CodyCross Iconic Inventors Pack answers

Iconic Inventors PackIconic Inventors

Here are the answers to CodyCross Iconic Inventors Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Multiple fixed gazes.

Sap carrier.

International organization with wheel as symbol.

Mafia code of silence.

__ Zaytsev, Soviet sniper who killed 225 soldiers.

Austrian ski site in the Tyrol, linked to Samnaun.

Developer of the first electric iron.

Guitar string order from lowest to highest.

It means "fifth" in Spanish.

__ King, the custodian of the Holy Grail.

In a flirtatious way.

Emmanuel Radnitzky.

Puzzle 2

Memoir by Henri Charrière.

Nabokov's first name.

Antonym of commotion.

Occurrence of a rock on Earth's surface, outcrop.

Great Carthaginian military commander.

A spluttering or angry sound.

Body of water containing over 1,300 islands.

In the 1560s he created a new map projection.

__ personae, Latin phrase for cast of a play.

Watch brand famous for chronographs.

They are red when they mislead you.

Ball has to cross it to score.

Smallest of the Canary Islands.

Crystallographer who discovered the structure of DNA.

Novice nun in Buddhism.

Army leader and Pakistani president (1958-69).

Casino token.

Tortoises belong to this group.

Italian moka pot company with mustachioed mascot.

Puzzle 3

Tilda __, known for her androgynous look.


World’s tallest mammal.

Searching about oneself on the Internet.

Public mortifying.

Study of ear anatomy and diseases.

Newspaper's little brother.

Aquatic rocket.

Tommy __ built Colossus, first electronic computer.

Bacterial skin infection observed by Robert Koch.

Dustin, World No. 1 golfer in 2017.

"__ Man", fictional Internet meme.

Garden of __ Delights, Bosch's Biblical triptych.

Way through.

Puzzle 4

Lennon's preferred brandy drink, creme de cacao.

The __ Chronicle, 1971 Darwinian satire.

Canadian female jazz singer.

__ tire, wheel cover developed by Thomson in 1845.


Traction __, flinging weapon from Ancient China.

Set of normative beliefs or ideas.

It causes food poisoning.

Piece of magnetized magnetite.

Second highest leader after acharya in Jainism.

French for "have a good trip".

Indiana Jones would never study this.

Jack climbed one and found a giant.

Berlin parliamentary edifice, rebuilt by Norman Foster.

Greek who helped Caesar design the Julian calendar.

Puzzle 5

It's a mystery.

Bill the __, hardworking reptile in Wonderland.

Snow or water.

Court agenda.

Coiled metal spring toy created by Richard James.

To cast out, expel.

Tenochtitlan original inhabitants.

It means "zwölf" in German.

Peroni Brewery's premium lager, __ Azzuro.

Enclosed sea; St Petersburg lies to the east.

Eva Gabor plays Miss __ in The Rescuers.

Puzzle 6

Disputed land area and source of Led Zeppelin hit.

Thin flatbread from Romagna region.

Keepsake, souvenir.

Wholecut dress shoe; looks like a derby.

Discretion is the __ part of valor.

Heavy material carried in a ship for stability.

Popular kids card game from Victorian age.

Wrote On the Road on one piece of paper.

Cuts easier.

Heilmeier's invention; LCD, or Liquid __ Display.

Joseph __, devised commercial toilet paper.

Puzzle 7

Serbian tennis maestro.

Terra Mystica offers players __ fantasy races.

A snowman's way to spend downtime?.

Penguin species reminiscent of Italian food.

Hard surface scribe.

The __, propaganda film 49th parallel in UK.

Emile __, US inventor of the gramophone record.

__ Santo, "holy" Brazilian state.

Slapping of the palms.

1950s perfume started as a bath oil.

Designer of the iconic Spitfire WWII fighter plane.

The __ Gypsy, dreamy Rousseau painting.

Alfred Nobel's explosive.

