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Job Hunting PackJob Hunting

Here are the answers to CodyCross Job Hunting Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Girlfriend of cartoon bird Donald.

A glancing blow, like that used by a cat.

Getting rid of water from boiled vegetables.

Star of Enlightened and Big Little Lies.

Warmly receiving someone.

Laurence __; Morpheus in The Matrix films.

Horse belonging to Don Quixote.

The Himalayas and Alps are examples of these.

With a quick look, on first sight.

Red, white and blue-striped toothpaste.

Other member of the duo with Daryl Hall.

Face-to-face job selection process.

Industry concerned with aviation and astronautics.

Small absorbent cloth for drying the digits.

Male appointed to speak on behalf of others.

Legal acts of taking charge of children.

Unpaid work, without a salary.

Magical sword of King Arthur, pulled from a rock.

Chalk and pavement game with numbered squares.

Archduke whose assassination triggered WWI.

Chemical element with the symbol Mg.

Puzzle 2

Making decorative objects or arty projects by hand.

Learning skills needed to do a particular job.

Another word for a long white-stemmed green onion.

Boss, someone who pays you a salary.

French king played by DiCaprio in 1998.

Something that happens once every two years.

Washing your mouth and throat without swallowing.

In basketball, losing possession of the ball.

Bounces back to its original shape.


John __, jazz saxophonist with album Blue Train.

Jonathan Swift's island of little people.

Disease borne by Lincoln during Gettysburg Address.

Father who built wings for himself and his son.

Especially appropriate.

__ Bahn, German railway company.

Massive snowstorm that dumps tons of snow fast.

Mastermind behind new products and creations.

Maturing of a cheese, particularly the rind.

Spaceflight of July 1969 that landed on the Moon.

Bones' Seeley Booth, David __.

Backed someone for office.

Puzzle 3

Madame Butterfly composer.

Extras, reward payments added to your salary.

At the end of a sofa, to lean on.

Gentle reverberative contented noise of a cat.

Naval infantry force.

Define clearly which is being referred to.

To leave in an exaggerated huff.

Distance measure in horseracing with 8 to a mile.

Tobey __; stars with DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby.

Travel to work.

To wrinkle for lack of moisture.

Trying wine.

Ship's winch device with vertical axis.

Part of the mint family, used for seasoning.

Gets a little wet.

Puzzle 4

Two-wheeled recreational vehicle.

Chickens, dogs, tigers are all these.

Having left a job and stopped working altogether.

Headgear with frills worn by Victorian ladies.

Decides that an event will not take place.

Madhur __, actress, advocate for Indian cuisine.

Outdoor meals.

Jack __, Alec Baldwin's character on 30 Rock.

Russia's famous opera and theater venue.

Hire, take on staff.

Frank __, police whistleblower; a Pacino film.

A less fat person, thinner.

Demonstrate against a point of view/policy.

Puzzle 5

Emma __, dame who won an Oscar for Howards End.

Orange __, or sections.

Removing dirt.

In the direction against the current in a river.

Economic decline.

Impersonating a duck.

Legal document of employment terms.

Beavis's best friend.

Comments, e.g. on an interview performance.

Nickname of German pilot Manfred von Richthofen.

Puzzle 6

Small South African hills on the veldt.

Opioid developed as a morphine substitute.

Steady and firm and not likely to move.

Tokyo __ Airport, HND; busy hub in Japan's capital.

Baby __; celebratory gathering for a mother-to-be.

Champagne with orange juice.

Every Breath You Take band.

Money paid for a job, weekly or monthly.

Creator of the Inspector Rebus character: Ian __.

Minor scratch.

Glass enamel used in mosaic-making.

Rin __, German Shepherd film star aka Rinty.

Shawshank was this kind of facility, in fiction.

Employing, taking on new staff.

Puzzle 7

Grape __, device to delicately cut fruit.

Promise of employment.

Originated from, spread from.

Mottled, like Five Little __ Frogs rhyme.

Formally agreed to a contract.

Natives of Luanda or Huambo, for example.

