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Here are the answers to CodyCross Impressionism Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Superhero abilities.

Twenty-three __ or turned away.

The House of the __ Man, by Cézanne.

Cured sausage popular among peasants.

Crown of __, twisted for Jesus' crucifixion.

Monet's first name.

Italian form of the name Matthew.

Charioteer constellation.

It could be deadly.

Candy Land location, Peppermint __.

Puzzle 2

It takes two __.

First Middle East country to host a Grand Prix.

Lid hair.

Law legalizing black segregation in US.

Umbrella-like object held by woman in Monet work.

Horse lures.

Good luck at the craps table.

Hole in a ship for water to escape.

Big Mac green ingredient.

Little Rascals group.

In Greek myth, early metallurgists.

Describes a woman who is curvy.

Personalities, anagram of saunter.

Henri __, post-impressionist artist of The Snail.

Puzzle 3

Site of India's Golden Temple.

Swedish term for touring dance musicians.

Aix-en-__, French area favored by impressionists.

The study of beer.

Darren __, Norwich and Man City footballer.

__ Hollande, president of France, 2012-2017.

Eliseu __, Italian-Brazilian impressionist painter.

Oscar-winning movie with Ingrid Bergman as Paula.

Hard-biting turtle.

Last but __.

The very top and the very bottom.

Puzzle 4

Red brick, building material of NW Norfolk.


Whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

Orchestra __, painted by Edgar Degas.

It will make you yellow.

Supports for a bound publication in the kitchen.

Backed up by good reason.

Bone connectors.

This will cost players $100 in Monopoly.

High-pitched shrieks.

Mustard, for example.

Across the globe.

Daytime drama.

Ice-skating revolution named after a desert animal.

Fighting a holy campaign.

Monet painted these farm-field shapes.

Don't put all your eggs here.

Novel by Erich Segal starts with the death of Jenny.

Puzzle 5

Keel constellation.

Whey fermented milk CA leave you drunk.

Fling, romance: can be illicit.

Country where impressionism started out.

Feels like you've been here before.

Easy ones are a dime __.

Circular part of a ski pole near the base.

Anatomical term for armpit.

Cold reaction.

Philip __ Steer, British impressionist artist.

Austria's largest city.

Usually the 1st and 15th.

Puzzle 6

The __; 2000 film about a serial killing stalker.

The V in SUV.

Acupuncturist's tools.

This Lemaitre theory was a blast.

North-east Indian state whose capital is Aizawl.

Paul __, French painter of Boy in a Red Waistcoat.

Ben Franklin published 13 of these.

Upper jaw.

The __, Rodin nude man, deep in thought.

Botanical, white-flowered plant; added to gin.


They are better to hear you with.

__ tower, building from where planes are directed.

Subdue through criticism.

We Will __, Queen lull the baby.

Puzzle 7

African country led by Idi Amin.

Pier in __, by Russian painter Korovin.

Poplar trees that famously rustle in the breeze.

__ dance is urban dance.

Curvy nut.

Some attractions at Animal Kingdom are based on this movie.

Persian King who made his soldiers eat watercress.

Best Film Oscar, directed by a woman, The Hurt __.

Our Gang leader.

Knowledge puzzle.

Water __, plant favored by Monet.

Close, stuffy.

A break in the line.

Loosefitting, gathered soft headwear for maids.

The shot one gets in Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot.

Morning prayer in the Anglican church.

Short sleep.

One who trades in frozen water.

Puzzle 8

__ lenses, curved polished glass for vision.

Started by a common progenitor.

High speed drop.

Iconic viewer's rag.

Aerofoil for controlling lift and drag.

Sidecar with gin aka White Lady.

What a fighter might be saved by.

Uncontrollable contractions in the chest.

Canvas sun tops on frames for cruiser boats.

In contrast to impressionism, showing actuality.

Impression, __, day awakening work by Monet.

Flatten out.

Press studs.

Same as Golgotha, a small hill near Jerusalem.

Back of a lion, head of an eagle.

Puzzle 9

People who fiddle and spin their thumbs.

Don't fight it, this holiday is December 26th.

Passing on knowledge.

Dandy, mustachioed Peter Wyngarde starred.

High gravity, hopped up ale.

Period of British history from 1901 to 1910.

Music in the __, Louvre gardens painting by Manet.

Where one is driven when irritated.

The Duke, to some.

Long distance relationship.

Theater workers who feed lines to actors.

Half man, half horse constellation.

Smurf houses.

Arguably the first literary hero.

Loud speaker setting for an in-car phone.

School cleaner.

Inanimate objects take center stage in art.

Puzzle 10

Source of Luke's power.

Brackish dwelling turtle.

First around the world.

Piet __, Dutch painter known for color blocks.

__ Serov, artist son of composer Alexander.

Cellular death.

Get one’s nails done.

