CodyCross Idioms and Sayings Pack answers

Idioms and Sayings PackIdioms and Sayings

Here are the answers to CodyCross Idioms and Sayings Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

With coolness and confidence under fire.

Nike of Samothrace statue is called __ Victory.

Grasp the __, taking hold of a difficult problem.

Frosty Marvel superhero.

Plant crop, like wheat, barley.

Japanese feudal chief.

Phoebe's maiden name in Friends, TV series.

Tangoed, boogied.

French word for "lobster".

Computer criminal.

Elvis Presley's birthplace: __, Mississippi.

Puzzle 2

Leisure interests.

Pulling up unwanted plants.

Wrap in chains.

Film about a fictional TV company.


Checkpoint __, famous Cold War crossing in Berlin.

In a state of disarray.

Pacific island where Prince Philip is revered.

Slapped with an open hand.

Tonya __, infamous for Kerrigan confrontation.

Greedy pig.

Australian bird, anagram of hoedown.

The __ of Edwin Drood was Dickens's last book.

__ Street, London center of '60s boutique fashion.

__ your ears; listen very carefully.

Instrument that indicates direction (N, S, E, W).

Pain in the hearing organ.

Puzzle 3

Hardens, solidifies.

Bodily tubes, join the liver to small intestine.

Only part of Ireland that is still part of the UK.

World War I weapon.

Line from "Hamlet": "Neither a __ nor a lender be".

Colognes, pleasing smells.

We were __; Ross's infamous excuse in Friends.

Wooden storage for reading material.

David __; Absolute Power novelist.

A move, but not forwards or backwards.

Title or address for an unmarried Spanish woman.

__ Stage, tune from the musical Calamity Jane.

The grape harvest in France.

Machines for travel.

It follows clippety to describe horses' hooves.

Rainy __, Childe Hassam evening painting.

Made unhappy.

Lord Chancellor's court.

Puzzle 4

At Chinese New Year, money is given in red __.

"Don't upset the __" is a fruity metaphor.

Generates empathy.

K, chemical element in bananas and fertilizers.

Small platter for bread on a place setting.

Liquid fat from seeds, used in salad dressings.

Female character in the Smurfs.

Name given to many hotels, meaning "mother city".

Strong headaches.

Lands ruled over by a muslim sovereign ruler.

Swedish band shares name with buttoned-up knitwear.

Simulated or acted out.

US film producer, husband of actress Anne Bancroft.

Spicy nickname for the residents of Connecticut.

Bonjour __, novel by Françoise Sagan.

Cigar-smoking British Prime Minister during WWII.

Marvel superhero, whose alter ego is Matt Murdock.

Expression of surprise, from "god blind me".

Puzzle 5

Savory jellies used in pork pies and molds.

Thrills and __, excitement and exhilaration.

British term for gasoline.

Runs and jumps over a box in gymnastics.

Pond- __, leggy insect that skittles across water.

Well I'll be __! (Windy!).

State the meaning, explain a concept.

Somerset village, host of a muddy music festival.

One, two, buckle __; nursery rhyme line.

Nice; anagram of volley.

Charles Foster Kane's home in Citizen Kane.

Stephen __, senior policy advisor to Trump.

Chocolatier shares name with Coventry's naked lady.

Indo-European people who had druid priests.

Word game, shake the letters on dice.

Puzzle 6

Speaking fluently and incessantly.

Noted heart transplant surgeon: Dr. Christiaan __.

Covering of the spine of a book.

One of Mount Kilimanjaro's volcanic cones.


Unusually fast heartbeat.

More than a fashionista: __ horse.

"Survival of the __", coined by Herbert Spencer.

Widespread, medium-sized bird of prey.

Flopped heavily.

Least busy time to travel.

National Treasure: Book of __ was released in 2007.

Asian flatbread, often stuffed.

Hit a ball hard (like a garden pest).

Art shop, or place that displays artworks.