Pot plant with heart-shaped pink or white blooms.

University in California, once a political hotbed.

Kafka tale of Josef K, arrested for an unnamed act.

British name for German Shepherd during WWII.

Making the house spick and span.

Recruit a top-notch employee from another company.

Unexpected event, with no advance warning.

Calling towards a particular career.

Baz __ wrote Moulin Rouge!.

Puzzle 8

__ wage; lowest hourly rate of pay.

Large nuts with hard shells.

Shelley __, American actress and Oscar winner.

Cat Among the __, Agatha Christie tale.


Lenny __ sang Are You Gonna Go My Way.

Painters, sculptors.

Met and shook hands.

__ jobs; currently unemployed.

Weaved hair into ropes.

US state and TV character Hannah.

Flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixture.

Friend __; sending someone an online invitation.

Puzzle 9

Bill & Ted had an excellent one of these.

Fun Lovin' __, US band fronted by Huey Morgan.

Naomi Novik's Napoleonic fantasy book series.

Russian city with a fortress, on the River Volga.

Buzz Lightyear is a fictional one.

Children, progeny.

Safeguarded from attack.

Colorful crepe paper lengths for celebrating.

Worker who skims the walls of a house.

Opposite of increase or enlargement.

French charcuterie, a cured pork sausage.

CEO; chief __ officer; top dog at work.

Not getting enough wages for work done.

Collective term for snooker, billiards, pool etc..

__ park, day-out place with rides.

Puzzle 10

__ level, worker's device for achieving flatness.

Those in charge at work.

Babbling waterways.

__ fingers are known for stealing.

US Presidents have an oval one.

Wild canine, native to North America.

Large, handled vessel for wine.

Heading towards a target.

Blue-__ worker; someone employed in manual work.

Haley Joel __ of The Sixth Sense.

Puzzle 11

Connect with others to develop business links.

Aussie pop star, Kylie __.

__ up, supporting a wall so it doesn't fall down.

Police officer in the Replicant Detection Division.

Dick __, latter years Darrin in Bewitched.

Frozen with botulinum toxin.

Embarrassing or tactless remark.

Wire __, tool designed to break metal mesh.

Relating to the stomach.

Requested to be a candidate for a job.

Semi-soft cow's milk cheese from Cork, Ireland.

Eli __, US inventor who created the cotton gin.

Stolen peeps.

Describes athletes in skeleton and luge sports.

Puzzle 12

Brett __, lead singer with Suede.

The "Jacaranda" city of South Africa.

Home illuminations.

Guns such as pistols or rifles.

He-Man's nemesis.

Hours in addition to those regularly worked.

Makes a keyboard error.

Cormac __; 2007 Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist.

Those able to form deep thoughts.

The time limit for something to be submitted.

Palestine settlement; the strip is named after it.

Here we go round the __ bush.

Mixing with a spoon.

Crack or breakage of a bone.

Pearson family TV saga.

Expensive tuna species.

Awful, Tsar Ivan IV's nickname.

Exhibited high anxiety.

Canceled a law.

Bull-headed creature in Ancient Greek mythology.

Worker who tends plants and lawns.

In-car invention for clearing condensation.

Puzzle 13

__ leave; time off for mothers after giving birth.

Test period in a new job.

Former divisions of Ireland, e.g. Munster, Ulster.

Bridge on the __, POW movie that won many Oscars.

Carnivorous dinosaur, was believed to be egg-eater.

Sergei __, Russian founder of the Ballet Russes.

Historical 1930s union of Germany and Austria.

Accordance, pact, deal.

The __, last part of Barker's Regeneration trilogy.

Branch of medicine concerned with teeth.

Jerkily, with spasms.

Ornate flight of steps in a building.

Crowning moment song by Queen: We Are the __.

Darts scores that are doubled lie here.

Puzzle 14

The Sign __, Sherlock tale introduces Mary Morstan.

Gaming cubes with playing card images not dots.

Waistline insignia for skilled martial artist.

Venomous primate from Southeast Asia.

