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Here are the answers to CodyCross In Or Out Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Mouse, Rourke, Spillane.

From or related to the country of Mumbai and Delhi.

Lung problem treated with rescue inhaler.

Marks or blemishes that are difficult to remove.

Greece sent this horse as sneak attack on enemies.

The noise a hungry tummy makes.

Expressive icons in a text message or online forum.

Member of the court who makes people laugh.

Baby, newborn.

Blue alien character who befriends Lilo.

Group of geese, on the ground, not in flight.

Type of jacket in a school uniform.

Puzzle 2

Sharp, cutting teeth of a mammal.

Dr. Seuss book about saving the environment.

Male horse used for breeding.

Not dangerous; safe.

A buckle, tie, knot, popper, button or toggle.

Old-fashioned, no longer current or fashionable.

Purple fruit used in parmesan dishes.

Cute little feline ruler of Unikingdom.

Ball of various weights used as a workout tool.

Not having shoes or socks on.

Coinage of a country.

Puzzle 3

Popular name for Academy Awards ceremony.

Medically-equipped transportation to the hospital.

Picture books have fewer of these than novels do.

Backbreaker and chokeslam are moves in this sport.

Someone who drops trash in public.

Place where monks live.

To do with Mars, Earth, Venus, etc..

Biggest ursine that confronts Goldilocks.

Clothes worn with the lining facing the wrong way.

Red-haired ape from the rainforests of Borneo.

Long, stringy form of pasta.

Puzzle 4

Orchestra section for violins and cellos.

Person who establishes or sets up a company.

Pumba from the Lion King was this type of animal.

Hot red chili, dried for seasoning; Porsche model.

Fishing with a rod and line.

Recovering from illness or trauma.

Numbers in rank form, e.g. first, second, third.

Running as a hobby.

With strong, passionate emotions.

Kitchen tool for sprinkling pepper on food.

The least hard.

Puzzle 5

Anonymous non-celebrities.

Visit this to see fish and sealife in tanks.

Workout drawn from military training styles.

Commuter's crowded time.

Raise, augment.

Opposite view, reverse face of a coin.

Following a path around the Sun, for example.

Danish sweet breakfast treats.

Orders given to a pet dog, e.g. sit, stay, fetch.

Thrilling, invigorating.

Head wear for Western heroes.

Puzzle 6

The edge of a picture or divide between countries.

Disruption of electricity supply, power failure.

Elmo and Big Bird live on Sesame __.

Houdini was this kind of artist.

Feral child in The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.

Metal drain around the house roof.

Hue produced by mixing red and yellow.

Genre of films where things crash, blow up.

Small cucumber in vinegar.

Breathed loudly while sleeping.

Plant-eating lizard commonly kept as a pet.

Puzzle 7

Leading or showing someone the way.

Batting turns of one team in cricket or baseball.

Starting up a car's engine but not moving.

Nickname of Jeff Bridges as Lebowski.

A type of long-grained rice from India.

Microsoft Office's email software.

Magical horse-like creature with a horn.

Potterworld name for non-magical people.

Dishing out cards.

Silverware to eat with.

Sphere-shaped body part containing the iris.

Puzzle 8

Wonka's factory made this.

Policy that protects against loss or damage, etc.

Absolving someone of sins.

Container for drinking ale.

Lack of intelligence or common sense.

Trek cross-country using a compass.

Christmas comedy starring Macaulay Culkin.

What a lucky cat that brushes with danger has.

Ancient Roman engaged in a fight to the death.

Game of shooting pigmented bullets.

Transparent sea creature with stinging tentacles.

Puzzle 9

Distribution hubs for freight transport.

Shiny disc sewn onto a gown.

The R in R&B.

Plains with no trees in South America.

Soft drinks served with wine or spirits.

Orange veggie said to improve eyesight.

Polished with a cloth.

First signs of new plants poking through soil.

Red card suit that goes with flowers.

One of the Seven Dwarfs, known for bad attitude.

Stir up, cause unrest.

Booming weapon found on a pirate ship.

Starting point, moment of inception.

Puzzle 10

Seed, fruit and nuts that hikers snack on.

Children's racing competition on ponies.

Up close and personal.

They suck people's blood in movies.

A heavy snowstorm.

