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Here are the answers to CodyCross Kitchen Appliances Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

One of the New 7 Wonders of the World: Machu __.

Pious, dedicated.

Soft and furry, like a newborn chick.

Clever and cunning.

Sandy expanse.

Remove with a keyboard.

Appliance for keeping food chilled.

Taxi Driver star Robert __.

Keep someone in custody.

Halogen element used to treat thyroid problems.

Illness, ailment.

Rice __, steams rice to perfection.

Time yet to come, never in the past.

Puzzle 2

Lavish and luxurious.

Protective neoprene water outfit.

Salad __, use this to dry lettuce leaves.

Flexible blade for scraping cake mix out of a bowl.

Relaxing, peaceful.

Cutting back a plant.

Rendering unfeeling, freezing away pain.

Social networking service or birdsong.

Plane shape often with more than 5 sides.

Group of pigments responsible for skin color.

Puzzle 3

Unable to move.

Bacchus, to the Greeks.

Shears for household cutting tasks.

Piece of art divided into three panels.

Second in command in a restaurant kitchen.

Moves, jiggles.

Small round cooking pot for making gravy, glazes.

Avoiding, steering clear of.

Finnish city that hosted the 1952 Olympics.

Condition that causes hairloss.

Ark of the __, store of the Ten Commandments.

Property on which a business is carried out.

Snack-sized sweet indulgence, often has chocolate.

Puzzle 4

Machine to put hot oil in for cooking food.

Those who travel upwards.

Surgery in hospitals.

Winning the four major tennis or golf titles.

Dried bugs for feeding garden birds.

The capital city of Pakistan.

Italian dish of veal and marrowbone.

Nickname of King Edward who reigned until 1066.

Hitting nails into a wall.

Most toxic; the biggest threat to life.

Notable wins in battle.

Shown in a gallery.

Unseen commentary, narration in a TV or film.

Person who helps make itineraries for hotel guests.

Heat-proof gloves for serving hot food.

Puzzle 5

Guidance, counsel.

Amazon's tablet for reading books.

Away from the path.

Ghosts, phantoms.

To change direction abruptly.

Bread __, to store loaves in the kitchen.


Small place of worship.

Kitchen gadget for heating water.

Push forward.

Puzzle 6

Is abundant, exists in large quantities.

Ranchers, like Woody.

Clean, bacteria-free, as of medical dressings.

Shock suddenly.

Pops of light, intermittent bursts.

Good for you, e.g. fruit and vegetables.

Halogen element Br used in photos and sedatives.


__ tray, for freezing water into solids.

Hot clay oven for Asian cooking.

Take advance action to prevent something.

Plea __, admitting to a lesser criminal charge.

Puzzle 7

Involuntary diaphragm spasms.

Jumps theatrically like a horse.

Unrest, disharmony.

Yellow flowering plant that flavors tea.

Be in charge of a meeting.

Spanish city with a Great Mosque and Roman remains.

Music player from the 1980s.

__ oven, uses a lamp for heating food.

Country associated with the noodle soup called Pho.

The gear an aircraft lowers on an approach.

Worry, stress.

Gathered together.

__ machine, for cleaning clothes in soapy water.

Puzzle 8

Japanese electronics brand of TVs, Lumix cameras.

Agitated, ruffled.

Bones in the spinal column.

Heated something up in advance.

Hand-held fireworks.

Glasses-wearing alter ego of Superman.

Straight away.

Group formed by Blatt, Lewis and Rainford.

Puts right.

Time taken off work for illness.

Puzzle 9

Like a ghost.

Sweet smelling.


Cadillac large luxury SUV model.

Adopting or supporting a cause.

Art of operating stringed characters.

Dry spells with severe lack of water.

Scalp-living insects, feeding and laying eggs.

Top lottery prizes.

__ board, plastic or wood, slice food on it.

A warship; protected by a strong metal.

Separated part of a road for pedal cycles.

In Hinduism, the dead are not buried, but this.

Outdoor grill for cooking over coals.

Puzzle 10

Dutch beer brewed by Heineken.

Mortar & __, chefs' tools for grinding up spices.

A grotto.

Fish-eating hawk.

Funeral speech.

She stole Ariel's voice.

Type of bowl used for combining baking ingredients.

What pleased opera fans shout after a performance.

Advertising firm.


2D shape with four equal sides.

Give a job to someone.

