CodyCross Household Items Pack answers

Household Items PackHousehold Items

Here are the answers to CodyCross Household Items Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

To outrage somebody; rhymes with "amend".

Most frequent day of the week for a heart attack.

Baseball fan's staple.

First name of pianist composer Elgar.

Type of wood Noah's Ark was built from.

Mounted on the wall for admiring your reflection.

Fixed allocations.

Have small arguments, constantly.

Capital of Austria.

Reapplying the undersides of a shoe.

French film awards equivalent to the Oscars.

Bathroom fixture that sprays water for washing.

Belched, brought up wind.

Puzzle 2

Julian __, Aussie founder of WikiLeaks.

Device for cooking food in hot water mist.

Science of determining the size/shape of the Earth.

Former currency of Greece.

The home town of the Flintstones.

Storage container for wrenches and screwdrivers.


Spicy, red pepper aka cow horn pepper.

Bring back to original condition.

The player who delivers the ball to the batter.

Bite __; be killed.

Annual reference book.

Puzzle 3

World's best selling vodka.

Midnight is this spooky hour.

Countries in Great Britain: England, Wales, and __.

Comfortable living room seating.

Cold __, epic war film starring Jude Law.

More perspiring.

Give the __; let slip secret plans.

Persian philosopher and medic aka Ibn Sina.

Enlisted soldier who fleed his post during a war.

Protagonist in The Tempest.

Rating given to the best hotels.

An example of an animal or plant.

Small mammal able to kill deadly snakes.

Puzzle 4

Small yellow cartoon canary, Sylvester's adversary.

17th century name to describe region in NE Asia.

Circulated banknotes, preferred by ransom holders.

All Hallows Eve is a festival from this religion.

Highwire for walking along with a balance pole.

Hint, murmured implication.

Lack of knowledge or awareness.

Cover that reduces a light's brightness.

Thin cotton mattress covering that is not fitted.

Tumultuous noise of New Year crowds and horns.

Greek mythology equivalent of Venus.

Government by the few.

Upward-facing eggs.

Swamp, engulf with emotion.

Puzzle 5

Black by-product of petroleum used for paving.

Arachnophobia is the fear of these animals.

Circled a planet.

Offensive, nausea, loathing, distaste.

Caribbean island where Mt. Obama is located.

Prolific English writer of science fiction.

Original punk band of the 1970s from New York.

The colony in Virginia that simply vanished.

Legendary winged creature with glowing red eyes.

Knives, forks and spoons.

__ alarm; intruder warning system.

Plaything for a dog.

The latest clothing styles are in __.

How cured strips of bacon are called.

Puzzle 6

__ washer, high-powered cleaning for fabric floors.

Heart treatment found to treat sexual dysfunction.

Cooking in oil in a pan.

Actor plays blind man in Scent of a Woman.

Timing that is not later.

City with both a Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena.

You can't teach one new tricks.

Chinese dip containing no fish, despite its name.

Shiny fabric.

Integral part of a central heating system.

Swallowed something that obstructed breathing.

Layer between Earth's crust and its outer core.

__ bells ring, are you listening? In the lane....

A heavy load to carry.

Puzzle 7

Body-building drug.

The warmest, most pleasing and comforting.

Forked-tail bird, migrates in autumn, aka martin.

Something left after destruction, removal.

Dogs __ Poker, Coolidge's anthropomorphic canines.

Fred __, dancing partner of Ginger Rogers.

A rack where wet crockery is left to dry.

More spicy; anagram of granite.

Combined Russian forces in WWII, a colorful lot.

Prison officials.

An enclosed box with a shower inside.

Clothes that need to be washed.

French city portrayed in some of Matisse's paints.

Portion of money; French for "slice".

Puzzle 8

Making clay models.

Specific field, just about the whole universe.

Criminals, inmates.

Composer of the comic opera "Robinson Crusoe".

Scotch, citrus and sugar, curiously no Big Apple.

Jack scrambles up this magic plant.

A person from the capital city of Syria.

Blood is thicker __; family ties matter.

Richard __, creator of factory system at Cromford.

Heated device for getting creases out of clothes.

The warmest part of a home in winter.

Puzzle 9

Chilly device built into some fridges.

Baldness, a pattern of hair loss on the head.

Henri de __-Lautrec, Moulin Rouge painter.

Gobsmackingly beautiful.

Deciduous nut roasted over an open fire.

Smoke __; fire protection device.

Rough calculation.

Cat __: natural adversaries such as Tom & Jerry.

Sum paid to the family of one killed in a duel.

Wrist timekeeper with 007 capabilities.

Reject a decision (by a superior).

First Beatle to release a solo album: George __.

Puzzle 10

Dome-shaped houses built out of layers of snow.

Ran away to get married in secret.

Breakfast food topped with syrup or fruit.

Author of "I, Robot": Isaac __.

Climb or walk up a hill; to rise.

Furniture for sitting on.

Mull over, think about.

Food for farm animals.

Container in which incense is burned.

Actor known for gangster roles; Focker in-law.

Purse for keeping paper money in.

-273.16 degrees Celsius is 0 on this scale.

Language spoken on divided Asian peninsula.

In total contrast to deep joy.