Number less than zero.

A painting or photograph of someone's face.

TV show bloopers.

The numerical answer to life, universe, everything.

A marine animal named after the king of the jungle.

Puzzle 11

Hairy, humanoid creature also called Sasquatch.

Initial leg of a voyage, not the return trip.

Where figure skaters train and perform.

The fastest land mammal in the world.

Isaac Newton demonstrated this with an apple.

What the climate is like, rain or sun.

Sketch drawn around the edge of an object.

Place in the house where food is made.

First name of Tom Hanks' Gump.

Bring in or yield crops in the autumn.

Puzzle 12

Wrote of his travels to China and India; water game.

Beefy sandwich cooked on an outdoor grill.

Schedule of lessons and activities.

A human with enhanced powers and abilities.

Yellow-fleshed tropical fruit, chunks or rings.

Star of Notting Hill.

Hearing, paying attention to someone's troubles.

Make yourself known to someone else.

Removed from an outlet.

Cannot be seen, e.g. by wearing a magical cloak.

Puzzle 13

Usual and normal, commonplace.

Spirits including Calvados, Armagnac.

Pest, annoying thing or person.

All that __ is not gold.

Event attended by fans of graphic novels.

Prior to or before birth.

Dormant, idle.

She's got a secret store filled with lingerie.

Small acorn-eating rodent with a bushy tail.

Before the twelfth.

Mythical beast who howls at the moon.

Puzzle 14

Barbershop quartets sing in a 4-part one.

Loud outburst from a crying toddler.

US State that contains the city of Atlanta.

Semi-liquid stuff used to fill gaps and waterproof.

Actor Bloom, who plays Will Turner and Legolas.

First letter of a person's name.

A test that tells humans and robots apart online.

Animal with a docked or stubby rear appendage.

Popular TV streaming service.

Takes down a quarterback.

Rotted, broken down.

Puzzle 15

Apparatus for keeping baby chicks warm.

Small yellow flower, sounds like a dairy spread.

Add fizz to a beverage.

Protecting from attack.

Australian outback stroll.

The science of celestial objects.

Wintry scene inside a glass bubble.

Online content that earns cash.

Group of concert musicians who play together.

TV or radio personality who hosts a show.

Clap them if you're happy and you know it.

Puzzle 16

Small mints in a transparent plastic box.

Work experience trainee.

People who accompany children on field trips.

The size between small and large.

Groomsmen, attendants who help during a ceremony.

Swimming style, e.g. butterfly or front crawl.

Fire-breathing mythical creature.

Habitual criminal, fugitive.

Scrooge, Scottish uncle of Disney's Donald.

Another word for pebbles and cobbles.

Made the sound of a pig.

Old-fashioned counting tool.

Rubber hand wear for cleaning dishes.

High temperatures.

Puzzle 17


Fiery light sources hung on castle walls.

Arranged neatly and tidily.

Styling product used on the head.

Entrails, guts.

Snap and Pop's cereal mascot brother.

People from Munich.

Putting a story down in words.

Young male cow.

Another term for plasterboard; it's not wet.

Puzzle 18

An animal that eats plants and animals.

Have your fingernails filed and polished.

Famous musical performer.

Big-toothed tool for cutting down trees.

Creator of an innovative product.

Unexpected rant, venting of anger or tears.

The flesh of wild African animals used for food.

Trays with indents for mixing paint on.

Leafy salad vegetables.

Old house-elf who served Mrs Black, then Harry.

Puzzle 19

Japanese paper-folding craft.

Gauze, tape used to cover a wound.

Large-antlered quadruped with a russet hue.

Coldest part of fridge, sometimes a second pantry.

Children whose parents have died.

After the past, before the future.

Popular Microsoft operating system.

Divine lady.

Floater that took down the Titanic.

The first month of the year.

Another name for tomato sauce.

Puzzle 20

Filmic genre, often featuring Jennifer Aniston.

Commands barked by a military officer.

Another word for liquids.

You find the bullseye here.

Parisian museum where the Mona Lisa is.

Opposite of breathe out.

Officially make someone a priest.

Scraping leaves into a pile.

Speed of a horse between a trot and gallop.

A cocktail made with orange juice and champagne.

Anonymous British graffiti artist and satirist.

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