CodyCross John Lennon Pack answers

John Lennon PackJohn Lennon

Here are the answers to CodyCross John Lennon Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Polarity of the masculine signs in astrology.

"Orient Express" murder victim: Samuel __.

Across the __, Lennon song on Let It Be.

Cosmetics and skin company with a capital C.

South African PM 1919-24 and 1939-48.

A __ in the Works, Lennon book of nonsense.

Thought carefully.

__ tiger; big cat from Indonesian island.

In tennis, to have hit a ball before it bounced.

Four __, apocalyptic hard liquor drink.

Where passengers sit in a saloon car.

The Roman name for Ireland.

Puzzle 2

The most shyly flirtatious.

Sam __-Wood, director of Nowhere Boy.

__ and the Moondogs, early version of The Beatles.

UK publisher devoted to women's works.

Urban __; spread of a city outwards.


__ Girl; blogger TV series by Cecily von Ziegesar.

Lowering mechanisms on a ship.

World __; major baseball championship.

Back to __ one.

Puzzle 3

Material that resembles leather.

The most petite, least clumsy.

Orca returns to the ocean in this film.

Area of W Australia famous for Bungle Bungle range.

John Lennon's Amsterdam Bed-In took place in a __.

Temple complex in Cambodia, World Heritage Site.

"__ and fancy-free".

Nickname for WW2 V-1 flying bomb.

Luther and The Wire actor.

Dr __; Nintendo's brain training expert.

Airport with the code IOM, in the Channel Islands.

__ juice; natural diuretic, helps cure UTIs.

Lennon's Jealous Guy was a 1981 hit for this group.

French political club member, once Jacobin.

Food that has been prepared in advance.

Puzzle 4

German city, home to The Beatles in the early 60s.

__ International gets royalties to the hit Imagine.

Vlad the __, ruler of Wallachia.

Big woody plant with gluey resin.

Boatsman with two oars.

Points someone to the right place.

One item that is typical of the rest of a set.

Frank __, played Angelo Maggio to Oscar success.

Ongoing discomfort after limb amputation: __ pain.

__ punishment, legal sentencing to death.

An official language in Spanish province Catalonia.

Puzzle 5

Healthy side dish main ingredient.

Snake slogan of the American Revolution.

Miles__, English translator of the Bible.

At its most basic, what mutton is.

City in western Germany, with suspension railway.

Cause ripples, not always on the beach.

John Lennon's Beatles songwriting partner, Paul __.

Having no say, inarticulate.

Base, lower surface.

Northern Egypt site of two major WWII battles.

Drying agent, often included to keep package dry.

Cycle without pedalling.

1973 John Lennon LP with Yoko as a mountain range.

Quality of being flexible and supple.

Philosopher whose ideas are found in the Analects.

Game with holes, ball and flippers to propel it.

Puzzle 6

Mayfair street roof saw The Beatles final concert.

Tag line for second John McClane film.

Sound a red flag would make.

Score after deuce in tennis.

Educational establishment for drawing and painting.

Château __, hotel of many towers in Quebec City.

Less deep.

Feral pig.

Dark-yellow plum popular in the Lorraine region.

He needed a brain from the Wizard of Oz.

German metropolitan area named after two rivers.

Novel by Jeffrey Eugenides about gender identity.

Puzzle 7

Side by side.

Men's necktie scarves.

Skill, flair, grace and dexterity.

Something designed for temporary use only.

Capital city of the Baltic state of Lithuania.

70s singing clan of Crazy Horses.

__ Park Murders, stabbings by Irish Invincibles.

Fused remains that are left after burning coal.

US philosopher wrote Darwin's Dangerous Idea.

Dave __, adoptive father of The Chipmunks.

Ice mass on land.

Mollusc used to stuff a carpetbag steak.

__ Miss Daisy, Morgan Freeman as chauffeur.

District fete where Lennon and McCartney first met.

__ Park, the site of a Strawberry Fields memorial.

Puzzle 8

People born under the sign of the ram (with an E).

"Where the __ slips, it speaks the truth".

City in Portugal on seven hills.

