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Here are the answers to CodyCross Interior Design Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

An insult or slight.

French cosmetics company, makes Hypnôse mascara.

Thomas Hardy's final novel: Jude the __.

__ iron, beaten to shape for furniture decoration.

Joining, attaching.

Eight-sided shape.

Fashion designer who dated Grace Kelly: Oleg __.

Left-hand side of a boat from a rower's view point.

U.N. stained glass window painter: Marc __.

__ Cole, Unforgettable singer.

Big win on a slot machine.

Conducts oneself well.

__ style, Scandinavian clean, light, white decor.

Air __; female cabin crew member.

Puzzle 2

Salads, indicative of eating __; good for the body.

Members of your family.

English Poet Laureate married to Sylvia Plath.

Pertaining to snoring: not "bronchial" but __.

Apparently, evidently.

South African city, centre of diamond mining.

__ Smith, aviator gave his name to Sydney airport.

Traditional pre-lunch snack break.

Side by side, at the same time as.

Cloths used as socks by the Russian military.

Layer of wall paint applied beneath the colour.

__ rug, mat made from ovine fur.

__ Woman, Eva Gonzalès painting of her sister.

Give something a __; stay a safe distance from.

Puzzle 3

__ table, living room centrepiece for placing cups.

Light-__; feeling faint or dizzy.

Kenyan uprising, 1952-64.

Country where birria is often on the wedding menu.

Coming in intermittent bursts.

Able-__; with no disability.

Indoor window coverings, can be Venetian.

Small horses.

Dawn __, Aussie Olympic swimmer of the 1950/60s.

To a great degree.

Puzzle 4

What an American calls football.

Send abroad for trade.

Fabrics with patterns put on by hand with a block.

A car that is bashed, with a dimple in it.

Claim, assert.

"__ River", nickname for the Mississippi in song.

__ mine, weapon-device attached to a ship.

Take an object from someone.

Relating to flowers.

Calm and unhurried, perhaps through tranquilizers.

Fruit that kirsch is made from.

Author of "The Pilgrim's Progress": John __.

Puzzle 5

Military formation with offset positions.

Fail to look after someone properly.

__ oyster, cocktail with an egg.

Hybrid between a male jaguar and a female lion.

What Irish eyes are doing, in the traditional song.

US word for UK "cushions".

Country with a "Golden Circle" sightseeing route.

Upholstered bench found at the end of a bed.

Thorny, spiky, like a hedgehog.

With the least hair.

__ Duvall, actress of The Shining.

More unpleasant than.

Puzzle 6

Unironed, scrunched up.

They compile stories, articles and comments.

Chocolate and cream glaze or filling.

Ginni __; became CEO of IBM in 2012.

Like a fox.

Unity and __, the same style throughout the home.

Capital city of Basilicata region, Italy.

Three's __ with Jack Tripper and Mr. Furley.

Extra amount over what is required.

Put large items in a room, e.g. sofa, chair, table.

Lunar phase.

At the __ hat, immediately, without hesitation.

British word for a purse in the US.

Puzzle 7

Season when the Wimbledon tournaments take place.

Tea time treat for Victoria.

Blankets used to bring colour to settees.

Country where the ancient city of Petra is located.

Accidental; casual; fortuitous.

Break free from captivity.

Blondie single from 1980, "Your Hair is Beautiful".

Luxurious fabric with thick, short pile on one side.

Typographical devices that link items in a list.

Golden hamster breed.

Puzzle 8

Parts of the home made from trees, eg door frames.

Sets aside funding for.

__ kai Autokrator; ancient Greek ruler's title.

Baton __, spinning a baton.

Crustaceans with ten limbs.

Promotional competition with freebies.


Classical Neapolitan sunshine song.

People walk on this inside the house.


Irish defeat of the Vikings; death of Brian Boru.

Told the news.

Sliced exactly into two halves.

Hard humdrum work.

Administrative capital city of South Africa.

Scrapings of the outer layer of vegetables.

__ Cooper, CNN personality.

Puzzle 9

Vietnamese communist after whom Saigon was renamed.


Council of Elrond was based here.

Military headwear with a peak, worn by soldiers.

State of being watchful.

Birth of something, from the French language.

Study of oral medicine.

Wooden, built home for winged creatures.

Philadelphia, City of __ Love.

US R&B group famous for "Car Wash".

Mexican revolution between 1854 and 1876.

Starch used as a thickener for clear sauces.

Decorative covering for a household light.

Providing much pleasure.

Former tennis player and sports shirt maker.

Put your tent on one.

Puzzle 10

Roomy, airy, expansive.

Remarks, comments.

Herald or auctioneer.

Self-righteous and superior.

Item on many hors d'oeuvres menus: __ St. Jacques.

Colours like pale grey, cream, beige.

Northern Italy border region.

Acts on stage.

Author of "Madame Bovary": Gustave __.

Black woodwind instrument good for jazz.

Night sky spectrums caused by the lunar rays.

__ ball, heavy ball lifted at the gym.

Smile from __; grinning all across one's face.

TV format; combines documentary and soap opera.

Decade that witnessed the outbreak of WWII.

Mixed style, drawing on a broad range of styles.

