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Here are the answers to CodyCross In a Planner Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Body of an aircraft, excluding the wings.

Cosmetic pencil to define mouth.

Extra work hours outside of a standard contract.

Chair type often promoted by La-Z-Boy.

Love __, a three-sided romance.

"Dark" body of water on which Crimea stands.

Pages displaying each month of the year.

The physical pieces of a computer.

Susan, voice of James and the Giant Peach's spider.

Related to the way you stand or sit.

Spiky succulent that yields skin-soothing extract.

Vodka, coffee liqueur and Irish cream cocktail.

Puzzle 2

A mechanical failure.

Children's book: Cloudy With a Chance of these.

Male horses that haven't been gelded.

Names of people invited to a party.

Converter that cars have on their exhaust systems.

__ Jacket, 1987 Stanley Kubrick war film.

Potential provider of blood or organs carries one.

Peace proponents.

Close relative or friend in case of emergency.

M sound plus ironed.

Puzzle 3

The part of a shirt or coat around the neck.

Walking out deep into the sea.

English scientist known for his work on gravity.

A bass one often has 4 strings, an acoustic has 6.

Young hen, not an egg layer.

Flat protective weapon, often paired with a sword.

Famous art museum in Paris, the world's largest.

Clump of grass that Little Miss Muffet sat on.

Routine or regulated process for health or beauty.

Only US state entirely comprised of islands.

Sport where players throw fists in the ring.

Order of items to be discussed at a meeting.

How to Get Away With __, Viola Davis drama series.

First female prime minister of India, Ms. Gandhi.

Oversized, too large or heavy, e.g. __ baggage.

Puzzle 4

One who takes on a "cool" lifestyle.

Goals that a person is striving towards.

Your personal social media page.

Tex-Mex grilled meat taco dishes.

Honeycomb product that vegans avoid.

Western American mountains popular with hikers.

This entire bathroom can be used as a shower.

Netflix's comic book hit: The Umbrella __.

Progress as a video game character.

Little House on the Prairie author Laura __ Wilder.

Brainstorming plan of creative ideas.

An Anglican is a follower of the Church of __.

Connected set of two earlobe piercings.

Language spoken in hispanophone countries.

James, director of Titanic and Avatar.

__ make up, smooch and get back together.

Puzzle 5

Lever that keeps a car stationary.

Worried about, apprehensive.

Princess Diana lobbied against these buried bombs.

A stitch in time __, act sooner rather than later.

Canadian city where a lot of TV shows are filmed.

Citrus fruit that has long since dried up.

Symmetrical dome-shaped line on a graph.

Run-through ahead of a performance.

Plants that need very little sun.

Singer whose hits include Roar and Firework.

Another word for wrestling.

Log of how many hours worked.

Word __; upgraded typewriter.

Puzzle 6

Removes liquids, similar to blood sucking worms.

Plastic or wooden devices to suspend clothes on.

Country where Aran sweaters originated.

Mighty Joe Young was one in the 1998 movie.

Notes written to record events of a meeting.

A person whose trade is to cut meat for food.

Typed the same thing anew.

Iconic yellow, mouse-like Pokémon character.

Black __, day of the 1929 Wall Street Crash.

Crime carried out from a vehicle that is moving.

Outfit worn by surfers in cold water.

The bony holes in which the eyeballs sit.

For and __, list weighing up pros and cons.

Puzzle 7

Paper cloth used to wipe the mouth at dinner.

National airline of Spain.

Ruled column down the edge of a piece of paper.

Exercise done face down, moving away from floor.

Small gardening utensil, like a small spade.

Hanging sweet-filled model beaten open at parties.

Named and __; given a slating public review.

Luxurious thick furry material.

First name of sport star Rodman or actor Quaid.

Log of data or written evidence.

Cold area where the North Pole is situated.

Happy songs are usually this tempo.

They're the glass part of spectacles.

Puzzle 8

Less blunt.

Conflicting events on a schedule.

__ in a storm, take whatever opportunity you can.

It was discovered on the Atlantic seabed in 1985.

Place where lagers, ales, stouts are made.

US figure skater Tonya, subject of 2017 film.

Business income.

Paper becomes art in this Japanese tradition.

Soothing song sung to a sleepy baby.

Toy disc that can be thrown and caught.

Buscemi as God in TV's Miracle __.

Scheduled routine vision check.

Puzzle 9

Harriet, abolitionist who was once enslaved.

Water __, record of how much a person drinks.

Two-piece swimwear not very practical for swimming.

Vietnamese salon reality TV show __ It.

Not sage.

Hunting dogs.

Welcome to the __, 2017 Jumanji movie.

"I would do anything for love, but I won't __".

Fast-moving river currents.

First name of Impressionist painter Monet.

Purchases made online.

It's considered bad luck to walk under one.

Cocktail made with champagne and orange juice.

Month associated with Leos and Virgos.

Mark Twain novel, The Prince and the __.

A small suitcase, often fancy.

Puzzle 10

Titular Time Lord of the BBC series.

Suggestions for presents.

Plant that doesn't lose its foliage in autumn.

An individual who creates footwear.

Don Quixote tilted at them.

Initial example of a technological design.

Behind the scenes, in the wings.

2010 Christopher Nolan film about layered dreaming.

Basic name for lingerie.

Schedule of buses or trains, for example.

He wanted to Follow God in 2019.

Puzzle 11

Country bordering Zimbabwe also beginning with Z.

Branch of the UN that oversees heritage sites.

