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Jane Austen PackJane Austen

Here are the answers to CodyCross Jane Austen Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Strappy shoes with tootsies on show.

Colorless flammable liquid used as motor fuel.

Smoke __; early form of communication.

Paintings and other works hung in a home.

__ Jones, Helen Fielding's thirtysomething heroine.

Rationalize, give reasons for a choice.

Disgraces, makes feel guilty.

Tiny piece of freeze-dried coffee.

Balearic island where Palma is.

Laurence __, Darcy in 1940s Pride and Prejudice.

Purple-pink hue of printer cartridge ink.

Old golf club, a lofted iron.

Name by which reindeer are known in North America.

Equivalent of Odysseus in Roman mythology.

Female Ottoman ruler.

Puzzle 2

Nationality of composer Béla Bartók.

Poles and canvas provide shelter on the beach.

Wooden strips used to clad buildings.

Supervising woman to a younger girl at a ball, say.

Norse mythical women who decide who dies in battle.

Churchill fashioned one of these all-in-ones.

Siege warfare machine for throwing projectiles.

Becoming paler, whitening.

Family at the heart of Jane Austen's Emma.

US breed of white horse with black patches.

Hinged metal cooking vessel used in Portugal.

Puzzle 3

Angry fit; or historical term for a stroke.

National __ Gallery, London place for likenesses.

Large glass bottle used for making wine.

Exemption from penalty or punishment.

Looking at someone using side-eye.

24 hours of a religious festival.

Anne __, actress born Anna Maria Louisa Italiano.

Jimi Hendrix's Electric __ album.

In a __; to sum up briefly.

Feet of pigs and cattle.

Beer label collecting.

Wooden board that runs around the bottom of a wall.

Elinor's sister in Austen's Sense and Sensibility.

Team golf tournament between Europe and the US.

Tuneful Canadian resort town in Pacific Ranges.

Puzzle 4

Relatively closed area for cars prior to F1 race.

Foil used in signwriting and art projects.

Album title for Melissa Etheridge, Color Me Badd.

Country flag with red, blue, yellow, green stripes.

Nasal organ with prominent bridge.

__ the Great, king of Prussia.

__ sphere, globe of intersecting metal rings.

State of wooing or dating.

Primary producer in a food chain.

Cyclists' attire of lycra shorts with straps.

Quip or wisecrack.

Puzzle 5

Noel __, played Mr Bridger in The Italian Job.

Old coin worth a decimal pound and five pennies.

Tex Avery character with hang-dog expression.

Fatalistic coincidence that Alanis sang about.

Rocket fuel developed by Mary Sherman Morgan.

Fate or destiny, from an Arabic word.

Long-legged waterbirds, similar to egrets.

French dance form of the 17th-18th centuries.

Paul __, lead singer of U2 nicknamed Bono.

Medical term for items that cut or pierce skin.

Hipster-style male topknot.

Moon of Saturn with a girl's name.

Land that's fertile for crops.

Mrs __, Fanny's aunt and nemesis in Mansfield Park.

Written legislation followed by a political party.

Sunday and Monday in German: Sonntag and __.

Cleft __; congenital defect of the mouth.

Country which produces super expensive Pule cheese.

Gary __; creator of The Far Side.

Italian resort near San Marino.

Puzzle 6

Winding on a bobbin.

Knee-length trousers worn by 18th C Darcy types.

Pieces of timber used as mine support.

__ Oilers, Canadian hockey team of Wayne Gretzky.

Took control, a horse analogy.

Menu with separate price for different dishes.

Study of Chinese history and culture.

Princess Leia's home planet.

Eel-like fish with sucker mouths.

Matrimony, the concern of many Austen novels.

Nickname of Oasis's guitarist Paul Arthurs.

Fragrant and aromatic cooking mint.

Hamper, burden, hinder.

Fancy clothes, go with handbags per Rod Stewart.

Colored discs used in Tiddlywinks.

Military flying trainee.

Window attached to its frame by means of hinges.

Puzzle 7

In the shape of a spiral.

Condition of runny nose and increasing mucus.

__ Rollers: 1970s Scottish band.

Ian __, golfer nicknamed the Postman.

Lifting a hat (or cap) in respect or as a greeting.