Puzzle 7

Jean-Claude "__" Duvalier, former despot of Haiti.

To quietly tiptoe up to someone.

Iconic protagonist of the Hunger Games.

Trainees gaining work experience.

Love of money is __ of all evil.

Place to fly from.

Fail to care for.

Correct amounts of medicine.

Clarity when speaking as used by actors.

Deliciously yummy, so you want extra helpings.

Kitchen work surface.

Economist who wrote on population growth.

Puzzles with pieces that fit together.

__ Houston; I Will Always Love You singer.

Crying out in pain.

Snarled, entwined.

Karolina __, Czech model, Victoria's Secret Angel.

Indecisive diner's brunch dilemma: pancakes or __.

Workplace for casting metal or glass.

Puzzle 8

The box/wrapping a purchase comes in.

Bread that contains lactobacillus.

__ Pagoda; Yangon's large golden Buddhist monument.

A score that brings the scores level.

German Shepherd film star.

Holds pad to drum to stop a car.

Shackles for a prisoner.

__ when you're having fun.

Heavier; e.g. the __ side of an argument.

Brought to completion without flaws.

Civilian activities in wartime.

Ad slogan used globally by McDonald's.

Grasping tightly.

Advertising catchphrase created by CBS in the 80s.

Thin, tapering cell outgrowth that waves in motion.

Where Wagner's Mastersingers came from.

Foraging duck with same name as a James Bond film.

Puzzle 9

Co-founded Band Aid with Bob Geldof.

An aubergine in the UK, an __ in the US.

Slang for people who take photos.

Title of joint heads on the state of Andorra.

Fishing boats, followed by seagulls.

Aka broad, podded seed; Hannibal had it with liver.

Sent a bill.

Verse, the first letter of each line spells a word.

Large crater on Uranus' moon with a female name.

A jalapeño pepper that has been dried and smoked.

Cirque __; theatrical acrobatic performers.

Containers for playthings.

Feeling dumb? You're not playing with one of these.

Upholding the law.


Island group off Germany and the Netherlands.

Puzzle 10

Burned fiercely.

Taxi Driver's anti-hero Travis __.

Books by Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate __.

Sheriff's assistant.

International group of Orthodox Jews: __-Lubavitch.

Scottish former snooker champion, Stephen __.

Another word for a violin.

Actor __ Brando.

Pickled, salted little green flower buds.

Couch __, a lazy person with their feet up.

Where a river starts.

"A sandwich short of a __" means to be a bit dumb.

Puzzle 11

Soak in.

Chap, or member of a university teaching staff.

Hebrew language's home.

Author of The Handmaid's Tale: Margaret __.

Chipped in, anagram of poodle.

Polished with a cloth.

Barbara Stanwyck crime thriller: "Sorry, Wrong __".

Second-largest city in Macedonia.

Coldest season of the year.

Sarah __, American 2002 gold medalist.

Don't believe me, just watch: __ Funk.

Nest interloper heard for the first time in spring.

Torment, distress, upset.

Goes with creepy to describe an insect.

Summertime quencher of beer and fruit juice.


Puzzle 12

Floating on a shallow vessel.

Person who gives up.

Insult for unprincipled wealthy businesspeople.

African plant used in soft drinks.

Coarse, jute-like fabric for clothing.

"A __ cannot change its spots".

Animal whose neck is sky-high.

Meet Me in __, musical with Judy Garland.

Raids and plunders.

Sends a videotape back to the beginning.

Medical tube to drain liquid or administer drugs.

Famous London ones: Leicester, Trafalgar and Soho.

Puzzle 13

Ringing like Santa's bells.

Echoes, fills the air.

Ante __, Latin for "before noon".

Chinese or Japanese beverage-serving restaurant.

A farmer's leather tool for controlling cattle.

Showed a theory to be erroneous.

Pricing strategy where extra services cost money.

Characteristic of a violent tropical storm.

