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Hot and Cold PackHot and Cold

Here are the answers to CodyCross Hot and Cold Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Female that is head of the hive.

Travel document.

Exercise done in a heated pool or cold open water.

Breakfast mixtures with oats, nuts, honey.

A wolf in sheep's __, a two-faced person.

Everyone who watches a particular show.

There are two atoms of this in a water molecule.

Community that enjoys sudden economic growth.

The area between your hairline and eyebrows.

Paper handouts for passing on information.

United Arab __, hot country where Dubai is found.

This bush is danced round in a nursery rhyme.

Puzzle 2

This kind of pot is said to never boil.

Venus and Mercury are the hottest of these.

Wound something, like onto a reel or bobbin.

Legal separation of a married couple.

A garment worn by people working at the same place.

Working on a short-term basis.

Purplish hue that's an anagram of gateman.

Bird of prey famous for eating carrion.

Controversial 2017 Netflix series: 13 __ Why.

Hot tub with bubbles.

The host city of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Staple herb of Italian cooking.

Last name of Judy, star of The Wizard of Oz.

Puzzle 3

Become briefly involved with, trifle with.

Jules Verne wrote __ the World in Eighty Days.

Burn something with intense heat.

City in France known for its film festival.

Strait separating Alaska from Siberia.

Type of pig that's a small pet rodent.

This Mick is the lead singer of the Rolling Stones.

Spiky hairstyle of some punk rockers.

Meat and vegetable stew that isn't cold.

Hot and iced tea brand with yellow and red logo.


Puzzle 4

Sustenance from the ocean, like shellfish.

Hand __, heat packs for cold hands in winter.

Cast a spell over.

A person who receives medical care.

It's __ tacos, from out of the sky.

Shiny glaze added to wooden or metal artworks.

Flap wings rapidly or unsteadily.

Month when Australia Day is celebrated annually.

Wavy or crumpled, deliberate design of some shirts.

Conservationist Jane who studies chimps.

Cat on a Hot __, Tennessee Williams play.

Eastern European country with blue and yellow flag.

Puzzle 5

Cooks save work with bags of this style of cheese.

Picasso painted a surreal Girl Before one in 1932.

A condition caused by poor blood flow to the brain.

Car part to protect against damage in a collision.

Machine motor that generates heat.

A show that includes clowns, acrobats and animals.

Red salad vegetable also known as a "love apple".

Washington Irving's story, The Legend of Sleepy __.

Hot continent that includes Nigeria and Egypt.

What resistance is, according to the Borg.

Bruce, star of Die Hard and The Sixth Sense.

Juice WRLD sang about Lucid ones in 2018.

Striped horse-like animals of the African plains.

Treat-filled effigy beaten open at parties.

A light outer garment, a waist-length coat.

Puzzle 6

TV series about a Thracian gladiator.

Aerosol for fixing the tresses in place.

A typical example or standard.

Character who represents winter.

Wraps with material that prevents loss of heat.

First two words of the Lord's Prayer.

Sun-drenched island region in the Americas.

Board game of collecting cheese as a rodent.

The Weeknd asked you to Save them in 2021.

Fruit served on a Hawaiian pizza.

Type of dance with no choreography.

Puzzle 7

Person who can rarely sleep.

Hot __, drink made from cocoa, sugar and milk.

Long, dramatic solo speech from an actor.

A woman's loose garment worn while sleeping.

Type of group investment using speculative methods.

Able to speak two languages fluently.

Source of household heat where coals are found.

People native to Barcelona or Madrid, for example.

Giving the green light.

Exaggerated stories about folklore or legends.

Puzzle 8

Naturally; goes without saying.

A soft, comfortable upholstered seat.

Mixed drink over ice.

Former spelling of the Chinese province of Sichuan.

Puts money into the bank.

Sit on eggs like a brooding bird.

Run for 2-year-olds.

A white one is an unwanted or ruinous gift.

Sweat politely from heat.

Power plants use these to create electricity.

An injury caused by sudden jerking of the neck.

Patella protectors worn by novice skateboarders.

Turn here to read the final line of a novel.

Puzzle 9

Hoped, desired for something to happen.

Follows "No pain" in an exercise mantra.

Lawrence of __, nickname of officer T. E. Lawrence.

Middle Eastern marketplace that sounds strange.

One of the coldest planets in our solar system.

Warm up leftovers.

This Hill's Miseducation album won five Grammys.

Where a queen sits; bathrooms have a porcelain one.

Popular puzzle rooms people play to get out of.

Metallic name for a 50th wedding anniversary.

Swimmer Michael who has won 28 Olympic medals.

Top level of trees in a forest.

Stockholm is capital of this cold Nordic nation.

__ and shakers, those who instigate change.

Puzzle 10

Bill de Blasio became this city's mayor in 2014.

__ heat, spiky heat that causes a rash.

Setting, circumstances, surrounding conditions.

Room in a house that's an anagram of thicken.

