CodyCross Human Body Pack answers

Human Body PackHuman Body

Here are the answers to CodyCross Human Body Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

In Asia they are a symbol of longevity.

Soft, kind, sympathetic.

Yitzhak Rabin, assassinated Prime Minister of __.

Apple makes the __, iPad, and Mac computers.

The largest "big cats" in the world.

__ custard, ice cream dessert with eggs.

Canal that connects the Atlantic to Pacific ocean.

__ Graf, German tennis player married to Agassi.

__ acid, used in leather production.

Merlin is considered one of them.

Medical term for short-sightedness.

In the main, generally.

Japanese car manufacturer.

Iberian capital predates London, Paris and Rome.

Second-largest planet in the Solar System.

Ancient mural technique done on wet lime plaster.

__ Minds, recorded Don`t You (Forget About Me).

Puzzle 2

A protein that is present in connective tissue.

John Milton's epic poem on Adam and Eve: "__ Lost".

A throbbing painful headache.

Like mother, like __.

Given by prize winners in acceptance of awards.

Thin flatbread, used to make chips and burritos.

__ Gutenberg, father of modern printing.

__ Crows, Mr. Jones made this band famous.

Single man, TV show searching for Miss Right.

The capital of Belgium.

Chain __; sci-fi thriller starring Keanu Reeves.


__ Method, Sir Francis's investigative theory.

Before the twelfth.

Puzzle 3

__bone, fishbone pattern on fabric.

Island invaded by Reagan over communist fears.

Floral love symbol.

Kaley Cuoco, The __ Theory actress.

__ Dollar Baby, won the Academy Awards in 2005.

Deficient amount of oxygen reaching body tissues.

Smooth singer fronting big band, like Sinatra.

People follow them.

Society without a form of coherent government.

To plan, figure, or estimate for the future.

Another name for German Measles.

Jewish bread eaten on the Sabbath.

Division of a cell in the body to make two.

Puzzle 4

US WWII plan to supply the Allies with material.

Sea covers east side of massive Atlantic island.

Animal with sharp quills.

Publicize information about a product.

Sergei __, Russian composer of Romeo and Juliet.

Utensil for eating broth.

One who studies the past.

A fellow occupant in a residence.

To lose body liquid.

Thigh muscle, painful when pulled.

The middle cavity of the inner ear.

In typography, capital letters.

Nobel prize won by scientist Ernest Rutherford.

Puzzle 5

John Cleveland __, fuel and iron robber baron.

Antelope that gives its name to a Chevrolet.

Comet that comes around Earth every 75 years.

No Country for __, by Cormac McCarthy.

King of the Franks in Gaul, created a dynasty.

Capital of Taiwan.

The Spanish word for both "morning" and "tomorrow".

Estadio __, Mexican stadium hosted 2 W.Cup finals.

Tube that moves the urine from kidney to bladder.

Lifeboat drill exercise before a ship sails.

__ House on the Prairie, Landon western series.

Singer, musician once with unpronounceable name.

Endocardium is the inside __ of the heart.

German teddybears with buttons in their ears.

Puzzle 6

Got away from confinement, gained liberty.

Enjoined by Moses to let his people go.

2014 coming of age movie filmed for 11 years.

The person in charge of a museum, art collection.

Toilet declogger that works with suction.

Money given to an author before writing starts.

Capital city of Umbria, with arts festivals.

Fried batter with e.g. sweetcorn in it.

Brat packer who played Sodapop in The Outsiders.

Big triangle-shaped muscle on the shoulder joint.

Sent a letter electronically.

Rats and others.

Blood-sucking worms used in medicine.

Puzzle 7

Dark feline people don't like to cross.

German writer of The Communist Manifesto.

The front of the body.

Blood __, can be dangerous if too high or low.

Relating to the brain.

Roman Catholic prayer to the Virgin Mother.

Red wine grape, one of world's most widely planted.

Capital of Saint Lucia.

Organism that lives on or in another, feeds off it.

__ Report, report to shareholders on net benefits.

Makes films or grows veggies.

Airport area where you pick up family and friends.

The Cat __, Tom and Jerry short, Oscar winner.

Small signs revealing someone's early presence.

Female member of the British nobility.

Ominous, or the left-hand side.

Puzzle 8

Philanderer, ladies' man, devoid of morals.


An alternative, comical name for the humerus.

London Tower guard and famous British gin brand.

Large, loud species of swan found in North America.

Greek football team based in capital.

Production or release of a substance from a gland.

Spanish province and port city on the Med.

Tuned wooden bars hit with hammers.

Hans Christian Andersen's frosty fairy tale baddie.

Puzzle 9

Trees we get syrup from.

__ Sea, stretch of the Med south of the Ionian Sea.

The "rounds" of a bowling game.

Indian city, site of 1984 pesticide plant disaster.

Fallen __, another name for flat feet.

Large shrimps.

Body art; ink inserted into the skin.

Capital of Saudi Arabia.

National __, 12-year-old girl in love with horses.

To convert food into energy in the stomach.

Puzzle 10

Plaster panel commonly used in American houses.

Colin __, known for Whose Line is it Anyway?.

Deposed Panamanian dictator of the 1980s.

Nasal duct.

Venuto city known as the "city of Palladio".

Kids love to play in this with pails and shovels.

They hold papers together.

Sometimes overactive or underactive gland.

Winnie __ and the Honey Tree, 1966 Disney film.

Wrote the book Satanic Verses, Salman __.

It's golden, but you can't buy or sell it.

Scottish mythological beasts at Grangemouth.

Rice Krispies friend of Snap and Pop.

Marc __, French-Russian artist of Firebird ballet.

Quick look.

Puzzle 11

South African town "relieved" from siege in 1900.


100 equalled a French franc.

