CodyCross Industrial Revolutions Pack answers

Industrial Revolutions PackIndustrial Revolutions

Here are the answers to CodyCross Industrial Revolutions Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Small gray African monkey with black face.

Middle for __; decides who starts in darts.

African nation west of Kenya starting with "U".

"__ me timbers!", pirate cry of disbelief.

Leg extenders requiring supreme balance.

Pierre-Auguste __, French painter of The Bathers.

Decathlon gold medallist at the 1976 Olympics.

Not ready for harvest.

The dessert Kah Niao Man: __ rice in coconut milk.

__ jaw, degenerative disease of the matchgirls.

Lightly touch someone causing them to be itchy.

Actress who starred in "Women in Love": __ Jackson.

Noble Jew exiled at Babylon; Bible book.

Industrial __ involves workers taking a stand.

Positive recommendations on the cover of books.

__ Goose, Howard Hughes's giant flying boat.

__ Smithers, Mr. Burns' assistant in The Simpsons.

Puzzle 2

St Pierre's twin island, overseas land of France.

Traffic jam, vehicles cannot move in any direction.

Being anxious about something.

Second fastest land animal in the world.

German coal-mining region.

One of New York state's maximum security prisons.

They smashed machinery, fearing industrial change.

Jessica __, actress of Zero Dark Thirty.

Mountain cheese produced in Veneto.

To predict the future.

A rare event happens once in a __.

TV show about a group of lesbian friends.

Puzzle 3

Porcelain type.

__ Knight Bugs, Looney Tunes 1959 Oscar winner.

Air __, mile-high host or hostess.

Thomas __ famously built railways and bridges.

Full of lines or folds.

Near the __ describes something a little rude.

Grammy award-winning singer, Al __.

Referred to something casually, indirectly.

Mammal that has a grayish-black fur.

__ chimneys were the visible impact of industry.

Greek goddess of retribution.

Paul __, pilot of the Enola Gay.

Most expensive tuna variety.

Patent drug.

Biblical city with the tomb of Lazarus.

Sir Frank __, inventor of the jet engine.

Silliness, absurdity, folly.

Roll with the __, go with the flow.

Romanian dramatist of The Theater of the Absurd.

__ Abbey depicts an aristocratic family in England.

Mountainous area forming the spur on Italy's boot.

Visible part of the external ear.

Richard __, daredevil founder of Virgin Group.

Fruit of flowering plant; with hibiscus in tea.

Puzzle 4

City where Anne Frank house is located.

French almond cake with beurre noisette.

Ginger, English singer/songwriter "Shape of You".

Process of learning and studying.

Inventor of the telephone: __ Graham Bell.

Birthplace of Jesus.

To use machinery in industrial processes.

Contamination, toxic waste and smoke cause this.

Not alive.

Author of "Dr. Zhivago": Boris __.

Particles of earth or sand carried by strong winds.

Puzzle 5

South American basin.

What you're doing to get leaves off the grass.

Suppose something to be true without proof.

Brothers Alan, Donny, Jay, Jimmy, Merrill, Wayne.

Sugar, coconut snack from Indonesia.

18th century notorious horse thief: Dick __.

Bush presidents shared this first name.

__ Times, a Chaplin film about mechanization.

Places one visits often.

Sheet __, dropped from ships in an emergency.

__ ovens are kilns for firing ceramics.

Anything having to do with a bride.

This Saturn moon has a retrograde orbit.

Painter of "The Bathers".

Puzzle 6

Hitchcock movie famous for its shower scene.

Passage of water connecting two larger ones.

Large drains for waste that run under cities.

Usual narrator in Sherlock Holmes stories: Dr. __.

Free from blemishes, bumps, roughness.

The end of a sports shoe where the tootsies fit.

Men who excavate the black stuff.

Disney's Mulan is based on a Chinese __.

Religious building, anagram of rarify.

Crab claw.

Variation of baccarat popular in France: __ de fer.

Pakistani first day of spring kite fight festival.

