

Hungarian, led his country to exit the Warsaw Pact.

Puzzle 14

Gillian Flynn novel and film with Rosamund Pike.

"Grand Wizzard" credited with inventing scratching.

A Canadian invented this kind of tropical pizza.

__ as; insofar as, for that reason.

Relating to veins, arteries or blood vessels.

Malaysia's largest stadium, over 80,000.

Convent authority, below an abbess.

Of or relating to octopuses.

Metal frames on a vehicle's front to gather bovines.

To contest through legal action.

Film clips.

What who rides a tiger is afraid of.

Building up, accumulating.

Hip-hop dance style that emerged in 1990s America.

Woodland management and conservation.

Puzzle 15

The oxygen-binding protein in muscle cells.

Orange branded liqueur, a triple sec from France.

Music magazine that charted hip-hop's rise in 1978.

Didn't agree with the majority opinion.

Novel by Tom Robbins: "__ Perfume".

Stage name for rap legend Calvin Cordozar Broadus.

Electrical safety hubs.

Falcon that is the world's fastest bird.

To that extent.

Highest point in Southern Hemisphere, in Argentina.

Puzzle 16

Stage name of hip-hop legend O'Shea Jackson.

Dress or decorate gaudily.

Mother of Ganesha and wife of Shiva in Hinduism.

Acrobatic jumps in freestyle skiing.

Cut of beef that sounds like it's been knighted?.

Formula Translation computer language.

Hip-hop dance that emerged in Oakland in the 1990s.

Type of iron that isn't cast and is for forging.

__ lady, cursed character in medieval literature.

Greek goddess of the harvest.

Type of hard-paste porcelain from near Dresden.

Puzzle 17

Force carriers that hold matter together.

Poll app that makes scheduling meetings easier.

Child who skips school without permission.

Chris, final British governor of Hong Kong.

Greenflies or blackflies often seen on plants.

Movie with Chevy Chase as an undercover reporter.

Blow, first rapper to be signed by a major label.

Azuki bean sweet sandwich from Japan.

Italian car manufacturer with Ypsilon model.

Greeks wrote about this extreme version of pride.

__ Monday, first Monday after Epiphany.

He won the inaugural Best Rap Song Grammy in 2004.

Dynasty that has ruled Thailand since 1782.

Puzzle 18

__ the dog, the symbol of record company HMV.

Superhero name of Marvel character Scott Lang.

German teddybears with buttons in their ears.

Relating to the skin.

A three-legged stand holding a vessel over a fire.

Samantha's witchy mother in Bewitched.

Mexican dish that means little belt in Spanish.

Where gestation begins.

Type of wispy, high altitude cloud.

Famous bridge destroyed in 1990s Balkans conflict.

Nationality of field hockey legend Dhyan Chand.

Influential producer behind 1983's Al-Naafiysh.

Broad City star and co-creator Ilana __.

A document giving up a legal right.

Ghost who haunts Macbeth's banquet.

Seabird with a bright, triangular bill.

Company behind the influential 808 drum machine.

Abu Dhabi branch of Paris art museum since 2017.

To talk freely about personal experiences.

Death in __, Dirk Bogarde brooding movie.

Messy spot on a print job.

Someone who believes in a god.

Puzzle 19

Rigging ropes of a ship.

Yo! __ the Show, Public Enemy's breakthrough album.

Foot-operated pedal that generates motion.

Congo River tributary near Lake Albert.

Blue-eyed cat breed, goes floppy when picked up.

To improve or outshine something.

Host country of the first FIFA World Cup.

3D miniature model of a historical scene.

Method for watching movies at home in 1980s.

Cory Robbins' legendary hip-hop label founded 1981.

Mashed cocktail ingredients together.

Puzzle 20

Famous natural toboggan track at St Moritz.

Legal term for someone paid an annuity.

Payments made to company shareholders.

Chic hit Grandmaster Flash sampled in 1981.

Branch of the arts Sir Henry Moore is known for.

Brand name for large US motorhome.

Horse's headgear that doesn't have a bit.

Name given to the earliest commercial hip-hop.

Always moaning.

When around your neck it holds you back.

One of eight blessings in the Sermon on the Mount.

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