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Italian Food PackItalian Food

Here are the answers to CodyCross Italian Food Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Picturesque view.

Black and white bird that likes shiny objects.

Peeling these veggies can bring tears to the eyes.

Turkey's capital.

Citrus fruits in Limoncello.

Awkward and graceless.

Claim that someone has done something wrong.

Out of __, when a golf shot leaves the course.

__ and Cleopatra, lovers in a Shakespearean tale.

Small bird used in piccione allo spiedo dish.

Puzzle 2

To shorten a speech without losing the sense.

Light winds.

Pulses known as lenticchie in Italian cuisine.

Star-shaped, sweet Italian yeast bread.

Changed to fit the environment.

Former currency of East Germany.

Played for time, or a car that wouldn't start.

Removes weapons from someone.

The background to a stage play, the setting.

Moving on ice on blades.

Supposes, without proof.

Puzzle 3

Wrote messily.

Temporary loss of consciousness.

Snoopers, marauders, especially at night.

Twelve disciples of Jesus.

Not a mobile phone; telephony over wires.

Country most closely associated with Tartan plaid.

Measure of a pepper's hotness: __ Heat Index.

Fly in the __, an irritant that stalls a plan.

Persistently, showing commitment to the cause.

Black wriggly lifeforms that emerge from frogspawn.

Distinctive outfits worn by military forces.

Main vegetable ingredient in parmigiana.

To be intellectual rather than emotional.

Knights and bishops.

Italian fried slices of meat cooked in own juices.

Gillian Flynn's lady who disappeared.

Puzzle 4

Lessening, reducing, diminishing.

Hoofed quadrupeds with multi-chambered stomachs.

The Unabomber's surname.

Constructed Egyptian waterway.

Pulp Fiction director Quentin __.

Sardinian cheese with live maggots.

Organized body of soldiers ready to fight.

Oversee, manage.

Spaghetti __, minced meat and tomato sauce.

Used trombones in 3 of his 9 symphonies.

Machine that beams images onto a surface.


Ming the __, evil Mongo ruler of Flash Gordon.

Topple a regime or ruler.

Without a designer label.

Puzzle 5

Narrator and protagonist of The Handmaid's Tale.

Turn down, rebuff, eliminate.

Charge, strike, hit someone.

Medical condition of blood flow blockage to brain.

Tagliatelle ai __, or with mushrooms.

Got a goal, put the ball in the back of the net.

Hanging spike of frozen water, formed from drips.

Speak to various people at a function.

Arrival of people in large numbers.

War on __, controversial speech by President Bush.

Opposite of "disable".

Flying fish constellation.

Buy tickets, win prizes if your number comes up.

Outdoor space for plants that belongs to a house.

Becomes popular on Twitter.

Grana __, parmesan variety.

Large group of singers.

Puzzle 6

__ Five: Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon, Michael, Tito.

Material that punch bags are often made from.

To clap your hands.

A routine maintenance inspection of a vehicle.

To value, to hold dear.

Corkscrew twists of dried pasta.

Betrayal of trust or an ally, sedition.

__ Wiig, actress of Bridesmaids.

Breathed out.

Draw around the edge.

Not legally recognized; or an injured person.

Small oily fish, aka pilchard.

Puzzle 7


Blood-sucking insects with you through the night.

Put into code to make secure.

Opens a door with a key.

Towards the direction in which the wind blows.

2008 Bond film __ of Solace.

Dog breed with French and English types.

Antwerp is a city in this country.

__ formaggi, or four cheese (pizza).

Excess of crops that goes to waste.

Odd, different from normal; eccentric.

Nationality of Pablo Picasso and Javier Bardem.

Cars that run on gas or electricity.

Air-filled, soapy spheres.

Half eagle, half lion mythical beast.

Group that had a hit song called "Penny Lane".

Italian chocolate-hazelnut spread brand.

Novel by Jonathan Swift: "Gulliver's __".

Puzzle 8

To act as the person in charge of sporting events.

Protection for a creative artist's original work.

Nine letter word for green onions.

Business introductions start with this formality.

Cuttlefish are related to squid and __.

Boxy bellows with keyboard at one end.

Shorter than an espresso coffee.

Sea that surrounds the island of Cuba.

Unclear, a doubt about correct meaning.

Lifting and dropping shoulders.

Drawing with pencils, often a preliminary work.

Spheres of meat served with spaghetti.

Dependence on drink, drugs, gambling....

Puzzle 9

Structure used by skate and snowboarders.

CDILMVX are Roman __.

Yellow flower seen at Easter time.

Italian word for breadsticks.

Cabinet or shelves for storing bound publications.

Honey is made in them.

Makes someone dishonest.

A headphone __ means two can listen at once.

Salad ingredients, "pomodori" in Italian cuisine.

Trancelike state of altered consciousness.

Puzzle 10

Color of robe that Jesus wore before crucifixion.

Italian cured sausage.

Warm, like grilled bread.

__ di mare, Italian seafood pizza.

Public display of acknowledgement or respect.

Unfashionable ladies.

The use of humor to criticize.

The highest point of a mountain.

__ & Louise, heroines chased by the authorities.

Keith Richards' instrument.