They circle the Earth.

32 degrees fahrenheit, 0 degree Celsius.

__ Gastronomique, French cookery dictionary.

Used to bind or restrain; musical term.

Puzzle 8


Schneewittchen tale.

Learn about origins of government in this study.

__ rod, storm protection pole devised by Franklin.

German, Jewish Saturday morning sweet bun.

It means "zanzare" in Italian.

Blurring of film to romanticize the characters.

Boss Russian meerkat with red velvet coat.

US swimmer, won 9 golds at the 68 and 72 Olympics.

Ancient Silk Route city, in modern-day Uzbekistan.

Lollygagging, arrière-pensée, lingering.

Puzzle 9

Opening hello at the beginning of broadcast.

Humanoid monsters from Gears of War games.

J Robert Oppenheimer.


Smooth and connected successive tones.

Spanish province and city in Castilla-La Mancha.

First emperor of China.

Hell is other people.

__ pin, metal fastener created by Walter Hunt.

All __ Airways or ANA, largest Japanese airline.

Reptile that knows how to program.

Jamaican tropical fruits.

Inventor of the Smallpox vaccine.

Red-brown color; rough-skinned apples.

__Narrows, small strait in the Puget Sound.

2002 South Korean World Cup stadium.

Puzzle 10

Forced out, removed, turfed out.

He liberated many South American states.

A string of 55 beads.

Purple __ is a bright small fish.

Moon in Uranus named after a character of a poem.

Video game developer of Mass Effect series.

Conspicuous show of flair or flash.

A phrasal template word game.

Sticking plaster dressing invented by Earle Dickson.

Winged horse with a human head in Persian folklore.

Hounsfield's computerized axial tomography machine.

Reykjavik country.

Scarface's character in original US film in 1932.

Waxy substance from tree used in explosives.

Puzzle 11

Small parrots that flock, including budgies.

Winner of 2001 breakout talent show.

Icelandic colostrum pudding.

Cash __, James Ritty's money counting machine.

It should be done in moderation.

Prehistoric period lasted around 3.4 million years.

Cursive writing system used by the pharaohs.

Informed, enlightened, introduced.

The toes of one foot over the edge of the surfboard.

Elinor and Marianne, Sense and Sensibility book.

Play written by US writer Amiri Baraka in 1964.

Mineral rich in thoria, North Carolina, US.

Hiking ruled to calculate the walking time.

The capital of Easter Island.

Puzzle 12

Moving door, invented by Theophilus Van Kannel.

Creator of Tarzan.

Religious helper for Gharib Nawaz.

Ancient form of writing; wedge-shaped.

Lasse __, Swedish director of My Life as a Dog.

It may not have 100 legs.

Mazurka, Kujawiak, Oberek, Krakowiak.

Federal legislative body of German government.

Newest of 26 Brazilian states, formed in 1988.

Business term where revenues balance costs.

Shaved ice, bourbon and refreshing plant.

Christopher __, created the first hovercraft.

Puzzle 13

Close-set bushes form a border round a garden.

Japanese drama with men playing both gender parts.

F, K only appear once on same cube in this game.

Founder of elliptical theory about planet orbits.

Pascal's machine was used for this math function.

Animated beings made of clay or mud, Judah Bezalel.

Where the chef works on a ship.

Unrefrigerated "friendship cake".

Chief architect of Italian unification in 1870.

Straw mats that served as floor covering in Japan.

Lincoln used one.

Hedy __, inventor of radio guidance system.

World's largest pyramid is found in this country.

Antonym of extraordinary, unusual.

Chinese stadium named after Communist leader.

Mint-family plant felines love.

Puzzle 14

Charles Hull's 3D innovation, developed in 1993.

Disc created by Joop Sinjou and Toshi Tada Doi.

Washington Monument, Victoria Embankment, Urbino.

Cycling BMX was debuted at the 2008 __ games.