Make use of something that is available.

__ Fish, John Lennon's 1975 compilation album.

Scotch __, a northern hat and a very hot chilli.

Stroked (e.g. a dog or a cat).

Cold __, Lennon song with B-side Don't Worry Kyoko.

Salad ingredient that is used to whiten skin.

James __; author of LA Confidential.

__ Cup, Aussie tennis tournament for mixed teams.


Puzzle 9

Announced once more.

Irish island that John Lennon bought.

Interlacing hair, braiding.

Showy flowers sported by Morrissey and Dame Edna.

Not thisaway, but __.

Reading place holder.

A Spaniard in __, John Lennon's punning book.

To do with marriage.

__ Arnold's name became a byword for treachery.

Saw __, its berries are used in teas and tinctures.

British queen who was a prolific journal writer.

Actress who turned down knighthood: Vanessa __.

__ Hynde, The Pretenders singer.

Malaise, disease.

Affixes, links.

Puzzle 10

Syrupy fruit preserves.

American frying pans.

Dutch courtesan and spy from World War I.

Tyre __ needs to be checked before long journeys.

Wooden V-shaped device for removing long footwear.

Performer who takes their clothes off for a living.

People ordered to leave for their own safety.

Lucy in the Sky with __, a surreal Beatles hit.

Colouring meat in a pan.

Traditional style of karate, founded in Japan.

Horror TV series based on Thomas Harris novels.

Jumanji actor Robin __.

Dear __, John Lennon penned hit of 1968.

Anagram of regarded.

Puzzle 11

Songbird family with scarlet and summer varieties.

Italian ancient city, site of volcanic devastation.

Beauty School __; Frankie Avalon's Grease hit.

Resembling a pixie.

Rosie the __; WWII cultural feminist icon.

Photographic machines.

Weird, odd, dreamlike and fantastical.

Maize ears.

Plastic/paper cuboids for containing milk, juice.

Madame __, mistress of Louis XV, lover of jewels.

Lived, inhabited.

John Lennon famously wore round ones.

Puzzle 12

__ Duchamp, French Cubist and plastic artist.

Manhattan building outside which Lennon was shot.

The Arctic white whale.

Capital city of Angola.

__ the gab; granted to Blarney Stone kissers.

John __, Python and Basil Fawlty.

Do You Want to Know a __?, Beatles hit from 1963.

Blunt, short hairstyle with no layers.

People wiped out during American Indian Wars.

Searched untidily and hurriedly.

Burnt __, the first of Eliot's Four Quartets.

A detective's best friend?.

"I promise to pay the __ the sum of...": UK notes.

__ Southgate, England 2018 football manager.

Puzzle 13

Day after this one.

Hotheaded; madcap.

Nocturnal, well-camouflaged churring woodland bird.

The strangest.

Taking the ball from another player.

Tidied, smartened up.

Low-ranking military personnel (plural).

Foliage often displayed during Holy Week.

Sebastian Flyte's toy bear in Brideshead Revisited.

Zebra __, traversed by The Beatles on Abbey Road.

Chair whose curves are created by steaming.

Puree of chopped olives, capers, and olive oil.

Orson Welles selling diluted penicillin in Vienna.

First names of Lacey from Cagney and Lacey.

Don't mention it; you're welcome.

Buying out and gaining control of another company.

The C in CGI film effects.

Nixon attempted to have John Lennon __ in the 70s.

Puzzle 14

To wreck or ruin chances, or to sink a ship.

John Lennon protest song about the Vietnam War.

Ian __, he featured as Al Swearengen in Deadwood.

Spanish ruling party under Franco.

__ steam, express annoyance or anger.

A fright or holding one's breath cures these.

Will __ plays the title character in Megamind.

Small writing jotter.

Asses that bray.

The __ in the Rye, book carried by Mark Chapman.

Wave riders.

Puzzle 15

Lennon's character in the film How I Won the War.

Decays, rots.

Superman in TV's Lois & Clark.

__ talk, words used to provoke hostilities.

Overpowering, suffocating.

