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Here are the answers to CodyCross Historical People Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Computer expert that enters without asking.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and __.

One of the most powerful Angelas in the world.

TV show about unsolved paranormal FBI cases.

Place to gamble and take risk to have some fun.

__ the Hun united his nation and invaded Italy.

__ Monster, blue Sesame Street character.

Economics 101 rule, __ and demand.

World's largest hot desert.

Harden a food into ice or solid for later keeping.

Area where vegetables, flowers, plants grow.

Roman god of fires and volcanoes.


Reggae legend who died of cancer, father of Ziggy.

__ drawing, sketches of the human form.

Wild fish with pink meat.

Usually on horseback, he looks after the cattle.

Unit of time, 60 seconds.

Japanese car brand; first month on Hebrew calendar.

Puzzle 2

A Hydra in Greek mythlogy looks like a __.

Chosen by voto.

Ethiopian emperor, __ the second.

Partially dried grapes.

Use it to breathe while you look at the fish.

Mini cars driven around track by kids.

Other name for axillas; deodorant destination.

Invented jeans for miners in California.

This person claims to preach the will of God.

Alice Through the __ Glass was released in 2016.

Consumer unit includes electric circuit breakers.

Land of green fields and leprechaun.

Meringue dessert named for Russian ballerina.

The period of time at the end of the day.

René __, French glassmaker of the art deco period.

Has gotten a bad reputation as a fighting dog.

Puzzle 3

__ powerboat racing, ocean sport.

Modern mixtape, your best songs in your device.

Norman __ painted Rosie the Riveter.

__-Flyer Scheme, airline loyalty program.

Separation of one joined company from another.

Symbol on Microsoft Outlook logo.

Tool that can be used to trim grass, hair or nails.

A liar will not be __, even when he speaks truth.

Novel written by Charlotte Bronte.

__ damage, to deliberately harm property.

Film print in which light and dark are reversed.

Name of two successive popes of the 20th century.

Dutch exotic dancer and WWI spy for Germany.

Santa's animal sleigh engines.

British __ is the former name for Belize.

Illegal status of a man with two wives.

Bruising of the eye or eyelid, also called shiner.

Fruit related to the Pyramus and Thisbe legend.

Negative particle which orbits an atom.

Puzzle 4

Farm implement for moving hay, has large prongs.

Small amounts of water from the sky.

There are no stupid __.

Air makes this ice cream lighter.

Madame de __, mistress of Louis XV.

The capital of Romania.

Inflammation of the membranes of the nose.

Ernest Rutherford researched alpha and beta ones.

__ Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Chinese film by Ang Lee.

Ancient empire along the Euphrates Valley.

__ hook, attached to the end of a climber's rope.

70s Israeli PM, the country's only woman leader.

Greek, known as the "father of history".

A vehicle or machine powered by an engine.

The House of the __, a song by The Animals.

Person who calls the acts in a circus.

__ bearer, gathers casualties on the battlefield.

Queen in the Arthurian legend who had an affair.

Puzzle 5

__ Levy; actor, comedian, producer.

Elon Musk's rocket design and manufacture company.

Pontius __, Roman procurator at Christ's death.

Aircraft without a motor.

The __ Underground, 60's Lou Reed's band.

__ from Outer Space is a 1978 Disney film.

Gulf __, strait of the Arabian Sea.

Disgusting, inappropriate, lack of good taste.

Type of cured sausage, usually beef or pork.

Ross and Monica's last name.

__ Private Ryan, blockbuster movie.

The capital of Ireland.

To overcome a foe in battle, election, contests.

Horse __, a sport or means of transportation.

Puzzle 6

140 character messaging site.

Aladdin's royal crush.

One shouldn't do this to his bread and butter.

Type of bird that lives by bodies of water.

Jacques __ explored the ocean in Trieste.

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne __.

Candace __ Bure, DJ Tanner Full House actress.

Heavy cocoa treat sometimes with nuts.

Throw __ to the wind.

German cathedral city on the River Rhine.

Charles Stewart __ fought for Irish Home Rule.

Puzzle 7

Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Beloved first lady of Argentina.

Alice in Wonderland White Queen actress Anne __.

