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Here are the answers to CodyCross Internet Searches Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Extreme weather episodes with rain and wind.

Up to date, contemporary.

Exclamation when a magician reveals a rabbit.

Calmly, not roughly.

Long, yellow fruit that can be peeled.

Floor cleaner that sucks.

Structure on land or sea, near fuel extraction.

Camila Cabello song about Cuban capital.

To satisfy one's thirst.

Holiday involving eggs and a bunny.

Space Needle, Eiffel, Willis.

Biblical man who survived the lion's den.

Another word for spit.

First name of Dr. Evil's archenemy.

Ice __ challenge, interactive internet meme.

Native American hairstyle adopted by punks.

A rolling stone gathers __.

Puzzle 2

Funny felines made into memes.

Reindeer with a red nose.

African leader was jailed for 27 years.

Decluttering, making things neater.

As flat as a __.

Good cause that takes donations.

The spookiest month of the year.

Referee's accessory.

Went scarlet with embarrassment.

Protective walls of a castle.

Last name of the author of The Maze Runner.

Between-the-teeth cleaning means you've __.

Curved entrance.

These vegetables can be jalapeno or bell.

Ruin totally.

Lessons or courses that can be found online.

Puzzle 3

Coming together as a twosome.

Hard Italian cheese made from sheep's milk.

Fast-paced social media app with a ghost icon.

Control, organize, standardize.

Natural illumination from the sun.

Where something is, its place on a map.

Good, gracious conduct in a sports match.

Demanded to have something.

Round plastic tube that circles around the hips.

Ballroom dancing that takes two.

Human who turns into a canine during the full moon.

What you call a good-looking man.

Puzzle 4

Traditional Mexican music with guitars (Spa.).

Sales involving bidding.

High-voiced singers; TV mob family.

Friends, associates saved in your phone.

The weakest or least strong.

Rambler, drifter or rover.

According to a saying, it's the best medicine.

Harry Potter's school.

Ocean separating Europe and America.

Alcoholic drink made from typical Jamaican spirit.

Polite response when declining an invitation.

Object placed in a baby's mouth to ease distress.

Quietly focus your mind, sometimes while chanting.

A way to cook eggs popular in cartoons.

Puzzle 5

You'll need this if you don't do your homework.

The number in a dozen.

Connected to the internet.

Joss, the director of 2012 film The Avengers.

Walk with a damaged limb, shuffle along.

Sewed up a hole in a sock.

__ me timbers! A pirate's exclamation.

False, without any factual basis.

Bat buddy of chamelon Yooka in a 2017 video game.

Medical caregivers in hospitals or clinics.

Hook-and-loop system, quicker than tying laces.

Every time.

Davis Cup sport played with rackets.

Black and white bears.

Country north of the US.

A large wooden or rubber hammer.

Puzzle 6

Slow, without urgency.

The __ Club, Molly Ringwald's coming of age movie.

Performing queries on Google or Bing.

Process of removing branches from a tree.

Making something longer.

Sports including throwing, running and jumping.


Big tech company that makes Word and Excel.

Lofty accommodation built among branches.

A crusty, fatty treat made by crisping pork skin.

Bring laws into force.

Getting ready, putting together, e.g. meals.

Name of Andersen's Little Mermaid.

Puzzle 7

Safe to drink.

Country that a fancy window blind is named after.

Small houses for dogs.

__ Jill; siblings who fetched a pail of water.

Shine and glitter, like fairy dust.

Make your point clear, explain things plainly.

Powdery fragments of iron.

Ultimately, it's this that counts.

Managing your money and making payments.

Fuzzy fruits used in Melba desserts.

Fields of grass and flowers.

Specialist who checks and cleans teeth.

Puzzle 8

Vibrant precious stones; pirate treasure.

Warnings or updates on travel issues.

Walking through water.

Salad vegetable also known as chicory.

Six-stringed instrument common in rock music.

An underground passageway.

Small blade often seen on tattoos.

Lines that bend and aren't straight.

Books that contain long, fictional stories.

Absorbent kitchen pad for cleaning up spills.

High-end or expensive lifestyle and purchases.

Big arm muscles.

Increased, lifted higher.

Puzzle 9

Foolishly, impulsively.

Falling over one's feet.

Not inside the home; in the open air.

Compact convection oven appliance.

Jon and Jonny are short versions of this name.

The D in GDP.


Frozen treat on a stick.

Social media site founded by Mark Zuckerberg.

An acorn-loving tree rodent with a bushy tail.

People who tidy and wash the interior of homes.

First Beatle to release a solo album: George __.

Puzzle 10

A repeating decorative design.

Rushes towards something.

A user of Twitter.

Flinching in pain.

Relating to health and doctors.

Piloting a boat with no motor.

Painter famous for cutting off his own ear.

Baby swans.

