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Here are the answers to CodyCross Large Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Woodland fairies.

Runged devices for reaching roofs.

Libra is celebrated in this month.

Where people go to take a plane.

Related to the second-largest continent.

US president who was shot in a public theater.

Plaintiff, claimant.

Vampires fear these Christian symbols.

Italian opera composer of Tosca and La Bohème.

Eaten soft or hard, popular salted bread.

Sports and weather have them.

A small number you can count with your fingers.

Puzzle 2

Type of electricity that makes your hair stand up.

Protection, barricade.

Someone who joins metal parts using heated torches.

Electrical bulbs.

Robin's love.

Images you see in your mind when you're asleep.

Beetlejuice actor who also played Batman in the 90s.

Music conductors' sticks.

Very famous Westminster's clock.

Trinidad and __, couple of Caribbean islands.

It means "an evening party" in French.

Antonym of love.

Tree of lineage.

These catwalk women are usually pretty tall.

Beetle sacred to the ancient Egyptians.

Tall buildings, sometimes crenelated.

You can play this on a field or on ice.


Too many of these and not enough indians.

Puzzle 3

What sailors say when they see another vessel.

Power station __ belch smoke.

Formal dress.

Cooking liquid fat from small green fruits.

The body of an airplane.

The tallest beasts in the animal kingdom.

Extended hot spell.

July 14th in France: __ Day.

Straight, non-intersecting lines.

Roman __, director of The Pianist.

Puzzle 4

Tofu is made from this.

An average person falls asleep in seven __.

To frighten, scare.

Lying under oath.

Soft cover, bedding item.

Male sibling.

Assured, doubtless, clear.

Pulsating major vein in the neck.

__ haircut, backcombed bouffant style.

One of the first US female rappers, a queen.

Biblical character killed by David.

Puzzle 5

Pleasant smell.

Digging an underground tunnel.

Being overly occupied with one particular pursuit.

Putting effort into lifting or pulling something.

The highest mountain in the Alps.

This blessed liquid repels vampires.

Five-lined musical notation.

Not dissolvable.

Yellow and black striped furry insect with a sting.

Type of healthy bacteria found in some foods.

Farm tool used to move hay.

Made known publicly.

Bunnies tale by Richard Adams, __ Down.

Rigged sailing vessels.

To revive and invigorate oneself.

Soldier of fortune.

Puzzle 6


The period/term of pregnancy.

Type of spoons or cups used in cooking and baking.

Documentary about the 2008 US financial crisis.

Handwritten name or autograph.

They once roamed (lumbered around) the Earth.

American author of The Secret History.

Pain inside your mouth.


Opinion, perspective.

Police put these on criminals.

Insect with long body and wings, not a damsel.

Straw-filled mattress.

Puzzle 7

Payment to release someone from captivity.

To hold something inside something else.

Aluminum, gold, stainless steel, iron.

The one who participates in a marathon.

__ Bells, a Christmas song.

Batman's protectorate.

The __ Family has a towering butler named Lurch.

Digging up coal or minerals from underground.

To ventilate.

Robert __, US giant, believed the tallest ever.

Women mourning their deceased husbands.

Carson's profession in Downton Abbey.

Popular fermented milk product often with fruit.

Puzzle 8

Thai language; asian feline breed.

Fellowship, club, group of people.

Plant with leaves used as culinary herb.

By the sea side or the shore line.

__ Line, French-built military fortifications.

Unpleasant feeling while on a plane.

You can get this from sun burning.

Largest planet in the solar system.

High horizontal bar attached by ropes.

Equestrian __ is leaping over objects.

A tree with pine cones and needles.

When a contract, offer or guarantee has ended.

Seriousness, severity.

Ali Baba and the Forty __.

They care for babies or pets.

__ Díaz, actress of Charlie's Angels.

Puzzle 9

Giant white rabbit, movie friend of James Stewart.

Continental, oceanic or tropical.


Tall warrior peoples of Eastern Africa.

Pigs' noses.

Changeable, inconsistent.

Scary but kind of fun.

When you feel the need for company.

The one who makes clayware.

Cocktail __, small green fruits that are speared.

Landing strip.

An extremely cold wave.


To go to an event, to be present.

Puzzle 10

Herman __, TV's loveable giant is married to Lily.

Ancient Egyptian construction.

The Time __, H.G. Wells' masterpiece.

Everything in a identical manner, degree, extent.

Legal written authorization to search a place.

Brown confectionery made by heating sugar.