Puzzle 11

Metal element Co with a blue pigment used in glass.

Vast South American river, rainforest and basin.

Two-piece swimsuit named after an atoll.

Fruits found in a Martini.

Object used to pour liquid down a bottle neck.

Added a tracking device to something or someone.

Get in the way of progress, impede.

__ pan, shallow skillet for sautéing food.

Stylish and sophisticated.

Ms. Blake in Scooby-Doo in a purple mini dress.

Puzzle 12

The only chemical element to begin with a K.

Spring, summer, autumn, winter.

Burden, trouble.

Greek goddess of hunting and wild animals.

Large jug for serving juices in.

Stir up or irritate.

Overly wordy.

Manhattan neighborhood and film festival.

Addition to a cocktail: a cherry, a sprig, a curl.

Food __ cooks using water mist to heat food.

Abstract expressionist known for drip paintings.

Gave a wish, as a genie would.

Puzzle 13

Small utensil used to add sugar to warm drinks.

John __, musical Oscar winner for Jaws and E T.

Designated area where military supplies land.

Noise of infected lungs.

A theatrical storyteller.

__ makers, for making frozen juice on sticks.

Exercise sessions.

Throbbed, pounded.

A flat wheel is this, or an unhappy person.

The one that is the least smooth.

Perceives, recognizes.

Puzzle 14

Become obsessed with.

Tool for cutting wheat.

Ten years.

Slang word for heart.

Country whose capital is home to the Munch Museum.

Vegetable __, twin-bladed tool to remove veg skin.

Metal object for turning cheese into small pieces.

Small purple stone fruit used in jam-making.

Chemistry paper to test for acid or alkaline.

Roof of the mouth.

Fans believe this rapper is still alive, Tupac ___.

Disapproving looks of contempt.

Ask for payment.

Puzzle 15

Prove a theory to be completely incorrect.

Move up or down a web page with a mouse.

__ maker, to cook beaten eggs with fillings.

Meeting to contact the dead.

Conclude through reasoning.

Plants that pandas love to eat.

Cuba's capital city.

Irritating inconvenience.

Device to give food BBQ flavor, from fire fumes.

High school Danny & Sandy attended in Grease.

Space or closet where food is stored in a kitchen.

Puzzle 16

A decoration often hung from mantels at Christmas.

__ dryer, for removing water from washing.

Temperature scale with a 0 degrees freezing point.

Flew an aircraft.

Putting in prison.

Giving clues.

Winged horse offspring of Poseidon and Medusa.

Player of very large plucked string instrument.

Natives of Suva or Nadi, for example.

Electrical device for pureeing food.

Puzzle 17

Spoons, knives, whisks, spatulas are all __.

Frequency bands on radios and TVs.

Acts in a theater play.

Holding a baby tenderly.

__ Pankhurst, matriarch of the suffrage movement.

Forest area.

Devices semi-permanently embedded in a body.

Birds with splendid tails.

Ocean that contains the Sargasso Sea.

Truth, accuracy.

Another name for a slow cooker.

Puzzle 18

Contested, battled against.

Country where Cape Catastrophe is located.

__ spoons, for weighing out small quantities.

Stepping back in horror.

Daring, bold, fearless.

The make-up of make-up artists according to the ad.

Looney Tunes' romance-seeking French skunk.

Tripwire and explosive to be disposed of.

Metal element Mn used in alloys especially coins.

Food __, machine to mix and chop food finely.

Your very good health!; invert your glass.

Puzzle 19

Antics, daring acts.

Number of fatalities.

German sausage made from pork and/or veal.

Toppled a regime or ruler.

Holiday home with divided form of ownership.

Wittingly, intentionally.

Dinosaur whose name means iguana tooth.

Satisfaction, joy.

Pain in the tummy or to moan continuously.

They go beneath the plates at the table.

A newborn baby bird, fresh from its egg.

Someone who looks after animals in owner's absence.

Gradual increase in loudness of a piece of music.

Baking sheet paper for lining trays/cake tins.

Puzzle 20

Bounced on one foot.

Not one person.

__ dish, for keeping dairy spread fresh.

Dull, depressing.

Some Like It Hot star Tony __.

Shiny metal coating for car parts; a web browser.

Country bordering Costa Rica to the south.

Mayhem, disorder.

Examine or read carefully and thoroughly.

Despise someone.

Wine __, bucket for keeping bottles at temperature.

Monthly wage.

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