White dead skin scales from the scalp.

Doctor __, Hugh Lofting's medic talking to animals.

Keep a __; stay chilled and in control.

Settlers who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620.

A human's hip and thigh area.

Nationality of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Puzzle 14

Plants, often poisonous, including Christmas rose.

Changed appearance to avoid detection.

Atonement star, Keira __.

Sumatran tiger country.

__ day; a happy, momentous occasion.

Oasis brothers surname.

__ and light, the two noblest of things.

Became prime minister of Japan in 2012.

__ Lives; daytime soap featuring the Hortons.

Highly strung, volatile, emotional.

The almighty gushing of a __, e.g. at Niagara.

Males with flashing blades, D'Artagnan types.

Isolate, set aside or apart.

Puzzle 15

Tall and slender Russian wolfhound dog.

Period of atypically warm fall weather: __ summer.

How are you, my old __, northern mate?.

Bruges' famous belltower.

Star of the biopic: "Words and Music": Mickey __.

__ chair, springy device to seat baby in.

Sir Lawrence Alma-__, artist of Classical settings.

Richard __, the hero of The Thirty-Nine Steps.

Less difficult.

__ snap, lacy toffee biscuit filled with cream.

One-word motto of California, "I have found it".

Puzzle 16

Speak rapidly and nonsensically.

Founded the men's Order of Friars Minor: Francis of __.

Captain __, alter ego of comic book BIlly Batson.

Pure as the __ snow; whiter than white.

City __, Chaplin film about a flower girl.

Hates, despises.

Developmental abnormality over social interactions.

The front of a building, French-style.

"Playing __" means to pretend to be dead.

__ del Fuego, archipelago of Chile and Argentina.

High pitched noise, like a pig.

My __ Amour, Stevie Wonder album of 1969.

Annual celebration of the seven seas: World __ Day.

Puzzle 17

UK rock music magazine.

__ Knee, 1890 US Army massacre of captive Sioux.

Rides a horse at medium pace.

More happy and fun.

Banff __ Hotel, Rocky Mountain baronial hotel.

Explosive fireworks that soar into the air.

Director of the film True Lies: James __.

Alternative name for star Sirius.

"The early bird __ the worm".

__-pokery describes underhand dishonest behavior.


Religious voyager.

Blue __ sponge are tubular and bright blue.

West Indies land paired with Antigua.

Puzzle 18

Friendly policy that won Kim Dae-jung Peace prize.

Old time singers like Sinatra or Crosby.

Quintessential military text by Sun Tzu.

__ personae, or a list of characters in a play.

__ mobile, moving to a higher social class.

Frees from capture.

Large glass flagon used for making wine.

"Every time a bell rings, an angel gets __".

Most worthy, not inferior.

20s bobbed haircut named after a public school.

Princely house of the state of Monaco.

Puzzle 19

HSBC is known as the world's __.

Possession of high moral principles.

What you wear on your sleeve for honesty.

Textured, flocked, Anaglypta.

Sign forbidding tobacco indulgence.

Instructed an orchestra.

Lift hair color with darker strands.

Evander __, "The Real Deal" boxer.

Vehicle that runs on the London Underground.

River in the US; a series of American naval ships.

Without any stress.

Puzzle 20

__ painting, splashing about with paints.

Famous 20th century Spanish cellist: Pablo __.

Blake Carrington's first wife in Dynasty.

__ Bedelia; picture books about a housekeeper.

Police officer from Top Cat.

2001 sports drama, Hardball, stars this actor.

__ zone, neutral area between warring factions.

First name of first U.S. President.

Pet rodent (not hamster).

Mind __; safety instruction on rail platforms.

"A fool and his money are soon __".

Indentations in a coastline.

Vend again.

"This was their __ hour": Churchill.

Not limitless.

Vessel in which to brew a cuppa.

Wanting food, stomach rumbling.

Another name for the season fall.

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