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Puzzle 1

Touchy, emotional.

French Pacific isles linked to Futuna archipelago.

An old-fashioned medical term for an edema.

Inadequate in size.

Island off China with its capital at Taipei.

Yearning, lovesick for a person.

A BBC nickname.

Lead singer of the Animals: Eric __.

Sandwich ingredient.

Sound a pig makes.

Puzzle 2

__ Attack, "Blue Lines" Bristol hip hop group.

Car ports.

Not optimistic.

Volcanic island, French possession near Mauritius.

What you don't know can't __.

Transformer's hero, __ Prime.

Australian Wimbledon champ in 1987.

Food without any oil or butter etc.

Sunburn bubble.

Portuguese Atlantic isle famous for fortified wine.

This canine is out of Africa.

Puzzle 3

Windshield wiper.

Penal island in San Francisco Bay.

First dark blue property, Monopoly UK edition.

Weighted ring for batting practice in baseball.

South __ Islands, British territory near S Georgia.

Festival celebrating the New Year in Thailand.

Rinsing the throat.

Large-billed seed-eating bird.

Animal Farm technique.

Professional network.

What one puts the pedal to when going full speed.

Puzzle 4

Emperor of Candy Land.

A fragrance-making establishment.

Phone signal relay.

Bogie, in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

Meat eater.

Colloquial, natural (phrase or wording).

2016 award winning Manchester art gallery.

Aussie island named after December 25.

Evel Knievel is one.

Cyclades island famous for blue-domed churches.

Puzzle 5

Kampala is the capital of this country.

__ Island, home to the priests in Father Ted.

Chilean isle, aka Rapa Nui, famous for megaliths.

Hard substance that teeth are made from.

Adi Dassler created this company.

Area between 1-2 or 1-3 pins.

Frankie __; 1950s Italian-American teen idol.

Hester __, she wore a Scarlet Letter.

Easy peasy.

Description of old sailor, a salty old __.

Open and sincere; __ Camera.

Puzzle 6

Soup right up to the brim.

Lymphoid lump.

Papa __ Airport, or PPW, in the Orkneys.

Book of the Bible that precedes Mark.

Aka reindeer.

Russian Arctic isle named after a Russian explorer.

Word puzzles.

September stone.

New Zealand island group where copra is produced.

City where actor Robert Carlyle was born.

Puzzle 7

Groote __, Aussie isle, "great island" in Dutch.

Island group in Micronesia now called Kiribati.

Entrance to a house.

Animal with the highest blood pressure.

Don __, Cervantes hero who tilted at windmills.

Find the length.

__ siege, a city defense during the Indian Mutiny.

Italian seafood stew from Liguria.

Soccer area that extends 18 yards from goal line.

Offense, affront, slight.

__ house, places where skeletal remains are kept.

Muslim ruler foe of Richard I in the Crusades.

Puzzle 8

Comedian among original The Electric Company cast.

Volcanic Canary Islands isle with Fuego mountains.

"By the power of __", He-Man's catchphrase.

Unwise, imprudent.

S African hollowed-out loaf and rabbits.

Ecuadorian islands famous for blue-footed boobies.

Elizabethan term for a saucy fellow.

Mike Leigh's BAFTA-winning film set in the 1950s.

Sticking it through the eye.

Dutch physiologist who invented the EKG: Willem __.

Yobs, wayward adolescents.

Mild innuendo to avoid coming across as offensive.

Puzzle 9

Teardrop Indian Ocean isle, once called Serendip.

Belonging to the family of auks and puffins.

Doll collecting Muppet.

Literary technique simplifying a complex life.

Liqueur cream dessert from Tudor times.

Mexican white-flowering agave used in perfumery.

Receive your walking papers.

Island where Baden Powell created the Scouts.

Soldiers' tenements.

Holding on.

Musical composition suggestive of the night.

__ II, became monarch of Liechtenstein in 1989.

Puzzle 10

Swan __, Thames pageant where birds are counted.

The sound of water from a bottle.

Aegean Sea island, birthplace of the poet Sappho.

Another word for the Irish accent.

Walked with big steps.

Composer of the opera "Cosi fan Tutte".

An indicator, or a type of permanent ink pen.

Potent Chinese sorghum and rice spirit.

Island in the Caribbean owned by Richard Branson.

Deep raspy voice Our Gang member.

Puzzle 11

A 1987 movie with Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman.

Team track events.

Mediterranean island split in two by a Green Line.

