CodyCross Holistic Therapies Pack answers

Holistic Therapies PackHolistic Therapies

Here are the answers to CodyCross Holistic Therapies Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Prison escape that's an anagram of a lark jibe.

TV show that's based on Dwayne Johnson's childhood.

Alexander __, therapy to help bad posture.

A subtle underhand sniping remark.

Mass of comets orbiting the Sun.

Pastime done in horticultural therapy.

Refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher.

Chicago's nickname.

The dry sweating room in a Roman bathhouse.

Burst into flames, combust.

Famous composer born in Bonn in 1770.

Puzzle 2

Wall with impact, with wallpaper or designs on it.

Tea that's made from plants such as mint, fennel.

The organ where T cells mature.

An image that helps clarify information.

Historical European name for China.

Boggy quagmires.

Referring to a member of the cat family.

Food that complies with Jewish dietary regulations.

Home __, treatment done by a layperson at home.

Large paintings on outdoor walls.

Fats, co-writer of 1929's Ain't Misbehavin'.

Type of volcanic rock with many air bubbles in it.

Floppy wool hat, with or without a bobble.

Samwise's surname in The Lord of the Rings.

Puzzle 3

Native American sculpture.

Specialized training institutions.

Life energy might flow through these in the body.

When two or more parties join to form a government.

Withdraw a statement, change one's mind.

Drama series based on Diana Gabaldon's books.

MLB pro Jim Abbott was born without this.

Capsule containing good bacteria for the gut.

Chemical elements that start with z: zinc and this.

The period when films had no spoken dialogue.

Puzzle 4

European country that once spent the Deutschmark.

Metal object that keeps slim neck garment in place.

Age of a girl celebrating her quinceañera.

The surname of the main family in Bob's Burgers.

Remove negative energy from crystals.

De Niro's (and Robert Mitchum's) role in Cape Fear.

2020 debut single by American rapper CJ.

Passed on information.

Telling these is the key feature of bibliotherapy.

Where porcines are corralled.

Florida beach associated with motorsports.

Puzzle 5

Crack a code.

Chemical that speeds up or starts a reaction.

Vulnerable, unprotected, exposed.

Shorthand memory trick for learning musical notes.

Spine, which a chiropractor might manipulate.

Legal administrator or enforcer of a will.

Fleeting social app with humorous selfie filters.

Small parrot such as a budgerigar.

Yellow root powder used as an anti-inflammatory.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone sing and dance in this.

Vinyl collectable figures with wobbly heads.

Philips' oil-free healthy cooking apparatus.

Puzzle 6

Special Spanish ham (jamón) from black pigs.

__ bowl, metal bowl used in a sound bath.

Indicating agreement.

__ the lights, order to increase illumination.

Whiskery fish with barbels; they don't purr though.

Beijing had this type of ruler when it was Pekin.

Portable battery.

Deep-seated fears that could be treated using NLP.

Northwest African Republic, sea port city.

The Notebook and Sherlock Holmes star Rachel.

Puzzle 7

Body of water that the Danube river empties into.

Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore NBC drama series.

On good terms, not hostile.

Pollen allergy that might be helped by local honey.

A list at the back of a book for unfamiliar words.

Stone inscriptions that may tell stories.

Male water creature that gives birth.

Twisty hair curls.

Takes advantage of workers.

Kick in rugby that scores three points.

Live blood __, used by some to diagnose diseases.

Puzzle 8

Rhodesian dog named for its prominent spine.

2010 caper starring Tina Fey and Steve Carell.

Medical term for bad breath.

A character's history; the prior events in a tale.

Saltwater tank that deprives user of most senses.

Submarine optical instrument.

Personal assistant, administrative professional.

__ oils are used in aromatherapy.

With a quick look, on first sight.

To incriminate, tarnish someone's name.

Duo who recorded party dance hit Macarena.

Quantum __, framework underpinning quantum physics.

Puzzle 9

Prankster, joker.

__ Rouge, red windmill cabaret house in Paris.

Planet known for its rings.

Dried plant stems used in dentistry.

Military band cornet player.

Number of years Rip Van Winkle slept for.

Melted cheese dish for dipping bread in.

Female Japanese performer with white face.

The Hurt __, Academy's Best Film in 2009.

Separated one's hair down the middle.

Clear crystal that brings clarity and focus.

Harris, who is Biden's vice president.

Grand __, head of state in some Islamic kingdoms.

The rapper whose alter ego is Slim Shady.

Suffering, struggling, in need of help.

First in a series of events.

Small USB device for wireless internet connection.

Puzzle 10

Type of belt with metal rivets embedded.

SI unit of luminous intensity.

Athlete that jumps with a long pole.

Hesitating, doubting.

Large tapas, popular in the Basque country.

Willow that´s a drooping riverside tree.

Be in the present moment, be __.

Country home to the city of Kiev.

French actor, Juliette, known for Chocolat.

Business of transporting goods around the country.

Japanese massage therapy targeting meridians.

Lenny who asks Are You Gonna Go My Way?.

Also known as a mandible.

The name Anthony in Spanish or Italian, perhaps.

Puzzle 11

Protective covering of a moth pupa.