Nickname for Qantas Airways: the Flying __.

Fall down, faint.

Similar to canoeing.

Johnny __, French pop and rock singer.

Boats that transported coal.

Go Tell it on the __: by James Baldwin.

Part of Ireland that belongs to the UK.

Tough; hard-hitting.

Comedian dessert of rich custard, pudding.

A person who comes from the city of Genoa.

Johnny and the __, early Beatles name.

Killer disease from which Elizabeth I recovered.

A fire spits and __ as it burns.

Metal or plastic rings that reinforce shoe eyelets.

Puzzle 16

Long, loose-fitting unisex outer robes.

"Cheese-eating __ monkeys", coined by The Simpsons.

One treaty that ended the Thirty Years' War.

Person in a barn who tends to the animals.

Saint's feast night in Central and Northern Europe.

Photographer of Lennon on the day he was murdered.

Happen, be held (e.g. an event).

Deep __; calming relaxation technique.

Protected planting area in a garden.

Jingle __, 1996 Schwarzenegger Christmas film.

Sega console known as the Genesis in the US.

Moroccan city sung about by Crosby, Stills & Nash.

CI: Collegiate __.

Aircraft carrier wreckage found in the Coral Sea.

Circular "lunar" padded camping seat.

Thrifty, scrimping and saving.

Beatles albums/book created after Lennon's death.

His government fell because of the Stamp Act riots.

Pale, haggard.

Modern upscale pub with better than average food.

Puzzle 17


Gary Coleman's character in Diff'rent Strokes.

Forename of Dickens's Mr Pickwick.

The Tagus river runs to this European capital.

French wine named for blackbird.

__ Club, Liverpool venue The Beatles made famous.

Set __ on Memory Bliss, song by P.M. Dawn.

Muhammad Ali __, seen as the "father of Pakistan".

De Niro and Stone mafia movie.

Being For the Benefit of __, a John Lennon tune.

He acts as an intermediary between criminals.

Yes, muscly, but so gauche! (anag).

Tropical fruit peel that rejuvenates tired skin.

Puzzle 18

__ Kingdom Brunel; steamship pioneer.

Oceans at the Cape of Good Hope: Indian and __.

"Space, the final __": Star Trek introduction.

__ the Wheels, about Lennon's househusband years.

In His __, musings and scribblings by John Lennon.

Determined not to yield; inflexible.

Ramon __, he killed Trotsky with an ice pick.

Stumbling over an obstacle.

Crafts using a hooked needle.

Carotenoid abundant in red, but not orange carrots.

Forms protection for a goalkeeper in football.

Condition when the crowning glory falls out.

Sliding downhill on snow in wooden frame.

Better __; prequel to crime drama Breaking Bad.

Suggestive of, evocative.


Attendee at a conference.

__ or Ulster cycle; branch of Celtic mythology.

Drive past another, slower vehicle.

Grand Theft Auto game setting based on Miami.

Berkshire mansion and former royal residence.

She runs a film set.

Italy's "City of Lilies".

Puzzle 19

It may win a prize at a party: ugly Christmas __.

A 31-days month.

It blows no one any good.

Artificial description of the Ono Band.

Smallest of the three Baltic nations.

Church bells are __.

North American lands discovered by Leif Ericson.

__, he sets hearts aflutter in an Austen romance.

Totally missing the rim in basketball.

Pull like a magnet.

Mille-__; French vanilla cream pastry.

__ Bergen, actress of Murphy Brown.

Two __, infamous Lennon-Ono cover with nudity.

Distance travelled.

Throb, beat.

Puzzle 20

Square on a Monopoly board, with a cop.

Cared for, raised.

Lennon tune reworked by remaining Beatles in 1995.

George __, The Beatles youngest member.

Western province of Ireland.

Spring __, an annual decluttering of homes.

Divine wind cocktail of vodka, triple sec and lime.

Five __; interacting tenets of Chinese philosophy.

Yearly celebration with candles on a cake.

What might be found in a velvet glove.

Hosted an entertainment show.

Language, people and art from ancient Etruria.

Walking or going up stairs.

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