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Here are the answers to CodyCross Homeschooling Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Major religion of South Asia.

Gaining new knowledge, studying.

Warbling sound made by birds.

Chemical used to keep swimming pools safe.

Dawn, the first light of morning.

List of definitions of new terms to aid learning.

Glass containers for pouring liquids.

Golfer, won US Open titles in 1948, 50, 51 and 53.

To be so infatuated with someone it causes illness.

Meal made with two slices of bread.

An unplugged version of a song.

Words spoken by characters in a book.

Impossible score in cribbage.

Puzzle 2

Lift up higher.

A musical performance by a lone musician.

Red spice made of ground peppers.

Online, e.g. __ classroom.

Cause something to become runny or fluid.

Caribbean island country with the capital Kingston.

3-movie set like Lord of the Rings, the Godfather.

Babies do not have this bone when they're born.

Fun word puzzles.

Japanese paper folding to make tiny sculptures.

Arm-powered tool with a small blade to cut metal.

Give someone advice.

Hairdressers, especially for men's cuts.


Puzzle 3

Large feline, e.g. lion, cheetah, tiger.

Traditionally seen in armor on a horse.

When a boat is stranded without motion or steering.

Return a video cassette to the beginning.

Not see-through.

Country south of the US.

The I in the acronym name Roy G. Biv.

Able to be eaten.

Distant, off-site, e.g. __ learning.

Paul Rudd superhero aka Scott Lang.

Many may cover a shipped package.

Hit a ball to keep it off the ground.

Manual, pour-over glass coffeemaker.

Missing words, gaps, e.g. fill in the __.

Greek god with winged shoes; French fashion brand.

The Robot often warned Will Robinson of it.

Select groups of people; cream of the crop.

Outer edge; every cloud has a silver one.

Winnie the Pooh's porcine companion.

Puzzle 4

Race-timing device.

On-screen conference for several pupils at once.

Brings shame on, discredits.

Crocodile enemy of Donkey Kong.

Rating given to the best hotels, restaurants.

It lives in the dirt and breathes through its skin.

Novel of Heights written by Emily Brontë.

Where Gene Kelly went singin'.

Electricity that descends from the sky.

Learning space with desks and a whiteboard.

Puzzle 5

Pincer on a sideways-walking crustacean.

The navy has sailors, the army has these.

Wrote The Bluest Eye.

Drives backwards.

Assignment set outside of schooling hours.

Drinks cans are made of this.

Root vegetables glazed with honey.

Lazy comic cat who prefers pasta.

Luckiest type of clover to find.

List of events, written in chronological order.

One who tries to influence lawmakers.

Puzzle 6

Electronic versions of novels or study guides.

Device that sends internet into and around a home.

Electric pot to boil water for hot drinks.

Oar for a canoe.

Having red cheeks or complexion.

Spikes on rose stems.

Words that go with music.

Check progress, mark a piece of work.

Blended word for Scottish leaving of the UK.

Small room for Christian worship.

These were pens before pens.

Chestnut shade of brownish-red.

Scary film genre.

Official name for Mount McKinley since 2015.

Straw hat for river punters.

Card game of matching cards in a circle.

Japanese car company with a city named after it.

Style of beef served as a hash.

Puzzle 7

Garment worn by Wee Willie Winkie.

Study of countries and landforms.

King with six wives.

Add commas and question marks to a piece of text.

AAs, AAAs, and Ds.

When a person is clumsy, especially with the hands.

Major UK-based tennis tournament.

Sample of a product without any cost.

Extinct reptiles from the Mesozoic Era.

Rolled, filled Mexican tortilla, covered in sauce.

Puzzle 8

The part of the house where one sleeps.

Barbadian who sang Love on the Brain and Umbrella.

Ate in small morsels, pecked at.

Ships carrying passengers.

The Serengeti is an example of one.

What allegedly can turn lead into gold.

Find out the length or height of an object.

Bristle on a cat's face, helps detect small spaces.

TV western with Jeff Daniels and Merritt Wever.

Actively involved in an activity.

Ancient Egyptian paper.

Mr Kipling, The Jungle Book writer.

Pleated bed sheet.

Animal hide used for shoes and clothes.

Device used to find magnetic north.

Puzzle 9

Explanation texts added to maps or diagrams.

Made of trees.

It is often added to injury.

Child's Play doll.

Vast sea regions of the globe.

Sugary fluid produced by plants.

The act of changing position over time.

Italian city where Romeo and Juliet takes place.

Clyde's partner in crime.

Old-fashioned hair-styling grease.

Times __; multiplication learned by heart.

Jean-Luc Picard catchphrase for entering warp.

Dolly Parton's islands were in this.

Cheeky sign stuck on someone's back.

David and Victoria Beckham's daughter.

Breakfast pastry or native of Denmark.

Puzzle 10

Mediterranean herb grown from an evergreen shrub.

Expressing scorn or disdain.

Medically remove a limb.

Appraise or assess a piece of work.

Interactive creative learning session.

Crystalline form of carbon used in pencils.

Providing food at a hospitality event.

Begging this is an example of a logical fallacy.

Who the dish ran away with.

Close relative of a dolphin.

The Griswold family has a tough time taking one.

