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Here are the answers to CodyCross Hot Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

__ bean, red legume for chili con carne.

__ Rico, US territory in the Caribbean.

Makes sad, displeases.

Simple Simon met this man.

Hot iron for making waves in hair.

A bubbling warm jacuzzi.

Nickname of the Scottish loch monster.

World's largest hot desert, in Africa.

Construction machines for high hoisting.

__ Over Troubled Water, by Simon and Garfunkel.

Puzzle 2

Works well, is successful, affects.

Flashes of light in the sky for celebrations.

A thin strip of rubber worn above your hand.

Marine creature with tentacles that sting.

Without a backbone.

One of a deck, used for studying.

Energy cells for powering electronics.

Cones of frozen dairy.

Astronomer's equipment for viewing planets.

Lego __, puts together blocks to make models.

Puzzle 3

The most golden or polished; brightest and __.

A poisonous animal is __, a snake for ex..

When you are not busy, you have __ for hobbies.

Pan-shaped state bordering Texas on the north.

Established the size of something.

Burning logs for cooking over, next to a tent.

Maybe you're __ it; Maybelline ad slogan.

__ blanket, heating for the bed.

Thin slices of highly seasoned smoked beef.

Bicycle tricks with the front end off the ground.

Puzzle 4

Moan and gripe.

Cat on a Hot __, Liz Taylor movie.

Preserved pharaohs.

Walks like a duck.

Explosive, guided weapon, can be nuclear.

Marked permanently, clothes for ex..

One who posts regular updates online.

Head support for sleeper.

Someone famous for recording songs.

The act of being very clear, or diamond quality.

Flappy muscles in mouths and in lace-up shoes.

"April showers bring May __".

Puzzle 5

Bloodsucking insects that can transmit malaria.

Glowing embers to walk over as a party trick.

Working dough or clay.

Following creepily, illegally.

Indiana Jones and the __ Doom, 1984 adventure film.

Gaining knowledge, studying.

Make a public statement about something.

__ star, moves across the sky.

Staggers, falls over slightly.

Sore patches of skin where new shoes are rubbing.

Puzzle 6

Buying retail goods.

Headband with warm covers for the hearing organs.

Emergency craft on a ship.

A person practicing, maybe at a new job is in __.

On the quiet, in secret, shh shh.

You can use a metal __ to search for treasure.

Michael Jackson's hit-filled album of 1982.

Breaking something violently, like the hulk.

Geometric shape with three sides and three angles.

Starting fires.

Dark, reddish-brown wood.

Corn __; maize sometimes cooked on a skewer.

Perspiring through heat.

People who work as caretakers in US schools.

Walking, taking strides, putting your foot forward.

African animal that's first in the dictionary.

Making a trip to see relatives or friends.

Puzzle 7

Tight-fitting trousers akin to footless tights.

Small fish w a curly tail, doesn't wear a saddle.

__ star; meteor visible across the night sky.

Describes frozen snowflakes or grains of salt.

Long, hot-weather spell.

Tropical tree cultivated for sticky brown fruits.

Lyrics from Silent Night: "Sleep in __ peace".

Breaking in half suddenly.

__ heck is an exclamation of annoyance.

Outdoor cooking equipment with grill.

Providing food for parties or weddings.

Puzzle 8

Reverberated sound.

__ Arab Emirates, Arabian nation.

Wooden appendage as sported by a pirate.

Students get together in a band in __ of Rock.

Rocky dropoffs towering over coastlines.

Intense light beams, used in surgery.

A blank __; a surface for oil paintings.

Machines for cutting grass lawns.

Extras, replacements.

Failed to hit a target.

Puzzle 9

__ crust; pizza edge filled with cheese.

Spacecraft, or airport bus.

Narrating a story.

A name for your mother or father's mother.

Hires someone to work for a business.

Nelson, who was a president of South Africa.

Someone whose job is to tidy houses and offices.

Give evidence in a courtroom or church.

Drinking milk with its tongue.

Generic name for any gun.


Garfield hates these days.

Opposite of darken.

Attaches securely, like a seatbelt on a plane.

Puzzle 10

Painting, sculpture, mobile, an objet d'art.

Relaxing chamber heated with hot water mist.

Compass point opposite north-west.

Feeling of disgust, repulsion.

County in England known for puddings and terriers.

Food that causes theobromine poisoning in dogs.

Tennis shot, hitting it back before a ball bounces.

Handwriting that is impossible to read.

Metal pots with handles used on top of a stove.

On top of __, an American folk song.

Sermon makers.

Explosive dust, part of a 1605 plot in England.

Chicken leg, shaped like a percussion beater.

Stark __; insane, crazy.

Emergency manual stopping device in a car.

People's house numbers, streets and towns, etc.

When a legal ruling goes unchallenged, uncontested.

Puzzle 11

Words to break the silence: "A penny for your __".

Family member from generations ago.

Drove past another moving vehicle.

Place where prescription drugs are dispensed.

Explosive sticks, often seen in cartoons.

