CodyCross Just Dance Pack answers

Just Dance PackJust Dance

Here are the answers to CodyCross Just Dance Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Sea creature that Dalí put on a telephone.

Loss as punishment.

__ Ice, frozen dessert sold in carts.

Estádio Ramón Sánchez __, Spanish side favorite.

Shine, have a sheen.

__ Murphy, American Ballet Theater and RNZB lead.

The Charge of the Light __, poem by Tennyson.

Michael __, Irish-American dancer.

1927 silent film, Woman from the City.

Mohammed __ Al Amoudi, Ethiopian oil billionaire.

Think globally, act __.

__ sulfide, inorganic solid used in yellow paint.

Small powerful boat pulls craft into harbors.

Country where Plitvice Lakes National Park is.

Puzzle 2

Additional game to reach an outcome.

"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg __.

Greasy or viscose substance; ointment.

Central Siberian river frozen 8 months per year.

Admit or confide.

Degree of disorder in a system.

One-piece Lycra garment with legs and sleeves.

Steelpan percussion instrument from Switzerland.

__ Hines, American tap dancer, actor and choreographer.

Final Jovian.

__ End, based on 1910 E.M. Forster novel.

Dutch philosopher famous for the Ethics.

Camp of a besieging army.

Indian layered flatbread aka Barotta.

Puzzle 3

Destroy, wreck.

Two-humped camel.

Term for the star effect exhibited by some rubies.

Dancing with body used as percussion.

Italian ewe's milk cheese, used like Parmesan.

Gentleman's club founded by Mycroft Holmes.

Orange item that investigators seek after a crash.

Camille __ painted Conversation.

__ stove, bulbous wood-burning device.

1973 Broadway theater with Russian-sounding name.

__ Castle, North German palace of Mecklenburg.

Nervous system disease from thiamine deficiency.

1950s party dance, like a conga.

Coal Miner's __, Loretta Lynn's story.

Puzzle 4

Horizontal board between the wall and the eave.

__ Schuur Hospital: site of first heart transplant.

Roti __, Malaysian street food, sweet flatbread.

East Antarctica Southern Ocean sea with glaciers.

Parking spot.

Bride of __, slasher film involving dolls.

__ Zusak, The Book Thief novelist.

Square dance step, walk around your partner.

2x tennis singles gold medalist: Andy __.

Of or relating to songbirds.

Type of word that gives us time to think.

__ potato, 1960s dance craze.

Puzzle 5

Unattractive; this __ Man according to Blur.

Hygienics, study of cleanliness.

Balkan state with red and yellow sunshine flag.

Dancer on one leg with other leg extended behind.

19th-c. dance in a rectangle shape, four couples.

First woman in space: __ Tereshkova.

Scornful name for Ms Fonda over Vietnam War stance.

Human brain center that regulates vision: __ lobe.

Potent Slovak liquor nicknamed "liquid sweater".

Feast of the Holy __, Christian festival of Dec 28.

Puzzle 6

French ring cake made with yeast and syrup.

The collective term for coins.

__ and Ghibellines, opposing factions in Italy.

Mycenaeans' written language.

__ Style, South Korean dance craze.

Folk dance party, and name of a dance.

Woody shrub with edible root native to S America.

Cigar with square-cut ends.

NM town and UFO study site.

Stadium in Kuching, Malaysia.

Writer born in India who sets many novels there.

The falcon John Huston took to screen in 1941.

Purple spodumene gemstone.

Puzzle 7

In Old __, film about famous Midwest fire.

The __ man, dance move like a jogger.

Shocked and surprised.

Workers who dug the canals.

Also known as Chinese cabbage.

__ Drake, English privateer.

Hijacked Italian ship: __ Lauro.

Resounding victory.

Rann __, large salt marsh region in Gujarat, India.

Alternative name for breakdancing.

Puzzle 8

__, musical, tell all, liberal suit in 1957.

Icelandic "golden" waterfall.

Spoken public insult.