Tapping, e.g. on wood for good luck.

Side playing at their own stadium, not away.

Puzzle 11

Climbs, gets higher.

Pattern used in the Rorschach test.

Young animal known as a kitten.

Beatles song was about this sea creature's garden.

Country where Chernobyl is located.

Leela's diaper-wearing black and white pet.

Crop-growing professionals.

Superhero who goes green when he's angry.

Using resources jointly with another student.

The bottom of an inland body of water.

Outcomes of an experiment.

Puzzle 12

Device that produces electricity.

Fuzzy-skinned green Chinese gooseberry.

Emergency medical buildings.

A written account of someone's life.

Largest living rodents in the world.

Student manuals that explain course topics.

Employment in the hot months between school years.

Printout with exercises and activities to complete.

Snow or rockslides down a mountain.

Mobile dog grooming company in Dumb and Dumber.

Joséphine Bonaparte and Catherine the Great.

Puzzle 13

Legendary sasquatch from North American lore.

Japanese feudal warriors.

Star Wars actor who started as a Muppet puppeteer.

Art creation from glued-together cuttings.

Ocean bird that catches fish in its throat pouch.

Workspace where a computer and keyboard sit.

British author of Middle-Earth books.

Birth surname of Charlie Sheen, brother of Emilio.

Warming food so it gets hotter.

Group of four musicians playing in harmony.

Sport with 300 as its top score.

In-depth, well-researched assignment.

Elephant-headed Hindu god.

Puzzle 14

Where Honolulu is located.

Reptile that lives in its shell and likes water.

Life __; practical abilities to cope with life.

Step-by-step instructions for an experiment.

Computer error.

Shrek's sidekick.

Famous bell housed in London's Elizabeth Tower.

Online purchases.

Stocky wild cats such as bobcats.

Athletes who move boats using oars.

Red fruit often found on slot machines.

Summary, synopsis.

A possibly narcissistic dressing table.

Behaved in a way that belittled someone.

Foundation, mascara and lipstick.

These are often the alternative to famines.

Puzzle 15

Global athletic competition held every four years.

Series of celebrities showing off their homes.

Don't judge a book by this.

2017 Greta Gerwig movie starring Saoirse Ronan.

Learning how to write words correctly.

Clay fireplace to keep warm outside.

Costless product with extra payment for add-ons.

Toy railway with tracks, train, cars, etc..

Place where film is developed to print photographs.

Funky bar where you might hear Miles Davis.

Scottish peak, highest point in the British Isles.

Preparing activities or study topics in advance.

Patterns on an animal's coat.

Writer of anti-war alien novel Slaughterhouse-Five.

Puzzle 16

Dictionary accompaniment for finding synonyms.

Holiday for trick-or-treating.

Praise, motivate with positive words.

Agent played by David Duchovny in The X-Files.

Mental and physical health.

What some codes give when shopping online.

Frodo Baggins' best friend.

Initiate a legal case against someone.

Old-fashioned word for a female parking warden.

Bright indoor plants; anagram of measuring.

Describes a Hollywood film with no expense spared.

Puzzle 17

Horse houses.

New cars often have this kind of ignition.

Pencil and paper word game with missing letters.

Obscuring of one celestial body by another.

A lifeguard might wear one around their neck.

Berlin is in this country.

You burn these if you want to ruin a relationship.

Resisting, challenging, disobeying, rebelling.

White orb used to bump its peers in billiards.

Show a project or piece of work you have prepared.

Related to health and illness.

Movie that told the life story of Ritchie Valens.

Sculpted monuments to historical figures.

Building used for industrial mass production.

TV series about Ragnar Lothbrok.

Puzzle 18

Extended study to increase knowledge.

Transparent tank for underwater creatures.

US slang for a coffee.

Brought in from abroad.

Study of shapes and angles.

Black tea with bergamot, named after past leader.

DC comic series critical of racism and violence.

Shakespeare play about a monarch and his daughters.

Valentine's Day is celebrated in this month.

Addictive chemical in cigarettes.

Polish or Russian headscarf.

Upper roof level at the rear of a ship.

Finland's capital.

Puzzle 19

TV drag queen who runs a race.

Inflatable life-saving device common in cars.

Make yourself low.

Surname of Kylie, Kendall and Kris.

Thoreau's written reflection of nature.

Staged political argument.

Al fresco meal on a blanket with sandwiches.

Students working above the age-expected level.

Ventriloquist's dummy in Goosebumps movies.

__ arithmetic; sums worked out in your head.

Hard crystal often found in watches, clocks.

Place a higher offer than a competing buyer.

Edible fruits including gala and granny smith.

Plant-eating lizard commonly kept as a pet.

Corseted or snug upper part of a dress.

Small shovel used for gardening.

Puzzle 20

Way of doing something, personal method.

Framework, outline plan.

Usually the first meal of the day.

Disney animated series with Huey, Dewey and Louie.

Vehicle repairers.

Similar to a crocodile, but with a shorter snout.

Name of the radio version of Cee Lo Green 2010 hit.

Post-workout soak in therapeutic salts.

Official name or title, cognomen.

Spaces with toys and games.

Educational materials, e.g. lesson plans, etc.

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