Cold climber's tool.

Early Korean dynasty also called Yi.

Point directly above your head.

__ sweetened gin varieties, named after aged cat.

French/Swiss/US/Spanish singers with Italian name.

Largest Channel Island famous for cows and banking.

Make certain of something.

Puzzle 12

One who gives to the poor.

From sugar to alcohol.

__ khameez; traditional clothing of Pakistan.

Actor's sub.

When it rains, __.

Island of E Indonesia, now known as Sulawesi.

Martin__, CEO of WPP advertising company.

__ da Cunha, Atlantic isles named after an admiral.

Adding salt.

Stockholm's international airport; its code is ARN.

Puzzle 13

It Came Upon the __ Clear.

Three-headed dog.

Atlantic isle, place of Napoleon's exile and death.

Feline entryways in doors.

Joke result, hopefully.

They're white, small and seedless.

The Lion, the Witch, and the __.


Streak of bad luck in craps.

__ Crusoe, Chilean island named after a Defoe book.

Puzzle 14

Columbia, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Yale, et al.

Max __, Austrian film and theater producer.

Substance used in skincare to retain moisture.

Greek isle, setting for Captain Corelli's Mandolin.

Defensive player on a baseball diamond.

Way of St. James, between Bodensee and Geneve.

Most widely used international civil calendar.

17th-century spy-turned-writer.

Island demarked by East, Harlem and Hudson rivers.

Ingredients of special interest to an agaricologist.

Hard Rock band led by Lemmy.

Puzzle 15

Four ball color.

Lord __, aka William Joyce, hanged for treason.

What one says when not in agreement.

Ice fell from the sky.

Island visited by Bligh and the Bounty.

Eat twelve of these at New Year in Spain.

Prayer place.

Julie Andrews' favorite things, cream colored __.

Abdominal exercise.

Featured animals at the annual Pushkar Fair.

Japan's largest island, home to Tokyo and Osaka.

Puzzle 16

River flowing through the center of Dublin.

Poet who wrote "Solitude": Ella Wheeler __.

Rational __ Theory, George Homans on interactions.

Crow constellation.

Linked musical compositions.

Island of Alaska gives its name to a type of bear.

New York island borough with a famous ferry.

Have a strong desire to do something.

Eastman's invention works with this.

Johan __, Dutch footballing genius.

Appointed prime minister of Cambodia in 1985.

Puzzle 17

Intestinal infection from insanitary conditions.

Island nation, formerly called the New Hebrides.

Mary __, spooky deserted ship drifting in Atlantic.

This frog is a work of art.

Slayer of Medusa.

Largest Balearic island, artistic base for Miro.

Contrary to popular opinion.

Represented by harsh colors and flat surfaces.

Waste or fritter something away.

__ Fly, his death ended the Golden Age of Piracy.

Adding a kick to the punch.

Sugar __, lines of rainbow cake sprinkles.

Puzzle 18

Member of college of priests in Ancient Rome.

Study focused on chaos or chaos theory.

Restrained a suspect.

Smurf hunter.

Part of a larger whole, musically.

Island state of Australia whose capital is Hobart.

P in PG.

Tools for hitting insects.

Waterfall along the Zambezi River: __ Falls.

Island nation, formerly called the Gilbert Islands.

Puzzle 19

Island in Nunavut, the world's 10th largest.

Tender is the Night's lead, who falls from grace.

1980 comedy starring Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor.

American words for what Brits call wire wool.

Take turns.

Get down to brass tacks.

First orange property, Monopoly's UK edition.

His body "lies a-mouldering in the grave".

One in charge of the deck.

Three balls and two strikes.

__ Show, design and invention exhibition.

Add or subtract.

Blood pressure, for one.

Island group of the Pacific meaning "many islands".

Puzzle 20

Diego __, British possession and a US naval base.

Particular skills at a task.

Younger son of Blake Carrington in Dynasty.


First real name of author Mary Westmacott.

Water pail.

Fatty animal substance used in candles and soap.

Baked __, cake/ice-cream concoction from US state.

French fashion house and perfumer of Arpège.

Colorful Intercontinental hotel brand.

I. G. __, German chemicals company of Zyklon-B.

The Crystal __, painting by Pissarro.

Bet on seven in craps.

Gymnast nicknamed the Sparrow from Minsk, Olga __.

French Pacific isles linked to Wallis archipelago.

__ weapon, steerable missile.

Monday's child is fair __.

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