Floating craft also known as a blimp.

To retell a story or details of an event.

Spherical citrus fruits, often from Spain.

Trips on planes.

Puzzle 11

Cause harm.

The internet's largest search engine.

Decorative strip of material for hair or cakes.

Tube in plants that transports nutrients.

Obey, follow the rules.

Musical device to mute or muffle the instrument.

Cooking clothes that protect regular ones.

Significant top line letters of a keyboard.

A baby cat.

Follow-up novel.

Bone connectors that bend, like knees.

Dining out, consuming food.

You can find a message in a floating one.

Sorting office papers into categories.

Count-down clocks, stopwatches.

Chuck's volleyball chum in Cast Away.

Puzzle 12

Person who improves the aesthetic of a room.

Deliberately, not by accident.

Pictorial social media site with influencers.

Slick, flat board used to ride waves for sport.

To be encouraging and inspiring.

The Land Down Under.

Leaning or sloping backwards.

Big yellow tractor used to push things.

Carefully crafted faked paintings.

Mashed avocado dip.

One Asian eating utensil, usually found in a pair.

Puzzle 13

Conforming to Jewish dietary laws.

Sticking, attaching with adhesive.

Underground transit in New York City.

Grinding tool accompanied by a mortar.

Oz's __ Witch of the West was crushed by a house.

The words that make up a song.

Unlike any other.

Comparing __ to oranges.

Hero whose sidekick is Robin.

Shock or panic.

Smileys, pictures used instead of text.

An ice cream dessert served in a tall glass.

To undo a screw.

Doctor Who villains that exterminate.

A glacial hollow on a mountain, AKA a cirque.

Hardened feet of horses.

Extracting coal, gold or diamonds from the ground.

Cartoon feline who lives in a trash can.

What Jack Sprat's wife could eat.

Puzzle 14

Bad dream.


Lucky or blessed.

A person who learns, researches, and experiments.

Business where cuticles are shaped and decorated.

Political scandal named after a hotel in Washington.

Pass liquid through filters, as with brewed coffee.

Cacao product.

The __; "awesome" film starring minifgure Emmet.

Design for tresses on the head.

Puzzle 15

Something to do, a leisure pursuit.

Disney's animated teen crime fighter: Kim __.

Currently popular online.

Nevada gaming city.

When a stylist changes your look, hair, outfit.

Liquid used to brew tea.

Plan that indicates time and place of each event.

Given the title of Sir.

Tiny green invertebrate that creeps slowly along.

Moved around aimlessly, with no set course.

Hide one's true appearance.

A gridiron game involving kicking and tackling.

Clear cooking stock, from a French word "to boil".

Board game army with knights, king, queen, etc.

Puzzle 16

Reaction or intolerance to an irritant.

__ Bling, Drake's 2015 cellphone hit.

Shows or uncovers a secret.

Shelters built on the fronts of houses.

Medical experts who diagnose general sicknesses.

The main city in a country.

Eight-armed sea creature.

The definition of a word.

Went inside.

Edible leaf from the ocean.

Compliments, applauds; thanks given in worship.

Mechanical scuttling insects.

Series of acrobatic leaps and rolls.

Crafters know this sparkly stuff gets everywhere.

Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Puzzle 17

Your choice; something you have chosen to do.

Someone who loves reading.

When the river overflows or a basement gets wet.

Boat that hasn't capsized.

Female successor of a royal family before marriage.

Online networking community for business.

Huge, colossal.

Finger joints that boxers use.

Splashing water out of a cup by accident.

The least expensive.

Calculates the length of something.

Cooking food in dry heat, or making fun of someone.

Puzzle 18

Varying, not the same.

Drew swirly doodles.

Online mood-board site.

Fantastic, amazing.

Australian LA Confidential and Memento actor.

Jam made from Seville oranges.

An item of clothing you put on first.

Chief officer.

An exciting experience.

Periodical found online or in print.

Puzzle 19

Social site with a notable character restriction.

Small mat to put drinks on.

Slowing down when driving a car.

Teach, give children lessons.

A lucky numbers game with cash prizes.

Arranging objects by size or shape.

Rain, snow and sunshine are all this.

Moving to music rhythmically.

Writer of the Goosebumps books.

Large duck with a green head and yellow beak.

Participating in a sport.

Porridge in the UK, __ in the US.

The opposite of hello.

Emitting a loud belching sound.

Puzzle 20

Swedish Let's Play creator.

Bad dream.

Software protection that might need updating.

Obsessive, extremist.

Rolling terrain.

Holy city located in Israel.

Tequila, orange liqueur, lime cocktail, salt rim.

Card game played by one person online.

He-Man's fighting feline.

Small wooden tool for removing trapped food.

Accessories to fasten shirt sleeves.

Fear of home.

Total number of leaves of paper in a book.

Study of the history of family trees.

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