CodyCross Historical Routes Pack answers

Historical Routes PackHistorical Routes

Here are the answers to CodyCross Historical Routes Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The central brick of an archway.

A concise saying or snappy witticism.

French term used of medieval trade posts.

Toni, author of the 1970 novel The Bluest Eye.

Musical direction meaning "with spirit".

__ de Bresse, alt name for French chicken/poulet.

Mali town that developed as an ancient trade post.

Dutch footballer Frank, who coached Barcelona.

Vin Diesel's line in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Remove wilted blooms from garden plants.

Meteor showers peaking on August 12/13.

Puzzle 2

Common name for an Islamic sajjada.

Explorer, retraced trade routes to China in 1200s.

David Copperfield's is called Betsey Trotwood.

Planning and arranging movie and TV scenery.

Samba beat from Brazil.

Varnishing from the far east gives a black finish.

Itchy, inflamed patch on a toe.

Repeating; a decimal that never ends, e.g. 3.33333.

Cargo ship that became stuck in the Suez Canal.

The Overland Route links Europe to this landmass.

Puzzle 3

Korean dish consisting of fermented vegetables.

Bubonic __, disease perhaps worsened by trading.

Physician William, described blood circulation.

Units of 25 sheets of paper.

Gender-neutral term for central American heritage.

Chandra Wilson played her on Grey's Anatomy.

A white-furred weasel or stoat.

Singer Martha, who was backed by the Vandellas.

__ Route, horse-trading route of ancient Eurasia.

P. Henson, star of Empire and Hidden Figures.

Lightweight fabric often used for school PE tops.

Code-hosting website with millions of developers.


Puzzle 4

Any various machine having a rotor.

Brief and terse; short-spoken.

Small bone in the ear.

The Scottish play with an unlucky name.

Brazilian deep-fried chicken croquettes.

Hand tool with a fine-toothed blade.

These Femmes sang about a Blister in the Sun.

Unit of measurement for digital data written as EB.

Syrian city that flourished as a trade point.

Gabby, US gymnast who was all-around champion.

__ Slim, Home on the Range cattle rustler.

The surname of the family in Family Guy.

Upright stance of an animal on a coat of arms.

English explorer of route to the White Sea in 1553.

Puzzle 5

Real Madrid's football rivals from Spanish capital.

Chinese port at the east end of many trade routes.

Brilliant chess computer.

The common name for thrombocyte.

Durable, wood effect style of flooring.

Routine or customary.

A humorous poem, often about a famous person.

Popular Beethoven work for a young woman.

Uncultivated environment with sparse plant cover.

Italian dish of veal braised with vegetables.

Japanese port linked to Goa by the Japan Voyage.

Latin phrase seen in referencing; q.v..

Puzzle 6

Gauzy camera shot, fuzzy around the edges.

Hobbes's epic political treatise.

Empire at the south end of the Varangian Routes.

Monarch who ruled Britain from 1702 to 1714.

US board-and-dice brand based on an Indian game.

Groups of stars smaller than constellations.

A clock or watch.

Infamous sea trade journey linking Europe to Asia.

Colonies of large white-billed corvids.

The Green Lantern who was a test pilot.

Puzzle 7

Hoofed animal, like a horse, deer or camel.

Earning money before tax.

Steam whistle.

Religion taken to China by ancient Indian traders.

Much ado about nothing.

Passages of planets across the face of the sun.

Long lasting, cheap biscuit, cracker.

City linked to Egypt by the ancient Via Maris.

John, Booker Prize-winning author of The Sea.

Providing nourishment.

Ancient Hindu system of healing.

Mythological figure raised by the Lady of the Lake.

The Guns of __, movie with Gregory Peck.

Puzzle 8

Male picture playing cards also called Jacks.

C-shaped bundle of brain nerves which means "arch".

Multi-layered fruit dessert with sponge fingers.

Visible layers in rocks or earth.

Benazir, two-time prime minister of Pakistan.

This TV family lived in Dallas on a ranch.

