CodyCross Horror Film Tropes Pack answers

Horror Film Tropes PackHorror Film Tropes

Here are the answers to CodyCross Horror Film Tropes Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

German city that hosts Oktoberfest.

First name of authors Hardy, Pynchon and Harris.

Crafted into a form.

A constricting snake or a programming language.

Big numbers might have a lot of these at the end.

Mr. Dangerfield, Caddyshack comic got no respect.

1986 space horror movie by James Cameron.

Billie __, Ocean Eyes and Bad Guy singer.

Cotton or linen napery.

Trick-taking card game with a "contract" version.

Shelters in the woods where movie murders happen.

2019 hurricane that lashed The Bahamas.

Catchy tune used in radio advertising.

Puzzle 2

Horror movie about a Floridian demon, Jeepers __.

__ chalice, attractive now, but later very harmful.

Gained entry to a place.

Foamy froth on a bubble bath.

Last name of the equine animated character BoJack.

Prehistoric creature; literally "terrible lizard".

Move money from one account to another.

Mexican poblano pepper dish: chiles __.

This prime is the longitude of zero.

End-of-school-year all-school activities and games.

Monster who transforms during the full moon.

Hand-held pyrotechnic device.

Robert Allen Zimmerman, better known as __.

Puzzle 3

Darkening makeup applied under seeing organs.

Popular website creator used by millions.

Foreign policy stances by Monroe, Truman, and more.

Radio shows informing about current events.

Holiday and horror movie about Michael Myers.

Worker's schedule that starts after 5 p.m..

The presence of contaminants in an environment.

US term for second-year student at college.

John, director of The Thing.

Musician Joshua Bell's specific profession.

Milo visits Kingdom of Wisdom in this Phantom tale.

Puzzle 4

Extension for a hair dryer.

2014 horror monster that became a gay icon.

Brass instrument played using a slide.

Doctors suggest 30 minutes of this a day.

In __, minute-by-minute action updates.

Whale of a book narrated by the sailor Ishmael.

North African staple of crushed semolina.

The type of birds featured in Happy Feet.

Parts of atom without any electric charge.

Director of Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring.

Lucy's collection of bones, unearthed in Ethiopia.

Puzzle 5

Someone who works full time for a company.

An elaborate music composition for an orchestra.

Aggressive attacks.

Series of celebrities showing off their homes.

The start of a formal letter to a group of men.

Medical name for a broken bone.

Dark dense staple associated with Northern Europe.

Main airport hub in London.

Hook-handed killer played by Tony Todd.

Secure a gym locker door with these and a key.

State capital of Australia's Queensland.

A picture is said to be worth this many words.

Cooking surface that's easy to clean.

2018 horror remake of a 1977 Italian film.

Subject area that something fits into.

Aniston, Lawrence or Lopez.

Speaks almost inaudibly.

Deer-like African animal that sprints.

Puzzle 6

Spooky setting of Dark Ride and The Funhouse.

Linked, brought together.

Bird in a pear tree on the first day of Christmas.

Tendency to flop or bag.

To infuse with a dash of dashes.

What a horror movie might give you when you sleep.

Region in north-east China, home of the Jurchens.

First-look sole publishing rights.

Many people think desserts taste this way.

Sport in which the Stanley Cup is awarded.

Puzzle 7

Tame kissing, usually on the cheek.

Where monsters, but not vampires, often appear.

You pull this over people's eyes in deceit.

Green gemstone and a variety of beryl.

Having a short, energy-boosting sleep.

Aromatic foliage used in cooking.

O'Hare airport's Illinois city.

Series of light folds created in dressmaking.

What a group should NOT do in a horror movie.

Committing illegal tackles in soccer.

The decision on a dispute in a civil case.

Carolina, Venezuelan bridal designer.

Minimum sale price at an auction.

A radioactive metal.

Puzzle 8

Song to put children to sleep.

Income used to figure how much the government gets.

Sweet yellow dairy sauce for desserts.

A colleague, associate or companion.

A molting crab.

Offer financial help to get someone out of jail.

Type of valley many androids and dolls are in.

Saint __, island nation with the Grenadines.

Hang out on a line while wet.

Excessive bureaucracy and regulations.

The first Black president of South Africa.

Escaped methane for example; an explosion risk.

Stanley, who directed The Shining.

Athletic event typically run over 110m or 400m.

Puzzle 9

Oldest Trump daughter's first name.

Evil beasts from Hell.

Hurry up; make it this!.

Johnny __; 1958 hit for Chuck Berry.

Shakespeare said to be neither a borrower nor this.

Make a strong public declaration.

US alternative for faux fur.

Wheat protein some people are intolerant to.

Metal that has patina from oxidation over time.

Cartoon sailor man who loves spinach.

German code broken at Bletchley Park.

Bloody movie based on Stephen King's first book.

Make a high-pitched neighing sound.

Out-of-this-world George, Jane, Judy and Elroy __.

Food often eaten on the half-shell.

Puzzle 10

One with strong ethical principles.

Doctor Lecter of The Silence of the Lambs.

Vegetable known as a courgette in Britain.

Unit of weight that is one tenth of a gram.

Face-to-face exchange with a secret agent.

__ in a velvet glove, a hard inner cozily encased.

1982 horror movie with an Antarctic alien.

Word-linking board game invented in 1938.

Amerigo, explorer who gave his name to America.

