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Here are the answers to CodyCross Job Titles Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Piece of cloth around eyes to obscure sight.

Public __ specialist, marketing office worker, PR.

Japanese raw fish delicacy.

Pop music's Jade, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jesy.

Loud speaker used at a concert by bands.

Survival tools with blades sold in camping stores.

Phrase of unknown origin, "The Man, The Myth, __".

Go on a break in this house on wheels.

Murder investigator on a police force.

Tall shoes, such as stilettos.

Nations, lands, states.

Puzzle 2

Financial method to pay in installments.

Merlin was one.

Racket sport with big competition at Wimbledon.

This person sells fruit and vegetables.

A lot of people wear their hearts on this.

Childish nickname for the little finger.

Inner insulating layer of a winter garment.

Croaky voiced.

Wooden structural beams in a building.

People who make bread for a living.


Italian city famous for its canals.

Computer-run machines that do human-style work.

Liam, starred in The Commuter set on a train.

English city with ancient, prestigious university.

Puzzle 3

When a huge mass of snow tumbles down.

Festive holiday in which you'd decorate a tree.

Forgetfulness blamed on caring for a newborn.

Metal or wood panel at the top end of a bed.

Worker who leads sightseers around a city.

Animals of the Triassic Period.

Home loans.

Scientist who studies rocks.

Unexpected change of direction of a storyline.

Tiny crunchy strands on top of cupcakes.

Big group of musicians with variety of instruments.

Puzzle 4

Wooden writing tool you need to sharpen to use.

__ yang, opposites.

Looking glass, can be rectangular, square or round.

Brushes used for sweeping floors.

Industrial metal joiner who uses a blowtorch.

Oscar the __, green, furry Sesame Street character.

Parts of the legs just under the hips.

100 cents, in the US.

What a seamstress is doing.

Burrowing creature that lives in a warren.

Country in which the metric system was devised.

Puzzle 5

Museum worker who puts collections together.

Bet, anagram of ragweed.

This supplies oxygen when you scuba dive.

Close friends, "thick as __".

Light rainfalls.

Skinny pasta strips often eaten in soups.

Seabird known for its large pouched mouth.

__ handlers process luggage at an airport.

What Peggy Sue got in the title of a 1986 movie.

Central __, system that warms an entire house.

Fashion ideas or clothing combinations.

Puzzle 6

Best __ date, food label for safe consumption.

Ornate surroundings for paintings or mirrors.

Birthday kids make these as they blow out candles.

They show people to their seats at a show.

__ pig, small furry pet, lives in a hutch.

Pressed clothes.

You might pin the tail on one at a party.

This bridge is falling down in the nursery rhyme.

Pattinson, De Niro or Downey Jr. for instance.

Light and fluffy dessert; hair product.

Light gas that makes balloons float.

Pooh and Eeyore's bouncy friend.

Australia's largest city.

__ operator, they point and shoot on a TV set.

Closer; anagram of earner.

Puzzle 7

Snow-capped Japanese peak.

To listen to someone else's conversation secretly.

Limousine driver.

Shocking moment in scary film for Halloween.

Spreading dairy fat on toast.

Store department selling jackets and coats.

Conversation on a cell or mobile.

An alien's vehicle.

"__ and fancy-free".

Put words in another language, like an interpreter.

Puzzle 8

Ocean in which Fiji is located.

Roof of a room.

Athletics spear for throwing.

Small dried fruits made from grapes.

__ stick, wooden mobility aid with a curved head.

Person who raises puppies or livestock.

Taking someone's credit is stealing their __.

Suitcases used by travelers.

Circled a planet.

It lets you import paper documents onto a computer.


Flat bone over a leg joint, also called patella.

Flower seller.

Puzzle 9

This "King of Pop" Michael died in 2009.

Appointment for a trim with a stylist at a salon.

Come out of difficulty unscathed, "__ the storm".

Mythical horned horse-like creature.

__ food, homely and warming meals or snacks.

__ Portman, actor in Thor, Star Wars franchises.

Water-carrying containers.

This artist uses brushes to create pictures.

Used to tell time in daylight before clocks.

Unpleasant feeling while on a plane.

Cargo on a ship.

Person on the board of a charity.

Land for canines to run around and play in the sun.

Puzzle 10

2021 ballad, a hit for Billie Eilish.

Beach attendant who rescues swimmers in trouble.

Snappy semi-aquatic animal found in Florida.

Another name for mouth pain.

Character whose nose grew with lies.

Halfway point of the traditionally warmest season.

Assistant at a firm who schedules meetings.

Sport played by the New York Rangers.

Gold or silver chains worn around wrists.