Group of West Germanic languages.

Larry, Curly and Moe.

The __ Ones, US film with Tony Curtis.

US musician who walked on the wild side.

Androgenous character created by Virginia Woolf.

Chinese high fin banded shark, freshwater.

Science specific to formation of earth's crust.

Lucy __ always yanked the football from Charlie.

Puzzle 15

Effort to cut off supplies and communication.

"Bottenhavet" in Swedish, "Selkämeri' in Finnish.

Fuel tablet, dry alcohol.

Estadio Olimpico Pascual __, Cali, Colombia.

Instrument with steam whistles.

Gathering, congregation, convocation.

Some come in bottles.

French PM imprisoned in Buchenwald in 1943.

Beirut neighborhood in Achrafieh district.

Hand-me-down literature.

Inventor of the world's first modern automobile.

In Norse mythology, the destruction of the gods.

"Drowned" ice cream, coffee Italian dessert.

Fabric used in upholstery such as on London's Tube.

Puzzle 16

It means "native country" in German.

Azure denticulation.

Seventh country with the most number of species.

Unbending movement around a joint in a limb.

French supermarket chain.

French colony movie from 1930s to 50s.

Inventor of one-step photography Polaroid camera.

Xavi __, central midfielder for Qatari club Al Sadd.

New civil engineering project traversing London.

Akhenaten's wife; Miles Davis album.

Row of columns supporting a roof.

Ancient Greek hydraulics expert made a water clock.

Scientific study of freshwater lakes and ponds.

The original holy book of Sikhism.

Oe __, Japanese Literature Nobel prize in 1994.

Extinct bivalve Molluscs genus; 2004 US film.

Puzzle 17

Older of the aviation pioneering Wright brothers.

Country that was victorious in the "Six Day War".

Glider-builder and pioneer of aerodynamics.

Permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.

Very cold period.

Dapper style straw hat.

Controversial 1980's Chinese film maker.

George __, wrote novels criticizing totalitarianism.

Indian instruments with many strings, gourd body.

Hollow stones lined with crystals.

Chinese dumpling.

Puzzle 18

France's former North African colony.

Depicted in art as chubby healthy children.

Firearm revolutionized by John Moses Browning.

Started 1970s disaster film genre, Dean Martin.

Damage, impair.

__ tart, Australian dessert, pink and brown.

Short military-style hair.

Princess who helped Theseus to cross the labyrinth.

Plant root used in Chinese medicine or insamcha.

Kid __: local youths who help the circus set up.

Younger of the aviation pioneering Wright brothers.

Broad statement.

Tide when the moon is farthest from the sun.

British luxury car brand.

Body's organ vault.

__ Me, River Phoenix coming of age film.

Not firm.

Valuable garden fish.

He wore invisible New Clothes in the fairytale.

One who makes something live again (a palindrome).

Assemble, accumulate.

French for short stool, no back or arms.

Puzzle 19

Only bass is lower.

Supporting brackets unseen in minimalist shelf.

Caught like this you're unprepared.

Music by __, Oscar-winner about a Zimbabwean singer.

Firearm that was first produced by Samuel Colt.

Property of the tape invented by Richard E Drew.

Largest of the rays, horn shaped fins.

Chinese pastry for lunar appreciation.

2016 Nobel Prize for Literature recipient.

The capital of Sierra Leone.

Let someone else do it.

Puzzle 20

Venomous Asian snake.

Thomas Savery's engine to raise water by fire.

Person who likes to get up at dawn.

It means very little to me.

3 kings and 2 queens.

Joseph __, scientist who invented carbonated water.

Italian director who died on the same day as Bergman.

Canvas airship such as Nobile's Norge and Italia.

Website maintainer, maestro of sites.

Tuscan soup made with leftover bread.

Coco Chanel's real Christian name.


Rabbi's wife.

First to run a mile in under 4 minutes, Roger __.

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