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Here are the answers to CodyCross Home Renovation Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Nickname for Westminster's Great Bell.

German chocolate caramels in dark brown wrappers.

People who eat in restaurants.

Overarching ideas found in film and book plots.

The official news messenger in a medieval town.

Trinkets put on a bracelet.

Devoured, like a wild dog.

Rapunzel's pet chameleon.

Plan that shows where rooms are in a house.

A large, stinging wasp.

Stringed instrument played by Jimi Hendrix.

Kid that crawls on carpets.

Large designs, painted directly onto walls.

The Roman god of fire.

Pride and Prejudice author.

Golf hit.

Natural silica mineral used to make glass.

Puzzle 2

Clean up, add new decoration.

Edge of a country that borders the sea.

She's the voice of Meg Griffin in Family Guy.

Good health and condition.

This creature can have hundreds of legs.

Architect's design for building renovations.

Alcoholic drink made from apple juice.

He was old and he had a farm, e-i-e-i-o.

High-up businessperson employed at a company.

Character, like Loki, who breaks the rules.

Puzzle 3

Piercing with a blade.

Remove one's seat belt.

US word for silicone teat called a dummy in UK.

Folded egg dish.

Lively dance from Spain; cinema ticketing app.

Running shoes.

Kitchen surfaces used for food prep.

Landlocked country between China and Russia.

Not horizontal.

Furrowing one's brow.

Making money at the box office.

House design with no internal dividing walls.

Provocative actions.

The US political party represented by the donkey.

TV family who live at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

Catching a cow with a rope.

Right to vote.

Puzzle 4

British dog breed with a squished face.

Fusers of metal.

Egyptian tomb.

Waterless facility for ship construction.

Protective eyewear for DIY enthusiasts.

Type of tape used to protect paintwork.

Surf and turf dinners are steak plus this.

Calling people via branded video software.

Miserly Dickens character.

Band behind Don't Stop Believin'.

Puzzle 5

Olympic event from springboard or platform.

Places where feet meet legs.

Solid, well-built.

Space rock that can be seen shooting across sky.

Oscar's title on Sesame Street.

Fastenings that allow doors to open and close.

Melted cheese for dipping bread into.

Question and answer games.

Scorching level of heat, not as intense as white.

Word made by the first 6 letters on most keyboards.

Cotton fabric used for absorbing infant spills.

Permission to skip payment or give up rights.

Attempt to beat down the original selling price.

Po the Panda becomes an expert in this martial art.

Streams, brooks.

Metal fasteners that are twisted into surfaces.

Puzzle 6

To abruptly quit or change allegiances.

Sea-life park for looking at fish.

Kitchen storage units with doors or drawers.

What the M stands for in GMT.

Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong manufacturer.

Railing alongside a flight of stairs.

Shape with five sides.

Squid that has been battered and fried.

Celebratory outer paper for presents.

Showing no signs of being alive.

The court of public opinion doesn't rely on it.

Car used in races over a measured straight track.

Puzzle 7

Performance given to support a cause.

Nation known for Oktoberfest.

British TV show starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Large semi-aquatic rodent.

Title of a document.

The mascot of High School Musical's sports team.

Shredded wood shavings in a carpenter's workshop.

Brat Pack actor who served on The West Wing.

A fresh beginning; it starts on January 1st.

Crunchy orange vegetables.

Decorative patterns created with floor tiles.

Not suffering from illnesses or injuries.

Tennis match with teams of two players.

Writing style of Tolkien, Gaiman, Pratchett.

Puzzle 8

Communication network accessed by computer.

Musical that features Ol' Man River.

Carpentry; creating objects from lumber.

The Israeli actress who played Wonder Woman.

Not steady, in danger of falling over.

Living thing, e.g. animal, plant, fungi, bacteria.

Snack that you just can't stop once you pop.

Scarlet garden bird.

Taking care of one's appearance.

Protective clothing worn by decorators.

Deliberately sinks a ship.

US figure skater Kwan, two-time Olympic medalist.

Mythical gold city of the Muisca people.

This was originally a pumpkin for Cinderella.

Made milk.

Tom Baker, Jodie Whittaker play this species.

Relating to monkhood.

Puzzle 9

Document to allow residency in the USA.

Fuel-burning tool with an intense flame.

This strikes during a big storm.

Breakfast pastry for the French.

A person who investigates and solves crimes.

Swing dance named after its vigorous movements.

Mission Impossible and Top Gun actor.

Social media challenge to help ALS.

Motor-driven drill, sander or chainsaw.

Physical activities meant to improve fitness.

Dog that wears a number and a jacket.

Son excused from war, as in John Fogerty's song.

Puzzle 10

Yellow condiment put on hot dogs.

Aviator brother of Wilbur Wright.

Bird commonly found by beach, ocean.

Ancient, stuck in the past.

John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

Container in which hammers and chisels are kept.

