CodyCross Learning to Drive Pack answers

Learning to Drive PackLearning to Drive

Here are the answers to CodyCross Learning to Drive Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

__ Wall Street, 2011 protest movement in New York.

Pulse waves for detecting positions of ships, etc.

Bursts, ejecting molten lava.

These brothers made aviation history in Kitty Hawk.

Underground tube that cars pass through.

The remains of a prehistoric organism cast in rock.

Trees that are tapped for sugary sap.

Tool for getting through a potato skin.

Loud laugh of an amused witch.

The US national one is The Star-Spangled Banner.

Literary backbones, they face forward in bookshops.

Mr. Clooney, Mr. W. Bush, or Mr. Foreman.

UK word for what Americans call the hood of a car.

Puzzle 2

Pipe at the rear of a car where fumes escape.

Farm-grown crops.

French greeting that literally means "good day".

Liquor used in margaritas and palomas.

Traditional gift on a 15th wedding anniversary.

Another word for stopping.

Robert Downey Jr.'s Marvel superhero character.

Song by the Police: "__ on the Moon".

One of two external openings of the nasal cavity.

National level of government in the US.

Widespread launch of a new product or service.

Flat surface for eating from in bed.

__ Jones, 2011 film set inside the human body.

Puzzle 3

Positive for what is to come.

Dolce's partner in the Italian fashion house.

These are where Goldilocks found a house.

Facility that creates nuclear energy.

No through road.

Pierce who played James Bond.

The least spicy.

Pockets in which kangaroo babies develop.

Gear to put a car in when parked on the flat.

Talismans or lucky charms.

The rapper who can be found in the freezer.

Moe, Larry and Curly are the three these.

White sphere on a snooker or pool table.

On the __; angry and ready for confrontation.

Puzzle 4

A stepsister of Cinderella in the Disney films.

Trade of crafting objects from wood.

Do many things at once, like when driving.

Popstar who launched the Purr and Meow perfumes.

A device used to display movies onto a surface.

The state of possessing something.

Where the most important news is in a newspaper.

Allergy medicines are anti- this compound.

Large lake where water is stored.

Body tissues that connect bones.

F1 World Championship event.

Place in a car mirror where objects can't be seen.

Citrus fruit originally grown in Tangier, Morocco.

Puzzle 5

First Roman emperor, after whom a month is named.

Mobile stall selling street snacks.

Securing a seat belt in place.

Scientist known for his Theories of Relativity.

Type of flower and a 1990s film with ensemble cast.

Dark glass formed from cooling lava.

Transferring a design onto a surface.

Floating above ground like a helicopter.

Spinning wheel casino game with a green 0.

Christmas scene with a manger, animals, etc..

She Wears Prada in the title of a 2006 movie.

Why Head & Shoulders is needed.

Rear, padded area of a car.

Pinocchio's father.

Puzzle 6

Company whose logo is a circle with three lines.

Operating a car.

Using a mobile phone on an overseas network.

Describes a dog with pale orange fur.

The name of a planet and an element.

Disc golf is played by throwing this.

Madonna wears a metal collar in __ Yourself video.

Fried bread cube to put on salad.

Give evidence in court.

Circular dent in the road.

Living accommodation, dwelling place.

Become too exhausted to continue, like a candle?.

Argentine revolutionary Che.

Puzzle 7

Warm fluffy gown worn after showering.

City known in Italian as Firenze.

Illumination device on a work table.

Messy way of consuming corn.

Place to stop and have a snooze when driving.

Where to put money into an arcade machine.

Olympic American figure skater Kwan.

The operating of marionettes.

Bruce or Evan __, comedy movies with godly theme.

Lacking any feeling or sensation.

A long glass vessel for mixing chemicals.

Isolated in confinement.

Undomesticated pig, living free in nature.

A memento from a vacation destination.

Having a permit, legally able to drive.

Puzzle 8

External packaging layer.

Antifreeze and water mixture for a car engine.

Guitar legend Jimi.

Writer's pseudonym.

Having two extremities.

A show in a gallery.

Poseidon fork or former British car manufacturer.

Baby shaker toys.

Noise made by involuntary spasms of the chest.

Squelchy habitat left uncovered at low tide.

One-piece outfit worn by acrobats.

__ clean, blemish-free, with the highest morals.

The capital of this European country is Vienna.

Putting fuel or gas in a car.

Visible to a theater audience.

Puzzle 9

Male singing voice pitch between tenor and bass.

Working hard to learn material for a driving exam.

Metal currency made from bullion.

Comments on a piece of work or service.

Musical medium between vinyl and CDs.

Fake, someone who pretends to be someone else.

Lost __; office where lost property is kept.

Putting a picture onto cardboard for framing.

Flight to a faraway destination.

Queasy, bilious, feeling sick.

The National __, celebrity gossip magazine.

Heavy rainfall.

Drive too close to the car in front.

Canine lookout.

Puzzle 10

Backing up a car.

Type of TV serial drama shown week after week.

The outer edge or boundary of a circle.

People from France, Spain, Greece and Poland.

Star of Rebel Without a Cause and East of Eden.

Hurdles, barriers you have to overcome.

Embalmed and wrapped in cloth, Egyptian style.

Male attendants at a wedding ceremony.

Measurement around the middle of the torso.

This type of car has no clutch.

Long-lived turtle relatives.

Puzzle 11

Took the audience's attention from another actor.

Kindly, pleasant-natured.

Soak food in a sauce over time to add taste.

Carved or shaped from clay.

__ ring; together-forever finger band.

Bed for a male royal.