Chatted to, had a discussion with.

Twirliest or whirliest.

Relentless toil involved in keeping a home tidy.

Spring vegetable with tasty tip.

Termination of employment; being fired.

Star of 1976 remake of A Star is Born: Barbra __.

Permit allowing people to legally work in the US.

__ elegance, said of clothing or tailoring.

Professional who advises on oral healthcare.

Unnamed or unidentified.

Former name for the port of Dún Laoghaire.

Puzzle 15

Greyish duck with white wing patch.

To have beaten eggs with a wire tool.

Rope rings for cowboys.

Riding a bike.

An inland Texan port city.

Protected with a policy, e.g. home contents.

Brand name of small sticky-backed notes (plural).

Chelsea's famous father, ex-president Bill __.

Star of the TV series "The Alienist": Dakota __.

__ of the imagination, means something invented.

Paper proof of earnings.

New Orleans shopping boulevard and streetcar line.

Blow up, like a balloon pop.

Top-level worker, boss, director.

__ Claude; inventor of the neon light.

Nickname of jazz singer Billie Holiday.

Puzzle 16

Assert or accuse.

Erwin __; German Desert Fox of WWII.

__ Master, Thomas Lennon horror flick.

Talents, expertise, abilities.

Salary, wages.

A doctor with an alter ego, book character.

Cat-like mammals associated with luxury coffee.

Cause or stir up trouble.

The Blue __ featured in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

__ Kingdom, union of Great Britain & N Ireland.

The bare-knuckle version was done in Fight Club.

Rich, habitual air-travelling folk.

Spice __; what variety is, apparently.

Busy __, colorful pot plant.

Cuban cocktail of white rum, lime and soda.

Dad to Simba in The Lion King.

Puzzle 17

To __ and beyond!.

Opposite of a strength; flaw or failing.

Ocean into which the Amazon River empties.

__ pool, facility for doing lengths.

Of little importance; barely noticeable.

Cleaning teeth.

__ stones, game of throwing pebbles across a pond.

Conscientious, hard-working.

Sweetcorn eaten naturally.

Seating that looks like a hanging ovum.

Puzzle 18

Arachnid such as a mite or a tick.

Training programs to boost work skills.

Ridiculous and amusing clown.

Fight tooth __; battle to the bitter end.

Henry Morton __, who found Dr Livingstone.

Person who can vouch for your good character.

Nature expert who follows animal trails.

Lab equipment used to draw and dispense liquid.

120 seconds left in a football game: two minute __.

Ask someone to marry you.

Person from the country whose capital is Nicosia.


Loose-fitting colorful West African garment.

Fish and shellfish.

Alec __, starred in The Departed.

Puzzle 19

Climbed up.

Raised to a higher status or position at work.

Diana Rigg's sassy role in The Avengers.

Rudyard Kipling novel: __ Courageous.

Grappled with a problem.

First wife of James II, King of England.

Salary without any extras or overtime hours added.

Roughly climbs over.

In a __, means getting to the point in few words.

Adventure Time's Lumpy Space __.

Tree-like vegetable.

Napoleon __ wants his classmates to vote for Pedro.

Showing appreciation with hands.

Two American Revolutionary battles of late 1777.

Pre-Lent festival in German-speaking countries.

Darth Vader tempts Luke Skywalker to go here.

Covering with oil or fat.

Former member of the singing duo Wham!: Andrew __.

Another name for the Northern Lights: Aurora __.

Puzzle 20

Literal meaning of karate in Japanese.

Sportswear brand of the 20s, created Joy perfume.

Scarlet bell vegetable.

Children hang these on the fireplace at Christmas.

Public or private places where books are held.

Affect someone else's behavior or thinking.

Album cover featured Marilyn Monroe and 70 others.

Knocked Up and Superbad actor.

Education received.

Self-employed with no fixed employer.

Kick __; slang term for pass away, die.

Human __; recruitment department of a company.

__ pigeon, bird that became extinct around 1902.

John __, Jim Halpert on The Office.

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