Writer of The Catcher in the Rye.

Portuguese for tiles, used on walls or floors.

Large sack worn for school or camping.

__ Gothic, Grant Wood painting.

Skin care company with three-step routine.

List of tasks to be performed during a period.

Glandular organ that produces insulin.

Largest producer of cognac, based in France.

Gut parasite, humans infested by undercooked meat.

Latin phrase meaning "between us".

Transparent enclosure in which to study animals.

Flipping of currency before sporting match.

Purple quartz and February birthstone.

PC is a personal __.

__ Springfield, town founder in The Simpsons.

Swiss city that hosts a renowned jazz festival.

Puzzle 8

An unexpected event requiring urgent action.

Designed for cyclists to grip while riding.

In __, Latin phrase meaning "caught in the act".

Fearsome fish; Plymouth coupe.

__ Taylor, won an Oscar for BUtterfield 8.

Trick or treat.

Light material used in insulation and packing.

Sweet beverage discovered by Mayans and Aztecs.

Slowest growing of all fingernails.

The Bible is divided into the Old __ and New __.

The name of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Person in charge of keeping swimmers safe.

A revolving food tray.

Elvis Presley lived (and died) there.

Greek philosopher, tutor to Alexander the Great.

Puzzle 9

Will's surname on Will & Grace.

Robert __, "You talkin' to me?".

Device to flow water from a pipe into a sink.

German theologian, priest; began the Reformation.

French cosmetics brand behind the Elvive range.

A person who follows Islam.

Wall paintings, can be fresco.

The Road __ toyed with Wile E. Coyote.

Walmart competitor, took political stand in 2016.

__ Times, a Charles Chaplin's classic.

Elizabeth's consort, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Bamboo __, flat veggie eaten in Chinese food.

Puzzle 10

__ lenses are a good substitute for glasses.

Mother of your mom or dad.

The __ angelfish has blue and yellow stripes.

__ Cohen; musician, poet, novelist.

__ Machines are used in farms.

German electronics company, largest in Europe.

Up in the Air stars this leading man.

Épée is thrusting sword in this Olympic sport.

Street with many curves in San Francisco.

Main ingredient of marzipan.

Astraphobia, fear of lightning and __.

Paul __, French painter fond of apples.

Anagram of patcher.

Responsible for operations of company.

__ Ferrera, American actress; Ugly Betty.

French chemist created the science of microbiology.

Titanic director, James __.

Puzzle 11

Winnie the Pooh loves this jar and its content.

Frozen water blocks.

Flat marine fish, stay away from his tail.

Klaus is the Smith family's __ in American Dad.

Radovan __, leader of Bosnian Serbs in the 1990s.

Jose __, one third of The Three Tenors.

An Irish clover.

Shakespeare's The Tempest main character.

Seven Brides for Seven __, by Stanley Donen.

Bereavement is time off for __, grief after loss.

This chemical is used to clean swimming pools.

Herpes zoster.

The capital of Jamaica.

Puzzle 12

__ System, irrigation to keep lawn green.

Orange-like fruit; mandarin, citrus food.

Vehicle that transports people to a hospital.

Danish pioneer of atomic structure/quantum theory.

Latin phrase which means the voice of the people.

Comedian hit her stride with upbeat talk show.

Friends who you actually fundamentally dislike.

Baled wheat as painted by Monet.


Destructive wind storms with funnel-shaped cloud.

Nickname of WWI French serial killer Henri Landru.

Tree named after a South American country.

Flight of the __ is a 1986 sci-fi Disney film.

Puzzle 13

Dennis __, starred in Easy Rider and Apocalypse Now.

Hollow drinking tubes invented by Marvin Stone.

WWII Soviet leader.

Michael __, basketball legend.

__ Cooler, traditional Cuban cocktail with rum.

Quid __, you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

Something left to chance, equal probablility.

An OPEC country, Saudi __.

Water __, flowers painted by Monet.

Bing __, baritone of White Christmas.

Dutch navigator who explored Van Diemen's Land.

Small yellow bird, usually domesticated.

__ Fisher, aka Princess Leia.

Body tissue contracts to produce force and motion.

Georgi __, dissident killed with poisoned umbrella.

