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Here are the answers to CodyCross Hobbies Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Sissy __ played the lead in the movie Carrie.

Groups of singers led by conductors.

Best non-medallist.

A whole "case" of steps to take you between floors.

Replicas of vehicles, made to scale.

Special ones work with FBI.

Chinese zodiac sign for births in 1964, 1976, 1988.

A play by Shakespeare or a tiny village.

Optimistic, positive, buoyant.

Trappist Belgian brew, in Rouge, Bleue and Blanche.

Stage name of magician Steven Frayne.

Puzzle 2

Clears a riverbed of mud.

Collectible metal scale models of vehicles.

__ Potter, English known for children novels.

Rants; anagram of astride.

Eric __, Scottish sprinter and missionary in China.

Network for finding criminals by the police.

Catching waves on a board at the beach.

It borders both Russia and Norway: __ Sea.

Caught cloth on something sharp.

Puzzle 3

Blouse tied at the neck, such as worn by Lady Di.

Publishing your thoughts or ideas online.

Musical performances at stadiums or arenas.

Daily, or ordinary.


Safe keeping for headwear.

Stance of two fighting opponents.

Muffled a noise.

__ uranium; energy component with extra U-235.

Dying of hunger.

__ park, a federally protected conservation area.

Seat of government of the Netherlands.

Puzzle 4

__ My Love, Madonna hoping, praying....

Using clay to make cups and plates.

Precious stone that causes wars in the Congo.

Relating to breasts.

Another name for Hansen's disease.

Dark and somber in color.

Spends time on.

Not a success.

Flight business/company.

Yellow maize meal used in Italian cookery.

As a part of 100.

Plumage term used in boxing division.

Stormy __, author of Full Disclosure.

Title role in Shakespeare in Love, Joseph __.

Running at a leisurely pace.

Puzzle 5

RuPaul's superstar search show.

Clint and his actor son Scott __.

The Man In The __; DiCaprio's 1998 musketeer film.


DIY, do it __; home repairs.

366 days are in one.

Train tracks.

Spanish-founded fort in San Francisco.

Visiting a mall to buy things.

A philosophy, a belief or a system.

Puzzle 6

Leather and fleece from an ovine used in coats.

Stan Lee motto from Latin, means higher.

Without any advance warning.

16th-century monarch, six-times married.

Lived alongside.

Alternative name for runner bean.

2003 horror about travellers who lost their way.

Meeting prior to a job offer.

Overseas pal to write letters to.

Archie, Jughead, and their friends' TV show.

E.g. copper, lead, nickel - not precious like gold.

A type of pen, also called a biro.

A large showy flower; anagram of "handy gear".

Group of musicians who play trumpets, tubas etc.

Watson says Sherlock is an expert boxer and __.

People who organise making movies.

Priest who hears your sins.

Puzzle 7

Highly important or serious.

Country singer dad of Miley Cyrus.

Essential wrapper for a dolmade.

Theatrical shows with singing actors.

Repeated back, like a talkative bird.

Nationality of retired tennis player Ilie Nastase.

1980s action series with secret agent Angus.

Rivals to Shakespeare's Montagues.

Twice times thirty-one.

Crafting objects from timber, e.g. furniture.

The Roman name for Switzerland.

Deep wisdom.

Have an __ reaction to something, get a rash.

Silly __; Disney cartoon and newspaper comic strip.

Glazes; anagram of agnostic.

Puzzle 8

The most untidy.

The Witches of __ with Jack Nicholson and Cher.

Publishing pros who order contents into lists.

A native of the capital of France.

Bag shaped like paper casing of a letter.

Thin glass cylinder used in science experiments.

Flying and the air transport industry.

Secondary entrance to a house.

Pattie of cod and mash in crumbs or batter.

Spring is __; warmer weather is on its way.

Crafting using wool and needles.

Background, family roots.

Puzzle 9

Ballet __, professionals, move their body to music.

Aficionado, faithful follower.

Half woman, half fish.

Another word for a business or a firm.

Christmas month for the Russian Orthodox Church.

Gliding on an ice rink.

DC's superhero show __ of Tomorrow.

__ work; giving your time to help good causes.

Pattern often found on witches' costume tights.

Benicio Del Toro's cartel hitman series.

__ Dogs, Bowie album with precious gems.

Chilled cupboards for food.

French Revolutionary ideal, the first-mentioned.

The top, outside level of something.

Star Wars actress Natalie __.

Dairy Milk __, with a golden centre.

Dangling, suspended from above.

Deckchairs were rearranged on it to no avail.

Yellow River is another name for this watercourse.

Puzzle 10

Saying no.

Cashew meringue cake from Ukraine capital.

Jodie Foster's flapper character in Bugsy Malone.

Important figures, VIPs.

