CodyCross In the Air Pack answers

In the Air PackIn the Air

Here are the answers to CodyCross In the Air Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The part of the atom with the protons and neutrons.

Ancient Japanese military dictators.

The passenger-carrying body of an airship.

TV show about a nurse from the Cuckoo's Nest.

Alternative name for Canada's spirit bears.

Jondrette girl in Les Misérables, sings On My Own.

Hinged flap on the edge of an aircraft wing.

Fashion that is one of a kind and only made once.

A word used as a substitute for a related entity.

__ and between, a midway stance.

Cry __, Attenborough movie about Woods and Biko.

Fish popular in Scandinavia.

Puzzle 2

Central Swiss canton, Sarnen is the capital.

Wide root system of a tree with shallow roots.

Pasta means "little stars" in Italian.

Crossed by Amelia Earhart in June 1928.

Author of 1929's All Quiet on the Western Front.

Checking a document for objective errors.

How well a drug works.

80s band with the hit single Vienna.

The horizontal tip-to-tip size of an aircraft.

Rare golden yellow variety of beryl.

Muscle contraction either concentric or eccentric.

Puzzle 3

Microsoft's AI assistant designed to help on PCs.

South African red bush brew.

Deny or contradict something.

US city once linked to London by Concorde.

Fourth brightest star of Orion.

Polish river that was important to the amber trade.

Type of Japanese massage.

Wrap-style bikini.

Cushioned footstool; great empire.

Toot, __, Plunk and Boom, Disney short film.

Musical keyboard with hammers hitting metal plates.

Agricultural cart in John Constable painting.

Leon Uris book about the history of Ireland.

Indigenous Bolivian and Chilean language.

The __, a satirical cartoon by Gary Larson.

Therese, said to be the first woman to fly solo.

Puzzle 4

Wine region borders San Marino and Adriatic Sea.

Author Annie, who wrote Brokeback Mountain.

A tool for widening drilled holes.

White crescent at the base of a fingernail.

Seconds the Wright Brothers' first flight lasted.

Hindu kindness goddess; tributary of the Ganges.

Puppet master in the Saw film franchise.

Alternative name for Beethoven Symphony No. 3.

Group of geese.

Buffy's friend who was powerful with magic.

Major European aircraft manufacturer.

Traditional apron-like dress of Alpine countries.

Angle greater than 90 degrees but less than 180.

Puzzle 5

Elizabeth, researcher of eyewitness testimony.

Latin name for the region called Gaul.

Baked cheese buns eaten in Argentina.

Eponymous tycoon portrayed in 2004's The Aviator.

Facing towards the top of a slope.

Investment company formed from Yahoo!.

Leon Uris's book set during the birth of Israel.

Night flight; an anagram of ere dye.

City that's home to Europe's largest urban park.

Small yellow finch also called an aberdevine.

Puzzle 6

Great hall where Viking warriors go after death.

Indian state bordering Myanmar; capital is Kohima.

Of the country; a rural piece of music.

An allegorical tale with a moral message.

Fasten this for takeoff.

Country formerly ruled by Robert Mugabe.

Jessica __, of Molly's Game and Zero Dark Thirty.

Sculpture of a person like the Venus of Hohle Fels.

Players guide rodents to safety in this video game.

Phyllo Greek breakfast pastry.

Name given to the main body of a hot-air balloon.

Portuguese explorer who circumnavigated the globe.

A formal code of beliefs held by a church.

Puzzle 7

Novel by Dostoevsky: The Brothers __.

Full of light-hearted fun and spontaneity.

Type of sin that's a constant temptation.

Jughead Jones' little sister.

It measures an aircraft's height during flight.

Record label co-founded by Jay-Z in 1995.

Reddish, semi-precious gemstone.

Alternative name for a wide-body aircraft.

Art magazine co-founded by Andy Warhol.

Irrational fear of one's home.

They fought York in the Wars of the Roses.

Melissa Benoist plays TV version of Kara Zor-El.

Black wine grape that features in champagnes.

Puzzle 8

This September Song singer was born in November.

Nizhny __, city formerly known as Gorky.

Famous British single-seat wartime fighter plane.

Fish also known as kyacks or gasparots.

Anatomical reference to many people's trusted aide.

Lin-Manuel Miranda's historical Broadway musical.

__ Martin, US aerospace company based in Maryland.

Brazilian passion fruit.

Sword of __, proverbial legend.

Ann who wrote Bel Canto.

The first chronologically.

Puzzle 9

Zoroastrian texts.

Counselor on USS Enterprise, __ Troi.

Villains, scoundrels, cads.

Flat-crowned, wide-brimmed tasseled red hat.

Manufacturer of the 777X twinjet.

Large bovine of N America with a shaggy coat.

__ Medan, Dutch ship shrouded in mystery.

Scientist who discovered the vaccine for smallpox.

Biome characterized by permafrost.

Lead single from Timberlake's 2018 album.

Flag-carrying airline with a kangaroo as its logo.

Chinonye __ grand jury prize-winner at Sundance.

Expression of surprise heard in Scooby-Doo series.

Husky, croaky, rasping.

Puzzle 10

Plant varieties with red or purple flowers.

It's the E in an aircraft's ETA.

Backward tennis shot made famous by Vilas.

Pituitary protein secreted during REM sleep.

Steep drop, no nose though.

The Link Trainer was the world's first flight __.

Deviation from planned lines.

Untruthfulness; lying in speech.

Evelyn Waugh novel and 2008 film: Brideshead __.

Dún __; former ferry port south of Dublin.

Brighten a fence with lime and water mixture.