Puzzle 14

__ theater combines songs, dance and dialog.

Style of cooking from certain places.

To run or ride at a slow trot.

Country in SE Europe, capital is Bucharest.

Take care aka warning.

Birth __ Pills, prevent unplanned pregnancies.

Otis __, American soul icon.

Mythical big, hairy creature aka sasquatch.

A level paved area or platform next to a building.

An insect with a bottom that lights up.

Juliet's surname in Shakespeare's play.

A Few __, Demi Moore and Jack Nicholson star.

Puzzle 15

Fleeing song by Janet Jackson.

Real Madrid's football rivals from Spanish capital.

Blue pigment, said to mimic the color of the sky.

Italian for sparkling wine.

Chinese city, the most populous in the world.

Australian outlaw, bank robber and police killer.

Person of __, TV drama about vigilantes with tech.

Reddish-brown color and hardwood.

Pink "one-legged" bird also has plastic version.

__ of Arabia wrote Seven Pillars of Wisdom.

Early plastic used in radios and jewelry.

He's a big red dog.

SARS; Severe Acute Respiratory __.

__ Jolie, Lara Croft and UN special envoy.

Puzzle 16

Steel __, flowery Sally Field and J. Roberts film.

Involving both eyes.

Musical instrument of bellows and keyboard.

Huckleberry Finn is a character created by__.

Third book of the Old Testament.

Worn in bed by women.

Off-camera narration.

One of the bestselling video game of all time.

Cook Islands popular tourist destination.

Someone with a fear or distrust of foreigners.

Eggs cooked while stirring.

Cofounded Microsoft with Bill Gates.

Precious metal jewelry maker.

__-valley, poisonous white-flowered woodland plant.

A botox __ can hide wrinkles and expression lines.

Maria __, Russian tennis player.

__ the Great, army son of Philip of Macedon.

Stops a bicycle from falling over.

Puzzle 17

Large round or oval fruit, can be water__.

Feeling sick in your stomach.

Person or animal representing a school or team.

Demi __, actress and singer, starred in Camp Rock.

Woven, knitted cloth for clothing.

Anagram of remain.

President Putin's home country, capital Moscow.

Dumb & __ is an action comedy film.

__ Street, long-running children's series.

Chocolate torte with apricot jam from Vienna.

Strong to the finish 'cause he eats his spinach.

Combination of two companies.

Skoda car sounds excellent, splendid.

Puzzle 18

Frosty's clan of frozen beings with carrot noses.

Plant, flavoring foods; also a perfume.

American-english writer known for children novels.

German sports car brand.

Famous golf tournament played at Augusta National.

The moon does this around Earth.

The __, Kubrick's horror film with J. Nicholson.

Marine mammals like dolphins are from the order __.

The place where people usually cook their meals.

A blood-sucking nobleman.

Yuri __, the first cosmonaut in space.

Hair style is basically stubble on the head.

One more of the same, second item.

One year's seeding makes seven years __.

Michael __, Zeta-Jones's husband.

Baggage __, they get your luggage on/off the plane.

Puzzle 19

Showbiz test, how to get the part.

Cool __, 1993 sports comedy starring John Candy.

Not indoors.

Still Alice actress __ Moore.

Lightest pnictogen, common element, symbol N.

Underwater zoo.

French goose liver pâté; some find it cruel.

Enlightenment revolutionary who wrote Common Sense.

Perforated bowl used for draining food.

They have done some ill when they are quiet.

Musical named after American state.

__ Sense, Bruce Willis played a ghost.

Puzzle 20

Mild way of describing taboo topic.

Two types of cars: manual and __.

What are found on roses in "My favorite Things".

A person who studies the earth and rocks.

Managua is the capital of __.

French philosopher of "I think, therefore I am".

Diplomat, lawyer or school listener.

Effect of harmful objects in the environment.

Medical term for the inflammation of the stomach.

Computer electronic circuit on small plate.

Religion founded in Jamaica in the 1930s.

Burt __, American actor.

Disastrous drop of snow on a mountain.

Italian chicory with purply, white-veined leaves.

State of satisfaction and contentment.

Snapping device for despatching rodents.

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