Athletic shoes reaching above the ankle.

Puerto Rican baseball god, Roberto __.

One of the animals observed by Charles Darwin.

Swiss pear bread pastry.

Written symbols in maths or music.

__ vici, I came, I saw, I conquered.

__ Luke, Newman is a petty thief in this movie.

Vision, a person's ability to see.

Puzzle 12

Fairy from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker ballet.

Powerful lamp attached to the front of a vehicle.

Of or relating to the lungs.

Chilly, advancing air mass.

Someone who drums up interest in a product.

Founder in 1791 of Society of United Irishmen.

Large lake in Umbria, Italy, surrounded by castles.

Sex, Lies and __, movie with James Spader.

Gym class classic with rubber ball projectiles.

Cavitiy of the skull related to vision.

Obsession with setting fire to things.

Puzzle 13

Bald, civil rights leader played by Kingsley.

Bad or unpleasant to the maximum degree.

America's most macabre TV family.

Chocolate ganache named after French marshall.

Manipulated surprise attack.

Highest dormant volcano in Antarctica.

Tooth __ makes up the visible part of a tooth.

__Sea, off Greenland's coast, in the Arctic Ocean.

__ Monet, first name of the artist.

The lower region of the spine or back.

Watery substance containing clay or concrete.

Cs is the chemical symbol for this.

Not exposed to danger, harm, not moveable.

The Goose that Laid the __ Egg.

__ Eleven, comedy heist with Clooney in key role.

Sorry! is a board game published by __.

Puzzle 14

French explorer mapped out St. Lawrence Seaway.

She's in the movies.

__, first step at an airport.

To offend the good taste, moral sense, etc.

Tiny air sacs inside the lungs.


__ Hills 90210, series about life of rich kids.

__ Republic, official name of Pakistan, Iran etc.

Greek biologist, wife of Aristotle.

Short hairs fringing the edge of the eyelid.

It will be all the same a __ years hence.

American multiple medal-winning swimmer Katie., travel website for "reserving".

2010 Disney film about Rapunzel.

Puzzle 15

Cybill, Bruce Willis's Moonlighting co-star.

Science fiction cartoon from Simpsons creator.

Resistance to infection or disease.

Fred Astaire was one of the greatest in this "art".

Gothic writer of Interview with a Vampire.

Include hammer, anvil and stirrups; ear bones.

Japanese skewered chicken pieces.

Aiding and __, knowingly taking part in a crime.

Pipes of peace.

Animal that exists by preying on others.


These big cats don't change their spots.

The GTO is one of __ most well known models.

Puzzle 16

Jewelry for men; used in button shirts.

Wet weather measuring device.

Catalytic __, antipollution device in a vehicle.

Movie about coming out as an eldery person.

Yiddish expression for a mess, muddle or confusion.

Mid-range hotel rating.

Russian word for a crew member of a spacecraft.

Ecuador islands studied by Darwin.

McDonald's staple.

Constantly moving yoga style.

Hind thigh muscle.

A white blood cell.

The process of getting rid of bodily waste.

Capital of Saint Helena.

Puzzle 17

__ book, from which coupons were snipped in WWII.

Violent, intense, or ferocious.

Large New World vulture.

John __, famous for his work in The Rabbit series.

Woman played by Lindsay Wagner in the 70s.

Ancient Bronze age civilization on Crete.

Country host to the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014.

Not real; outward appearance; a building face.

German "Parsifal" composer.

__ teeth usually come out from ages 17 to 20.

Mace Windu's lightsaber is __ in Star Wars.

__ Rich, cartoon about a wealthy young boy.

Home for your car.

The "Man with the Golden Flute": James __.

__ Picasso, French jewelry and perfume designer.

Act of killing another person on purpose.

A place made holy by sacred person or relic.

Brass-colored mineral known as fool's gold.

Injury that leaves a bluish-red mark on skin.

Puzzle 18

A rose by any other name would smell __.

To disperse about, go in different directions.

French coastline, home to Monaco and Saint Tropez.

Gwyneth __, plays Pepper Potts in Iron Man movies.

Barbara __, prolific, Italian, 17th-century composer.

__ on the Roof, Broadway musical and film.

Blackout from one celestial upon another.

The hard part of a tooth below the enamel.

Pizza with a thick fried dough.

Decorative touch, embellish.

70's stone dweller cartoon, Captain __.

Soccer goalies.

Puzzle 19

Filled Italian bread, by tradition hearth-made.

__ Peach, Mushroom Kingdom royalty.

Famous part of the University of Paris.

__ acid, another name for vitamin C.

__ Verdi, wrote La Traviata.

Motorsport including road legal cars.

Tibetan peak to the north of Mount Everest.

These blood vessels carry blood away from heart.

The kind of waters that is good fishing in.

Kind Hearts and __, an Alec Guinness multi-parter.

Solvent-based laundering.

The Vedas of Hinduism were written in this language.

Biggest rodent in the world.

Deceit to get access to personal data in computing.

Global celebration of the planet on 22 April.

Showtime series about war and terror plots.

Center of Antolian kingdom, The Shrine.

Puzzle 20

Battlestar __, depicts humans vs. robotic cylons.

The study of ligaments.

Neuron, brain component.

Greek Ionian island called The Flower of the East.

He plays Haymitch in The Hunger Games movies.

Won a Lit Nobel prize in 1953, never a Peace prize.

__ and sides, mid-20th C men's haircut.

Sprouting of a seed.

Not clear, questionable.

De __, Frenchman created the modern Olympics.

Dante's realm along with Paradise and Inferno.

One who gets students to school.

Bulk seller, pre-retail.

Roman emperor laid plans for the Colosseum.

Exclamation from mutant turtles (not bovines).

It steers your bicycle.

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