Puzzle 11

French singer also called The Little Sparrow.

Spanish for fresh white anchovies.

Medical term for bulging eyes.

Volcano, and highest point on Tenerife.

Black Magic and Shout Out to My Ex group.

Alternative name for an unpowered glider.

A child who has been abandoned and taken into care.

Bram Stoker's Dracula may have been based on him.

He's chased by a crop duster in North by Northwest.

Tasty, like food of the gods.

Puzzle 12

Interweaving two ropes.

A plant whose roots are cramped into a container.

The loudness/softness of a musical piece.

Other name for vitamin B1.

Rudyard Kipling's black panther.

Turnip-shaped cabbage.

Settlement that has vanished from the modern world.

3 words let a criminal know they've been thwarted.

Collected together paperwork or evidence.

The main body of an aircraft.

Rabbi who transcribes the teachings Rebbes.

Misidentification of signal frequency.

Furniture for hanging articles of clothing.

French consort of King Edward II.

Aircraft steerer that's an anagram of icky jots.

__ Olympic Stadium, hosted 1952 games.

Challenge a legal decision again.

Puzzle 13

Democrat nominee in 2004 US presidential election.

Nickname for the SR-71 supersonic aircraft.

Discussed possible answers with teammates.

With his Muskehounds, he was always ready.

Site of the parliament of Tuvalu.

Squire in Treasure Island.

National animal of South Africa.

A swift change of wind direction affecting flight.

Ridges pressed with the tongue to make a T sound.

Hand or foot, the furthest away part of the body.

Puzzle 14

Pacific Ocean sea east of Fiji.

Nickname for US Navy's anti-submarine PSV aircraft.

Spiked plate for climbers.

Most valuable coin in the Harry Potter universe.

Roman priests did this by studying natural signs.

Broke, skint; derived from slang term boracic lint.

Anna, editor-in-chief of Vogue.

Inventor credited with the concept of landing gear.

Madonna's 1992 album released with the book Sex.

Portion of money; French for "slice".

Aka Hansen's disease.

Property title possessed for a defined time.

Infamous wife of King Ahab in the Bible.

Shape-shifting seal folk in Scottish legends.

Collapse violently.

Puzzle 15

Increase a number fourfold.

Tilting stabilizer at the rear of an aircraft.

Author who wrote The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Molasses, ginger, nutmeg cake from Jamaica.

Greenish color used in medieval Italian frescoes.

Russian leader, introduced Glasnost, Perestroika.

Garment covered with fabrics to form images.

Ballet spin on one foot.

The Spirit of St. Louis departed from __ Field.

Common name of Hocus Pocus witches.

Puzzle 16

Major river flowing through France and Belgium.

James Bond villain who has a white cat.

Bacillus anthracis is the etiologic agent of this.

North American butterfly that migrates 3,000 miles.

White bean.

Elton John composed Aida songs with this sir.

Climb over rocks with difficulty.

Famous Milan opera house founded in 1778.

The streamlined covering of an aircraft engine.

Enemy of Batman obsessed with puzzles.

Type of rayon fabric made from wood pulp.

A bio, presence or character.

American conglomerate in Orwell's 1984.

Puzzle 17

Strained, showing nervous tension.

Bowie's astronaut.

It's both of the Vs in an aircraft's VTVL.

Emblem, crest or badge in the armed forces.

Outdoor activity brand meaning mountain house.

Anna's betrothed at the end of Frozen 2.

It's between Mike and Oscar in radio communication.

The network of lines on an American football field.

A form of glucose; often a food ingredient.

Edmonton resident.

Major airport and transportation hub in Amsterdam.

Slender strand like the silk spun by spiders.

Peter Pan writer.

The first US president to die in office, in 1841.

Puzzle 18

Painter of The Lacemaker, housed in the Louvre.

Common type of ornamental iron.

Bay of the Adriatic Sea, near Istrian peninsula.

Lufthansa is this country's national air carrier.

Renounced an oath.

Circus performer Joseph, known as the Elephant Man.

What dead men tell.


Lee-__, British rifle of both World Wars.

Half-goat half-horse creature with one horn.

Big thing in computer research; area of physics.

Fete game with prize tickets in a rolling drum.

Village druid in Asterix comic strip.

South Asian species of cat or python.

Tchaikovsky's last opera.

School where Charlotte Brontë learned and lectured.

A-Teamer and star of Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Deep fried Italian pastry.

Shoulder muscle.

May Day festival in the Gaelic calendar.

O'Hare is this city's famous airport.

Chinese-sponsored tennis court at the Aussie Open.

Puzzle 19

Female reproductive parts of a flower.

First Belgian King to abdicate the throne: __ III.

Installing glass.

Middle Eastern flat bread aka Shrak.

Music genre linked to Massive Attack.

Shakespeare's Richard III: "My __ for a horse!".

All international pilots must speak this language.

Island that rivaled Java for European trade.

They heat the air in a hot air balloon.

Marty, comedy actor of Young Frankenstein.

Month of fasting in the Islamic calendar.

Wonder Woman director Patty.

Bright yellow workwear is this.

Continuously and mindlessly chatting.

Active during daylight hours.

Common name for diluted acetic acid.

Puzzle 20

Whyte & __, Scottish whisky brand.

A musical piece written for seven instruments.

Long-tailed primates native to Madagascar.

Upper inner section of a flag.

Surname of nightclub owner Rick in Casablanca.

Flyer's fatigue.

Planet discovered by Herschel in 1781.

Jargons or slang dialects.

A square-ended knife used to shape molten glass.

Country where the SOCATA air company was based.

French author of In Search of Lost Time.

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