CodyCross International Jazz Day Pack answers

International Jazz Day PackInternational Jazz Day

Here are the answers to CodyCross International Jazz Day Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Ships for hunting big sea mammals.

Creamy Greek cheese made from sheep/goat milk.

Vacant, gormless, unintelligent.

Largest South American landlocked country by area.

Iraq's fifth president: Saddam __.

Bob Fosse jazz musical with Roxie Hart.

One __ Men and a Girl, musician's daughter movie.

__ dog; Shalaika, Russian canine hybrid.

Land owned and used by the lord of the manor.

Proprietary substance for breathable rainwear.

Traditional Mexican horsemen.

Two and three are __ of six.

Made a copy of a paper document.

__ Brunies, King of the Tailgate Trombone.

Puzzle 2

Defender of a belief or champion of an idea.

Metaphysical poet of "No man is an island".

Other music styles mixed into jazz.

Miles __, English translator of the Bible.

Common name for the Russian Federal Space Agency.

Brazilian music genre that influenced cool jazz.

Walked boastfully.

Roof joist fixers.

Condition for letting a tiger go.

Debris that are scraped from the bottom of a river.

French forest, scene of the WWI armistice.

Lime green nighttime insects named after the Moon.

Projected, translated lyrics above a stage.

Dairy spread worked into small round shapes.

Capital of Karnataka, India's garden city.

To reproach harshly; to criticise severely.

The Sabbath after Easter.

French medic, with a brain area named after him.

Pop legend, played harpsichord for The Favourite.

Shoulder belt for ammunition.

Puzzle 3

Textual character part, higher than the midline.

Bebop pioneer, leader of M'Boom.

Revelation, divulgence of information.

The world's oldest commercial rum distillery.

Name for the vertical posts in football.

Everyday I Have __, Joe Williams with Count Basie.

Reflexive second person singular pronoun.

Do something secretly, in an underhand way.

On TV's Star Trek, wearing one might lead to death.

World's largest living rodent.

Condition of having no or a partial tongue.

Margaret __, research chemist and UK PM.

Florida island and Bogart film.

ANC member and leader of its military wing.

Ancient Egyptian timepiece that used plumb lines.

Puzzle 4

__ fish, poached dish served on Jewish holidays.

Jon Voight's hustler character in Midnight Cowboy.

For such reason that.

New __, US Louisiana city, home of jazz.

Ancient warship with three rows of oars.

Chucky __, Tommy Pickles's best friend.

Wild, untamed hawk.

Sarah __, aka Sassy, sang Misty.

A twist, in dance.

Type of cell division.

UK royal's name.

Puzzle 5

Country that is home to the River of Five Colors.

Of or relating to water buffalo.

Mexican fried grasshopper snack.

Banner with streamers carried in a parade.

Great public shame.

Nigerian, Ghanaian funk/jazz music style.

US screenwriter of Underworld and Scarface.

Children's hurdling game.

Rhyming expression of surprise by the Boy Wonder.

George __, Rhapsody in Blue composer.

Authentic, genuine, from a Latin source.

Sort of literature former USSR used to ban.

Slopes for launching boats into water.

Puzzle 6

Region in Italy that includes the city of Faggia.

__ Reeves, jazz singer of The Grandma Song.

Dynamiter in For Whom the Bell Tolls, Robert __.

A blend of tea and the former name of Sri Lanka.

Male falcon or hawk.

Someone to Watch __, Ella Fitzgerald song.

Biggest river in Andorra: Gran __.

Wrenches, levers off.

Franklin's ship on fated Northwest Passage trip.

Soviet Union space station, launched in 1971.

Puzzle 7

Old measures, of around 3.5 miles.

Dark brown dried shrimp paste used in Thai cookery.

Joseph __; co-inventor of barbed wire.

Wide-mouthed dragon in Catalan mythology.

Looking perfect, in slang (2 words).

Plain __, means smooth and easy progress.

Small state where da Vinci lived 1513-16.

Biblical name, has come to mean a brazen woman.

Scott Joplin music genre.

More desolate.

Wildcat with black ears also called Persian lynx.

Basque term for a beret.

__ of Birdland, by Sarah Vaughan.

An expert at interfering.

Puzzle 8

Some long, thin, seedless varieties are English.

Billy __, composed Chelsea Bridge and Lush Life.

Of or relating to giraffes.

Immediately after that.

The Ferris wheel in the Prater park in Vienna.

The Blue __, famous gem sought by Sherlock Holmes.

Tearful, crying.

Canadian city home to the Canucks NHL team.

Hot jazz style, or traditional New Orleans jazz.

Horizontal reddish light seen in mountain ranges.

Without a hem or dress.

Irish nationalist, suffragette, W B Yeats' muse.

Langley's instrument for measuring radiant energy.

Purposeful oddness, especially in the arts.

Cereal grass disease that blackens plants.

Words that are underlined/coloured on screen.

Puzzle 9

Exponent of a Japanese Olympic martial art.

__ jazz, downtempo music with synth background.

Blended fruit as a sauce for desserts.

Fertile; grown-up.

Centre of the classical world to Ancient Greeks.

Warm-hearted movie about waitress Audrey Tautou.

Country previously known as Southern Rhodesia.

Lake __ City, Arizona, location of London Bridge.

Zebra stallion hybrids with equine mares.

__ Smith, singer known as Empress of the Blues.

Puzzle 10

Foot-operated lever on a sewing machine.

The many-tailed fox of Japanese folklore.

Having speckles of colour, such as on a fabric.

Art __, highly decorative style aka Jugendstil.

Spoke, made a sound.

Abbey __, activist, jazz singer of For All We Know.