A period equal to 100 years.

Workshop where metal is melted and cast.

First name of US artist O'Keeffe.

Brooklyn to Los Angeles MLB players.

Substance used for smoothing walls and ceilings.

Puzzle 11

Frozen dairy dessert.

The Y in DIY.

You need this and the password to sign in.

Famous YouTube star Lindsey who plays violin.

Having fantasies while sleeping.

Written souvenir from your travels.

African country, home to the Okavango Delta.

Mediterranean dip for crusty bread.

Large baleen whale known to breach the water.

Thin strips around chimneys and roof vents.

Pieces of writing in online publications.

Legendary leafy nature spirit representing rebirth.

Puzzle 12

As the sun sets and darkness sets in.

Household hearth in which logs are burned.

Receptacles for chewing tobacco.

The saying tells you not to look this in the mouth.

Type of plant that keeps its leaves year round.

Decorative covering pasted from floor to ceiling.

The Land Down Under.

The author of Matilda and The BFG.

1986 film starring David Bowie as the Goblin King.

The sideways curvature of a person's spine.

Puzzle 13

Seal or dolphin limb used for swimming.

It takes three of these to get a soft-boiled egg.

Overthrowing, toppling.

Utensils with bristles for applying paint to walls.

A movie cowboy keeps a pistol in one on his hip.

Tradesperson who cuts windowpanes to size.

Timepieces, e.g. luxury Rolexes.

Common flowers with white petals, yellow middles.

Tool used for leverage, opening crates.

Loss of memory caused by head injury.

Puzzle 14

Informal, descriptive name for champagne.

Iron, copper, and tin.

Weed that stings.

Nickname for New York, used in Batman comics.

Red symbols of love on Valentine's cards.

Scarf wrapped like a skirt, often over swimsuit.

Grandpa Phil and Grandma Gertie's blond grandson.

Windowpane borders.

Friendly heat.

Living dead monster from Resident Evil.

Fisher's tool; to fight someone to the ground.

Weapons used by jousters.

Rub furniture with a cloth to make it shine.

Puzzle 15

One half of a utensil pair used for eating sushi.

Never-ending motion.

Thin potato stick cooked in oil.

__ design; service to revamp your garden.

The longest day of the year in June.

Rapper who appeared in Crazy Rich Asians.

Nixon's biggest scandal.

Idea that isn't fully thought through.

Kinds of animals found in Jurassic Park.

Flight of steps between levels of a house.

Puzzle 16

Three words said to a partner.

Subway sandwich that measures 12 inches.

A film starring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny.

Performer who does illusions or sleight-of-hand.

US coins worth 25 cents.

Gambling, betting.

Gunslinging dentist Doc, associate of Wyatt Earp.

Doug Funnie's dog.

The name of a song by Lil Wayne and The Chordettes.

Household heat exchanger, often filled with water.

Lack of light.

Glue or sticky paste.

Puzzle 17

Nouns that are the opposite of singular.

With care, softly.

A fast drawing.

The Rocky series is about this sport.

Using a computer keyboard.

Roman leader; salad.

Paper slip over a hardcover book.

Legislative rejections.

Canada's largest province, it's French.

Set of rungs that is leaned against walls.

Malcolm was here on TV, as were Axl, Sue, Brick.

Underground drains for sanitary waste disposal.

Tools for making round holes in surfaces.

Instruments found in church; stomach, lungs, etc..

Whinnied like a donkey.

Popular Kleenex product.

Puzzle 18

Solid panel at the end of a bed frame.

Remove junk and unnecessary items from your home.

Direction and Kanye daughter.

A safety device used when jumping out of a plane.

Australian mammal; the video game character Crash.

Harry Potter's greatest enemy.

Location of Times Square and Central Park.

Corpse used to assemble words by surrealists.

1999 film starring Keanu Reeves as Neo.

Hijacking; kidnapping.

Peppermint stick used at Christmas.

Puzzle 19

Frilly fabric added to clothing or curtains.

Darkened wooden floorboards with chemicals.

A major component of what we exhale, carbon __.

Fastest animal on land.

State that includes Orlando, Tampa and Miami.

Wooden mosaic design on a floor.

This once a day keeps the doctor away.

Burger King's signature burger.

Energy cell used to power electronic devices.

Metal found in Middle-earth's mines of Moria.

Puzzle 20

It shoots up and takes astronauts into space.

Cartoon Bob who lives in Bikini Bottom.

Device used to take pictures.

Slang for a young urban professional.

A horse's fastest pace.

US rockers of Buddy Holly and Beverly Hills.

What Lisa Bonet is to Zoë Kravitz.

Venetian or Roman window coverings.

The quality of a latte or an ocean wave.

A writing implement's cap.

Touched down after a flight.

Do up or overhaul a room or old furniture.

Patches of hardened plaque on teeth.

Actress Meryl, starred in The Devil Wears Prada.

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