Snake-killing animal; famously Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.

British F1 champ and dog lover, Lewis __.

Improvised explosive device built in a tube.

1930s/40s swing dance.

Azerbaijani __, sweet for Nowruz holiday.

Decade that the Charleston became popular.

__ Elliot, member of a folk rock quartet.

Puzzle 9

Babylonian ruler, writer of a code of laws.

Man in __, Michael Jackson's reflective hit.

Polish dance, French name.

__ sequence, add up the two numbers preceding.

Part of some Bible verses, of unclear origin.

The __ starred hitman Edward Woodward.

Rabelais giant character; it means huge.

Technical term for a lover of wine.

Little rests; pauses for recovery.

Gasses pumped out of vehicles.

Of or relating to the python family.

Jew of the USSR not allowed to emigrate.

Bed, breakfast and evening meal holiday basis.

Battle where Admiral Nelson was fatally wounded.

Indian film industry.

Possible elements of a sweet mix tape.

Puzzle 10

Mashgiach __, spiritual supervisor of Yeshiva.

Inability to reach an agreement, deadlock.

The __, shy woman, detached father, 1949 movie.

The name of the wizard in "The Hobbit".

George Weah, striker from this African country.

Inventor of Radio, Guglielmo __.

50s military male hair style.

__ dance, the Birdie Song moves.

Mythical half man, half snake first King of Athens.

Mountain goat with screw-like horns.

Not just rocks, study of earth's crust.

Fresh Prince character with distinctive dance.

Puzzle 11

The most extravagant.

Brando is Air Force ace fighter in 1957 film.

Latin for "With honors" in an education context.

Partner dances, e.g. tango, waltz.

US party of the 1840s opposed extension of slavery.

Siberian river, mysterious event in region.

She wrote erotica such as Delta of Venus.

Harold __, fierce track rival of Eric Liddell.

Bacteria found in soft cheeses causing illness.

Lucius Tarquinius __, final king of Rome.

Describes a tooth with two points.

Hypothetical route between parts of the universe.

Gothic English architectural support in cathedrals.

Wooden-shoed folk dancing.

Puzzle 12

To the point.

Daniel __, George Eliot novel concerning Zionism.

Anna __, dessert-inspiring Russian ballerina.

Golden candelabra of Judaism.

Ammonium __, used for photography in films.

__ Arena, Ukrainian stadium hosted Euro 2012 games.

Auguste and Louis __ patented the Cinematograph.

Official language of Andorra.

British set dancing in couples.

North Africa region.

The fragrance of wine or a liqueur.

__ up, became reluctant to speak.

Gustave __, French leader of realist art.

East German car of the Cold War.

Puzzle 13

List of presents desired by the bride and groom.

British/Irish sailor dance.

Ear of wheat designed bread from Provence.

Shaped like a wedge.

Brittany dept named after enclosed sea along coast.

Outpouring from an exhaust pipe.

Illegal animal hunting.

Moliere's play about a hypocrite.

Another name, abbreviated, for the African Violet.

Scottish kitchen garden.

The __, Orson Welles in post war Vienna.

Boxing champ Evander Holyfield's rhyming nickname.

Dance style for which Celina Zambon is known.

__ smooth, ballroom style.

Science or profession of teaching.

Puzzle 14

Acrylic approximation of an ice twist for a tree.

An Inconvenient Truth was made by this politician.

Third of the Jovians.

Counseled Telemachus; and many others later.

Slow Spanish/Cuban dance, also a jacket.

King who united both lower and upper Egypt.

Smallest bone in the human body.

Bal du Moulin de la Galette painter.

Turn violently to avoid.

Formerly Mount McKinley.

First name of chef Adrià, elBulli restaurant head.

__ color, prismatic effect seen in opals.

Puzzle 15

Portuguese poet who inspired Elizabeth Browning.

__ or Locomotive Acts set speed limits for trains.

Leg __, wooly and slouchy.

Yellow fruits like pear; jelly good with cheese.

