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Here are the answers to CodyCross Housewarming Gifts Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Bread and bagel heating appliance.

Skill used by cats in drinking milk from saucers.

Jugs for water on tables.

People who got the goals in a sports match.

Doing your job.

Someone in charge of a lift at a hotel.

There are consequences to your ___.

Warm cloth on a bed or couch.

__ Race; toy with snow-loving birds on a ski slope.

Make a fast escape on foot.

Magical winged beings, like Tinker Bell.

Quick jobs, e.g. paying bills, posting letters.

The antonym of "softest".

Puzzle 2

Two words that mean the opposite of "close by".

Work hard and you will __, accomplish your goals.

Wax cylinders with burning wicks.

Items, things.

A popular cinema snack, can be sweet or salty.

Athlete who competes in water.

Sally __, Cozy Cone Motel owner in Cars.

Hour for going to sleep.

Gridded platter for holding frozen water.

Attractive metal pieces.

Puzzle 3

Looks after children.

A long-legged, pink bird.

Opening your eyes at the start of a new day.

People who tidy up a house.

Walking like a little kid.

To be with child.

When life gives you lemons, make it.

Not yesterday or today.

Snack consisting of bread and a filling.

Gifts from friends.

Puzzle 4

Someone from Zimbabwe or Kenya, for example.

Goes crimson with embarrassment.

Space vehicles, sending people into space.

Fly __, plastic grid used to despatch insects.

Sending an SMS message.

Made foam, e.g. for a milky coffee.

__ out; using an eraser to remove pencil marks.

Lowering the temperature of a substance.

Came back as a ghost.

Follow-on books in a series.

It helps fix toilet clogs.

Requiring something.

Water holder; baseball position.

Puzzle 5

Vehicle accident.

Clapping sound; a round of __.

School assignments done on one's own.

Older form of explosive, also slang for excellent.

Art made with watercolors or acrylics.

Sit quietly and focus on mindfulness.

Being grateful to someone.

Circus trick of tossing balls in the air.

A bikini, Speedo, or one-piece.

Concentrated coffee.

Fresh picked fruit; these are small, red, pitted.

Physical exercise.

A necessity for making pasta.

Performer of sleight of hand, illusions.

Home of the planets, sun, stars and galaxies.

Puzzle 6

Competed in a competition (rhymes with "mended").

Contented, fulfilled; happy with a new home.

Atomic number of radon; two times forty-three.

Elastic covered with fabric to hold hair.

Space object sending weather information.

Entry paid to get into an attraction.

Three words to describe being out in the city.

Twisted metal for opening wine.

She sells __ by the seashore.

Usually the first meal of the day.

Puzzle 7

Mexican tortilla chips with cheesy topping.

In a noisy way.

Follower of Islam.

It reverses Outward on a train ticket.

Cutlery used for eating ice cream.

Brothers, sisters, and parents.

One of Santa's reindeer, with twinkle toes maybe.

Mixed nuts; cashew, peanut, walnut and this.

Body of land completely surrounded by ocean.

Not open for business.

A small, well-groomed beard just covering the chin.

String for sewing or doing cross-stitch.

Another name for a soul or ghost.

Where birds settle to sleep at night.

Puzzle 8

Section of a book.

Game where you knock down pins with a big ball.

Offer or propose an idea to someone.

Capable of being utilized.

Measurement by the 100th.

Animals with scaly skin that lay eggs.

Blooms that come in a bouquet.

Going around a corner.

A, B, C, etc; not numbers.

Creating ringlets in hair.

Pancake flipping utensil.

Maneuvering a yacht on open waters.

Person who cuts and sells meat.

Puzzle 9

Nail treatments for the hands.

Small wooden splint for extricating stuck food.

Central inedible part of a granny smith with seeds.

To inspire awe; amazing.

Handy furniture for resting weary legs.

AAs, AAAs, and Ds.

An unexpected challenge; a baseball pitch.

Jumping game chalked on the ground.

To be self-employed.

Collecting fresh flowers to give as a gift.

Cute little baby canines; young pooches.

Puzzle 10

Slept in a tent.

Fabric or synthetic sheets for cleaning.

A person who performs songs.

Robotic vacuum made by iRobot.

Baby animal that lives in a sty.

Another word for Christmas hymns.

Information placed at the top of a page.

The __ things in life; uncomplicated pleasures.

The act of playing Nintendo, PlayStation, etc..