European city served by Valerio Catullo Airport.

Country crossed by the Way of the Patriarchs.

Low-carb diet that gained popularity in 2003.

Cocky, arrogant.

Audience members paid to lead the applause.

Muzzle-loaded long gun.

One of Belle's suitors in The Beauty and the Beast.

Hair extensions sewn or glued into Afro hair.

Tone in a diatonic scale, such as a dominant fifth.

2,000-mile wagon trail from Kansas to the Pacific.

Puzzle 9

Not in full sun, nor fully in the dark.

Moroccan city, flourished as an ancient trade post.

Band formed in Argentina in 1985, Los Fabulosos __.

Small green tomato with a papery husk.

Algebraic equation derived in 1637 by Descartes.

Fireside recess, sometimes with seating.

State of having convertible assets that can "flow".

Roman road linking Rome to Brindisi.

This Foucault invention kept him oriented.

Name for the film industry in Nigeria.

Fashion designer Versace.

Puzzle 10

First name of Dan Aykroyd Blues Brother character.

Protective clay box that is used in a kiln.

Covering new nail growth on acrylic sets.

Cite as evidence; mention, identify.

Element with atomic number 88.

Head harness to which a horse's reins are attached.

European Commission president von der Leyen.

__ keeper; cricketer who crouches near stumps.

Doctor Dolittle's highly numerate pet owl.

Traditional name for the eastern Mediterranean.

House made in sections and constructed swiftly.

Police __; used to rope off a crime scene.

Feudal Japanese lord subordinate to the shogun.

__ trail, trade route in the Pacific Northwest.

Ruined by putting around your hips?.

Puzzle 11

A small, weakly charged subatomic particle.

Sliding gate for controlling water flow.

__ Inn, a tavern at the center of Treasure Island.

There are 100 of these in a Russian rouble.

Filled dumpling in Chinese cuisine.

Vasco, discovered sea route to India in the 1490s.

__ square, crocheted shape joined to make blankets.

Set Adrift on Memory Bliss R&B hip hop act.

Nationality of a native of Bamako.


A motorcycle company that also makes musical items.

This Henry searched for a western route to Asia.

Entrances to cinemas.

Except if.

Signature found on Cabbage Patch Kids: __ Roberts.

Yoga backbend on tummy, like a grasshopper.

Puzzle 12

Convex gem or bead highly polished but not faceted.

Tanzanian islands on Africa's western trade routes.

The nearby or surrounding area.

In the 1970s was called a women's libber.

A musical, a card game and an expensive crystal.

Flag position neither up nor down.

Champagne cocktail with crème de cassis.

In financial terms: for each year.

The crying plant from the Harry Potter series.

Burt Bacharach hit for Dionne Warwick in 1964.

It's the C in international trade route the INSTC.

A non-cellular phone.

Greek god of deepest part of underworld.

Think about something/chew the cud like a cow.

Side piece on a frame of a portal.

Commonest gas in the air we breathe.

Dosage is important in this science.

Puzzle 13

Italian motorcycle brand for road and racetrack.

A short protein-like chain of amino acids.

Brown cheese in Norway.

Another name for flax plant, known for its oil.

Tight group of things.

The art of ornamental hedge clipping.

Sexual behavior of deer in season.

Bird that proved important to Trans-Saharan trade.

Louis Armstrong's early jazz band, debuted 1925.

Cuddly interactive toy robots.

Decorative ribs of medieval church windows.

A long short story.

Chinese explorer fostered trade routes to Arabia.

Metro __ Mayer Motion Picture Studios.

Puzzle 14

Village featured in The Great Gatsby.

Stylish, fashionable person.

An eighth of a mile or 220 yards.

Corlea Trackway is an ancient road in this country.

Art movement led by Gustave Courbet.

Area for racing cars after an event.

Rough sketch or preliminary model (Ital.).

Round attachments to furniture legs.

Figurative way to dramatically end a debate.

Retired American late night host and car collector.