What you do to a baby in the treetops.

__ and Tobago, island nation in the Caribbean.

__ television; viewing programmes on TV.

Included in an action.

Pony __; cross-country riding with a guide.

Spectacles clipped on the nose.

Vision, how well you can see.

Puzzle 11

Peach pie.

Enjoying stories in books.

Dan __, comedy actor, one of the Blues Brothers.

Protection against snow blindness on the slopes.

Tunis is the capital of this similarly named state.

Resembling a canine.

Seashores along the edge of the ocean.

Exercises to build strength and flexibility.

Anthony __, knighted actor.

Mums and Dads.


Puzzle 12

Robin __, formerly married to Mike Tyson.

What a philatelist collects.

Wander, hike; anagram of blamer.

Mammal that looks like a weasel or long-bodied rat.

Henrys VII and VIII, Mary, Edward VI, Elizabeth.

Red gemstones.

Trick-taking card game with contracts.

Restaurant or dining outlet.

Expensively, lovingly.

Wax writing implement.

Puzzle 13

Round, red salad fruits with seeds.

Shoes, boots or anything you wear on your feet.

Religion associated with Siddhartha Gautama.

Do sport or physical activity to keep fit.

__ Lewis, Cape Fear actress who dated Brad Pitt.

Mixes together.

Participating in the Baden Powell movement.

__ sickness, possible health problem on Everest.

Glowing globe that descends at Times Square.

Can be sold.

__ base, where soldiers live and work.

Dance move Michael Jackson was famous for.

__ ready; crude, not refined.

Puzzle 14

Frozen desserts served in dishes, cones or wafers.

Study of diseases and their causes.

Computer presentation using PowerPoint.

Next to, adjacent to.

Attending through the ears.

America Ferrera show from Colombian telenovela.

Demanding races with cycling, swimming and running.

Kids wear them on their heads during celebrations.

Relating to the Pope.

Attraction with thrilling rides and amusements.

Thrilling puzzles to solve, e.g. whodunnits.

Puzzle 15

Kenya's capital city.

Series of lessons for learning a new subject.

C in Roman numerals.

Not fortunate.

Billie Jean is not __; famous MJ chorus lyrics.

Crafting using yarn and a hook.

Glorious victory.

She serves drink in a pub.

Gathering around the ball in rugby.

Amount of liquid from thawed ice.

Puzzle 16

__ & Gamble, US personal care products company.

Open, paved areas in cities.

Tropic __ starring Ben Stiller.

A bit like the colour of blood.

Dog __; training canines on obstacle courses.

Removed text, photos or files.

Beaten rhythmically with sticks.

Animal that mozzarella comes from.

Big wave for surfers.

Slang term for entering lots of prize draws.

Seething crowds.

Garfield's favourite food.

Puzzle 17

Label on clothing denotes it is for bigger people.

Opposite of narrowing.

Purified plant extracts.

Kitchen device to separate solids from liquids.

Public speaking between teams with opposing views.

Noise expelled through the nose, like from a horse.

The __ the Dragon Tattoo, thriller by Larsson.

Without any sense of finality; eternal.

Intentionally not giving attention to.

International __, where a day turns into another.

Border; Star Trek V: The Final __.

Exercising at the pool.

In a relaxed manner.

Strings of meaty parcels.

Performers or those with artistic pretensions.

Farming machines.

Puzzle 18

__ Creek; teen drama starring Katie Holmes.

Buying or selling online via a famous auction site.

Six __, annual international rugby union contest.

Biblical swarming insects that eat crops.

Warms up on the stove once again.

Moved slightly.

Doing ballet, salsa or ballroom, for example.

Propose, advocate, advise.

Country that is home to Casino Baden-Baden.

Popular holiday destinations.

Supply, furnish with.


Elbow to wrist.

__ Tandy, actress of Driving Miss Daisy.

Puzzle 19

Middle-row letters on a keyboard.

__ paint; slippery wall coating to deter intruders.

Many endemic species live in these Ecuador islands.

Chatted about.

Block-building computer game.

Bloom that appears on the Vegan trademark.

A first or early example that is used as a model.

Place selling alcohol to dance after dark.

Onshore light wind.

Samantha's dad on Who's the Boss?.

Native American sculpture.

Fan or follower of a football team.

Nonsense, drivel, twaddle.

Puzzle 20

Flag denoting the nationality of a sailing vessel.

__ watching; observing others in public places.

A porter at a railway station.

Eat and swallow.

Remove from a catalogue or directory.

Japanese horseradish, green paste for sushi.

Giant decorative paintings on walls.

TV's American __ Story.

Tubes for drinking.

Country with the Internet domain suffix RS.

__ Mountain High Enough; 1970 Diana Ross hit.

Vandalise, deface.

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