McBryde, country singer of One Night Standards.

Shadowboxing; meditative martial art.

__ gardens, glasshouses for out-of-season growing.

Alternative sound option to mono.

Soup made with cream, sherry.

Not straight but ragged and bumpy.

Rev. Sylvester __, vegetarianism promoter.

To fix an unfortunate situation.

Main spaceport of the European Space Agency.

Simon Pegg's Run, __, run.

The boy who followed breadcrumbs to get home.

Puzzle 12

Ghostly image created by computers.

Indian cooking method using a spit and a clay oven.

Oil or tea remedy made by steeping herbs in liquid.

As it happens, not slow motion.

From the place where gondolas are famously used.

Class of people ranked just below royalty.

Fermented tea that can be home brewed.

Bushy-tailed rodent that sleeps in a drey.

Taylor Swift album or traditional myths.

Netflix TV sequel to The Karate Kid.

Processes negatives in a dark room, makes photos.

3D pictures hidden in 2D patterns.

Puzzle 13

Othello's doomed wife.

Physical exercise that focuses on asanas.

Opulent, lush and extremely high-quality.

Type of green nut with a difficult shell to remove.

She became famous for refusing to give up her seat.

A state of bliss or extreme happiness.

Ponyboy is a greaser in this tale, The __.

Uncultivated terrain with sparse vegetation.

Related to plants; type of remedies from plants.

Ward of a hospital for mothers and new-born babies.

Acoustic performance.

Puzzle 14

Doomed, hexed by a witch.

Island off the south-east coast of mainland China.

Strong, having a powerful effect on mind, body.

Counterparts to cathodes.

Relating to horses in any way.

Stella, DS played by Gillian Anderson.

There's a __ to my madness.

Where the Streets Have __; anonymous U2 hit.

Spiritual healer or priest.

Sleepy, groggy.

Old-fashioned word for a meal.

Australia's most popular airline in 2019.

Cantilever is a type of this structure.

Lucas of Lady Bird and Ben is Back.

Puzzle 15

A buildup of tasks that require attention.

Barbadian singer and fashion brand Fenty founder.

Confused and distorted speech.

How the French say cheese.

China's __ of Heaven, Earth, Sun and the moon.

Glared, glowered, gave a look like daggers.

Container for flushing water through the nose.

Sticks to a policy.

Aromatic, bitter herb also known as wild marjoram.

Wendy, John and Michael's last name in Peter Pan.

Tantric bodily focal points for yogic meditation.

Coaches give this at half-time to losing team.

2013 sci-fi film with Matt Damon and Jodie Foster.

Puzzle 16

Reiterated strongly.

Capital of India.

Name of the hotel in Stephen King's The Shining.

"To get __," an expression for chickening out.

Chinese art of arranging objects to create balance.

Crystal or violet quartz.

Ant with abdomen that swells with sweet substance.

The man from __ approves canned fruit.

Clues that help practitioners when diagnosing.

Outshone, like when the moon covers the sun.

Anna Kendrick series about finding romance.

The name of many Egyptian pharaohs.

Puzzle 17

Gaming service Twitch is owned by this company.

Get a little wet.

African nation whose flag has a crowned crane.

Tough white coating for bathtubs and sinks.

Spiritual movement associated with crystals.

Canadian city with monument to Aboriginal veterans.

Large woody vines found in temperate rainforests.

Carve a statue.

Punk rocker hair, shaved at sides, spiky in middle.

Veggies such as Swiss chard, collard, kale.

Animators usually work to 24 of these per second.

Domenico Modugno one hit wonder.

Chrissy, model who married John Legend in 2013.

Neolithic ring-shaped earthworks.

Phototherapy uses these to help alleviate SAD.

Puzzle 18

Applied kinesiology tests them for strength.

Empty headed.

Pair of lines in a poem.

Dramatic adaptations of people's life stories.

Treaty of __ sought WWI peace with Bulgaria.

Decorative elements on the plate, e.g. parsley.

A __ pass, a dummy meant to distract.

Body's biological proteins that act as catalysts.

Illness or disease.

Tin __, basic, six-hole woodwind instrument.

__ job, severe critical assault on someone.

Double agent TV show, named for velvety mammal.

Period where Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

Puzzle 19

New Mexican place associated with the atom bomb.

Medical __, planetary system some use to diagnose.

Martial artist who uses hands and feet.

Correlation does not imply it.

First to North America after the Vikings.

Healing technique that calls on higher powers.

Outdoor cold storage buildings, often underground.

Take apart piece by piece.

A culture plate to grow bacteria in a laboratory.

Light material often used in model aircraft.

James, Oscar-nominee for The Great White Hope.

Puzzle 20

High-pitched laugh or loud chewing might be this.

Film about cartoon animals playing basketball.

Dietary supplements containing A, B, D, for e.g..

A blue whale eats half a million calories in one.

Country that borders Spain.

This patriot is found on the US $100 bill.

Large stadium where Roman gladiators fought.

Michelle who was first female President of Chile.

What diners pick their vino from.

Massaging muscles and tissues to help relieve pain.

Data values far removed from the others in a set.

Habitual, commonplace.

Tightrope used in circus balancing acts.

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