An event such as a wedding or party.

Stop signal for a car.

The people or movies competing for an award.

Soft piece on top of car seat for cranium.

Reclaim stolen goods; __ what's yours.

Verifying the car mirror is at the right angle.

Out-of-control blaze in the Outback.

Early __, first consumers to try a new product.

One who escapes the army.

Strings to keep a tent in place.

Mr. Amadeus Mozart.

Incomes of businesses.

__ birds, avians also known as passerines.

University teacher.

Puzzle 12

Decided a criminal case.

Safety feature that inflates in a car.

This rapper's real name is Marshall Mathers.

Black, crow-like birds associated with Poe.

Showed off one's muscles.

What Jessica Fletcher investigated every week.

Video device that records motorists' speed.

Fish type that can swell up into a ball.

Professionals who put thirteen in a dozen.

One who doesn't follow the rules of the Bible.

Foil garland wrapped around a Christmas tree.

Olympic water sport in which Tom Daly competes.

Autumn changes their hue.

Take food into the body.

Style of kitchen, long, narrow like on a boat.

Relating to the nation of which Nairobi is capital.

Puzzle 13

Cruise __, vehicle feature to set a constant speed.

Film where McClane takes on Hans at Nakatomi Plaza.

Tight embrace that uses the whole body.

Sporting official who ensures rules are followed.

City dwellers call these rats with wings.

Sad, down.

Units that gasoline or petrol is measured in.

Sink into the ground.

Band responsible for Don't Stop Believin'.

Took brief notes to record a meeting's discussions.

Milestones that need to be met.

The arm bone between the shoulder and elbow.

Low-backed slip-on shoes.

Wheel of this, quiz show you can "buy a vowel" on.

A female thespian.

Puzzle 14

Singer who performs vocals unaccompanied.

Much __, expression of deep gratitude.

Joining moving traffic.

Least populous US state.

Clubs used for rolling golf balls.

Breathed out.

Beauty and __; reality TV show with nerds.

Not passing a driving test.

An unmistakable resemblance.

Bringing to the surface; illustrating with lines.

Ropes tied in a loop to catch cattle.

Puzzle 15

Mythical beast who howls at the moon.

Party game where you act out words.

Deep Space Nine is a spinoff from this sci-fi show.

Swimmer's device to block nasal passages.

Busiest 60 minutes on the roads.

To have the glow of younger days.

Art of creating cocktails.

Vegas roadway featuring iconic resorts and casinos.

Used to send letters and cards in.

Device for cleaning the air.

What you should make when life gives you lemons.

Network of computers around the world.

Always given the same sort of roles to play.

Beats, physically attacks.

Landing pad for a rotored aircraft.

Unwanted flyers posted through your door.

US artist whose hits include Blowin' in the Wind.

Traffic moving towards a car from the front.

Rejuvenator for one's visage after an arid trip.

Puzzle 16

This animal's skin is black under its white fur.

Pull over for this kind of vehicle with sirens.

Actor John, won an Oscar for In the Line of Fire.

Dirty, rotten villain.

A four-sided shape with two pairs of equal sides.

Mario Puzo's mafia book, The __.

Control panel on a car, to check your speed.

From or related to Rio de Janeiro's country.

Related to big business.

Substances put in food for taste or preservation.

Puzzle 17

Branch of nursing that relates to childbirth.

Oscar-winning star of La La Land.

Magical circle of wild mushrooms.

Move someone somewhere by car.

Software that blocks spyware on a computer.

Leonard who composed West Side Story.

Mob members.

An underwater ecosystem made of calcium carbonate.

Russia's national museum in St Petersburg.

Stop signs are this shape.

Training equipment hit by boxers' fists.

Large freshwater body in Sierra Nevada.

A stitch in time __, proverb about acting quickly.

Puzzle 18

Inflatable float worn by a non-swimmer.

Joy, euphoria, delight.

North American brown bear.

Pressing a car horn.

Ceremonies performed in religions.

Musical group that's a quintet minus one.

The cost of college.

Glass sheets that roll up or down on a car.

Population __, number of people per sq km.

Carrie Bradshaw's red-haired friend.

Hidden trap or hazard.

Branch-shaped chocolate festive treat.

Messy blob of paint.

Recording footage.

Used to cut irregular shapes in wood.

The largest planet in the solar system.

Basements, storage spaces below houses.

Down on __; traditional way to propose marriage.

Took off a shoe's fastening strings.

Type of power formerly generated at Chernobyl.

Puzzle 19

Tall garden plant with edible seeds.

2004 movie about an unkind high school clique.

A room or building designed for indoor sports.

Taken to hospital by emergency helicopter.

Cat's eye road safety device.

Person who drives rich people around for a living.

Cash earned without any effort.

This scandal ended Richard Nixon's presidency.

Person not driving, in the front of a car.

Diplo wants to know why you gotta be so this.

Convert the assets of a company into cash.

Puzzle 20

Jealousy is said to be a green-eyed one.

This stores honey and is used for candles.

It keeps parents from sleeping after its birth.

Batman's puzzle-setting arch-enemy.

__ turn; sharp U-shaped twist in a road.

General term for a car or van.

Big golf clubs.

Firebird; Arizona's capital.

Operating system for many phones.

Material made from animal hide.

Raw video content to be edited.

Paint __, alcohol substance for cleaning brushes.

Codename for a male whose identity is unknown.

Handheld eighties Nintendo system.

This, Dickory, Dock, the mouse ran up the clock.

Ride-sharing group for getting to work.

Leader of the US House of Representatives.

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