CodyCross Home Improvement Pack answers

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Here are the answers to CodyCross Home Improvement Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Turning round and round.

Theatrical, histrionic, affected.

Illumination, like chandeliers and lamps.

Offensive term for an idiot.

Umpires with whistles.

Chocolate and almond confectionery.

The Tale of Samuel __, Potter's tale of a rat.

Spanish province; Gijón is the capital.

Yuri __, Soviet leader 1982-4.

Before __; DiCaprio climate change documentary.

Noise made by newborn lambs.

Knocks down buildings; Miley Cyrus song, __ Ball.

Those who natter on Twitter.

Puzzle 2

Said out loud.

Family surname on TV's Home Improvement.

Magic sound of fairy dust being sprinkled.

Ocean around the small island nation of Mauritius.

Construction material used as a coating for walls.


Frequency, every 12 months.

Matthew McConaughey's Magic Mike character.

__ anniversary; marks 50 years of marriage.

Ballets __; Diaghilev's traveling ballet corps.

Puzzle 3

Alpine dwellings.

Obsessed female.

Oxford __ Dictionary.

Great pains, struggles, torments.

Used to make driveways and pavement.

Opposite of the floor.

Severe self-discipline.

__ history museum; animal and plant collections.

Tipsy, light-headed through alcohol.

The best team representing its college.

People who produce beers.

1967 Aretha Franklin hit, spell it out.

Puzzle 4

__ possible; something capable of being done.

Stockett novel about 1960s black women workers.

French luxury skin care company.

Preparing pommes puree.

Directing along a specific path.

Fluctuating, changing, erratic.

Brand of vacuum flask.

Thin layers of veneer glued together.

French Riviera resort, home of the Hôtel du Cap.

Indian traditional dance of Punjabi origin.

Long serrated blade used manually.

Eye glass used by Mr. Monopoly to see.

In the direction of the ocean.

Sink a boat.

Puzzle 5

__ a plan; schemed or plotted.

__ pilot, one in the cockpit of a Spitfire.

Update a space.

Zen Buddhist monastery in China, UNESCO site.

Eastern European beet soup.

Opens wings or puts butter on bread.

Stuck in a car with everyone else at rush hour.

__ Club, band featured George, Hay, Moss and Craig.

Oil from Australia used in antiseptic cosmetics.

__ Line, WWII fortifications built by France.

Eating by bovines, ovines and equines in fields.

Desk accessory for wet ink.

Figure out the size of an object using a device.

Country of birth of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Necklaces made of velvet.

Puzzle 6

Harold __, played by Ben Cross in Chariots of Fire.

Short broadcast on a breaking news topic.

Japanese ruling family, also called the Genji.

Buying a house, renovating it, and selling it.

Expansion of the existing building.

Elite US police squad for high-risk situations.

Baby __; Zapf Creation's best-selling doll.

Having skills, adept.

Another name for linseed.

Dr __, character in The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Chefs who provide meals for parties.

Artwork created with a palette and brushes.

North African staple, made from dried durum wheat.

US conflict over secession and slavery 1861-1865.

Using firearms; firing bullets.

1976 ABBA hit, a man's name.

Puzzle 7

Performer who replaces actor in dangerous scenes.

Not faithful.

__ eel, long fish that might shock.

Pearl or metal string worn around the collarbone.


Lacus __; Roman name for Lake Maggiore.

Dig a hole, maybe for a pool.

Property __ Drew and Jonathan Scott.

Detroit state.

Intimidated, silenced, subdued.

Exercises good for the heart and lungs.

Orange tonic drink of the 60s with cellophane wrap.

Monte Python and the Holy Grail inspired musical.

Puzzle 8


Optimistic, expectant.

Cheap __; with a very low price tag.

Plasterboard that covers the sides of a room.

Gene __, actor of Mississippi Burning and Superman.

Billy __, taken by aliens in Slaughterhouse-Five.

Save __, cards sent in advance of an event.

Dude room, perhaps with jerseys on the wall.

Home of Lazarus and Mary in the New Testament.

Nerve that controls hip and back of leg muscles.

__ Robin, three-wheeled British car.

__ Fauré, French writer of Requiem and Pavane.

Loose-skinned Japanese citrus orange.

Puzzle 9

Toxic fumes following coal mine explosion.

Tobacco product, once smoked from a holder.

Worked out at the gym.

Former love interest of Wolverine.

Powered by compressed air.

Dwelling within a building.

One of many covered in sauce in a can.

Goodfellas star who played Henry Hill.

Facing a difficult experience or tricky time.

Wizard's tool for casting spells.

Plunging theme park ride.

Type of falcon.


Puzzle 10

Lord __, Lyra's father in His Dark Materials.

Modern alternative to smoking.

__ summer; unseasonably warm autumn weather.

First English king to abdicate the throne: __ VIII.

Flintstone friends Barney and Betty __.

Small loose rocks for pathways or driveways.

__ City Strip; steak cut from Dorothy's state.

Chip and Joanna __ of Fixer Upper.

Used a rod and reel.

Nathan __, seafood chef with outlets in Cornwall.

Impoverished area where members of a minority live.

__ State, Zach Braff's New Jersey named movie.

An advantage, benefit or plus to a situation.

Puzzle 11

Do It __, also known as amateur construction.

Glue or tape.

Breakfast ovum that's not hard-boiled.

Lake resort in the Tatra mountains of Poland.