To wrap in blankets.

Portable light before flashlights.

Michael __, US sprinter with many world records.

Squall, cloudburst, storm.

James __, director of Avatar and Titanic.


Puzzle 11

Use this to get rid of pencil marks.

Sensitive device that detects changes.


Forested wetlands, often with stagnant water.

First name of US actor Redford.

Space __, segmented vehicle aiming for the Moon.

Best outcomes.

Baby cat.

Someone who slides through the ocean waves.

Don't let the cat out of __.

Smart, intelligent.

Small revolver.

Puzzle 12

A putter always hits it.

Da Vinci's first name.

Gathering, workshop, summit.

To supervise a discussion or debate.

Being awarded a higher position at work.

Great ape movie, original with Jessica Lange.

Salutation, welcome.

Steamed suet pudding with jam spiral inside.

Antonym of inferior.

Giving a misleading impression.

Absurdity, codswallop.

Large store with a great variety of goods, bazaar.

__ guards watch malls and building.

Concerning sailors or navigation.

Cleaning between your teeth.

A river, stream or canal.

Not separate.

Antonym of light.

Ties and cravats.

Round body parts in the sockets of a head.

Puzzle 13

Use of symbolisms to explain something.

Mashed, baked or fried with different spellings.

Book containing world records.

Large enclosures for small birds.

Earlier, anagram of viperous.

Checking how heavy something is.

Opposite of inferior.

Measurement in cooking equals to 5 milliliters.

Never the leader of the pack.

Extremely pleasing or delightful.

Not humans, robots.

Destroying, splitting, fracturing.

Puzzle 14

Jamaica-origin music.

Messy, inaccurate.

Drinking in the last chance __.

Hocus Pocus red-haired witch Bette __.

An afternoon nap or rest period in Spain.

Rainforest __, the upper layer of treetops.

Geese in a group.

Gold, copper and iron.

__ John, ironically-named sidekick of Robin Hood.

Formal, black suit with a bow tie and white shirt.

The Simpsons' mayor.

To restructure.

Fluffy usually white long-eared mammal.

Public celebration on the street.

Fruit packed with vitamin C.

Herbs, fruits, flowers or vegetables grow here.

Puzzle 15

Event that happens suddenly and unexpectedly.

Noise made by bears and dogs.

Where tracks converge.

__ waltz, a dance from the Austrian capital.

Only city partly in Europe and partly in Asia.

You type on this.

Family word of visibly.

A moderate reddish brown; a type of tropical wood.

The __ US film Bambi was released in 1942.

Typically fruit flavored, frozen water treat.

Final say in an argument.

Puzzle 16


Something of great worth.

The framework of bones in an organism.

Someone who returns after death or a long absence.

An edible small brown fungus.

Getting a red face from embarrassment.

Material added at the end of a piece of writing.

London skyscraper sounds like a piece of glass.

US activist and Oscar winner who played Louise.

Vertical central pole on a sailing ship.

Storage for tidying footwear.

Grew shoots.

Puzzle 17

Tobago's twin island.

Military camouflage.

News deliverer.

Slip of paper to never lose place while reading.

This person will take the devil out of you.

Spanish term for exaggerated shows of masculinity.

End-of-the-line railway station.

Construction on which to hang convicts.

Some call it soccer.

Puzzle 18

Decrease of numbers.

Walking defect, turning the foot inwards.

What a stitch in time does.

Queen of Egypt.

Plant eater.


Those who just started.

Desire to explore and learn new things.

The opposite of northwest on a compass.

Tennis serving error, touching the baseline.

Puzzle 19

NM to texters.

Post-WWII writers like Allen Ginsburgh.

Protective as an uncle.

Black wine grape that features in champagnes.

Department that promotes products for a company.

Janitor, custodian.

Headgear worn by Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Holy city located in Israel.

Small people in The Wizard of Oz.

Ladies and __.

Collarless sweaters open at the front.

Temple at the top of the Acropolis.

Trophy for winning the Open golf championship.

To wear away the top layer of skin.

Large breed of horse originated in France.

Acclaimed UK band composed album "The Wall".

Puzzle 20

Unusual warm current that occurs in Pacific Ocean.

Simple rope lifting mechanism.

Very famous university in South East England.

Reward for capturing a criminal.

The king's son.

Metal domed dish placed over food.

Cellular phone.

A vital component of cars, bikes and busses.

Stringed instruments played sitting down.

Tapering structures atop a building, like a church.

Hurries up.

The first thing you do every morning.

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