Bulgarian New Year's pastry with lucky charms.

Michael __, part of Cruyff's Barcelona dream team.

Country where Liege is located.

Make something new out of something old.

Official currency of Nicaragua.

Building material made of layers of veneer.

Broken __, 1985 documentary about Navajo tribe.

Sheldon word for "gotcha" in The Big Bang Theory.

Do the __, The Simpsons dance craze.

__ is a two-player game played with seeds.


__ cross, aka Thieves' Cross from the Crucifixion.

Puzzle 16

Large fish in South America, aka tambaqui.

Ms McCarthy who was chef Sookie in Gilmore Girls.

John __, Welsh player never cautioned or sent off.

Alcide de __, post-WWII Italian prime minister.

Practices, ways of acting in usual circumstances.

Book by Hannah Arendt: "The __ of Totalitarianism".

In billiards, prepping the balls for play.

Peruvian river, major tributary of Amazon.

Very wealthy king of Israel, son of David.

Pointing one arm up to sky, head into other arm.

A pack of camels, or in the UK, a house on wheels.

Babes in __ was based on the operetta from 1903.

When dried pepper is known as ancho.

Greek goddess of grain and crops.

Like a waltz but in 4/4 time.

Puzzle 17

Zorba __, a trip to the Mediterranean.

German battleship sunk in the Atlantic in May 1941.

How a person, i.e., a criminal operates: modus __.

The real name of the Lone Ranger.

Michael Jackson lunar dance invention.

Rotating drums round which ships' ropes are wound.

Village in Valtellina known for its wine.

Use these when hurting a foot.

Dominican partner dance, hips moving in sync.

Marcello __, Italian who researched the kidneys.

Astronomer who discovered Uranus: William __.

Puzzle 18

Novel by Dostoyevsky: "The Brothers __".

Rum-based rich dessert sauce.

Investigator of individual citizens' complaints.

Insects are "africanized" and come from Brazil.

Era of peace during the Roman Empire.

First European settlement in Queensland.

Brief high intensity exercise, i.e., weightlifting.

Turning on the spot, on one leg, in ballet.

Ballroom move with partner, like Tarzan.

Changed intonation of words for emphasis.

Painting by Marc Chagall: "Green __".

Dromedaries might excel at this coding style.

Puzzle 19

Sour cream added to baked milk, Eastern Europe.

In Greek legend, a woman changed into a spider.

Where the light in a shot comes from behind.

Move on.

Dogs originally bred for bull- and bear-baiting.

Study of bodies and forces in equilibrium.

Buddhism's ultimate religious goal.

Restrict, enclose.

Language most Nobel Literature winners have used.

Tim Fitzhigham's English Channel "rowboat".

Franz __, Austrian downhill skiing champion.

Rufus __ drove in Wacky Races with Sawtooth.

Double movement ending on the same foot.

Dream __, the power to be in others' dreams.

Video game whose name is short for Pocket Monster.

Leader who was convicted in the Rivonia Trial.

Fred __, Ginger's partner.

Tam O' __, typical Scottish wooly bonnet.

__ carbonate, main component of pearls.

"The Demon Barber of Fleet Street": __ Todd.

Puzzle 20

Currency used in the Netherlands prior to the Euro.

Druid with a strongman potion in the Asterix tales.

Traditional Indian dance from the Punjab.

Goes after.

__birds are large and black with hooked bills.

Flower arrangement in a Japanese tea ceremony.

Mrs. __, housewife, rural England, WWII.

French jewelry maker and luxury watch brand.

Shin protection for Greek hoplite soldiers.

In ballet, gliding steps that are quick and even.

Aka meridian fennel, aromatic "seeds".

Execution with rocks; St Stephen died this way.

Name given to a coffee with milk popular in Spain.

Palindromic word, auto used for competition.

Heavy items in the hold for stability.

Aidan Gillen plays Petyr __ in Game of Thrones.

Huge mall and entertainment venue in Istanbul.

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