Chemical element that boils to form a violet gas.

First name of Keys, piano-playing Grammy winner.

Broadway play about witches in the Land of Oz.

__ note, adhesive paper for a temporary memo.

Popular chain for sweets and coffee, __ Donuts.

Usual number of jurors on a criminal jury.

It keeps socks up under trousers.

Domesticated cousin of the polecat.

John, actor in Con Air and Pushing Tin.

Bright green, green tea powder.

__ list, things to do before one dies.

Belly buttons.

Type of car with electric motor and gas engine.

Puzzle 12

Memorial in building form; Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower.

Place where Fido lives, sleeps; kennel.

Tesla is known for its cars of this type.

First letters of individuals' names.

Doctors suggest 30 minutes of this a day.

Removed someone from a position of power.

National Lampoon had one in 1983.

Wood-eating insects that never sleep.

Traditionally, a person does this on bended knee.

Income and expenditure.

Sade knew a smooth one.

Olympic throwing spears.

Small shop selling fashionable items.

Salty Asian condiment.

Make contact; get in touch with someone.

The storyteller's role in a play.

Jellystone Park resident who loves picnic baskets.

Puzzle 13

Use an inhaler to treat this wheezy ailment.

Housework jobs that need doing around the home.

Booster that sends shuttles into space.

Card suit other than hearts, diamonds, or clubs.

Amazon Prime TV series about a virtual afterlife.

__ date, plan for an evening meal out.

Ocean on which Perth, Australia, stands.

White herons.

Old-timey drinking glass featured in Harry Potter.

Long glasses for bubbly; woodwind instruments.

Official financial plan of a government.

Gyllenhaal family's acting daughter.

You let the cat out of it when you reveal a secret.

Coordinated clothes worn by a person.

Puzzle 14

Our galaxy, containing our solar system.

Religious title that is abbreviated to "Rev".

Illegally made and sold music recordings.

Wild powerful punch in boxing or MMA.

Smallest, like television's Hobo.

__ rate, how much foreign currency is worth.

Flat fish; verb meaning to struggle.

Silver adhesive used by DIYers.

Flatbread for burritos, quesadillas.

Another term for a military kid.

__ rota, whose turn it is to do the housework.

Sudden blowy passage of weather.

Puzzle 15

Growing crops, raising animals.

Jack, beat author of On the Road.

Gathering of old friends, e.g. ex-classmates.

Bond prefers his shaken, not stirred.

__ camera, simple device with inverted image.

Science that studies Earth, rocks and changes.

Buffy and Blade were vampire __.

Voucher or discount codes for bargain shopping.

To stop during a flight in a connecting place.

Twins are as alike as __ in a pod.

The adjective narine relates to this nose hole.

Radio show callers.

__ baskets, floral arrangements next to doors.

A long metal pole used for weightlifting.

Slippery __; 1986 studio album by Bon Jovi.

Puzzle 16

Daily diary for thoughts and activities.

A pivoted horizontal beam with counterweights.

Swinging seat or bed made of rope.

Novel lunar phase; book in The Twilight Saga.

Grey's __, long-running medical drama series.

She had a 2020 hit with Don't Start Now.

Frothy saliva-like secretion on certain plants.

Upper layer of dirt that gardeners plant in.

Baba __, Middle East smoky aubergine dip.

__ word; don't give the secret away.

Financial system of a country.

McDormand, played Fargo's pregnant police chief.

Upright sections, not horizontal rows.

Dolls or figures controlled by the hand or strings.

Land exhaustion, a problem in repetitive farming.

Puzzle 17

Without edges or joins between pieces of fabric.

Prediction for future weather.

Painting with that famous smile.

Steak cooked a long time.

__ at straws; desperately looking for hope.

They stop noise from not letting you sleep.

Spoke so someone else can write down.

Happening twice a year.

Purple flower used in bath products.

A rowdy soccer fan who's up to no good.

Living thing that functions independently.

Ideas that pop into one's mind.

Puzzle 18

Summary of financial transactions.

It holds a vehicle's first set of wheels.

In other places.

Red fruit; mocking annual film award Golden __.

Legal documents for employment.

Food or drink items on a shopping list.

Bill Clinton's presidential middle name.

Cuddly name of Starsky & Hutch's informant.

Country music headquarters in Tennessee.

No garden? Grow plants in this on the sill.

Clothing or boots that come up to the upper leg.

Puzzle 19

Apply a protective plastic coating to paper.

Round handle on a portal.

__ best, record time for running, swimming, etc.

Pit in the ground caused by collapse of surface.

Behaving alluringly, twirling hair around finger.

First name of English actor Cumberbatch.

Stare at this patterned poster to see a 3D image.

A single-reed woodwind.

Tasks that need to be completed and crossed off.

Plato's classic manuscript about justice: "The __".

All that __ is not gold.

It connects the calf to the heel: __ tendon.

Amount, how much there is of something.

Sweet melon variety that's light green.

Puzzle 20

Retrospect, looking back; it's always 20/20.

Construction site for boats and ocean liners.

Annual celebrations of becoming a year older.

Organism that lives inside a host organism.

Rock band of Pretty Fly (for a White Guy), The __.

Study of atoms, molecules, etc; positive vibes.

Bald, gun-toting foe of Bugs Bunny.

Netherlands city, home to the Rijksmuseum.

They run away from the army without permission.

Targets that a person strives towards.

Athletic outfit with a matching top and bottom.

On a compass, it's opposite southeast.

Cold, milky coffee poured over frozen water.

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