Puzzle 7

Non-corrosive metal used in aircraft manufacture.

Title of a play by both Sophocles and Anouilh.

Bob starred in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

Indigenous inhabitants of Tenerife.

Type of yoga practice, energy raising.

Socrates was guilty of corrupting the __ youth.

Rail, anagram of terminal.

Roman god of trees and forests.

Lacking money.

When a machine shows no output from the heart.

Stresses the 2nd and 4th beats of a 4 beat measure.

French castles.

Internationally known British sculptor: Barbara __.

Suffragettes chain themselves to these to protest.

Savings that you're forced to make in hard times.

Cloris __, known for her comedy parts.

Paid leave given to industrial workers.

__ when wet.

Henry __, designer of a specialized furnace.

__ whale, black and white, large hump on back.

Puzzle 8

Slang for an influential or important person.

Feared publicly run institution for the poor.

Ursa Major constellation's animal name.

Actions speak louder __.

Controversial issue, and lunch.

Debts or money owed.

Covered with a hard, crisp layer.

Modern, coy term for letters. Think gastropods!.

Member of wealthy ruling society.

They help you go.

Yuletide: another word for __.

This singer was born and raised in Connecticut.

Puzzle 9

Measurements of the distances between rail tracks.

Lord __ is Lyra's father in His Dark Materials.

Historical institution for those mentally ill.

Birthplace of tacos and enchiladas.

__ Clarke, Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen.

National airline of Spain.

Samuel __, creator of the US's first textile mills.

Prairie __, cocktail with an egg and Tabasco.

Connected to a computer network.

Groups of lions.

Sleeveless cloak or shawl.

Takes illegally.

Puzzle 10

Dead Sea __, scriptures found in West Bank caves.

"Down like a lead __".

Machines for powering equipment in industry.

Large refugee camp in Jordan.

Wreckage from a ship.

Small bone in the ear.

John, Paul, George, and Ringo were known as The __.

Surname of Jesse from Breaking Bad.

Avant-garde, nonsense art movement of the 1920s.

To agree or consent to, think favorably of.

Roberto __, Italian designer of exotic prints.

Games of tiles of "bones".

__ mill, metal-pressing factory.

James __, won an Oscar for The Philadelphia Story.

Strait extending from Mexico to Cuba: __ Channel.

Tiny Edam-type cheese in red wax sold in net bags.

Cupbord with decorative tin panels.

Puzzle 11

Affected, anagram of impeding.

Term for earthenware, porcelain, tiles, etc.

Cinema __, Alfredo died, 1989 best foreign film.

Where marriages are made.

A group of people coming together.

Mint __, popular ice cream flavor.

The length of time someone is expected to live.

Babar from the cartoon is an __.

Protective clothing for use in dirty industries.

Mechanical devices performing human actions.

Public indecency.

Ritual washing before prayer in some cultures.

Earthquake scale measures the intensity and effect.

Arrow's maker.

One Hundred Years of __, the Buendía family saga.

Detective played by Dennis Franz in NYPD Blue.

Exertion noises often heard on tennis courts.

Puzzle 12, blossoming international news agency site.

Medieval society structured around exchanges.

Bygone arguments are water under __.

Lined card to organize information pre-Internet.

Where nautical vessels were built and repaired.

Barium __, aka witherite used in rat poison.

An assembly of judges that ruled over Judea.

Liquid fossil fuel.

Finnish Ice Man F1 racing driver, Kimi __.

2016 Oscar-winning film directed by Barry Jenkins.

Grain-like seeds used in kasha varnishkes.

Hidden, kept out of view.

__ de Goya painted Witches' Sabbath.

Puzzle 13

Roof beams.

Cutting, fixing, shaping instruments in industry.

Star of the 2001 drama, The Believer.

Clean this wooden bird home out in autumn.

Tracks and locomotives used for transport.

Ponta __, capital of the Azores, on São Miguel.

Enclose within set boundaries, to restrict.

Boiled milk, sweet dense dessert from India.

Lift someone's mood.

