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Here are the answers to CodyCross Jokes and Gags Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Rancher, male who drives cattle, rides horses.

N African desert, the world's largest hot desert.

Visit someone while passing through.

Slow-moving tropical mammals, often upside-down.

Sigourney Weaver starred as her in Alien.

Linked devices using Bluetooth technology.

Short comedy skit on a TV or radio show.

Often made of steel, this container holds veggies.

Win over romantically.

Play __ is to pretend to be asleep or dead.

__-in-law; butt of many a stereotypical joke.

First name of Friends character who was a chef.

Not fashionable; cringeworthy.

Lifting injury done to the abdomen.

Puzzle 2

Handheld metal nail cutter.

Jumbled up version of a word.

Merguez is a type of this.

French for white and an old-fashioned girls' name.

Part of AccorHotels, a luxury brand, owns Raffles.

Just __; only making fun, don't take it seriously.

Stole a look at someone.

Commercial goods transport by road.

Rib-__; highly amusing story.

Breed of hunting dogs known as the "barkless dog".

Cut-off upper garment that exposes the midriff.

__ Studios; animators behind the Ice Age films.

Money accumulated.

Brief periods of light rain.

Puzzle 3

Athletic throwing circle.

Tall white hats worn by chefs.

Local party members meet to pick candidates.

Teen __, 90s girl's deodorant-named Nirvana song.

Make smaller, contract.

__ fingers! Exclamation directed at clumsy people.

Mischievous pranks played by jokers.

Chinese breakfast porridge.

__ King, 2018 Golden Globe winner, star of Ray.

Clipped around the ear as punishment.

Throat or esophagus.

Punctuation marks consisting of two dots.

Sliding storage opened by pulling out.

Entertainment form that aims to make people laugh.

Large __ Collider, particle accelerator.

Puzzle 4

Speak for a typist to type out.

Comedian who performs live in front of an audience.

Cream-filled pastries with chocolate icing.

Spine-__; terrifying read.

Comedy __; events and venues for touring comedians.

Undo knitted strands, pull wool from a ball.

Person of great intellect, an ovum analogy.

Having a short sleep.

Not straight, like teeth.

Crying out like a wolf.

Billie Holiday's nickname.

Vicars, priests.

__ knife; utensil for slicing roast meat.

Puzzle 5

Trans-__ Railway; long-distance route across Asia.

Fiery mocking of an individual by a comedian.

Gloomy, mournful, like at a burial ceremony.

Tall gangly person or a support for garden veggies.

Stone Age "Black Pottery" culture of China.

Sending unwanted emails frequently.

Container for collecting spilled liquids.

Put up with, endure, sanction.

Publication filled with one-liners and other gags.

Dedicated __ of Fashion, a Kinks hit from 1966.

Puzzle 6

Pinnacle, summit.

Surviving longer than someone else.

Person who mixes and serves drinks.

Gases released by vehicles and factories.

__ crab, Pacific crustacean and not from Kent.

Person who plays practical jokes.

Charged government officials with crimes.

Apparatus, motorized appliances.

Buffer for a bank account with below-zero balance.

Sharp blade used in barbering.

Kitchen storage frame for ginger, salt and pepper.

Unbelievable stories, told for comic effect.

Puzzle 7

Mix of wine and sparkling water.

Jacket usually worn in storms.

Saves from the dump.

__ bones, structures found aside the skull.

Elf on __; festive visitor who plays daily pranks.

Strategies, tactics proposed by a government.

Generic type of feline with striped/mottled coat.

Water-based paint for walls and ceilings.

Practice ahead of a performance.

In sport, when play is momentarily discontinued.

Simple gags that a father might tell.

Gravitationally bound systems of stars.

Puzzle 8

Hitting on the backside.

Double __; innuendo that can be taken two ways.

Japanese packed lunch divided into containers.

Carbon lumps used as barbecue fuel.

Like canoeing, but using a double-bladed paddle.

Layers of cells removed by exfoliating.

Bleaching agent used on the teeth.

Circular window found on a ship.

Outrageous, unbelievably amusing.

Removed the stopper from a bottle of wine.

Puzzle 9

Kidnap, take someone without permission.

Song by Post Malone: __ Now.

Word in front of Kingdom, States and Nations.

Character played by Talia Shire in Rocky.

This is said to be the key to great comedy.

Smallest ball used in Quidditch.

Spiny-leaved plants used in tequila.

Went without food for a set amount of time.

Unscripted shows by stage comedians.

Unmanned aerial vehicles.

__ cobras, snakes who make their heads look bigger.

Loose, knee-length garments tied at the waist.

Puzzle 10

Spanish-derived term for a reckless outlaw.

Conclusion to a joke or a gag.

Four-sided shape with one pair of parallel sides.

Temporary, not intended to be long-lasting.

Exchanging goods internationally with no tariffs.

Cylindrical gas containers.

Scrawled name or autograph.

Triangular appendage on a shark's back.