Picasso, Pollock are known for this style of art.

Open-fronted jacket usually made of wool.

Not having experienced defeat.

Deep pitch riffs repeated throughout a song.

Makes bigger, increases in size.

Fugitive attempting to evade capture, in 3 words.

South Dakota mountain carved into four presidents.

On a map they link places of similar elevation.

Pink bird that stands on one leg.

Time of the year when we celebrate trees.

Puzzle 11

Look like another person in certain ways.

The great hall ruled by the god Odin.

Interlacing hair to make different patterns.

Ford, star of Indiana Jones and Blade Runner.

Tiny piece of matter, found in solids, liquids.

One who can expel demons.

Play about brothers trying to write a real western.

Nobel-winning writer of The Sound and the Fury.

Windy phrase for chatting: __ breeze.

A "reminiscent" Barbra Streisand compilation album.

Preferred weapon of Leatherface.

Grainy, flavored water ices.

Puzzle 12

Downgrade, e.g. women, into mere things not people.

Wireless data sharing technology, an azure name.

Husked Mexican fruit used in salsa verde.

People who have workers.

The genre of music Bach and Beethoven played.

How some horror movie killers take road trips.

This carnivorous Arctic mammal has translucent fur.

The Moroccan city with the largest market or souk.

A machine that orbits a planet or star.

Creepy abandoned city, often in the Wild West.

Puzzle 13

Overly critical and detail oriented.

When goods, services are traded without money.

Unlucky number, especially at Camp Crystal Lake.

This singer loves her Little Monsters.

Sticky film, forms on top of skim or two percent.

In tennis, to have hit a ball before it bounced.

Spanish conquistador who led Mexico expedition.

Fictional setting of the Game of Thrones stories.

Sonic is this video game animal.

Mother of a cultish baby in a 1968 movie.

Someone who fights for basic civil rights.

Puzzle 14

Business or bank account based in a foreign country.

Place for healing or murder as in Halloween II.

Diddle, diddle, __, my son John.

Constant, not diverse.

Summing; opposite of subtraction.

Online platform for raising money for charities.

Saskatchewan city, or a body part of a large deer.

Where the Grinch tried to steal Christmas.

Religious movement represented by a pentagram.

Baked oat bar in the UK; pancake in some of the US.

Reverse print of a photograph.

Green around __, a saying for feeling nauseous.

Puzzle 15

Rocky Mountain city in Colorado; large rock.

Flotation device worn above the elbow.

Father __; male role models.

Heavy wave that hits the shore.

An Italian dish made of small potato dumplings.

Auto transportation with a bad battery.

Using the voice.

Gather together chapters in a book.

Dusk, moment of darkening sky at twilight.

Princely brother of Harry.

Teamed up with Zac Efron to sing Rewrite the Stars.

2007 movie about especially scary fog.

Puzzle 16

Controlled by an evil demon spirit.

He married a Kardashian, then released Runaway.

Pain you would see a dentist about.

Hotel helper who can get you tickets to the show.

The capital city of Romania.

Zombieland technique of shooting killers twice.

English pudding filled with gravy.

Theory of natural selection created by Darwin.

Eager, ready and willing, a horsey analogy.

Flowers also known as cranesbills.

Society with collective ownership of property.

Puzzle 17

Slow, like a leaf-eating garden pest.

Jason's last name in Friday the 13th.

Drink with coffee liqueur, vodka and Irish cream.

Company that designs marketing, like in Mad Men.

Babe Ruth and Willie Mays played this sport.

The units used to measure sound intensity.

They go from house to house singing at Christmas.

Chubby Checker's song and dance style.

CPU with four processors stored in one chip.

AABBA rhyming scheme for a rude or humorous poem.

Horror series featuring the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis.

Region Britain gave back to China in the nineties.

Siamese __ fish, blue fish that brawl.

Puzzle 18

__ swan; large waterbird with musical call.

Sci-fi show with a TARDIS.

Señor del Toro, director of Pan's Labyrinth.

Spins completed around an axis.

The Parisian cathedral that means Our Lady.

Gloomy; related to the 6th planet from the Sun.

You're said to bark up it if you're mistaken.

Central American country home to Mayan ruins.

Scoring one under par in golf.

Band known for Walk This Way, Dream On, Crazy.

To look alike; a type of twin.

The main ingredient in most movie blood.

Puzzle 19

Evil doll from Child's Play.

The capital of England.

Lucifer was this type of angel.

First name of singer with No Tears Left to Cry.

Contained by, inside of.

A risk, bet.

Address where computer users access a website.

Like a poem with many stanzas.

1990 movie where James Caan gets hobbled.

When all you have is this, every problem is a nail.

A mouse is an example of this type of animal.

Organ of the body inflamed by nephritis.

Wet flour, eggs, milk.

Jordan Mechner's video game, The Prince of __.

Puzzle 20

Leg-biting machine used for ursine captures.

A substance taken to treat an illness.

Document one needs to travel internationally.

Legendary hero killed with an arrow to his heel.

Person lacking strength of character.

Indigestible part of a vegetable.

It's hard to find a needle in one of these.

Thread-like microscopic appendages for movement.

Award-winning album and film by Beyoncé.

Shakespeare: "__ is near. Die all, die merrily".

Hitchcock horror film about avian attackers.

Someone who calls up spirits.

Text that is not directly next to the margin.

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