Jeans style that flares slightly towards the ankle.

__ Friendship, early epistolary writings by Austen.

Snuggles up, rubs into with the face.

Region and language of SW Germany.

Laminated material used on kitchen cabinets.

Aniseed liqueur, often flaming.

Poland's longest river, also called the Wisla.

Alan __, was Col Brandon in Sense and Sensibility.

__ Drake; navigator who sailed on the Golden Hind.

Japanese islands, shares a name with sweet fruit.

Puzzle 8

Sense and Sensibility's Edward Ferrars on film.

Death of one who defends beliefs despite torture.

Tool used for manually shaping wood.

Van Morrison tune about a fantabulous night.

Character of a set of teeth.

Warning, restraint, constraint.

Lose control of a trailer, sounds like a blade.

Upright bar used as a support.

English county where Jane Austen was born and died.

Split of a set into two distinct parts or subsets.

Tough and wiry outer growth of dogs.

Pink sauce for prawns.

Kew's Victorian glasshouse, the world's largest.

Puzzle 9

The __, Disney mice called to help kidnapped Penny.

Piled yarn, named after the French for caterpillar.

Movable skull bone that forms the lower jaw.

Flounced, like models on a catwalk.

Coal-tar substance for preserving wood.

Host of Food Network's Chopped.

Duplicated phrase meaning cheers.

"Milk of human __", a Macbeth quote.

Brand of small ceramic collectible animals.

Houses, possessions and assets.

Creatures of Scottish lore who do chores at night.

Someone conducting measures of public opinion.

Small fleet of ships.

Where crabs drink.

Kid Creole and the Coconuts album, __ Gangsters.

Confuse or bamboozle.

Admired, central female leads in books.

__ calendar, or OS, days and dates before 1752.

Take-home gifts after a party; taster products.

Puzzle 10

Lure with a fake profile on a dating site.

Placido __, operatic tenor.

Catherine __, the ingénue of Northanger Abbey.

People of France who took power in England in 1066.

Eau __, male scent by Dior.

Split into many pieces, "to be rent __".

Asian dish of rice with veg or chicken.

Soft hail stones, ice-coated snow particles.

Glacial island not covered with snow or ice.

Pierina __; Italian prima ballerina assoluta.

Inner __; most sacred part of a temple.

Tying up a boat on a riverbank.

Men who woo women, as in Jane Austen's stories.

Man of social standing in North Africa, say.

Puzzle 11

Wearing a huge smile.

Having thin wooden strips, like a window blind.

The port of Athens.

Moe __, runs the Tavern in The Simpsons.

__ Smith, girl directed by Emma in Austen's tale.

Camera __; optical device with a pinhole.

Marshy expanse, whose turves are cut and dried.

Pirates of Penzance character: Major-General __.

Microsoft's city codename for Windows 95.

Spiced-meat South African dish with egg custard.

Orchestral opening or other intro piece.

__ knot, method of fixing a necktie.

System of etiquette and protocol.

Queen of both France and England: __ of Aquitaine.

Skill of making lace with a shuttle.

Puzzle 12

Science and engineering industry concerning flight.

Type of male with a fortune in search of a wife.

__ Lindsay; Scottish restoration architect.

Waterside plants, the basis of the boat of Moses.

Largest city in The Gambia (not the capital).

Underwater cartoon with Kwazil the kitten; The __.

Great Eastern, Savannah, Lusitania, etc.

Writings made by famous authors in their youth.

Large Irish hunting dog breed.

Mitch __ was the Hoff's character in Baywatch.

Puzzle 13

Country that has won the most FIFA World Cups.

Hillary Clinton's maiden name.

Saturday Night Live cast member Sasheer __.

Long white radish used in Asian meals, aka mooli.

"It is __ universally acknowledged": Austen opener.

UN agency that cares for children and mothers.

Computing hardware originally for copy protection.

Female rex.

Tom __, Jane Austen's suitor.

Stephen King movie starring Kathy Bates.

Biblical figure associated with a talking donkey.

American __, true-crime satire.

Functional word meaning except that.

Longest river in Australia.

Horizontal timber supports in a roof or floor.

Puzzle 14

Staring at someone with lecherous intent.

Sisters Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine, Jane and Lydia.

