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Here are the answers to CodyCross Home Workout Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Biblical father of Isaac and Ishmael.

This Style from Psy brought K-pop mainstream.

Muscle on back of arm between shoulder and elbow.

Heavy wave with white foam, ideal for surfing.

Shiny, plastic, circular beads.

Greek assassin and love interest of Daredevil.

Half a dozen beers, for example.

Under __, TV show based on a Stephen King book.

To act on stage.

The Mean __, Dick Dastardly's purple rocket car.

Dreaded poultry dance at weddings.

How one holds oneself; sitting up straight.

Tallest mountain above sea level.

Art technique using glass or smalti.

Puzzle 2

A newspaper might put a disclaimer on it.

Household items such as chairs, tables and beds.

Making the surface of a cake flat.

13th amendment did this to slavery in 1865 in US.

Native inhabitant to Australia.

Applied to armpits to prevent sweat and stinkiness.

Austrian composer of the twelve-tone system.


Film about world that has forgotten the Beatles.

__ Forward; Chairman Mao's economic reforms.

The amount of exertion during an exercise.

Puzzle 3

Lifestyle that promotes daily exercise.

City nicknamed Wall Street West: __ City.

Chevrolet truck or men's jacket with pockets.

Water that has been brought to 100 degrees Celsius.

Bobby Darin's first wife: actress __ Dee.

Eight-legged creature that spins webs.

Vocalist, lead in a band.

According to the saying, the tail __ the dog.

__ Krab, SpongeBob SquarePants' workplace.

Yoga pose of arching and concaving the spine.

Florida's ritziest island; aquatic animal catcher.

All of Me singer John.

Wax pillar with a wick, often scented.

The S in a website's HTTPS.

A low area between two hills.

Large citrus fruit also called a shaddock.

Puzzle 4

Concept of balanced physical and mental health.

Discredited or disproved, e.g. a myth.

Holding the body flat and raised for core strength.

Ruling a country from a throne.

Utterly lazy.

Holiday when Jews celebrate being freed from Egypt.

Butterfly-shaped bow-tie pasta.

Account detail entered when logging in.

Withdraw from a decision.

Ged learns to be the Wizard of __.

Island where Princess Margaret had a vacation home.

Small N. American rodent with stripes on its back.

TV cartoon about Planet Express delivery company.

Hall and Oates hit about a dangerous woman.

John G __; Oscar-winning director of Rocky in 1976.

Puzzle 5

Move like a snake.

Jackie __, best-selling author of Hollywood Wives.

Car sheds.

Harden, strengthen, become more resilient.

Set of exercises to complete a full body workout.

Noel __; Jimi Hendrix's bassist.

Orange veggies used for snowmen's noses.

Gatherings to celebrate birthdays, etc.

Eating extra calories than needed to build muscle.

To the __, advice on how to live life.

__ Hall, civic building on Boston's Freedom Trail.

Sort in proper order, often on a copy machine.

__ Jones, played Morticia Addams on TV.

Puzzle 6

Alcoholic drink; ghost.

__ Wayne; Bruce's daughter also known as Huntress.

Johnny __, 30 year host of the Tonight Show.

__ and gentlemen, formal address to a group.

Behind __ doors, event held without spectators.

Liquefied after being heated, like lava.

Edible swinging cow's appendage.

Transparent part of the eye over the pupil.

__ of You singer Jewel began as a street musician.

Anne __, consort, once said to have six fingers.

Shoes on the __ Bank; Budapest memorial sculpture.

Workout session for the lower body and glutes.

Machine that mimics boat oars for arm strength.

80s musical film about a painter of album covers.

Catholic saint born Anjeze Bojaxhiu: Mother __.

Puzzle 7

Swinging blow to the chin.

Of deep, clear and prolonged sound.

Nothing __ 2 U, according to Prince.

Yearly time when one might gift a subscription box.

Moves around briskly like a small animal.

The villain in The Incredibles animated film.

Index determined by weight/height squared.

Injections to protect against diseases.

Diana Abu-Jaber's book Birds of __.

Best headphones for moving and working out.

Shaking doesn't help this photo develop faster.

In a day, the earth does one around its own axis.

Cooking fish or eggs gently in water.

Gallery and museum in Rome housed in a villa.

Puzzle 8

Coming to the surface to breathe, e.g. a whale.

Diet of increased protein and minimal carb intake.

John Kenneth __, economist and government adviser.

Puzzling riddle.

Scrambled or coded data for security reasons.

Cut of meat from the leg bone of a sheep.

Game equipment with a bullseye.

Oasis's hit song from 1995, "Champagne __".

Motivational goal to overcome for improvement.

Public building with masterpieces on display.

Puzzle 9

Actress Charlotte __ starred in many French films.

What you will be from stretching and yoga.

__ potatoes, crisps with crinkly/furrowed surfaces.

Resistance when rubbing.

The __ Show, TV show with Carpool Karaoke.

Nickname of Chicago baseball team of 1919 scandal.

Type of exercise with alternating intensity.

This Michael wrote Jurassic Park, Andromeda Strain.

ISP, internet service __; broadband supplier.

Monument that attracts tourist visitors.

There will be digging if pirates had it first.

British poster and internet meme: __ and Carry On.

Jimmy Page's band: Led __.

Location of Stonehenge prehistoric monument.

Puzzle 10

Spice used in cooking, pairs well with cinnamon.

Crazy __, irregularly sized but fitting slabs.

Breed of dog known for its special French haircut.

Feeling socially isolated.

1985 Ron Howard movie about aliens and older folks.

Buffy __-Marie, Canadian singer and songwriter.