Flask for keeping soup hot on the move.

The official decision handed down in a court case.

To make alcohol with a chemical process.

Cousin twice __, distant relation.

He sings Old Town Road with Billy Ray Cyrus.

Camera lens part that opens and closes.

James Dean's Rebel __ a Cause.

Small white and yellow flowers that grow on lawns.

Puzzle 11

Acetylsalicylic acid is commonly known as this.

__ players are competent in multiple positions.

Browning meat by flash frying in heat.

Juliet's family name in Shakespearean tragedy.

To create something in your mind.

Relishing the sun, like a lizard.

The last name of "The Rock".

Science of organisms in their environment.

Twice-daily times when coastal water is shallow.

Toe __; obey the rules, do as one is told.

Lands cultivated with flowers, plants.

Puzzle 12

It might be said to prove the rule.

It illuminates a single performer on stage.

An acoustic version of a rock song.

The film Evita takes place in this country.

Moving about, fidgeting constantly, like a worm.

One of many raised skin spots from cold weather.

Large rodent with spines to protect from harm.

A large outdoor structure used for advertising.

Playground jumping game with numbered squares.

Swelling of the toe after exposure to extreme cold.

Puzzle 13

Wooden steps that lead to another floor.

Increase a number fivefold.

Heat-blowing device for tresses.

Party dance with dancers joined behind one another.

A matador takes part in one.

It's often a money-back promise.

A five-pointed star associated with black magic.

Divine punishment accompanied by hellfire.

Sci-fi movie with Keanu Reeves as Neo.

Top of the world, where polar bears are found.

A bee product and a Beach Boys album.

Puzzle 14

Small sofa for a romantic couple.

Parentheses, rounded symbols used around words.

A creature that feeds on human beings.

Three-wheeled mode of transportation for children.

Serena who first won the US Open in 1999.

Slow-drying artist's pigment, often in linseed.

The Phantom Menace is a movie in this series.

In weather terms, this heat is steamy.

For quick fighter pilot evacuation, __ seat.

20% of 95.

Pasta made from crushed durum wheat.

Viral prank involving an Astley hit.

Prick up __; listen very carefully.

Brand of sugary hot toaster snacks with fillings.

Phase when you can see most of the lunar surface.

Puzzle 15

Large, thick pieces of fabric used for drying.

Uneasy feelings, doubts about something.

Rises in body temperature that indicate illness.

Ancient device that uses beads to count.

Lawrence, Scorsese or Luther, for example.

Type of fruit including orange, grapefruit, lemon.

This includes an adage, a proverb.

Plastic waterproof covering with a hood.

A movie that's shot again, updated with new cast.

South American, Portuguese-speaking hot country.

A flock of geese.

The Cuban city named in a Camila Cabello song.

Puzzle 16

Photo-sharing app, home to influencers and Stories.

The inability to see.

Its name suggests a winged monster.

Those who are employed.

Herb used in chewing gum for cool breath.

A voyager on transport.

People ages 13 to 19.

Type of plant that makes up an orchard.

Cold, sweet, dairy drink.

The science associated with the study of matter.

Shrubs and bushes that form boundaries of fields.

Straying from the expected route.

Puzzle 17

Volcanic plume that causes flight disruption.

Secret identity of Clark Kent.

Person who has broken the law.

How well a drug works.

Roast food on an outdoor grill.

Hockey and skating happen in these cold venues.

Small cutlery item, for stirring perhaps?.

Alphabetical list with words and their definitions.

Toy version that's as big as the real version.

They're what a bad workman blames.

Eddie and his rock band.

High-pressure water sprayer used against flames.

Prehistoric creature; literally "terrible lizard".

Country that spent escudos before euros.

A simple tomato sauce commonly seen on pizza.

Puzzle 18

Kitchen device for lightly cooking slices of bread.

The shyest of Snow White's Dwarfs.

Cooked above boiling water, like Chinese buns.

Force that holds or pulls things to the ground.

American poet and author named Maya.

Canine summer of hot 24-hour periods.

Sport in which the omnium is an Olympic event.

Happily bounces around like a pony.

The Titanic struck a frozen chunk like this.

Puzzle 19

Cold __, give up a vice immediately not gradually.

Seeds for human or animal consumption.

To regard with respect or approval.

"And you come to me on a summer __".

Strip where fashion models walk.

Fairytale character who might be in distress.

Ice-block homes made by Inuit peoples.

A British car manufacturer named after an animal.

Fabric or soft material that covers the floor.

Utensils used for mixing eggs or batter.

Puzzle 20

Type of pen with an internal reservoir of ink.

Term for the money spent in a country.

Unkillable, like a god.

The thin outer skin of a cell.

Animal in Disney film Flora & Ulysses.

Spanish blended vegetable soup served cold.

Hunts the prey.

__ rooms, where theatrical performers get ready.

Dark feline that's said to bring bad luck.

Unusually hot period of weather.

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