Henry Fonda won an Oscar for it: On __ Pond.

Wall-mounted display.

French word for lamb.

Aide __, the DC in ADC.

Vast Asian river, home to a giant catfish.

Bronze Age civilization that flourished on Crete.

Chords with three notes; Chinese crime gangs.

In golf it describes a fairway that bends.

Defended a ruling that was previously made.

Come __ look, a sexually provocative wink.

Variant form of a gene.

Lucy __, scheming, gold-digging Austen character.

Former name of Sri Lanka under British rule.

Puzzle 15

World's first animated talking toy: Teddy __.

Plural of small intestines between duodenum, ileum.

Tubby marsupial snoozes in its burrow in daytime.

Gliding train system.

Controlling government; anagram of emigre.

Angela Martin on The Office, Angela __.

Rope; you near the end of it when stressed.

Uniform worn by a doorman, say.

River where Jesus was baptized.

French AOC wine or capital of Oman.

Social __, a chief concern of Jane Austen's novels.

Natural cave or Santa's magical cavern.

__ Farm, home of the Glastonbury Music Festival.

Marianne's sister, "sensible" in Austen's tale.

End date, often when something ceases to be valid.

Puzzle 16

Wrote or signed one's name illegibly.

Emma __, won two Oscars for Sense and Sensibility.

Knee-high footwear worn by fascist regimes.

Trade or exchange agency.

Danny and the Juniors tune about a 50s dance event.

1970s theatrical show based on religious parables.

Container for inhaled tobacco.

18 as a word in Italian.

Modern act of ending contact with romantic partner.

Type of food poisoning first recorded in 1735.

Related to or located on the shore or shoreline.

Mary __, Mansfield Park character with £20,000.

Norse myth of apocalypse and a movie with Thor.

Asian guerrilla forces in the Nam war.

Puzzle 17

Sifted lumps from food.

Cosmetics co, for many years fronted by Kate Moss.

Deep-fried pastry triangle with spicy contents.

Convertible, two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage.

Chinese tech co at center of cybersecurity claims.

Bela __, Hollywood star synonymous with Dracula.

State of restfulness.

What Nero was allegedly playing while Rome burned.

4 pecks (or 32 quarts).

Basque ball and wall sport.

Cloud of gas and dust seen in outer space.

__ d'être, French for purpose of existence.

Austen's Emma was dedicated to the Prince __.

Puzzle 18

Stagehands who remind actors of their lines.

Woody __, singer of This Land is Your Land.

Italian design brand of colorful blended knitwear.

Shade using small spots or dots.

Mechanical puffers for a fire.

__ -faire, political principle of non-interference.

Fanny's maiden name in Sense & Sensibility.

Fell slowly, unbalanced.

First two batsmen on a cricket team.

Pride + Prejudice + __, a 2016 Burr Steers film.

Not navigable river in middle of South America.

Fumed, raged with anger.

Edge of Darkness TV drama's leading man.

Insect that can spread Yellow Fever: Aedes __.

Soften vegetables in water before roasting.

Pirate ship.

Putting restraints on a wanted criminal.

Puzzle 19

Dutch multinational paint corporation.

Last day of September, April, June, November.

Pulse found in a festive bolo rei in Spain.

Slang for being drunk; describes a skimmed wall.

Songwriter of Galveston and Up Up and Away.

Governess and confidante to Jane Austen.

Changed from liquid into semi-solid state.

Scottish town, the home of golf.

Keira __ (Lizzie Bennet) and Mr __ of Emma fame.

Invertebrate named after oak fruit.

Puzzle 20

Broke the rules; upset someone.

"I will be __ of myself": Jane Austen quote.

Where stallions used for breeding are kept.

Tiles, Portuguese souvenirs used as pot stands.

__ the lead, an idiom for shirking or malingering.

Residence of a clergyman.

Qualified for entry.

Bone above a human's ribs.

Sleeveless dress worn over a blouse.

Austen's Elinor, Marianne and Margaret.

A strong wish to achieve something.

Mythical S American place, a lure for gold-hunters.

Garden process of attaching plants to one another.

Obstacle course feature for scrambling under or up.

__ Romano, Parmesan-like cheese.

Salary level.

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