What one is doing when joshing.

Donald Campbell's world-beating car and boat.

Formerly Rhodesia.

Publication, can be glossy.

Dad's football chair.

Specific type of rowing with two oars each.

Ground beef and the kitchen sink.

Hand-held glass and metal containers for candles.

Puzzle 11

Double K candy bar.

Sneeze sounds.

What one is high on when living in luxury.

Obsessed with death and darkness.

Jean __, Paris nightlife French painter, born 1849.

Kenyan desert.

Autumn color.

Diego __, Mexican painter married to Frida Kahlo.

Red Riding Hood's savior, in Germany.

European country with largest Jewish population.

Dimwitted Cosby Kid, Dumb __.

Hellos and goodbyes in Hawaii.

Charpentier's Parisian opera about a poor girl.

It’s garbage.

Puzzle 12

Encircling interstate.

Old land measure, amount tilled by 2 oxen a season.

Big marble.


Henri de Toulouse-__, post-impressionist.

__ and spills, excitement and exhilaration.

In N.E. China, one of five national central cities.

Henning __, Swedish writer, creator of Wallander.

Arachnid birth sign.

Red flowers that Monet painted.

Part of a rhythm section.

Puzzle 13

Put up with it.

Giving back, anagram of quartile.

Johan __, Dutch artist, precursor to impressionism.

Wimbledon in-bounds marker.

__ Wars, 18th-c. India conflicts spelt with a C.

Lake __, another name for the Sea of Galilee.

Bandleader Glenn Miller's instrument.

James Bond actor who died in 2017, __ Moore.

Expression of discontent; muttering under breath.

__ Robinson, US landscape impressionist.

Airport with the code FIE, in Shetland.

Balkan white cheese bakery.

Puzzle 14

Supervised or monitored.

Ocean hedgehog.

To kneel in respect of a religious person/monarch.

Society of Anonymous Painters, __, and Printers.

The __, rainy day Renoir painting.

Country where the Mount Napier volcano is found.

End of the rainbow prize.

US helicopter, and a 2001 movie about it.

To suspect betrayal.

Golden quartz like the largest cat's visual organ.

Puzzle 15

Michael __, Aurelio Zen inventor.

That's What Friends __; 1986 Dionne Warwick hit.

Hardly ever.

This amphibian is not trash, __ frog.

Iran's capital city.

The gluttonous Smurf.

Picture holders.

Whisky __, film set on fictional island of Todday.

Georges __, post-impressionist pointillism painter.

__ the Sail, painting by Joaquín Sorolla.

Variety of Chinese dumplings.

Present a TV show with another.

__ power, demanding, especially by children.

Puzzle 16

The words to a song.

One who is clumsy is all these digits.

Sesame Street's gruff grocer, Mr. __.

Blacksmith surname.

YouTube offerings.

Indoor five-a-side football.

Canadian bay west of Quebec.

Santa Claus is __ to Town.

Throwback board game, Rock ‘em Sock ‘em __.

Spoke monotonously.

Fried or baked Indian pastry with a spicy filling.

The __ in the Rain, by Childe Hassam.

__ Guillaumin, French artist-lithographer.

The opposite of downward.

The Viking name for York.

Rebel Without __, 1955 James Dean film.

Supported by payment.

Puzzle 17

A fraternal order.

Sandwich condiment.

The dad of the The Invisible Man.

An over-under for slumber.

__ Theatre, Prague opera house from Amadeus film.

Austrian ski resort in the Arlberg region.

Make again.

Berthe __, painted Eugène Manet on Isle of Wight.

All things come to those __.

Sequoia semperviren.

A party election.

A Holiday at __, by Charles Conder.

Puzzle 18

Greek word for science of ecology.

Medieval pudding of boiled, cracked wheat.

People facing a common challenge are all in the __.

Epic followers.

Avenue of __ Trees Near La Celle-Saint-Cloud.

A painting of a person.

__ Truffaut, French director of Jules et Jim.

Ebony __; perfect harmony hit in 1982.

Circular route surrounding a town.

BTW, to texters.

Beloved opens, 124 was __.

Puzzle 19

Musical embellishment.

Mater's mate.

Hardy; resistant to changing circumstances.

Buildings for art exhibitions.

Painting of natural scenery.

Thirty-six inches.

To push an issue thought over; beat a __.

Conan is one.

In print, a large letter.

To govern, in a way.

The home to a Sammarinese.

Non-manual vehicle transmission.

Puzzle 20

Crystallized igneous rock.

Cloth that artists paint on.


Bradley __: Director of "A Star is Born" remake.

Flat pill.

Chisel constellation.

__ fruit, Israeli name for persimmon; girl's name.

Two Young Girls at the Piano, by Pierre-Auguste __.

Marilyn __, singer also called Brian Hugh Warner.

You are what __.

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