Before a baby learns to walk, it __.

Old gold and silver coins, meaning "dukedom".

Strait between Australia and New Guinea.

Gain victory over.

Puzzle 11

Medal for an Olympics competition 2nd place finish.

Fire-spitting flying reptile.

City in Europe where St. Paul's Cathedral is.

Unwell, weak.

Device for removing impurities from water.

These are formed by two lines coming to a point.

Not pay attention to.

Lloyd __, Phantom of the Opera composer.

Untie, make less tight.

Kitchen device for weighing ingredients.

Poor quality soil, no good for growing crops.

Astrological killer made into Downey Jr. film.

Puzzle 12

Ancient Greek troop formation with shields.

Advertisements; anagram of section.

__ chair, elevated position to judge tennis.

A communication containing some information.

"Recooked" whey cheese used in Italian cuisine.

Frank Sinatra's kind of town.

Only the wearer knows where the shoe __.

Large appliance for keeping food frozen.

Concise account, highlighting the main points.

Frame and wheels of a vehicle.

Puzzle 13

Term for an opera without costumes or scenery.

Waste container that opens when stepped on.

Cream to apply following exposure to UV rays.

Pencil sketches.

To deduce what illness or ailment a patient has.

Languages on the Rosetta Stone: Greek and __.

Monday to Friday.

Without any large, tall vegetation.

__ can; spouted container for thirsty plants.

What the A stands for in NATO.

To assemble military forces for service.

A non-mainstream, often low budget, film.

Puzzle 14

Change a liquid to a mist.

Trance-like (feline?) state such as in epilepsy.

Type of art for which Rodin was most famous.

Cube for sweetening coffee.

Household items such as tables, chairs or cabinets.

__ in a big pond; someone without much influence.

All-__; holiday basis with food and drink included.

Dramatic speech where actors speak to themselves.

Extremely steep, nearly vertical cliff face.

To wipe out, remove all traces of something.

Indispensable tool for tinned food.

Wear less formal clothing.

Bengal cat named after African game reserve.

Puzzle 15

Furless cat with very large ears.

Country where the town of Lillehammer is located.

Season of the year for the Jewish holiday Shavuot.

Exonerate from a crime.

Native American wool shawl with head hole.

Germanic barbarian settlers in Gaul led by Clovis.

The only creatures that terrify Indiana Jones.

__ dryer; machine for drying laundry.

Canine nickname for a sailor.

__ tray; metal ovenware.

__ Pieces, peanut butter in sugar shells.

Most widely spoken mother tongue in the EU.

Puzzle 16

__ & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

Author of the children's book "Mandy": Julie __.

Someone who can read your mind.

Blowing in the breeze.

African country once called Basutoland.

Cleaned teeth.

A small hill.

Wintery gents with a carrot for a nose.

Timetables, programs, dockets, schedules.

__ bat, blood-sucking creature.

Protective square for standing a drink on.

__ chair; seat that moves backwards and forwards.

Barbadian singer discovered by Jay Z.

Hurting and sore.

Barrel Of __, linking apes, kid favorite.

Friend who you actually fundamentally dislike.

Puzzle 17

Obstacle course sport with jumping and leaping.

Stanley __, director of The Shining.

The sensation that can cause you to scratch.

A trip or a voyage.

One who dabbles.

Windsor and Neuschwanstein are famous __.

Altered the direction of a vehicle.

Abraham __, the tallest-ever US president.

Public praise.

Too many chiefs and not enough of these.

Dried grapes for fruit cake or Christmas pudding.

Jeff __ is Hayley's husband in American Dad.

To receive money when someone dies.

C-3PO has the first line of Star Wars: A __.

Small kitchen appliance for browning bread.

A cat has 32 __ in each ear.


Plump angelic children in religious depictions.

Roman god of money, luck and trickery.

Puzzle 18

To rest inactive during summer.

Arm socket.

Won an Oscar for his performance in Forrest Gump.

Activity done in a pool filled with water.

London airport, busiest UK airport.

John Moses __, dubbed the father of firearms.

US equivalent of a rucksack.

Captain Nemo's submarine: the __.

Breaking into and stealing from homes.

Mattress filled with H2O.

Giant aquatic snakes found in South America.

Decorating with a brush and pot.

Someone who acts alone.

Covered padded squares on chairs for extra comfort.

Puzzle 19

One who watches.

Portable device for recharging your phone.

Taking aggressive action against.

Capital of Pakistan, nicknamed 'Green City'.

Sailors' work song with call-and-response.

Peanut in its shell.

Can get you hooked.

Moved forward.

Derived from plants.

Protects hands taking hot dishes out of a cooker.

Chris __ known for portraying Thor.

Puzzle 20

To soak it in.

Henry __, Superman actor, Batman Vs Superman.

To have cut untidy branches from a tree.

The most capable.

Massive BP oil spill in Gulf of __ in 2010.

One eighth of a circle's circumference.

Feather __; helps clean hard-to-reach cobwebs.

Another word for a sofa or a couch.

To inscribe to a certain activity or contract.

Tim __, Edward Scissorhands director.

Rule of __, divide an image into three parts.

Squeezed a cow's udders.

The colour of Hawkwind's machine.

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