Workout starter for slowly getting blood pumping.

To be covered in perspiration after exercise.

Dr Seuss elephant who hears a who.

Tool used to grip, pinch and squeeze.

Lymphoid organ in the mouth that is often removed.

__ Floss; website with facts and trivia lists.

TV show Mozart in the __.

Someone from Warsaw or Kraków.

Puzzle 11

This springs from an acorn.

E. Nesbit kids' book: The Story of The Treasure __.

Use a spoon for this chocolate hazelnut spread.

West Indies island famous for rum and regattas.

Scottish mythical horses who drown people in lakes.

__ House Mafia, group of Scandinavian DJs.

Interactive presentation online, like through Zoom.

Air __; 1990 Mel Gibson US action comedy.

Workout for core strength, named after its creator.

Dividing in two exactly.

To be generally healthy by exercising often.

Puzzle 12

Nordic __: Cross-country skiing, ski jumping sport.

Florida place, the title of a Bogart film.

Horse with a golden coat and white mane.

Where files can be stored online.

Relapsed into bad habits.

Saying: This __ pass, it will go away in time.

It's necessary to drink water to stay __.

Daily routine for preparing for an athletic event.

Name of the moor in Conan Doyle's doggy tale.

One who moves in educational circles.

Autobots' descendants in Beast Wars: Transformers.

Type of guitar with no electronic components.

Ninth US president: William Henry __.

Puzzle 13

Tiny family living under floors of English house.

System where ruler has absolute power.

Way to download and watch online workout videos.

Attribute that modifies or describes a noun.

Police group who are trained in defusing.

Food staple of ground maize, from Native Americans.

Postcard salutation: __ from Spain!.

Blood does this to bring oxygen through the body.

This tallest peak in Japan is an active volcano.

David Bowie's album with Changes and Life on Mars?.

Like good paper towels.

Puzzle 14

Microsoft software family with Word and Excel.

Stan Lee's world of comic books and movies.

Single-celled organism that can alter its shape.

Noise made by apes.

How a child might feel when read a bedtime story.

From Middle Eastern country where Damascus is.

Garam __, spicy blend known as warming mix.

Daniel __, he sculpted Lincoln's Memorial statue.

Describes the facial look of Mexican wrestlers.

__ Buffay; Phoebe's identical twin in Friends.

Glute-lift movement while lying on the floor.

Refreshing way to clean after a workout.

Composer of the coronation song Zadok the Priest.

Big Daddy, Knocked Up, Vacation actress, __ Mann.

Puzzle 15

To show support or wrap someone in a hug.

Mind __; telepathy.

First __, a book from the initial print run.

Famous ship that sank in 1912.

Medical term for a bone called the shoulder blade.

__ You, hit for Harry Nilsson and Mariah Carey.

Person within a key group, with knowledge.

Caused in muscles from stress and overexertion.

Processed cheese in a small red round casing.

A period of stagnation in fitness progress.

__ Man, mummified corpse discovered in Denmark bog.

Water mammal sometimes used in aquatic shows.

Puzzle 16

Ability to exercise withstanding fatigue and pain.

Writers have to pitch their book to a __.

Cardio machine for continuous running or walking.

Sport where players hit a shuttlecock.

Likely disease development.

Alfred __, US photographer and modern art advocate.

Character played by Sean Connery and Daniel Craig.

Critically __, publicly acknowledged and praised.

Very short dress bottom.

This fruity Pi is a simple computer for learning.

Puzzle 17

Type of wrap made of tiny, poppable air pockets.

__ up; confined in a small space.

Gilda __, SNL's Roseanne Roseannadanna.

What your body moves to while dancing to music.

He played Hud in the 1963 same named film: Paul __.

One who breaks a contract is in this.

Plant grown mostly for its gluten-free seeds.

Good __, manners like a precious metal.

Capital city of India's Nagaland state.

Number of calories you consume before burning.

It often takes a visa and passport to cross one.

Tiny crowns.

Dutch spring flowers grown from bulbs.

Jamie __, UK jazz-pop singer, Heard It All Before.

Bike maker associate of Davidson.

Pyramus & __, a play within a Shakespeare play.

Puzzle 18

Human glands that produce hormones like cortisol.

Sending by post.

It's often called the language of business.

This sea creature has 8 tentacles and 3 hearts.

Queen Victoria's immediate predecessor: __ IV.

Before birth album released by Nirvana in 1993.

Spiritual leader of the Shia Ismaili Muslims.

Musical with the song "To the Lifeboats".

Husband of Godiva, Lord of Coventry.

Ability to push through to complete an exercise.

Japanese film directed by Akira Kurosawa: Seven __.

Milan football ground aka Stadio Giuseppe Meazza.

Corpus __, religious day that falls on a Thursday.

Fibrous human tissues that strengthen after tears.

Puzzle 19

With great skill.

Ab exercise of lifting one's upper back repeatedly.

Don't talk about this, religion or money at dinner.

Side abdominal muscles in the waist and hip area.

The Buddha of __, by Hanif Kureishi.

An internet site is made up of these.

Beef globe.

__ baby, on the treetop.

Done to a bow when someone is done using it.

The T. rex is an example of one.

Puzzle 20

Her diary told of hiding from Nazis in Amsterdam.

Transform from a liquid into a gas.

__ Hepburn, won four Oscars for Best Actress.

Someone's former school, college or university.

A shot that is not on course to score a goal.

Demon dog.

Novelist who wrote Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

An optimistic one will help you achieve your goals.

The public water bus in Venice.

Number of beats per minute while exercising.

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