A single pant of air.

A rhyme or quiz question.

Preparatory exercise before the main workout.

Safe, not in danger.

A fire breathing mythical creature.

Brown spirit that's maybe from Scotland or Canada.

Puzzle 11

Bringing a child into your family as your own.

Fashionista who creates new outfits.

Tile word game with Double Word Scores.

Hard, white sphere hit by a club or putter.

__ paper, colorful covering for gift-giving.

Incredible, tremendous-looking.

Unfamiliar person.

A plastic money equivalent for a certain store.

Occurring each 24 hours.

The mode of transportation for Santa Claus.

Opposite of multiplication.

A long-legged, pink bird.

The __ is always right.

Using a broom or brush to make piles of dirt.

Puzzle 12

Decorative natural items from the ocean.

Occurring right now.

From the coldest continent.

To clean something with beach particles.

Five-sided star shapes.

Fairy-tale weddings often involve these vehicles.

Not the same.

Notes made to help you remember things.

Money __, person who hides illegally obtained cash.

Wine whose name is French for "Black Pine".

Puzzle 13

Shiny paper or foil that has chocolate inside.

Equipment that mixes oxygen to wine.

Getting a goal in football.

What the eight maids are doing at Christmas.

Electronic sound emitter.

Handing out playing cards in a game.

Fluffy-tailed hopping animals.

Loud noise, rhymes with "zooming".

Bent, not straight.

Where you dip a calligraphy pen.

Puzzle 14

The son of your brother or sister.

From the top of a hill to the ground, at an angle.

In a saying, the pot calls it black.

Consuming food.

Beetle that can get into flour and rice.

A painful, difficult experience.

Bunched fruit, grows on vines.

Patchwork blankets.

An amount of medication administered.

Australian opera house.

A small drum you play with your hands.

Puzzle 15

The __ is always right.

Talks very quietly, into someone's ear.

Everest, Rushmore, or Denali.

Motorized, gas powered cutting tool.

Fire a stone through the air with a slingshot.

Everything around us including stars, planets.

Cooking done over charcoal or fire.

The World Wide Web.

Brawn, ability to lift heavy things.

Eighth Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.

The Chinese art of furniture arrangement.

Declared insolvent.


Puzzle 16

Great, wonderful.

Tiny drink holder for 1.5 ounces of alcohol.

The way a person lives their life.

Timely and productive.

Person who hosts a radio or television show.

Hair braid associated with Rastafarians.

Lizard that changes the shade of its skin.

They decorate a Christmas tree.

Device used to open bottles of wine.

How much wool Baa Baa Black Sheep has; __ full.

A device that uses radiation to reheat food.

Puzzle 17

Normal, average.

Price for mail delivery.

Stick that releases fragrant smoke when burned.

Service that washes, dries and irons clothes.

A flat-bottomed beverage container.

Land of Make-__, a fantasy world.

Fit and well.

Arc of red, yellow, orange and more in the sky.

Where Humpty Dumpty sat.

Have a goal scored against you; admit failure.

British word for what are trucks in the US.

The sweet course after a meal.

Person who checks or whitens teeth.

Puzzle 18

Trio, group with one more member than a couple.

Plug-in scent sprayer: Air __.

Disrupted or interrupted.

Light-hearted, easy-going.

Work out mutual benefits of a deal.

Circular clothing collar style.

A scientist of nature and living things.

See you later __. After a while crocodile..

Dried petals and spices put into a bowl.

Red and white Christmas treat.

Device that blows hot air for styling wet locks.

Puzzle 19

Able to read and write.

Surname of TV family on Black-ish.

The opposite of horizontal.

Ring makes a video one.

Strong, able to lift heavy weights.

Disease caused by lack of insulin.

In a state of having a job.

Dispensing liquid from an aerosol can.

Animal that pulls Santa's sleigh.

Recipe-filled reference work.

__ caps; reinforced protection on builders' boots.

Mexican flatbread.

Puzzle 20

Jack, Brie, or Colby.

__ Gate bridge; famous San Francisco Bay crossing.

Online shopping site or South American river.

Red wine named after a French blackbird.

__ Joes Café, musical review.

An animal that gives birth to live young.

Ed, Ned and Eddie are short versions of this name.

Quiet and gentle, peaceful.

Sell tickets to win a prize.

Plant, with four leaves it brings good luck.

Stringed instrument played with a bow.

Carrier and selector of clubs for a golfer.

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