Clever and amusing play on words.

Overlarge animals, such as mammoths of the Ice Age.

Powerful explosion of a star.

Puzzle 11

Mammal with a trunk, mentioned in absurd jokes.

On __, a boxing analogy for a defenseless position.

Spanish snack cafe serving alcoholic drinks.

First line of seating in a stadium or cinema.

Stony tidal place with crustaceans and seaweed.

Rough drafts of pictures.

Enthusiastic clapping of a stage performer's act.

__ Daimler, co-founder of Mercedes-Benz.

Country where people throw water at New Year.

Famous poem by Emma Lazarus: The New __.

Puzzle 12

Your daily habits and choices.

Circus clown with distinctive makeup.

Veggie slicer pronounced like a musical instrument.

__ pants, 50s-60s trousers with narrow legs.

Air __, scented plug-in for sweetening a room.

Larking about, foolery.

Winged insect that hatches from a chrysalis.

Driving recklessly in a stolen car.

Dangerous, harmful, toxic.

__ Horizon, US oil well spill of 2010.

Puzzle 13

Keyboard symbol that shares a key with equals.

Hours worked beyond the traditional amount.

__ man; a principal comedian's serious sidekick.

Strikingly beautiful.

Time when one must vacate a hotel room.

A man walks...; drinking establishment jokes.

Shiny coating makeup product for the mouth.

The donkey's name in Animal Farm.

__ for Africa; European colonization.

S American monkey with fluffy tufts on its head.

Puzzle 14

Live-streaming, subscription TV company.

Novelty soundmaker used in clown gags.

Tiny metal cup to use with a needle and thread.

Prehistoric, from early history.

Pointed out someone's similar traits.

Sheltered doorways on the front of homes.

Chewy toffee made of cream, sugar, butter, vanilla.

__ joke; gag repeated several times in a TV series.

When main communal prayers are held in Islam.

Young female horses.

Took land from adjoining country.

French Mediterranean isle, birthplace of Napoleon.

Puzzle 15

__ Saving Time, when the clocks change.

Without any agony or discomfort.

Shaft that is drilled for oil extraction.

In archery, bow with pulleys and cables.

Mathematical webs.

Told the teacher about something bad someone did.

Emergency vessel used for water rescues.

Cheese __, finely sliced Parmesan, say.

Easily fooled or tricked.

Left-handed fighter.

Celestial cosmos.

Representation of someone, a drawing, statue, etc.

Short, pithy joke.

Chubby Checker dance style.

Puzzle 16

Highly amusing, causing great mirth.

Fellow crew members on a voyage.

Type of label with calories, portion size.

Confused and suffering hallucinations.

Graceful dancer, possibly wearing a tutu.

A company's staff or employees.

Handheld device to record video footage.

The French flag hues of red, white and blue.

Chris __; sang Blow with Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars.

Someone who takes a joke well.

Puzzle 17

Puts in a colander to remove water.

In proportion; made with uniform measurements.

Kate __, actress of Titanic and Quills.

Straplines, advertising jingles; protest chants.

Makes more elegant.

Learns from books.

Act of being knocked off a surfboard.

Burst out laughing, e.g. at a joke.

They create charts or plans; cartographers.

Fill up someone's __; cook meals for future use.

Windscreen ice remover, by hand.

Poultry that crosses the road in many a gag.

Puts a meaning across.

Folded corners of books.

Puzzle 18

__ jokes; cheeky tricks on unsuspecting victims.

Cerulean woodland flowers.

Town where Shakespeare was born: __-upon-Avon.

First rate; leading.

Pretty knick knacks.

High __, tarot card.

Close-fitting, figure-hugging.

Voice __; software that alters how a person sounds.

Food portions that can be eaten in one mouthful.

Nineteenth hole on a golf course.

Puzzle 19

Number divided into another number.

German city the Beatles lived and played in.

Structures built to carry vehicles across rivers.

Showy, trumpeted announcement.

__ over the cracks; attempted to hide problems.

Johnny Knoxville's TV show with pranks and stunts.

Leftover sediment; dregs.

Metal cylinder on a bike aka a crossbar.

__ mites, autumn biters.

Those concerned with minor detail.

Hormone isolated by Frederick Banting.

Online home for a company, with pages.

Roman counterpart to the Greek god Dionysus.

Ruling house, monarchy.

Distracting shouts at a comedian from the audience.

Puzzle 20

__ crab, crustacean seeks safety in others' shells.

Gas that is released during photosynthesis.

Freed, pardoned, showed mercy to.

Social group, doesn't like outsiders.

Serve and __, sequence of tennis shots.

Singer Adele's surname.

Decoration on a cake or edging to a fabric item.

Private reference, only amusing to a small clique.

The Night of the __, film directed by John Huston.

Broke into a computer.

Twist and turn, contort.

Robbed in public.

Jokes or tricks that are played for harmless fun.

Mother __, Catholic nun, linked to Calcutta.

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