Round, high-sided mould and the dish cooked in it.

Describes animals living at the bottom of the sea.

Country where the Dniester River originates.

Spanish warrior El Cid, __ Díaz de Vivar.

Leaf part that CO2 enters during photosynthesis.

Bar between window panes.

I Knew You Were __, Aretha song.

Puzzle 11

Hans Ulrich __, artistic director and curator.

Fats __, jazz composer of Ain't Misbehavin'.

Hair or beard netting, or woollen hat-scarf combos.

Penguins with a French name.

Irish for mountains or mountain ranges.

Relating to a monarch and their reign.

Betty __, jazz scat singer, aka The Kid.

Adds memory to portable devices.

Country where Caesar salad originated.

Final honours examinations at Cambridge Univ..

Eva Gabor's more famous sister.

Puzzle 12

Improvisational jazz singing with no real words.

Ivy League uni in Manhattan, founded as King's.

Filipino ice cream sold on the street.

German word for forbidden.

Pointy motel in Pixar's Cars.

Shaft drilled into the ground for extracting oil.

S American rodent like a chinchilla.

She sang Fever.

Learning disorder experienced by Leonardo da Vinci.

Final dimensions of a page of a printed book.

Puzzle 13

Dentists' x-ray films of teeth.

US presidential helicopter.

Term for the practice of eating raw meat.

Building style following Lisbon's 1755 earthquake.

Chance or random, not definite or regular.

The act of a plant blooming.

Site where the Magna Carta was signed.

Pen for woolen creatures.

__ Wilson, jazz singer-producer, with M-Base.

Artists who apply black varnish lacquer to wood.

Novel by Zadie Smith about two would-be dancers.

St. Louis' pro baseball team.

Moving horizontally, e.g. hot air, fog.

Shiny, two-part leisurewear of the 1980s.

Palindrome for where a camelid goes shopping.

Continental quilt with feathers from a duck.

Couple who founded an iconic London Mayfair hotel.

Sad sounding or mournful.

__ Rag, Scott Joplin piece evocative of Canada.

Open-ended tube for measuring pressure.

Christian philosopher who wrote The city of God.

Puzzle 14

__ Chowk, famous marketplace in New Delhi.

Comfort, support in hard times.

High Holy Days month in the Jewish calendar.

Tip of ice cream cake with cornflakes in base.

Smallest capital city by area in the EU.

Minnie the __, sung by Cab Calloway.

Arrangements of digits on hands and feet.

Dismissed from the field of play.

Sweet __ Brown, song sung by Anita O'Day.

What some Americans call a charley horse.

Succeeded Buchanan in the White House.

The two terminals of a battery: anode and __.

Nymph who detained Odysseus for years.

Puzzle 15

WWI peace treaty signed with Austria.

Rufus lead singer who sang I Feel For You.

Term for an everyday object elevated to an artform.

Way that sailors signal with flags.

Plant diseases that decay the stem.

Derogatory term used for Henry VIII's second wife.

French curry powder.

Chewy sweet that goes pop.

Dynasty spinoff with Charlton Heston.

US film director of The Crowd and War and Peace.

Dizzy __, improvisational trumpeter.

Puzzle 16

European mint also known as oregano.

Barranquilla is located in this country.

Japanese car manufacturer that makes the Terios.

This tree's name means "hard tree".

Term for the killing of a prophet.

Call and __, music with answering phrase.

Propelling a coracle.

Dickens's industrial fictional city in Hard Times.

... or even (a palindrome).

Central European state with Bratislava as capital.

__ McCorkle, sang The Waters of March.

An impertinent fellow.

Puzzle 17

General name for mammals that chew the cud.

Explosions, demolitions.

Mexican version of Frosted Flakes.

The capital of Tonga (Africa).

My Funny Valentine singer.

Flowering plant family that includes poinsettias.

They are addressed as Excellencies.

US artist of balloon dogs and a Guggenheim Puppy.

Demarcation of Cyprus's Greek and Turkish parts.

Steroid hormone of the adrenal cortex.

French blow poker for starting fires.

What a __ World, Louis Armstrong sang.

Puzzle 18

Behaving like a grownup while already a grownup.

Barbara __, pink-chiffoned author of 700 books.

The __, Aussie train, from Melbourne to Adelaide.

Pittsburgh's avian ice hockey team.

Country where sambossas are a popular snack.

Lester Young music style, not bebop.

England's presumed oldest inhabited home: __ Manor.

Substance used in resins; popular for picnicware.

W France river, empties into the sea at Rochefort.

Nat __, singer of Route 66.

Hattie __, first black American to win an Oscar.

Puzzle 19

Ethel __, Broadway jazz crooner of Dinah.

In Search of Lost Time author __ Proust.

Parisian home of the Mona Lisa since 1797.

Treat lavishly or indulgently, caress.

Austrian pastry that inspired the croissant.

Airborne flights of geese.

Come Away __, album by Norah Jones.

Guinea-__, West African land with Bubaque island.

Faints, like a Victorian heroine.

John __, runner, did Black Power salute with Smith.

Spanish word for a married woman.

Puzzle 20

Film star of High Sierra and The Sea Wolf.

Sweet white wine from Bordeaux.

Ad lib, in music.

Testimony from a previous employer.

Drying or absorbing agent.

Swiss sans-serif typeface aka Neue Haas Grotesk.

French painter, a nouveau realist.

Place in Iowa named after the local Native people.

Jazz opera composer of Escalator over the Hill.

Country formerly led by Violeta Chamorro.

Proto-Euphrateans; those living from 6500-3800 BC.

Mountain chain running the length of Italy.

__ navy; maritime forces that can operate globally.

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