Puzzle 11

First Mission: Impossible film director.

Far-fetched metaphor (as in poetry).

Interlaced pattern associated with church windows.

Sons of __, secret society opposed the Stamp Act.

Decorative moulding around top of curtains/ceiling.

Classical, retro items of quality (like wine).

For reducing noise in a hearing orifice.

Playing alone, anagram of loosing.

Pull this to fire a gun.

Weak monarch who ruled England from 1135-54.

__ horse; American equine breed, good at sprinting.

Making food for dinner.

Stone that pilgrims queue to kiss.

Places to cross a river.

Puzzle 12

Hair was cut a little bit.

The final layer of wall paint.

Distribute things with equal weight.

Prehistoric, elephant-like mammal with wool.

Italian dish, and Garfield's preferred food.

Red wine and fruit drink in Spain.

Defensive wall in battlement.

Started up again.

What Rock and Gravel were in Wacky Races.

People washing, painted by Cézanne.

__ Inn, Crosby, Astaire, American biz icon.

Nip in the bud; forestall.

Citizen army.

Ice-cream flavoring derived from orchids.

Medical name for kidney stones: renal __.

Whitney __; I Will Always Love You singer.

All __ Eve, another word for saints.


Puzzle 13

Final days of a period, e.g. March, May.

Hotel chain owners of Residence Inn and Courtyard.

State where the university town of Stillwater is.

Large Scottish broadsword with a cross hilt.

__ style, North African decor style.

Weighed down.

Having been pardoned, excused of a past mistake.

A kitchen assistant.

Style of decor relating to hot/humid rainforests.

Closed geometric figure with three sides.

__ cap, soft folded hat with Revolutionary cockade.

Puzzle 14

Pinkish, soft cement used inside on house walls.

Creamy buffalo mozzarella, very soft texture.

Ceramic kitchenware.

Close friends, partners in crime.

Editorial professional who checks text for errors.

Music to accompany the Catholic death mass.

Second-largest city in Bulgaria.

Three score and ten: a supposed lifespan in years.

Takes place, happens.

Spanish word for cowboy.

Puzzle 15

Shakespearean character: anagram of "no bore".

Flea __, find second-hand furniture here.

Quick Draw __, cartoon cowboy horse.

Very slim.

Dutch optical illusion artist: M. C. __.

Another name for the Chinese New Year: __ Festival.

Moves on ice.

Shelf above a fireplace, for resting a clock on.

Marie __, part of singing clan sang Paper Roses.

__ and Smriti, Hindu holy texts.

Puzzle 16

Russian granny.

Preparing in advance, organising.

The wheels __ go round and round.

With a heavy heart, painfully.

Irish writer Christy Brown's affliction: __ palsy.

Plane __; aviation-related hobby.

Adding shiny paint to household woodwork.

French video game company founded in 1999.

Wilde suggested a true friend stabs you in __.


Having unrealistic ideas, as a Cervantes' character.

Maintained a tennis racket.

Ancient term for street balladeer.

Maundy __, Last Supper commemoration day.

Make electricity.

Sparkling Italian wine.

Puzzle 17

Elegant, symmetrical style, opposite of casual.

People who give money to charity.

Debussy wrote it for his daughter: Children's __.

Dublin fishmonger honored with a statue: Molly __.

Italian style of natural surfaces, earthy colours.

Worn out; bone-tired.

Source of civilization along with Euphrates.

Body part that includes the pharynx and larynx.

British tennis star Tim __.

Gossip Girl's Serena van der Woodsen, Blake __.

Puzzle 18

Metal company whose name is linked with copper.

People who hurl with a hand.


Put back.

French prison that was stormed on July 14, 1789.

Country where singer/songwriter Donovan was born.

Get friend __ from people wanting to join networks.

Crude, offensive, inappropriate.

To bring a result opposite to that planned.

Vehicle used for driving experience gifts.

Sufficiency, satisfactoriness.

Onomatopoeic sound of horses' hooves.

A style that will never date, not trendy.

Murder __; Angela Lansbury crime drama series.

Formal hatmaker since the 1770s with red/gold logo.

Temporary structure to assist building repairs.

Red fruit paired on stalks.

Puzzle 19

Pieces of wood left over after a job.

Exhibit objects, put them on __.

Highest mountain in Wales: Mount __.

Leaving a gratuity.

The history of dance on film begins with him.

Former Berlin Wall crossing point: Checkpoint __.

Number described with six zeroes.

Small crusader state, now part of Turkey.

Least beautiful.

Red tomato sauce.

Moved restlessly, like a big cat.

Credit bureau with a massive data breach in 2017.

Add value by renovating and reusing old objects.

Non-believer in gods.

James Bond series author, Ian __.

Brushing on of makeup powder.

Puzzle 20

People who travel aimlessly.

Featuring a movie actor.

Governors who represent the monarch in colonies.

Ain't nothin' but a __, Cryin' all the time.

Like an exploding mountain.

Pillows for comfort/decoration on a sofa.


Stretched out in a long narrow strip.

The K in KFC.

Dry __, clothes refreshed professionally.

__ vs. Aliens.

Do up a room with paint and new accessories.

__ Plans, Chinese economic strategy cycles.

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