Indian born Brit, author of The Jungle Book.

Puppy loves.

Puzzle 14

Italian dish of veal braised with vegetables.

__ Sisters were Babs, Joy and Teddy.

Metal tool used for plucking.

Associated with Dutch, invented in 650 BC Persia.

Person who designs and maintains machines.

The late actor Omar Sharif's nationality.

Specially trained military personnel.

Staunch and loyal.

Takes into employment.

Reformer of Jainism, mistaken as its founder.

Short golf swing near the green.

Film section of clips, anagram of megatons.

Machine stitching technique for seaming.

Artist considered the "Father of Impressionism".

Puzzle 15

1997 Bond film Tomorrow __.

Puncture with tiny holes, like around a stamp.

Ancient Chinese philosopher, aka "The Great Sage".

Bake food in paper parcel, en __.

The hand that rocks __ rules the world.

South India state, capital city Chennai.

Long-distance communication through wires.

Bowie song character who loves chimney stacks.

Secure area for cars at a Formula 1 circuit.

British PM married to Cherie.

__ Box, turn the crank and up he pops.

French origin word for a gifted storyteller.

To obtain something through force or threats.

Novel by Jane Austen: "__ Park".

Dancing round the maypole night in Sweden.

They supervise the work of others.

Puzzle 16

US mill town, focus of the Industrial Revolution.

1970s clothing looked like it had run in the wash.

Creamy French soup made with lobster shells.

Individual parts; fine decorations; small.

__ Girls were Gabriela and Monica Irimia.

__ Daly started on MTV.

Death in __, Thomas Mann's tale of infatuation.

Old measure of yarn equivalent to 54 inches.

A group of dancers.

Cheerful expression like hooray.

Another word for revenue from goods produced.

Estadio El __, Millionarios Colombia stadium.

People who park your cars at a hotel.

Puzzle 17

Beers, wines and __: alcohol section of a store.

Small shark, problem to commercial fishing.

Brushed off, rejected.

Blast __, place where metal ore is smelted.

Folorunsho __, Nigerian fashion/printing tycoon.

Prime minister of Portugal 1932-1968.

Flight paperwork delivered electronically.

Kenneth Grahame kiddie lit: "The Wind in the __".

__ Tutte, satirical Mozart opera.

Latin for "in the womb".

Russian born Yuri __, the first man in space.

Nothing is __ but death and taxes.

To quit before the end.

X-men character Wolverine's real name: James __.

Children who pushed coal trucks in mines.

__ and Cartier Islands, Aussie Indian Ocean reefs.

Puzzle 18

Belief in something that is not real or true.

Salted beef dried by the air.

Used to start a fire.

Country where men wear kilts at sporting events.

Point of an orbit furthest from the Sun.

Cancer of the testicles, disease of chimney sweeps.

Refined, confident and charming.

Business side of the White House.

Peter Pan writer.

Carbon fuel used in smelting.

Western pre-Columbian Bolivian site.

Child of military parents.

Puzzle 19

Someone who is easily persuaded.

Belgian city named after King Charles.

Kiefer Sutherland's 24 character.

Gangster Michael Caine takes on the North-East.

English conductor seen in "Fantasia": Leopold __.

People toys, made from the straw harvest.

An intimate male partner.

Base of root beer also found in Creole cooking.

Dog that wears a number and a jacket.

Blood __, condition also known as sepsis.

Whitney machine that separated seed from fibers.

Mechanized weaving device of the Industrial Rev.

Totally free from guilt.

Puzzle 20

Image/video-hosting site that glimmers.

Whips, anagram of hassle.

Epsom Derby: the "Blue __ of the Turf".

Jason __, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes actor.

Steam producer.

__ coal, product used for firing at high temps.

Green stalk garnish for a Bloody Mary.

Italian dynasty in banking and politics.

This bed saves space by staying in the wall.

Stereotypical Japanese battle cry.

French term for influenza.

Artificial waterways or aqueducts.

Stay in the same state, place, not moving.


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