Turning burgers.

Pendant or chain worn around the collarbone.

Cracks in rocks negotiated by climbers.

Unusual, irregular, atypical.

Thug, violent youth or vandal.

Removing feathers from.

Left, went away from.

Decorative tasseled border to curtains.

Pardons or forgives a sin.

__ It Hot, Monroe, Lemmon and Curtis comedy.

Jewish holiday celebrating the Exodus from Egypt.

Puzzle 12

Sea robbers.

UK Island: Republic of __, south of Northern __.

Large reindeer from North America.

Hand-thrown bomb with a pin.

Janet __; Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl co-star.

Something that makes sense or is as you expect.

An air-filled decoration popular at parties.

Drive a vehicle backwards.

Icily cold, like a big old mountain of ice.

Temperature scale; water boils at 100 degrees __.

Starfish friend of SpongeBob.

Sandy stretches of land by the sea.

Puzzle 13

To end your working life.


This was white as snow for Mary's little lamb.


__ de Soleil acrobatic show.

To suck up dust and debris from a carpet.

Thin plastic or paper drinking tubes.

Portable computer.

Wile E.__, foe of Road Runner.

SOS rockets sent up into the sky by sailors.

Puzzle 14

As dumb as they come: "one __ short of a picnic".

Going red in the face.

A woolen layer fastened with buttons at the front.

French __, skilled woodworker and finisher.

A windy day with gusts of wind is __.

Preserving foods in vinegar.

__ numbers, not ordinal, e.g. 1, 2, 3.

Revolving fast.

Digging up soil underwater in rivers and estuaries.

For example, a police car that is undercover.

The act of changing your position, e.g. in a dance.

Metal, water-filled heater found in homes.

Device for measuring mileage.

Moral tales, especially found in the Bible.

Ruby __, Dorothy's footwear of choice.

Puzzle 15

Middle part of an insect.

Trick __; children's Halloween activity.

The sense provided by your ears.

A team scores this against itself.

Be polite and honor someone, value their opinion.

Write this on an envelope.

Bubbling, warm water bath at a spa.

Big cat with spots, found in Asia and Africa.

Incredibly hot fire; hell, according to Dante.

Receptacles for burying corpses in.

Greg is a shortened version of this boys' name.

Ingrown __, painful foot condition.

Puzzle 16

Type of plant that makes up an orchard.

Person who catches some rays on the beach.

A person described as shy, rhymes with disconcert.

Face-to-face meeting for job candidates.

Gives off a glow, screwed into a lamp.

A country in Asia: anagram of "Nia is done".

Accordance, pact, deal.

Oven that heats food quickly on a turntable.

Places where sailing vessels are kept.

Paints wood with protective glaze.

Place to spend money on candies, chocs and chews.

Game where guns shoot pigment at players.

Ride on someone's shoulders, oink oink.

Tubes with circular ends.

Makes an image larger, increasing in size.

Piece of rock from space that has struck Earth.

Puzzle 17

A 1920s lady with short hair and a fringed dress.

Round shapes, e.g. globes, balls.

Obvious, clear to all.

Bloodsucking worms.

Partly burned coal; nickname for slipper princess.

Prehistoric period after the Stone and Bronze eras.

Colored pen/marker with a soft end.

Thieves, people who steal.

Flat, heavy pan for cooking food.

Sale to sell goods to bidders.

Make something even better.

Loose change, copper coins.

Popular drink made from grapes.

Puzzle 18

All-__; something that takes up all your time.

A short leisurely trip or outing.

Freezing point of water in degrees Fahrenheit.

Feeling unwell; having an illness.

Extremely funny.

Hot __, milky, cocoa-based drink.

Macaulay Culkin's solo Christmas adventure film.

Tiny wafer in a computer.

The only female little blue mushroom dweller.

Finds something.

Rolled up tobacco.

Lookout point up high on a ship's mast.

California-inspired tunes for hanging ten.

Home state of Justin Timberlake and Jack Daniels.

Puzzle 19

__ cream, beaten to top hot chocolate.

Biblical figure who Jesus brought back to life.

Paper entrance passes for shows.

Something that is uncovered or revealed.

Winged horse of legend.

Flowers held together in a bunch.

In a not-drunk way.

Use these via Instagram to improve your photos.

Lose __; fall out of touch with someone.

A place to buy games and things to play with.

High-level doctor who performs surgery.

Portable rocket launcher, as used by Joe?.

Electric device for browning bread slices.

Outdoor blaze for burning garden debris.

Puzzle 20

Inhaled and exhaled.

Hot rays from the ball in the sky.

Up to the __; an excessive amount.

Pardoned, absolved of a sin.

Parallel __; alternate reality.

90s Spanish dance craze, heyyyy __.

Golden, chocolate or black common pet dog.

Mexican city with cliff divers and hot temps.

Loyal, dedicated.

Where the grapes are grown to make wine.

Nail __; hand tool for cutting fingernails.

__ Bridge, it crosses the East River in NY.

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