Stormy, blustery showers.

Inconceivable doesn't mean what he thinks it means.

Prokofiev comic opera, For the Love of Three __.

A baby goose.

US state where the Oneida Carry route was found.

Military rank sounds like a bit of a nut!.

Puzzle 15

Crustaceans that attach permanently to ship hulls.

Scientific study of fruits and their seeds.

City at the northern end of the Via Narenta route.

Someone who announces or heralds.

Paddington Bear's preferred sandwich filling.

Hill in Athens that is the site of the Parthenon.

Moroccan city, a western terminus of Saharan trade.

Another term for a debt owed by a business.

Bridal clothes and linens.

Doctor Who companion played by Alex Kingston.

Intelligence, mental agility.

Miranda Lambert sings of __ and Lead.

Korean shaved ice dessert.

Puzzle 16

Pruned, managed an area of woodland.

Crystal or violet quartz.

This Highway was a major Chinese trade road.

Government representative abroad.

In the style of a work by Bizet, such as Carmen.

The planks lying next to a ship's keel.

Haruki, author of Norwegian Wood.

Brightly lit business advertisement or bar feature.

Scandinavian old-fashioned blood cake.

The smallest of Mexican states.

Flapping the hands underwater to help stay afloat.

Klaxons for bad weather.

Polish trade routes passed through this Gate.

Brain disorder leads to episodic convulsions.

Oscar Wilde line, "Be __, everyone else is taken".

Puzzle 17

Thin, glossy silken fabric.

The Hærvejen route crossed this European peninsula.

Ship that removes sediment from a riverbed.

Steals things of low value.

Maker of famous jewel-encrusted eggs.

Nickelodeon pop band, __ Rush.

Jacques, French explorer of Saint Lawrence River.

Egyptian street food with rice, lentils and pasta.

Small grassy knoll.

Pieces __; popular parrot's phrase.

Arctic whale with long tusk.

Characterized by sharp rises in body temperature.

The scientific word for a muscle cell.

Salivary enzyme that aids digestion.

Puzzle 18

Scarcity, a lack of something.

Small mythical winged serpent or javelin snake.

SI unit for electric charge.

Pig's foot.

A formal inquiry into an unexpected death.

In fashion, up to date with the latest tendencies.

Super villain who is a mirror image of Superman.

Roman street that connected London to Chester.

The unwritten underlying meaning in a book or play.

Spanish bar snacks spiked with a toothpick.

Method of painting with opaque watercolors.

Aromatic wax traded across Indian Ocean routes.

A recurring line in a piece of music.

Glad __; old-fashioned phrase meaning good news.

Commercial cargo.

South African leader won Nobel Prize with Mandela.

Puzzle 19

Comedy off the cuff rather than scripted.

José, actor who played Cyrano de Bergerac in 1950.

Any set of numbers to be summated.

Wrestling sculptures by the Prague Castle entrance.

Move sideways in a video game.

Site at the end of Ancient Greece's Via Pythia.

Pet crocodile along with Nero, in The Rescuers.

Type of flower that produces vanilla.

Triangular sections at the end of a roof.

Small vessel for holding writing liquid.

Extreme poverty, death, destitution.

Zen meditations.

Shouted for an extra performance at end of a show.

Mississippi birthplace of Elvis Presley.


Valerie Solanas attempted to kill this artist.

Age of Exploration name for China.

European republic flag with a map below six stars.

Puzzle 20

The chemical element named after two continents.

A slight possibility or opportunity.

1989 debut album by Irish music star Enya.

Crafted using a hooked needle.

Constantly moving yoga style.

Decoration on the shoulder of a military uniform.

Rapper Kendrick Lamar's real surname.

Major Uzbek city that flourished as a trade point.

It means security guard or watchman in Spanish.

Popular cast-iron casserole makers.

What penitent people eat.

Great __, ancient trade route of northern India.

Firm hold Marvel's Thanos had on Infinity Gauntlet.

Measure of a computer's hard drive capacity.

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