A Year in __, autobiography of Peter Mayle.

Sum of money that is given voluntarily.

London's international airport located in Essex.

Love __, Elvis's movie screen debut.

Perennial garden flowers with upswept petals.

Numbered tile board game with jokers.

More stable than.

Turkish football club based in Istanbul.

Voluntary, deliberate.

Changed, swapped.

Amundsen's base camp during the 1911 S Pole trip.

Waiting in __; an understudy's position.

Puzzle 12

Diagram of rooms in a house, seen from above.

Lee Marvin sang about this kind of Star.

Chess rule for capturing opposing pawns.

Superior condition or position.

Female cinema worker.

Writing in a messy, quick way.

Abrasive sheet used to smooth wood.

Preparations, foundations.

Made purer by boiling off and condensing.

Water boas found in South America.

Battle of 1415 depicted in Shakespeare's Henry V.

Puzzle 13

Movie actor, Heathers star Christian __.

Fleshy lobe hanging from a turkey's neck.

Athenian school of philosophy founded by Aristotle.

Unintentional embarrassing mistakes.

Extremely dirty, mucky, grimy.

1990 hit by Deee-Lite: __ Is in the Heart.

Long-handled tools used for sweeping.

There are often twelve of these in a courtroom.

__ jump, athletics event, aka hop, step and jump.

Cloth that is painted on by an artist.

Reciprocating blade shape-cutter; puzzle type.

Puzzle 14

A sister's male relative.

Spanish word for "beer".

Ability to feel or understand others' feelings.

Advise, guide, instruct.

Consume too much.

Button in a browser that makes the webpage reload.

Constructing with rocks, stones or bricks.

Dark splodges, blotches.

Pink moorland shrub associated with Scotland.

Smokestack built into a house.

Dirty __, Jennifer Grey movie.

Madame __, French maker of waxwork lookalikes.

Puzzle 15

Government policy research institute.

Anniversary 10 years before a centenary.

Band of wood touching the floor and the wall.

Male head of the family.

Looking for.

__ Army; worldwide Christian charity.

Principal cause of cholecystitis.

Vast Canadian body of water named after navigator.

Marine mammals in the weasel family.

Excursion for observation and research.

Alien __; extraterrestrial arrivals on Earth.

And it's no __, Elton John song title and lyrics.

Someone who flies newly built aircraft.

Monosodium __ (MSG), a salty food additive.

Monarch played by Olivia Colman.

No admission fee.

Something to devote energy to, often laborious.

F1 title-winner in 1976, adversary of Niki Lauda.

Puzzle 16

Offspring's male offspring.

Galloped gently.

Romantically enticing.

One who hunts with birds.

Provides ventilation in a masonry wall.

Cornish town and castle of Arthurian legend.

Used to fill gaps between tiles.

Canine-named constable in Much Ado About Nothing.

Inflammation of the nasal cavities.

Started a new product line, like a rocket.

Andrew __ of Spider-Man; 20th US President.

Rant, tirade.

Creator, dreamer, usually with illustration talent.

Deep red that shares a name with wine.

German city on Rhine and Ruhr with busy river port.

Indian spice in small green pods with black seeds.

Lee __, UK golfer, former world no 1.

Military dress.

Puzzle 17

Transparent glass that allows one to see out.

Sigourney Weaver starred in these horror flicks.

From the Italian region where Florence is capital.

Russian physiologist linked to salivating dogs.

Slow ballroom dance.

Layer beneath Earth's crust, like a fireplace.

A hallux, you'll find it on your foot.

Reduces height.


English translation of "jugo de naranja": __ juice.

Standard or typical.

Mother of Tiana in the Princess and the Frog.

Cooking smells.

Amount of medicine needed.

Wall-to-wall rug.

Puzzle 18

Largest moon of Neptune.

Mysterious seal-like creature in Scottish legends.

Curb __ boosts a house's attractiveness for a sale.

John __, stand-up comic, host of Last Week Tonight.

__ House; publishing company, merged with Penguin.

Record keeper, clerk.


Record company founded by Berry Gordy Jr.

Hand covers, as worn by the White Rabbit.

Locked up.

Film director of Some Like it Hot, Billy __.

Squeezes dough with the hands.

Light-sensitive part of the eye.

Human being.

Snakes with long fangs that fold away.

They make motorcycles or keyboards.

Gave subtle clues.

Biggest US state by area.

Puzzle 19

Victorious motorbike maker or bra brand.

A __ yoyo has two sticks.

Idea or plan.

Wrote on a blackboard.

Footboard on wheels, pushed along by youngsters.

Made a clumsy error.

Coating spread on walls that dries smooth.

Suggests an idea.

Robert __, newspaper owner and fraudster.

Fashionable, not just in France.

Cabin __; member of cruise ship crew.

Moorish castle or palace in Spain or Portugal.

South American country whose capital is Sucre.

Staying outdoors in a tent.

Puzzle 20

Ridiculous, laughable.

US illegal drinking place during Prohibition.

Jewish atonement day.

Ginger ale with North American name.

Wood ripped up and used in a new place.

She played Billie Holiday in Lady Sings the Blues.

Someone whose job is to fill job openings.

Greater __ bat, a nighttime insect hunter.

Have prickly toes, and a yearning to travel.

__ Land, Aussie Antarctic region with royal name.

Cord attached to a socket that lengthens work area.

My Fair Lady is based on this Bernard Shaw play.

Cast into the sea without secure ties.

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