Huevos __, popular egg dish in Mexican cuisine.

Puzzle 11

Tropical plant in relaxing beach locations.

Clark Kent's superhero alter ego.

An illustrator might create these comic drawings.

Way of throwing a ball; easier motion than overarm.

Day after this one.

Plane storage above seats in this type of bins.

What you should make when life gives you lemons.

Inflatable latex decorations from a party store.

Ended the marriage.

Halfway between jeans and leggings.

Conjurer with a trick up their sleeve.

Baking seeds in the oven to crisp them up.

Forty-five plus six.

Puzzle 12

Wrote a piece of music or poetry.

Get this outdoor cooking grill from a garden shop.

English queen known as the Grandmother of Europe.

Clothing worn to the beach or pool.

Dimness, lack of light.

Garage worker who fixes vehicles.

Game of two teams pulling opposite ends of a rope.

Game show formerly hosted by Alex Trebek.

The opposite of subtraction.

Person in charge on a film set; movie maker.

Gift tokens or discount coupons.

What's __ that could happen? Dr Pepper's tagline.

Puzzle 13

Laugh noisily or raucously.

Person who checks text for errors.

The largest type of blood vessel in the body.

Mushrooms and toadstools.

Thin outer layers of eggs.

US city where the Major League's Red Sox hail from.

Pressure __; powerful water stream for cleaning.

Physician who helps people stay healthy.

Vegetable Bugs Bunny likes best.

Annual US film awards show with 24 prizes.

Worker who uses a keyboard to create documents.

Potted greenery bought for a house or garden.

Cosmetics worn by circus performers.

Antonym of love.

Puzzle 14

A poor worker from the Middle Ages.

Charting a course on paper, like a cartographer.

Paid no attention to.

Tour de France vehicle.

Burnt to a crisp, like over-barbecued meat.

Strappy shoes worn in the summer.

World's tallest animal.

Made with wool and needles.

Reindeer made famous because of his red nose.

Fighting naval vessel, like Mary Rose and Vasa.

Famous vampire and count from books and movies.

Person who checks stock; type of accountant.

Not exactly nice, in fact not nice at all.

Puzzle 15

Not TV but cinema.

Cranky, easily upset.

Tall yellow bloom with edible seeds.

Building designer.

__ chip cookie, crunchy sweet treat.

This avian catches the worm.

Small photo icon; painted part of fifth finger.

Rope-like strand of hair, on a rasta maybe.

Legal term for your closest living relative.

Wage earner who lends books to people.

Funding, paying for services.

Puzzle 16

Parcels sent in the post.

Person who plays an instrument for a living.

Vehicle for fairways.

__ Park, peaceful nature reserve like Lake Tahoe.

The K in KFC.

Passing items through a machine.

Tongue __ are alliterative pieces of verse.

Person whose job is to carve letters on trophies.

Annual planner showing all days, month by month.

In a day, the earth does one around its own axis.

Puzzle 17

Drink to wake you up and warm you up on a cold day.

Type of roller skate with wheels in one row.

Person who works on a ship.

Tool with a wooden handle, for banging nails.

Rubber patterns on the outside of a car's tire.

Greta, director of Lady Bird and Little Women.

Food produced by bacterial fermentation of milk.

Hairdresser who focuses on male haircuts.

Words of a song.

A type of martial arts; rhymes with ducati.

Frankie's best friend, who knows she's an android.

Tools for shaving.

Puzzle 18

It joins the Lion and the Witch in the famous book.

State where Abraham Lincoln worked in law.

Potion-brewing vessel.

Playground game and 2018 animated game __ Goose.

Time period when day turns to night.

Cook in charge of a commercial kitchen.

Groovy room light.

Don't make a __ out of a mole hill.

Acquire things by paying money.

__ guard, worker who patrols a building.

Puzzle 19

Let Sinatra see what spring is like on __ and Mars.

Flexible sports star who walks a balance beam.

Folders where most incoming emails land.

Treatment for pets to avoid wriggly parasites.

Twisting whirlwind that blew Dorothy out of Kansas.

Furniture in which to put folded clothes.

Orange vegetable often made into a sweet pie.

Wooden home for honey-making insects.

Messenger who delivers parcels, especially by bike.

Digits on one's hands.

Puzzle 20

Letters in the ABC song.

Where the best matches are made.

Areas with hot climate.

Breaking out of an egg.

Music or TV worker who makes a song or show.

Decade of Live Aid.

Patricia, crime writer of the Scarpetta series.

Warm bedding found in the homewares department.

Shiny cosmetic for the mouth.

Giving an ex-employee a job.

Little __, colorful alien from Mars maybe.

Buildings assessor who maps out houses.

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