Mouth secretion.

Form of poetry closely associated with Shakespeare.

A globe; shaped like a ball.

Type of puzzle invented by John Spilsbury.

Puzzle 11

Moves restlessly, like a big cat.

Italian baked doughs with cheese, tomato, toppings.

Expression of approval or agreement.

Often the main ingredient in gnocchi dumplings.

Layers of society or layers of rock.

Little white mouse adopted by humans.

Wept loudly.


Die Hard star Bruce __.

Immature, inexperienced.

The Black Death was one of these.

Sang with mouth closed.

What the first S in USSR stood for.

City where playwright Oscar Wilde was born.

Companion to fresh mozzarella in a Caprese salad.

Monopoly cards.

Describes one who is born first.

Specters, phantoms.

Biblical recipient of a coat of many colors.

Puzzle 12

Horse stalls.

Harrison Ford Star Wars character.

Self-interest, narcissism.

Pulled out hairs one by one.

Transport hub for plane travel.

Range of colors an artist uses in a painting.

__ Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 2004 movie.

Bell __ are often roasted in Italian cookery.

Woolen bed covering.

Greek mountain where the gods lived.

Course that follows the primo in an Italian meal.

Puzzle 13

Going back, like a thinning hairline.

Killed by a guillotine.

__ sin, religious belief like Adam with the apple.

Small tubes of pasta, often baked with cheese.

Wrestling technique: bring opponent to the mat.

Italian salted beef, sliced paper thin.

Generosity, consideration.

Breaking out of an egg.

Begging, appealing to someone for help/leniency.

Instructing a tenant to leave.

__ control; system to prevent vehicle wheel spin.

__ Crusoe is Daniel Defoe's castaway.

Unresponsive; in a deep sleep.

Altered evidence.

3D image formed by light beams from a laser.

Valentine's month.

Played Lacey in Cagney & Lacey.

Puzzle 14

Paul Simon's performing partner, Art __.

Becoming smaller in size.

Ending a marriage.

Severe storm with extremely high winds; cyclone.

Not self-reliant.

Elbow point, decidedly not amusing if hit.

Gymnastics move, a revolution through 360 degrees.

Italian first course/hors d'oeuvre.

Greatness, size or scale.

Military equipment and weapons.

Inflicting a penalty or consequence on someone.


US version of salami for pizza toppings.

Spinal discomforts.

Worn on feet by runners in competition.

Puzzle 15

Fast, short race.

Pretending, feigning.

Space-related MLB team based in Houston.

City home to the Parthenon.

Ciabatta sandwich, often toasted.

Lauren who married Humphrey Bogart.

Tree limb.

Naturally produced gunk in your hearing organ.

An animal that lacks normal pigmentation.

Oak nuts fed to prosciutto pigs.

Palm __ comes one week before Easter.


Commissioner __, head of police in Gotham City.

Put somewhere.

Puzzle 16

Green leafy vegetable, often paired with ricotta.

Pasta parcels, often square, with fillings.

State of babyhood.

Apprehensive uneasiness or nervousness.

Symbol used in many tweets.

Sport of bows, arrows and ring targets.

Tight necklaces or cloths worn on the neck.

Round plastic, metal or horn items for fastening.

Daytime performance.

Write this on a parcel to avoid damage.

Puzzle 17

Friendly, on good terms.

Male spouses.

Strong Italian coffee in a small cup.

Prince __, Cinderella's true love.

Making decorative items by hand.

French Polynesia islands with repeated name.

One firm having control over a market.

Legally seizes a vehicle.

Bow-tie-shaped dried pasta.

Full of energy, almost like a cartoon.

Preserve in a sacred place.


Inked a design on skin.

Large waterfall.

British word for what Americans call soccer.

Puzzle 18

Restrained oneself from something, e.g. voting.

Edible thistle plant with leaves to peel off.

Fast flows of mixed earth debris.

Green veggie named for the Greek word for sprout.

Not-guilty verdict, exoneration.

Small toy dog named after a Mexican state.

At frequent intervals.

Tried to achieve.

German maker of yellow and black striped pencils.

Sweet Italian bread, with citrus peel and raisins.

Puzzle 19

Make a journey.

The noise a mouse makes.

Rough-edged; Alanis's description of a little pill.

Dairy product like Pecorino and Parmesan.

__ misto, Italian mixed fry starter.

Moving displays on trucks at carnival parades.

Slang for a novice, a beginner.

Simultaneous discharge of firearms, as in a salute.

Occupation, profession.

Not recounted.

The F in PDF.

Discrimination due to seniority in years.

Bahamas capital once known as Charles Town.

Take the __; dive right in.

Planting seeds for farm crops.

Shaped with a knife.

Puzzle 20

Karate belt color before brown.

Italian ice cream.

Not have the ability to do something.

30 Years' War battle where Gustavus Adolphus died.

The Tailor of __, story by John le Carré.

Russian composer of opera Ruslan and Lyudmila.

Make a difference to.

Pungent, onion-like bulb used in Italian cooking.

The __ Rouge, Toulouse-Lautrec's hangout.

Port of Spain: capital of Trinidad and __.

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